you can’t outpizza the hut

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  1. no one outpizzas the hut. trust me. I've tried. I've tried so hard to outpizza the hut and it cost me everything. no matter how much cheese, how many cheap toppings i put on my pizza i always got outpizza'd by the hut. No matter how much my pizzas tasted like plastic, pizza hut pizzas always tasted even more synthetic. for months I've been seveely depressed trying to figure it out. it all started as a little hobby, a bit of a goof - "can i outpizza the hut?" but it soon became my obsession and eventually my downfall. the fateful moment i had that thought was the moment I doomed myself. They must have some sort of secret ingredient i thought. after trying literally everything from the supermarket and not coming close to the plasticy taste of the hut i actually went insane. i started clawing at my skin, scratching my face for hours with my long sharp fingernails. at first it was almost unnoticeable but i knew i could not hide the scars forever, soon enough karen would find out. I needed to put an end to this but the only way to do that would be to outpizza the hut, as i knew. so i tried one last ingredient. i cut off a piece of my own arm and put it on the pizza. i added the shittiest sauce i had and cheese made from 50 percent plastic and 50 percent wood chips and baked it real good. the taste was almost exactly like pizza hut but the meat wasn't tender enough. i knew it had to be younger meat. from someone much younger than me. i knew what had to be done. there was a moment of doubt as i grabbed the knife and went into holly's room, up to her little crib while karen was at work. but i knew what had to be done.
  3. I'd finally done it. I've created a pizza even shittier than pizza hut or so I thought. but it still wasn't horrible enough.
  5. when karen came home and saw what i had done she freaked out. i truly loved karen just like i loved holly but she was going to call the cops on me and I couldn't let my pizza hut mission be compromised by her.
  7. they were only my first two victims. i went on to sacrifice many more in the name of pizza perfection before i got caught. Now i am sitting here on death row, my execution is only hours away. Do you want to guess what I'll choose as my last meal ?
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