Rythm 3 Features (updated)

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  1. Rythm 3 Features
  2. =========================
  3. Cross-server music
  4. User hosting
  5. Video embedding
  6. Play stations from Pandora with no advertisements
  7. Play spotify playlists
  8. No need for DJ role to skip songs with certain roles
  9. Auto play
  10. Upped bitrate
  11. Song lyrics displayed and removed through text channel as song plays (only available from spotify songs)
  12. High quality sound playback // No skips, pauses, etc
  13. Rythm bot 1 & 2 compatibility
  14. Ability to play the same songs between Rythm 1, 2, and 3 from different channels at the same playback speed
  15. =========================
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  17. Contact:
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