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May 25th, 2019
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  1. Name
  2. LiteTrader Pro
  4. Introduction (Can be edited, paraphrased, or formatted as you wish. It is up to you for what you think is best.)
  6. Still slaving away at an hourly or small salary job, waiting for that next promotion or pay check? Perhaps you are one of the thousands of people who see the potential income that crypto can bring, yet you lack the knowledge to actually monetize from it? Cryptocurrency offers a level of opportunity that future generations will only to be able to dream of. People know that incredible amounts of money can be made with crypto, but they are lost on where to start. Unfortunately, this opportunity will not last forever, as we are in a golden age for crypto. The time to take advantage of cryptocurrency is today, before it becomes entirely mainstream. LiteTrader is an automated trading bot that captures this opportunity.
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  10. We have, in one form or another, been in cryptocurrency since 2011. Since then, we have learned how easy it is to manipulate and bring in massive profits with. Specifically, we have found pump and dump schemes to work best, and we know how to do them correctly. Personally, I haven't had to work a normal job for the last five years of my life. By using the knowledge we have gained in cryptocurrency manipulation, I've been able to travel the world while working from my laptop. I no longer worry about how much money I have when making purchases. I am able to support my friends and family when necessary. I have attained true financial freedom, and this has opened so many doors to my life. We seek to share our knowledge and tools on profiting from Cryptocurrency, so we have recently decided to publicize LiteTrader.
  12. What is LiteTrader Crypto?
  13. LiteTrader Crypto is a package that contains resources, a license to LiteTrader, and our private methods. The private guide contains the things and methods we've learned over the last few years. The LiteTrader tool is an autotrading bot meant to compliment the private methods. It contains everything necessary to make exponential profits with Cryptocurrency. It is useful for everyone, advanced or beginner. Once set up and followed, one can expect to make between 40 - 300% gains daily. You read that correctly, by using our automated trading software and guide, one can reasonably expect to 1.4 - 4.4x their wallets early on. Of course, as one approaches the six figure mark, this slows down.
  15. (Insert Screenshot of balance:
  17. Features:
  18. Autotrading Bot License
  19. Access to Private Group
  20. Private Pump Guide
  21. Support
  22. Moneyback Guarantee
  23. Updates
  24. Mentorship
  26. Functional On:
  27. Bittrex
  28. Binance
  29. YoBit
  30. HitBTC
  31. More coming soon...
  34. Packages
  35. Basic - $35
  36. Private Methods
  37. Methods Setup Guide
  38. Basic Support
  39. No License to LiteTrader
  41. Gold - $75
  42. 1 Month LiteTrader License
  43. 1 Month of Updates
  44. Private Methods
  45. Setup Guide
  46. Normal Support
  47. Membership to Private Group
  49. Platinum - $135
  50. LifeTime LiteTrader License
  51. Free Access to Future Plugins
  52. Priority Admin Support
  53. Lifetime Membership in Private Group
  54. Discounts on Other Future Tools
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