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  1. What experience do you have with RP:
  2. I have had FiveM for 2-3 years now. Ever since I first downloaded FiveM I fell in love with GTA RP and the whole experience surrounding it. I took a bit of a break during the whole Fortnite craze and came back around January 2019 and started dipping back into GTA RP and started to take it more seriously once I found a server I liked (CRRP) in around mid March. Ever since then I have been constantly playing CRRP and joined a few departments in the process.
  4. What staffing experience do you have:
  5. Since I have gotten a PC one of my favorite things to do was become staff on servers that I had a connection with and seriously liked. The game that I probably took the most serious was Minecraft (I know it doesn't sound like that good of an experience but it definitely was). I was a Head Admin on a 400 player factions server, with this experience I completely know how to moderate and administer a server. I have seen everything from people as simple as spamming the chat to people threatening to DDOS other players and swatting other players (hopefully with FiveM you don't have to worry about that). On Minecraft, I have had handfuls of other experience with staffing but I will go into my GTA experience. Around probably a year ago I was a moderator on a server called "Mayfair County RP" which was insightful experience on the inner workings of a staff team. I also learned a lot of the commands that associate with staffing and how to properly deal with Fail RPer's and RDMer's. Almost all of the people I had to deal with thought my punishments were fair and I always made sure to hear two sides of the story. I don't think it was that well ran and as tight knit as CRRP plus the management team had its issues so I pretty much went MIA until the server shutdown.I also like to try my best to help out on the server without a rank, just stuff like what discord channels to say stuff in or alert staff when there is a rule breaker I also tend to helpout players in the chat who need help with commands or other simple stuff.
  7. What are your strengths:
  8. My strengths would have to be my ability to follow a strict set of rules and imprint them in my mind and follow them to the best of my ability. If I get accepted I will read over the rules multiple times and make sure I know them completely so I can help moderate other players following them. I think another one of my strengths is my peoples skill. I would say that I am a pretty nice guy and people seem to think that also. I would gain a deep connection with other players which would make the players know the staff actually care about them and the server and would also stray off any plans to commit FailRP or RDM. My last strength that comes to mind is my keen sense of responsibility. Once I am staff I will never disrespect other players or staff members nor do I really now. I will know my powers as a staff member and know not to abuse them and how to properly handle certain situations. I will make sure to also learn from my mistakes and make sure not to do them again.
  10. What are your weaknesses:
  11. None of my weaknesses are anything that I cannot work on. My main weakness would have to come down to the fact that I am a very relaxed guy and give people their time when they are presenting me with evidence or I need to talk to them. I always make sure to hear both sides of the story not just one. I also tend to be pretty lenient on players that I know will learn from their mistakes and not do it again. I can also be harsh on players who have broken the same rule over and over again. I am sure I have other weaknesses but none of them are that notable and aren’t really repeat offender stuff.
  14. Why do you want to be staff:
  15. I would like to be staff on CRRP to contribute myself and all my perks to the server for the well being of CRRP. I have noticed the really only active staff on are the admins of the server and Drew. They all can be very busy and I think with an active staff member other than them it would help make the server a better place to play on for people trying to RP. Another reason I would like to become staff to help take the load off of hire staff members plates that are constantly busy. The last reason I would like staff is because I feel the responsibility and the powers of being one would suit me nicely since I have always been a good staff member of the past on other servers.
  17. What could you do to improve CRRP:
  18. Well assuming that I would be allotted with T-Mod I could help the server with lower down stuff. I would make sure to alert higher up staff when there is a problem that I can not handle such as someone using a mod menu to hurt other players experiences. Stuff that I could handle would definitely be taken care of swiftly and with precision. I would help rid the server of people RDMing and Fail RPing. I would essentially help out other players when they need it like when a new player asks what commands are there I would let them know to use /tutorial or to press = in the kindliest way I could. I would help all in anyway I could to other staff members that are busy and help keep at bay bigger issues when there is not a staff member that could deal with it.
  20. Why should we choose you over other applicants:
  21. You should choose me over other applicants because I would follow every single server rule and set a great example to other more junior players. I think I have possibly more experience then other applicants with staffing as well as on CRRP since I have been on the server for 2 months now. I would like to think that I have formed a good bond with most of the other staff members as well as the whole community. I stay extremely active in the discord and I think some other candidates would be lacking in that category. I am currently #5 in the Discord and I am probably the most active person in it. Some other candidates if given staff would ignore the in-game chat but I would make sure to follow up with any player who requested help if other staff members fail to do so.
  22. Just a side note I would like to personally thank whoever is reading this for considering my application
  23. - Wap/Jake (Since this was no age category I am 16 and am in the Pacific Standard Timezone) :) <3
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