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  1. (in perspective of dark huntress/julia)
  2. I was 5 when it all started, my parents thought a good way to punish me would be to abuse,damage and gouge my eye out when ever I was doing something bad, it was a living nightmare. Eleven years later at the age of 16, my dad had sent me to bed saying 'you might as well get your sleep, wouldn't want anything else to happen to you,would you now?' I ran to my room, tears dripped from my right eye whilst my left eye socket was still empty because my parents wouldn't even get me a fake eye... But that night was when had all started, I dreamt of this guy... I couldn't tell how old seen as he wore a blue mask with black patches and black drips falling from it down the mask, I felt like I could relate to him.The next morning my parents thought that they would kick me out, so I ended up moving to a forest not knowing that it was going to get better from there...
  4. (perspective in 3rd person)
  5. Not long after entering the forest, Julia had bumped into Jeff (the killer). Jeff muttered to himself "another kid? what is it with all these kids",but Julia decided to ask him if he knew where she was or if there was a camp nearby ignoring the fact he had a slit mouth, Jeff snapped at her whilst unaware of her missing eye "why are you even here?! You might as well; Go to sleep" as he pulled out his knife. Quick to realisation, Julia pulled out her bow and arrow she had hid under her hair attached to her back,whilst the wind whistled through the trees,looking at jeff. "who ever you are, dont even bother. have you seen this?" exclaimed Julia as she uncovered her hollow eye socket with some specks of dry blood underneath then walked off 5 minutes later. Jeff muttered to him self "wow... that wass one stubborn person"
  7. After what seemed like hours of walking Julia came up to a camp belonging to her old friend, in need of a place to stay she pulled out her bow and killed her friend not even bothering to pay attention to the fact that Jeff had followed her, after shooting her friend she whispered "stick and stones may break our bones but i've already shot you" (she didn't care it was stupid and that it made no sense either). After killing Alex, her friend, she just sat near the fire feasting on some food thinking about what to do in the morning. The Bushes rustled as Jeff ran through them. From the distance, a mysterious figure could be seen, Julia called out to the figure "who are you!? what are you doing here?!". The dark figure slowly approached her, on closer inspection it appeared to be jack, Eyeless Jack. Whilst glaring at Jack, Julia mumbled "what is it with all these weirdos out here" before realising its the guy she had seen in her dreams. Jack asked "what are you doing here?" smiling under his mask. Julia replied "the names' dark hunteress. you?" pulling a stern face Jack walked off and muttered "you dont need to know.". The gusts of wind blew Julias' bloodstained hair revealing her eye. When Jack saw it he just stared, stared right into her soul.
  9. Jeff, filled with envy, leaped out the bushes Yelling at Julia "If Your so good at combat, why dont you kill your parents!?". Frustrated, Julia went home, killed her parents to prove to Jeff she isn't a weakling, Jeff didn't care that Julia done this and walked off as if nothing happened. Tired and exhausted, the Dark huntress (aka Julia) slumped on the log. The other creepypastas (slenderman,sally.ect.) gathered around her trying to get a close inspection then walked off since she was waking up. Not long after she woke up, someone walked to the abandoned camp julia had took over, When Zach (guy who walked in) saw the corpse, he shivered in fear and squealed "W-what have you done!? YOU MONSTER!" Julia stared at him as her empty eye socket shown, Julia replied to Zach "why do you care? its not like he knew you or anything" Zack yelled at her "That was my brother! You little...." ending in a grumble. Julia shot him because he got on her nerves, and that, that was when she became a serial killer/killer.
  12. I hope you enjoyed this short story, feel free to make fanmade versions too. this is just a simple story for my oc, i might make a part 2 soon aswell, i dont know
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