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  1. [5:18:02 PM] altscy: Hi my name is ScY-x17 I am here on behalf of XJ9 and a formal request to remove the videos of him which he did not agree to be uploaded. Taken down from youtube. We believe this to be in clear violation of the law and will pursue legal measure if none are taken.
  2. [5:18:18 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Good luck!
  3. [5:18:41 PM] ScYx17: You need to take those videos down.
  4. [5:19:00 PM] ScYx17: He didn't consent to you putting them on youtube.
  5. [5:19:18 PM] ScYx17: I just got this taken down
  6. [5:19:29 PM] ScYx17: http://www.feralnetwork.com/2013/10/25/special-the-story-of-xj9/
  7. [5:19:51 PM] ScYx17: incase you do not know who i am google scyx17
  8. [5:20:03 PM] ScYx17: What makes you think you will do any better than hotshotgg?
  9. [5:20:22 PM] ScYx17: You are a bad person for what you did to a 16 year old child.
  10. [5:21:56 PM] Steven Bonnell II: He was on stream the entire time, the material is my own as I own the stream and I uploaded my own video to Youtube.
  11. [5:22:08 PM] Steven Bonnell II: You can try to DMCA them if you want but I will content and overthrow it because I own all of the material.
  12. [5:22:17 PM] ScYx17: It's not your material because it's his voice.
  13. [5:22:40 PM] ScYx17: Why do you think people get blurred out on TV?
  14. [5:23:47 PM] ScYx17: I have the resources to bring this to court.
  15. [5:23:59 PM] ScYx17: it's easier to just take it down
  16. [5:24:07 PM] Steven Bonnell II: You're not going to bring anything to court, plz.
  17. [5:24:07 PM] Steven Bonnell II: lol
  18. [5:24:14 PM] ScYx17: why did hotshotgg apologize to me?
  19. [5:24:56 PM] Steven Bonnell II: I don't know who he is or the context of your conversation.
  20. [5:25:18 PM] ScYx17: im in game give me 20 minutes ish
  21. [5:49:41 PM] ScYx17: When you were speaking to XJ9 he was 16 years old which makes him a minor who didn't give consent to an interview.
  22. [5:50:11 PM] ScYx17: This is my process you>youtube>lawyer
  23. [5:50:13 PM] Steven Bonnell II: lol, how has he roped another girl into trying to do his dirty business online?
  24. [5:50:28 PM] ScYx17: I don't care about the drama he was obviously in love with the girl.
  25. [5:50:41 PM] Steven Bonnell II: When you threaten a lawyer it makes me not take you seriously at all, there's 0% chance that you're seriously going to drop the $$$ needed for a lawyer, and you don't even have a case.
  26. [5:50:46 PM] Steven Bonnell II: You're better off taking the overly nice approach.
  27. [5:51:03 PM] ScYx17: probably
  28. [5:51:22 PM] Steven Bonnell II: And he wasn't "in love" with anyone, he doesn't even know what that means, he's not capable of feeling anything for any other people, he has a problem.
  29. [5:51:36 PM] ScYx17: ive known him for years even prior to him being famous
  30. [5:51:41 PM] Steven Bonnell II: I'm sure.
  31. [5:52:08 PM] ScYx17: he was in love with her dude trust me
  32. [5:52:24 PM] ScYx17: if he had no emotions he would of got rid of her because she was a problem
  33. [5:52:30 PM] ScYx17: instead of involve himself in a relationship
  34. [5:52:43 PM] ScYx17: its more likely that she is a sociopath
  35. [5:52:49 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Please stop, please stop, please stop.
  36. [5:52:54 PM] ScYx17: you understand league of legends correct?
  37. [5:52:56 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Please get help immediately and please find a therapist.
  38. [5:53:09 PM] Steven Bonnell II: You're another victim of his, please stop talking to him and find someone qualified to talk to.
  39. [5:53:31 PM] Steven Bonnell II: I have no idea what he says to you/how he's able to convince you that he's not absolutely fucking insane.
  40. [5:53:36 PM] ScYx17: he didnt convince me
  41. [5:53:39 PM] Steven Bonnell II: He did.
  42. [5:53:40 PM] ScYx17: he did the opposite of try to convince me
  43. [5:53:49 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Because no sane person can look to what he does and think he's even close to rationale.
  44. [5:53:53 PM] Steven Bonnell II: He's absolutely fucking insane.
  45. [5:53:55 PM] ScYx17: hes weird thats all it is
  46. [5:53:57 PM] Steven Bonnell II: And he treats people absolutely horribly.
  47. [5:54:02 PM] Steven Bonnell II: No, he's not weird, he's a disgusting human being.
  48. [5:54:04 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Legitimately.
  49. [5:54:08 PM] ScYx17: that doesnt make sense
  50. [5:54:12 PM] ScYx17: do you know who denial is
  51. [5:54:15 PM] ScYx17: from starcraft broodwar
  52. [5:54:28 PM] Steven Bonnell II: It doesn't matter who denial is.
  53. [5:54:37 PM] ScYx17: yes it does because you and lots of other people played broodwar
  54. [5:54:44 PM] ScYx17: and posted nudes of girls on the itnernet when they made you angry
  55. [5:54:45 PM] Steven Bonnell II: What does that have to do with anything?
  56. [5:54:49 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Who cares?
  57. [5:54:51 PM] Steven Bonnell II: How is that relevant?
  58. [5:54:52 PM] ScYx17: wildcard denial almost everyone
  59. [5:55:06 PM] ScYx17: he was too naive to understand that he was a huge figure he was 16
  60. [5:55:12 PM] ScYx17: people do dumb shit when they are just kids
  61. [5:55:23 PM] ScYx17: he was popular because he was rank 1 for so long
  62. [5:55:29 PM] ScYx17: that was all
  63. [5:55:40 PM] ScYx17: everyone tries to stream if this was a normal situation right
  64. [5:55:56 PM] ScYx17: it woudlve never got him banned just another teenage dude getting angry at some girl who was ignoring him
  65. [5:56:25 PM] ScYx17: like you got to understand you and me are older
  66. [5:56:27 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Is this SJ9 I'm talking to...?
  67. [5:56:29 PM] ScYx17: weve seen this shit
  68. [5:56:36 PM] ScYx17: I'm ScY-x17
  69. [5:57:33 PM] ScYx17: Like kids make mistakes
  70. [5:57:45 PM] ScYx17: if he made that mistake without being popular he would of been fine
  71. [5:58:18 PM] ScYx17: like do you really want me digging up dirt of clan x17 days on people
  72. [5:58:37 PM] ScYx17: because i can literally point fingers at people who have done things that are a million times worse
  73. [5:58:57 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Then go for it.
  74. [5:59:06 PM] ScYx17: it seems to me like you got involved in the drama too much and didnt step back and just look at it from a 3rd person perspective
  75. [6:00:05 PM] ScYx17: this kind of shit will follow him for a long time
  76. [6:00:12 PM] Steven Bonnell II: It should, until he changes.
  77. [6:00:25 PM] ScYx17: imo
  78. [6:00:28 PM] ScYx17: they are both bad people
  79. [6:00:31 PM] ScYx17: at the time
  80. [6:00:36 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Not even close to the same level.
  81. [6:00:39 PM] ScYx17: like you shouldnt let people elo boost you dude
  82. [6:00:40 PM] ScYx17: its weak
  83. [6:00:43 PM] ScYx17: get your own elo
  84. [6:00:46 PM] Steven Bonnell II: lol...
  85. [6:00:55 PM] ScYx17: its like testie playing for pink
  86. [6:01:26 PM] ScYx17: like a normal person that needs to change man
  87. [6:01:39 PM] ScYx17: they dont have youtube videos that people watch and then taunt him forever about
  88. [6:02:25 PM] ScYx17: like think about the people who watch the video
  89. [6:02:28 PM] ScYx17: they watch it for the lols
  90. [6:02:38 PM] ScYx17: no one is watching it for any other reason when they do
  91. [6:02:43 PM] ScYx17: they see some guy losing his mind
  92. [6:02:54 PM] ScYx17: it's not right it's sick
  93. [6:03:02 PM] ScYx17: that kind of stuff should be handled personally
  94. [6:03:05 PM] ScYx17: not in the public view
  95. [6:05:41 PM] ScYx17: What can I do to get the videos taken down?
  96. [6:05:49 PM] ScYx17: It's clearly bothering him a lot.
  97. [6:06:07 PM] Steven Bonnell II: Does he aknowledge that he was an absolutely fucking terrible person one year ago?
  98. [6:06:23 PM] ScYx17: I think he does from what he says when he talks to me
  99. [6:07:03 PM] ScYx17: i do not believe he will ever do that to anyone again
  100. [6:07:06 PM] ScYx17: and if he does i will handle it personally
  101. [6:12:20 PM] ScYx17: Many people have a similar experience to what XJ9 had, they fall in love with a girl do something really stupid and regret it later.
  102. [6:12:51 PM] ScYx17: I truly believe he has changed
  103. [6:13:33 PM] ScYx17: It played out at a much larger scale is all and for videos to be on the internet which make him look completely insane when he isn't
  104. [6:13:45 PM] ScYx17: it's making it hard for him to completely move on
  105. [6:16:51 PM] ScYx17: I have to take my wife to the hospital to get her labwork done. Please take the videos down or make them private, there's really no reason for them to be there anymore he was and still is permanently banned from league of legends and twitch.tv
  106. [6:17:06 PM] ScYx17: his life and income basically got ruined over it
  107. [6:17:19 PM] ScYx17: the embarassment doesnt need to be there anymore
  108. [6:17:24 PM] ScYx17: hes a human dude
  109. [6:21:05 PM] ScYx17: ill be back in lik 2 hours it would make me happy if when i came back you took them down or are willing to have a longer conversation about this because although he's weird he's been my friend since season 1 I'm not a random and I used to be a popular streamer to until I quit league for airforce. google scyx17 I remeber him from when he was still gold elo and pretending to be me on the forums. I know you may believe it to be weird but I'm protective of him so please if not for him for me man
  110. [6:21:32 PM] ScYx17: if i hadnt quit league in season 2 and joined the air force i wouldnt of let this happen
  111. [6:21:49 PM] ScYx17: cu bro
  112. [8:08:24 PM] ScYx17: http://imgur.com/M4aOyrH,hgZDWV8
  113. [8:09:25 PM] Steven Bonnell II: lol, good luck
  114. [8:09:34 PM] ScYx17: is chris loranger
  115. [8:09:36 PM] ScYx17: your friend?
  116. [8:09:45 PM] Steven Bonnell II: yap
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