Daddy-o Discord 0.5 (Intro)

Jan 27th, 2017
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  1. >C’mon! You need to go faster!
  2. >It's now or never legs! Go!
  3. >You hurtle a barrier at full speed into a side alley.
  4. >Maybe you could lose them…
  5. >Nope! Definitely still behind you!
  6. >You just had to try to steal the commander's coin bag when he had 5 fusions with him, didn't you?
  7. >You make a right, into another alley.
  8. >Yelling can be heard not far behind.
  9. >Shit! You would be caught at this rate!
  10. >You needed to lose these guys! If they caught you, who knows what they would do!
  11. >You just need to focus on running.
  12. >Turning to get another look behind you, your eyes automatically lock onto the strange figure to your right.
  13. >It was some kind of dragon like figure with a disarray of other animal parts floating alongside you, but that's all you could make out before you have to return your attention to running.
  14. >Well...that's new.
  15. >You're surprised even more when you hear a voice from your right.
  16. >”Well, well. Isn't this quite an interesting series of events! Now tell me, how do you plan on escaping those brutes back there?”
  17. >...
  18. >You would normally be impressed at the thought of such a creature talking, but given the circumstances, that could probably wait.
  19. >Just focus on running.
  20. “I'm not sure yet. Probably just outlast them.”
  21. >You were practically panting your half-assed words out.
  22. >”Hmm. If you say so. But that’s not why I'm here.”
  23. >You hurdle another barrier.
  24. >”I have an offer for you! One that you simply won't be able to resist! You see, I couldn't help but notice how unfortunate you were amongst all of the other beings in this universe. No parents, forced into crime, dealt the wrong hand of cards, if you will. So, being the generous spirit that I am, I have come to offer you a second chance at life! You could start over, be a new person! What do you say?”
  25. >Well…now you were listening.
  27. >If what this creature is talking about is the truth, this could be a dream come true!
  28. >Weather it was possible or not, you didn't know, but if there was even a chance that it was, you certainly couldn't pass it up. Given that it was a fucking talking dragon thing, you were convinced that there was a good chance that it was indeed possible.
  29. >Although…
  30. “What's the catch?”
  31. >You were ready to pass out from your hard pressed sprinting, but you had to keep moving.
  32. >The “spirit” floats in front of you, leaning back on its hands in a lounging position.
  33. >”Oh, that's the best part! There are no catches! What kind of good all-powerful being would I be if I held such an unfortunate soul to a deal? Especially if it's something that they greatly deserve for their long hard life?”
  34. >...
  35. >You needed time to think.
  36. >You make a left, but are quickly met with a steel wall.
  37. >Scratch that time to think thing. Time to panic.
  38. >”Well, well. It looks like it's now or never my four fingered friend! So, what is the answer?”
  39. >Ok, calm down. Even if this spirit was lying about the no strings attached idea, this was too good for you to pass up. Nobody loved you here. You were a petty thief, at best. And there's also the fact that those fusions would probably kill you for insubordination.
  40. >A group of voices were quickly approaching.
  41. >That sealed the deal. You DID NOT want to die.
  42. “Yes! I accept your offer! Just take me anywhere but here!”
  43. >The spirit holds out a paw. You don't even hesitate. You grab it instantly and shake it as hard as you could.
  44. >”You've got it.”
  45. >You hear a loud snap, before your vision fades out, and you fall into darkness.
  47. >”Wakey wakey, sweet prince.”
  48. >A hazy voice calls from the darkness. It was very gentle.
  49. >You slowly open your eyes, allowing you to reach full consciousness. Your vision was a bit blurry, but nothing too bad. You appeared to be in an open field and directly above you was No, too cute to be a horse. A pony. That seemed right. What appeared to be a female pony with a grey coat and jade mane and eyes to match sat above you.
  50. >”Finally! I thought I would have to sit here for another week before you woke up!”
  51. >Oh. It talks. Great. Not that you were bothered, just...surprised. Her voice was far too gentle and calming for you to freak out.
  52. “Who are you?”
  53. >”Oh, oops. I forgot introductions! My name is Khordaea [spoiler](“Core-Day-Uh” for all you phonetic freaks out there)[/spoiler] Luster, but you can just call me KK. What's yours?”
  54. “My name’s Ano. Nice to meet you, I guess.”
  55. >Oh shit, your voice is a little higher pitched than you remember.
  56. >You give her a smile. Man you sucked at social interaction.
  57. “Um, could you…”
  58. >You motion for her to kindly back the fuck off.
  59. >“Oh, right.”
  60. >The pony steps back to give you some room.
  61. >You turn onto your side and attempt to stand, but fail horribly, falling to the ground in the process.
  62. >”Hehe, why don't you have a look at yourself, silly?”
  63. >You comply. Looking down, you see that you were missing some semi-important extremities, such as hands and feet. They seemed to be replaced with...nubs. Huh.
  64. “Can I get a mirror?”
  65. >”Of course!”
  66. >As if on command, a full body mirror rose from the ground, causing the dirt around it to ripple like water.
  67. “Um. What was that?”
  68. >You look to the sitting KK for some answers.
  69. >”That's a little thing we here call...MAGIC!”
  70. >KK throws her hooves into the air, causing a great amount of fire to flow from one, and frost from the other.
  71. >...
  72. >Well fuck. First a talking horse, now magic. Great.
  74. >Sitting up, you gaze into the mirror.
  75. >You were no longer a Tetra. It seems that you have been changed into a fuzzy pony, maybe a few years younger than you actually are on account of your voice. were surprisingly cute.
  76. “What happened to me?”
  77. >”Oh that's easy. You were transformed into a colt so you can live a new, normal life here in Equestria!”
  78. >Oh fuck, that's right! A new life!
  79. >You let out a relieved sigh. It seems that that spirit didn't lie about getting a new start after all. He never mentioned changing you into a pony, but you weren't going to complain. You got a second chance and you didn't plan on wasting it.
  81. >Putting your thoughts to the side for now, and embracing your excitement for a second chance at life, you make another attempt to stand.
  82. >This time you are more careful, keeping balance on all four legs, and slowly rising. After getting comfortable with standing, you attempt your first step. While a bit wobbly, you don't fall, so you count that as a win in your book. Now for your second…third…fourth…
  83. >A good minute of walking in circles in the grass was all you needed to master it, so you kick it up a notch by transitioning into a trot. From there, you move into a full on gallop, going this way and that way, simply enjoying how fast you were now that you were a pony. It was a liberating experience, just to move so fast.
  84. >After you've had your fair share of running around like an idiot, you start to move back to KK.
  85. >Coming to a stop near the mirror that was still there, you start to stretch to relieve the tenseness that built up in your body during your run.
  86. >During the stretch you feel…that's interesting.
  87. >You walk to the reflective side of the mirror. Turning sideways in front of it reveals a set of fairly large wings on your back. You're not just a pony, you’re a Pegasus. HOLY SWEET FUCK THAT'S AWESOME! Awesome enough to make up for the loss of your hands and feet. Wait. Can you… Focusing on the muscles in your back, you try to get them to move.
  88. >As hard as you might try, you can only get them to twitch. Well, not everything can be mastered as easily as walking, but that didn't matter cuz now you have wings. FUCKING WINGS!
  89. >Regardless of that though, there were still so many questions on your mind, so you might as well ask them while you could.
  90. >Calming yourself a bit, you turn to KK who was…still sitting in the same spot, looking at you with that same smile. Odd.
  91. “So, how's this whole ‘second chance’ thing gonna work?”
  92. >This seemed to take KK by surprise.
  93. >”Hm? Discord didn't tell you?”
  94. >Discord?
  95. “Who is Discord?”
  97. >Your statement causes KK to mumble under her breath, so that you couldn't hear.
  98. >”Hmph. Discord. ‘Master of Chaos’. More like ‘Master of Predictability’. Not even the decency to introduce himself. Well we’ll just fix him up, in that case.”
  99. >KK returns her attention to you.
  100. >”Well, to inform you a bit, that spirit that you made the deal with, his name is Discord and he is not the reason you are here right now. You were actually brought here at my request. You see, I know what it is like to be in your situation. Unloved, pathetic, lonely.”
  101. >You listen intently to her words, each one pulling at a string in your heart. You never want to live like that ever again.
  102. >”So, as a good interdimensional traveler, I help those that I can along the way of my journey, and you just so happened to be in such a position, so I had Discord go and make a deal with you. That is why you're REALLY here.”
  103. >Wait, interdimensional traveler?! How is that…actually, never mind. You were done questioning stuff. You were taken to a magical world of talking ponies and transformed into a Pegasus, so for the sake of ease, you were just gonna accept that sky's the limit in this world, and move on.
  104. >”But to answer your question of how this will work, I will need the missing piece of the puzzle. One moment if you please, Ano.”
  106. >KK stands and gracefully glides over to an empty spot of the field, not too far from you. She rises to her back two hooves, raises her hoof above her head, then dropping to all fours again, slams her hoof into the ground with great speed, causing the earth under her to crack.
  107. >Not far in front of KK, a tall, slim pillar of stone shoots up from the ground as soon as her hoof makes contact with the it. Standing up straight, she flips her long, straight hair. KK walks over to it very slowly, and once she reaches it, gives it a dainty tap.
  108. >The block slowly shatters outward from the point that was tapped. After a few seconds, the cracking stops, and whole block crumbles slowly to the ground in a million pieces. As the pieces fall away, they begin to reveal a figure trapped inside the block.
  109. >It was Discord. He was frozen in the position of him holding up one finger, probably in protest of something. When about half of the block is gone, he falls forward out of it, slamming his face flat into the ground.
  110. >The whole scene was quite entertaining to watch, making you laugh. As soon as you do though, Discord poofs in front of you. Anger covering any positive feature on his face. Guess that goodie two shoes personality was just an act.
  112. >”What exactly are you laughing at?”
  113. >He spoke in the harshest tone that you have ever heard. And you've heard a lot in your life of crime. This guy wasn't messing around at all.
  114. >You tense up. He did say that he was “all-powerful” back on Tetra, so you best not piss him off and risk the chance of being sent back. Weather he could actually do that or not was unknown to you, but better safe than sorry.
  115. “N-nothing! I was laughing at nothing.”
  116. >Discord narrows his eyes at you.
  117. >”That's what I thought.”
  118. >Just then, he is warped away from you and replaced with KK. Still with that smile.
  119. >”Don't worry about him. He thinks that he can control everyone that he wants though brute force, but don't judge him too harshly, he's just really insecure about being nice.”
  120. >Discord poofs back next to KK, and OH, if looks could kill. KK doesn't even look at him.
  121. >”I am NOT–”
  122. >Before he can finish talking, he explodes into glitter and confetti, making you jump. That actually concerned you a bit. HE JUST FUCKING EXPLODED!
  123. >”As I was saying, don't be afraid of him. He won't do anything too out of line, so don't let him intimidate you.”
  124. >…
  125. >Y'know what? Fuck it. Sky is DEFINITELY THE FUCKING LIMIT! She seemed to be perfectly fine with him exploding, so why the fuck shouldn't you?
  126. >Discord pops back into existence once again. Well, he isn't dead. In fact he's treating all of this teleporting and him exploding as if it was completely normal.
  127. >…
  128. >On a side note, you really, REALLY hoped that you didn't just get dragged into a world that makes people randomly explode.
  129. >…
  130. >God, what have you gotten into?
  132. >KK finally acknowledges the existence of Discord by turning to him.
  133. >”Ah! Discord! Where have you been? We've been looking for you for a while now.”
  134. >This only serves to make Discord even angrier. Steam started blowing out of his ears.
  135. >”You! You–”
  136. >Well, if what you were told was true, this guy was the kind that acts like he's all that, but does nothing to prove it. In that case, might as well play along.
  137. “Yeah. It's a pretty childish move to avoid someone like you were.”
  138. >Oh yeah, your smug levels were off the charts.
  139. >Discord’s eyes literally catch on fire as he turns to you. He moves his face just mere inches from yours, but you don't even bother flinching. According to KK he wasn't gonna do shit.
  140. >”WHY YOU LITTLE–”
  141. >KK quickly steps behind you, and wraps her forelegs around you in a protective manner. You blush slightly.
  142. >”Uh uh, Discord. No bad words. Not in front of…”
  143. >KK pauses. You could practically feel the smug emanating off of her. Whatever she was about to say would do it in for Discord, and you couldn't wait! You hated that whole “tough” persona thing that some people try, and wanted to see this guy get his arrogant ass knocked to the ground for it. You were having good fun with this.
  144. >”Your new son.”
  145. >All of your smugness and enthusiasm drains from you instantly. Looking over to Discord, it seems that the same goes for him. Steam had stopped blowing from his ears and his eyes had completely fizzled out, leaving only the face of a defeated man.
  146. “Wait, what do you mean by ‘son’?”
  147. >She couldn't possibly be suggesting that THIS guy was going to be your Dad. While he was all-powerful, he didn't seem like the best candidate that might be available in this world. That and you managed to piss him off within the first few minutes of actually knowing him.
  149. >Discord turned his gaze to KK, quickly covering up his defeated look with an annoyed one.
  150. >”Yes KK. What EXACTLY do you mean by that?”
  151. >”Simple.” she says “You will act as a paternal role model for Ano from here on out. You will also provide him with adequate living arrangements as any good parent would.”
  152. >…
  153. >Is she insane!? You pissed this, what you will assume to be, god off, and now she wants to sent you home with him?! You were fine with making fun of him while KK was around, since she seemed moderately strong from what you saw her do, but if you're alone with this guy, he's bound to pull some buttfuckery.
  154. >But you couldn't even voice a single word before Discord speaks up.
  155. >”What?! It isn't my job! You were responsible for him being here, so it should be YOUR job, if anyone's.”
  156. >Discord, was on the defensive about this. He didn't want some stupid brat to look after, on top of all of his scheduled chaos.
  157. >You, too, speak up. Discord seemed like he was someone with the potential to be a psychopath, so you needed to get out of this.
  158. “Yeah, you just can't send me with this guy! He's crazy! He looked like he wanted to kill me a few seconds ago!”
  159. >KK lets out a sigh.
  160. >”First of all Discord, I may have asked you to bring Ano here, but I was not the one who made the deal with him, you were. If you really looked into that deal, you would know that it leaves the dealer responsible for the consumer’s new life.”
  161. >A stack of papers materializes in front of Discord. He takes the stack and begins to sift through it.
  162. >”I might be responsible for him being here, but you are responsible for his life. And on top of that, you were the one who actually brought him to me, so YOU are technically responsible for all of this. Without you, none of this would have happened. I would have just let him go.”
  164. >Discord, with the papers still floating in front of his face, raises a finger in protest and opens his mouth to speak, but no sound comes out. All of the papers fall to the ground with a soft thud. He just sat there, frozen in shock of his defeat.
  165. >KK seems satisfied with her work and moves on to you.
  166. >”As for you, little Ano, you don't have to go with him if you don't want to.”
  167. >You let out a sigh of relief.
  168. >”But that would undo the deal you made, sending you back to Tetra.”
  169. >Your heart drops. That bitch. She was just playing nice!
  170. “But that's not fair! I didn't agree to be his son!”
  171. >KK, still behind you with her forelegs around you, gets close to your ear and speaks softly.
  172. >”No, but you did agree to a new life. One that is to be provided by the dealer and creator of the deal.”
  173. >A single sheet of paper materializes in front of you. It looked like a section of some kind of contract.
  174. >”And as the creator of said deal, I am responsible for finding you a new guardian. The deal was that the closest being that is able to provide for you is to take that spot, and that so happens to be Discord. So, this is actually completely fair.”
  175. >You read through the paper as best as you could. You picked up some words here and there, but most of it was words that you didn't know the meaning of. Regardless, about halfway down the page, you see it. Clear as day. It was exactly what she said about her finding you a guardian.
  176. >But…she…FUCK! You wish you asked more about this “deal” before you accepted. It's not like you could’ve, you were being chased and Discord denied and other motives than him helping you out of the kindness in his heart. Either way, this was a lose, lose situation for you right now.
  178. >Ugh… You know that you don't really have a choice here, and there is no doubt in your mind that KK knows that as well.
  179. >You drop your head in defeat.
  180. “I'll go with him.”
  181. >As badly as you wanted to avoid that psychopath, you couldn't go back to Tetra. Not now that you're so close to a new life.
  182. >”Good. You won't regret it.”
  183. >You really doubted that that was true, but it didn't matter. You were in this now. Time to nut up or shut up.
  185. >KK slides out from behind you and casually ambles towards Discord.
  186. >”I can tell that you're upset Ano, but look on the bright side, you've learned a very important lesson from this.”
  187. “And what’s that?”
  188. >You mumbled under your breath. You were dreading this whole situation, and you didn't even care if showed.
  189. >”Nothing ever comes without a price.”
  190. >You allow yourself a pity chuckle.
  191. “Heh. Maybe. Or maybe I just learned not to make deals with strange dragon creatures.”
  192. >As much of a joke as you made out of it, you would take her advice to heart.
  193. >KK lets out her own gleeful giggle.
  194. >”There you go, that's the spirit! Have a little fun!”
  195. >She reaches Discord, but before proceeding, she turns back to you.
  196. >”Ano,” she says in a much gentler tone, making you curiously look up.
  197. >She was smiling with that same smile as before, but it was…different somehow. More…motherly than before. Not that you'd know what that's like, but it was very comforting, nonetheless.
  198. >”Everything is going to be okay. Because, believe it or not, I actually want things to go well for you. You remind me of when I was young, and…well, I just never really want to see someone in a situation like you were in ever again.”
  199. >A tear falls from her right eye, but she kept that same smile all the while.
  200. >”And soon enough, you'll know how I feel as well.”
  201. >Tears are steadily trickling from her eyes, but she stands strong, not even letting her voice waver.
  202. >”I know that you're mad that I tricked you, but you'll see that it was for the best, in due time.”
  204. >That…fuck…you don't know how that made you feel. You just sat there, shocked at that whole display.
  205. >That made you want to cry a bit. Not because she might actually understand what you've been through, but because she actually seemed to care about you.
  206. >Someone…actually cares.
  207. >Your mind was numb. The mere thought of such a thing seemed so surreal to you.
  208. >”Until we meet again, Ano.”
  209. >KK turns to Discord and rises to her rear legs. She gently boops him on the nose, even adding in her own light hearted “boop” sound for the action.
  210. >Before you can say anything, you are blinded by a bright flash of white.
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