Liess [Side-chapter INtFTKY]

Sep 15th, 2015
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  1. #Note: This is a side-chapter to It's Not the Fall That Kills You. Chronologically, this would be happening about halfway through chapter 6. You can consider it canon if you want, but the main story will not reference it. It's meant to be read on its own.
  4. “You are staring.”
  6. Drew blinked and refocused his eyes on Liess’ face. “Huh?”
  8. “Staring.” Liess chugged the glass of water she’d poured and slammed it down with the delicacy and precision only she could.
  10. “Yeah, your attire caught me off guard. You never dress like that.”
  12. “Ah, yes. Zee dress.” She stepped out from behind the counter, revealing the length of her body. Pouring over her shoulders was a deep blue dress, v-cut lower than anything Drew had ever seen on her, and opening at her thighs to emphasize the smooth, pale wight skin on her legs and exaggerate their length.
  14. It did a pretty good job of it.
  16. Long silken gloves the color of her dress clung to her arms, covering all the way up past her elbow. From the way her fingers twitched and kept tapping her sides, they weren’t comfortable.
  18. “Zees sing is so clingy. Mine chest cannot breathe and zee only vreedom of moofment is in mine legs, vhere I am just as likely to trip on zees annoyink flaps.” She tossed the front of her dress up and scoffed.
  20. Drew caught the the shortest glimpse of her inner thighs. Just like Liess to treat her own sexuality with such casual brazenness like it was some bother she hadn’t asked for. He laid down on the couch then pulled out his phone and immersed himself in it as best he could to keep from staring again. “Your chest can’t breathe? It sure looks open to me.”
  22. “Yes, bekause zees schupid sing is made for someone vith no chest!” She squeezed her tits together. “Zey are beink pusht too hard togezzer and it is hardly comfortable.”
  24. She’d completely tossed the filter on her german accent, too. Something told him it wasn’t just the dress that was bugging her.
  26. “Something big happening tomorrow?”
  28. “Yes. A meetink. Last sekunt meetink.”
  30. “And you’re going all out for it.” Drew gestured to the gloves. That was something he’d never seen on her.
  32. She raised her right arm, opening and closing her hand, and glowered at the glove. “Last time I vore zees vas vhen I vas assignt to you.”
  34. “Well, it looks good, if you were wondering.”
  36. “Hmph. I know it looks goot. I simply needed to see if it shtill fit.”
  38. “If your idea of fitting is for your tits to be about to tumble out, then yes, it fits.”
  40. Her arm dropped to her side and her gaze bore down on Drew. “You are enjoyink zees.”
  42. “I’m making an observation, that’s all.”
  44. She planted her hands on her hips and scrunched up her lips in thought. A high heel began tapping on the wood floor just loud enough for Drew to hear. Was she thinking about wearing something different? Had his comment actually gotten to her?
  46. “Come vith me.” Those heels clattered down toward her room.
  48. Drew was struck dumb on the couch for several moments. Follow her to her room? That was the one place she’d made very clear was off-limits. The only thing Liess considered sacred next to her guns.
  50. And she’d invited him in.
  52. His discipline kicked in and he hurried to his feet, catching a glimpse of her disappearing into her room down the hall. A nagging voice murmured in the back of his head, but Liess hadn’t a hint of hesitation in that order, so he kept that doubt in his head alone. He rushed to her room.
  54. Drew knew Liess’ house wasn’t exactly modest, but at the same time, he’d never seen anything out of the ordinary either. Somehow he expected her room to be the exception, yet… there it was. Functional, but personal. There was no smudged-up mirror with a million open makeup bottles, no hair clips lying all over the furniture, no rogue tissues or strands of hair. Liess had made the most of her space, giving the room an open feeling, but not so much you might get dizzy. The bed stood out as the most impressive piece of the room as Drew would expect, but it had no more than two pillows and the sheets, while inviting and patterned, didn’t look too difficult to take on and off.
  56. The room was, in a word, Liess. And Drew couldn’t figure out why he was surprised.
  58. “Do not shandt zere as if you haf run into a vall, Drew. In!”
  60. He took a few steps in, put his hands in his pockets, and directed his attention to Liess. Away from the room.
  62. Liess closed the door, then stood in front of Drew, arms crossed under those painfully abundant breasts. With their height mismatch, Drew only needed to give the tiniest glance lower to catch a look.
  64. “I haf hat a long day, von zhat has kome after a shtrink of disappointments, annoyances, and frustrations reachink back veeks.” She glimpsed down at her dress. “Zees dress vas just anozer sing zat I hat to tolerate, until I decidet I hat enough. I vould very musch like to destroy zees sing, but my shtation requires it intact.” Her eyes focused, glimmering with something Drew had not seen in them before. “Monsters and humans haf anozer vay to deal vith stress, von I haf not engaged in vor long enough. Von that requires a partner.”
  66. To end her statement, she released a breath profuse with her scent, a sweet flower that invaded the senses and held them prisoner to behold, rich with Liess’ strength and authority.
  68. From the mire of words drowning in Liess’ accent, Drew made out the one obvious message.
  70. “You want to have sex.”
  72. “Fuck, Drew. I do not ‘haf sex’ or ‘make love’ as ozer such nauseatink vights do. Ve vould fuck as human und monster for the reason zat I am stressed und sex veels goot.” She paused and raised a finger. “Realize, ve vould not be doink zees as equals. I am your superior, both in shtation and ability. I also, however, fint you capable and interestink enough to sink you vould lif up to zee expectation of zee act.”
  74. Drew cocked his head and raised an eyebrow. “So you think I’m good enough for a quick fuck.”
  76. “Zis may not be ‘quick’. Und I am not patronizink you. Zees is an offer not so simply given.”
  78. His legs started to twitch and his feet itched to tap. He swallowed the thunderstorm of blunt emotion ignited by Liess’ offer, only to have it fester and explode within his body. When he first started working with her, Liess had quickly stomped out and spark of hope of such a thing happening. The thought of fucking her had so long been an alien concept that he had no defenses when the reality of it struck. And not only that, this was the first time in Drew’s life his consent actually mattered when sex was involved.
  80. Would he? Oh, hell yes, with the force of Thor’s goddamn hammer he would. Liess made a greasy sweatshirt and a simple ponytail look good, so the dress? She fucking murdered it.
  82. “I’m interested,” he said.
  84. “Goot. Before vee go any furzer, however, I muscht explain that I am doink zees for my own sake, and vee vill fuck how I vish. Your vetisches, endurance, preferences, und limits conzern me vittle. I vill go until I am satisfied, und I vill shtop ven I vish it. I vill use vichever of mine mesods I feel vike usink.”
  86. Drew ran his teeth across his lower lip. “So this is what you mean when you said you were still the superior.”
  88. She nodded. “But you schould not vorry, I vill make sure you vill not soon forget zees.”
  90. “Uh huh. Just so you know, I’m not really worried about forgetting this,” he said with a smirk.
  92. Once again, her intoxicating breath washed over his face, but harder, in a pant. “Drew, vee are alone, in mine room, I haf said my piece and you haf consented, and my vrustration grows by zee secund. I am hopink you undershtand ow difficult it eez for me to restrain mineself.”
  94. Drew swallowed. “Then don’t.”
  96. He’d hardly finished the sentence when he was yanked off his feet and thrown across the room, landing right in the middle of Liess’ bed. Liess strode toward him, one arm raised and a large spectral claw extending from it. His skin tingled where it had seized him.
  98. He’d almost forgotten about those.
  100. The silk of Liess’ dress and the pristine skin of her legs slid across her smooth bedsheets with a soft, liquid sound that snuck in Drew’s ears past the pounding of his heart and his rasping breath. The spectral claw vanished and one of Liess’ hands snaked under Drew’s shirt, slipping across his chest, while the other removed his shoes. Drew raised his arms to let Liess remove his shirt. His eyes locked onto hers, lost in the deep violet concentration of her focused gaze. She moved with a poised and precise haste only she could pull off. In mere seconds, her practiced hands had disrobed him.
  102. When she laid a hand on his vigorous erection, she gave her first smile.
  104. “I avait the moment you fully realize vhat you haf agreed to.”
  106. “I feel like I have a good idea,” Drew said, his voice cracking.
  108. “Hoh hoh, no, little Drew, you cannot even fazom.”
  110. She hooked a leg around one of his, intertwining her silky bare thigh with his hairy leg. Her foot, covered in her thick leggings, grabbed at and played with his toes. His leg went stiff with the contrast of her smooth thighs against the textured fabric of her leggings. One of her hands explored his chest and ventured up toward his shoulders while the other lightly traced the outline of his member. Her barely-open mouth floated her breath to his face, where it splashed against him like water on the shore.
  112. “You’re going kinda slow for someone who just said they were having a hard time restraining themselves.”
  114. “Zee buildup can be zo musch fun if you gif it proper care.” Her smile widened. “And seeink you restless makes it zhat musch better.”
  116. He tried to shoot a smile back at her, but the corner of his mouth kept twitching beyond his control.
  118. She traced her fingers over the cusp of his shoulder, driving the touch of her silk gloves into his brain. From that arm her spectral claw returned, reaching down his arm and holding his hand in its large grip. A foreign cold seeped into Drew’s skin where it met the claw, a cold that did not chill, but burned with anticipation, the sort of cold that struck only before an unbearable heat.
  120. Drew couldn’t take his eyes off of it.
  122. “You haf never felt its touch, haf you?” Liess’ teasing voice tickled his ears. She pressed her body further into his and those tantalizing lips hovered outside his ear. “Does it vorry you?”
  124. “The only thing worrying me is how gentle you’re being.”
  126. “Gentle?” That luxurious laugh rattled out. “I am toying vith mine prey, veaving him a trap zat vill hold him nicely so zat vhen I am not beink so ‘gentle’, he vill not escape.” A spectral claw ran from his wrist to his shoulder, pressing hard enough to break skin, but left no mark. Drew’s erection throbbed, hungry for more attention than the tormenting touch of her lazy finger. “Tell me I am beink gentle zen.”
  128. Gloved fingers shifted to his left arm, the one crushed between their bodies and placed square between her breasts. She played with his fingers as if to clasp their hands together, only to move down the inside of his arm to where her breasts lay. Smiling at him, she pressed them together until he felt pins and needles down to his hand.
  130. “Vould you like to put your cock in zere? Smozer it in zee velcoming flesh of mine breasts? Of course you vould. But you vill haf to tolerate mine hand for now.”
  132. Silk fingers slipped around his shaft and began to pump with the smallest effort. It could hardly be called a grip, just a placement of her fingers that happened to put his member between them, and she moved with such sloth she might never bring him relief. Yet her hand still send shivers through his body.
  134. She hummed with contentment. Watching his face, she brought her leg up higher. She smothered his legs in the grip of her thighs while her knee massaged his balls. Her grin grew at the sight of his shock.
  136. “It’s… disturbing h-how clinical you’re being,” said Drew. “It’s not like y-you.”
  138. “Not like me?” She laid her head on his chest, treating Drew to a faceful of scented hair. “Mmm, but I belief zees eez exactly like me. You are mine projekt, und I am merely takink you apart piece by piece, cleanink each soroughly, zen bringink it all back togezzer in an immensely satisfyink conclusion.” The glove tightened its grip. “Do you not agree?”
  140. “I s-suppose when you put it that way…”
  142. Her gloved hand began to play with him, twisting until its grip was upside-down with her thumb rubbing the top of his shaft and her fingers teasing the bottom. Her palm slipped back and forth over his head, cupping his most sensitive spot for a moment before moving on. His oozing pre smeared and soaked into the fabric, but her hand never slowed. Liess idly licked his chest, staring at her work and chuckling when his hips began to thrust.
  144. “You are in such a hurry, little Drew. Try to enjoy yourzelf.”
  146. “I would say I’m doing a good job of that already.”
  148. “Is zat so? Perhaps you vill enjoy zees, too.”
  150. The spectral claw on her hand appeared and swallowed his member in its grip. Drew’s body spasmed at the sudden overwhelming sensation, but Liess’ other claw pushed his upper body back down and held it there with lackadaisical strength. Gloved hand and claw both pumped independently, one building heat with the friction of its slowly-increasing speed while the other electrified Drew’s member with a pretense of cold.
  152. “H-how—”
  154. Liess silenced him by putting her hand over his mouth, drenching him in the scent of her gloves. “You said you vere enjoyink yourzelf, yes? Zen simply enjoy zees.”
  156. Her knee pressed harder upward and her hand gripped tighter, driving the smooth touch of her silk glove further into his mind and body. Each pump of her practiced hand pushed Drew closer and closer to the edge and the eerie cold left in the wake of her claw made his muscles jerk uncontrollably. Liess held his fits with ease. He left his composure behind and began thrusting into her eager hand.
  158. Liess moved the hand on his mouth away, up to his hair where she grabbed hard. She turned to look into his struggling face, watching with a mix of curiosity and amusement.
  160. “Cum.”
  162. Drew squinted at her, then looked down. “It’s going to get all over your dress, you kn—”
  164. Her hand pumped harder, punctuating her demand. “Zat is zee fucking point! Now cum!”
  166. Drew snapped his mouth shut and obeyed. Pleasure exploded from the base of his cock and shot through his cock like lightning. Pushing as far into her glove as possible, he spewed his surrender. Arcs of cum landed on his chest but many more covered her exquisite hand as it worked. Liess’ grin darkened, almost evil, at the sight of his exertion. No amount of squirming or thrusting could remove that gloved hand from its work, even after Drew was spent.
  168. Her spectral claw lifted from his member and passed through the splotches of cum that missed her hand. As it touched them, they evaporated into it and Liess took a long, deep breath of satisfaction.
  170. But she didn’t stop.
  172. “Hey, I’m still pretty sensitive down there,” said Drew.
  174. “Yes, zat is how zee body vorks, is it not?”
  176. “Ease up a bit, then?”
  178. She gripped his hair harder and picked his head up, then moved her mouth to his ear. “Remember? I said your endurance und your limits are not my concern. Mine hand is not tired, and I very musch liked the exprezzion it put on your face. So I will keep goink.” Drew shivered as she ran a row of teeth against his ear. “Am I beink gentle now?”
  180. Drew scowled, but didn’t answer. He gritted his teeth trying to withstand the pumping hand on his member. If she had added that claw back to it, he probably would’ve gone insane.
  182. A curious tongue traced his ear, followed by a bite just hard enough to hurt. Liess’ relentless hand formed a tighter seal between its thumb and pointer, forcing Drew’s sore head through a tighter hold with each pump. His breaths came out angry as he tried to cope with the brutal stimulation. He attempted to squirm his waist away from her hand, but the thighs that had earlier drove him mad now held him prisoner.
  184. “Y-you try to act like you’re not a monster at all, but you d-damn sure enjoy dominating like one.”
  186. Liess yanked his head by his hair and forced him to stare at the ceiling. “I never said I vas not a monster, but simply not vhat vone vould expect from a vight.” She bit down on his ear harder. “And zere is real pleasure in vatchink a defiant underling squirm.”
  188. Her glove covered his head in a cocoon of silk and twisted, ignoring his shaft. “Is zees vhat you expected when you agreed? Vere you lookink at mine breasts, mine lips? All zoze vonderful fantasties, and all you get is mine hand.”
  190. Drew shouted and moaned at the rabid stimulation of her glove. It squelched with the dampness of his semen.
  192. “Cum again, mine toy,” she whispered into his ear. “Soil mine glove vonce more.”
  194. Her thighs loosened and Drew threw his hips up as high as he could, moaning with no restraint. Once more her exploded into her hand. The silk turned a darker shade of blue as it soaked up his release, never stopping, hungry for every last drop. With one last squeeze, her hand let go and left his raw cock to throb in the void of sensation and the chill of the room.
  196. Liess rolled over top of Drew, smirking at his exhaustion. She stopped pulling at his hair and instead began stroking it. She sat up and straddled him, then raised the glove that had brought him that wonderful torture. She sighed.
  198. “It felt so very goot to see it dirtied so, but it vould not do to continue like zees.” She summoned her claw and all the cum that had soaked in immediately evaporated and the glove returned to its normal shade of blue. “Now zat zat problem is taken care of, I muscht see to zee ozzer.” Her ass gyrated over Drew’s cock. It didn’t respond.
  200. “Wights got something for that, too?” Drew said.
  202. “Of course.” Her right claw reappeared and Liess gazed at it, flexing its fingers. “You see, zees are an extension of mine spiritual energy. As an undead, zey are usually used to absorb power from anozzer, but, vith practice, zey can also give. And vhile such an action can be as simple as a touch,” she said, lowering the claw to Drew’s chest, “zere is a musch more exciting way.”
  204. Drew didn’t have time to wonder what that way was. Liess’ grin turned evil again, and she drove her claw under Drew’s skin. The alien cold that her claws shared now struck him from the inside, under his skin instead of on it. He writhed underneath her and glared at that cruel grin.
  206. She raised her hand, showing an open palm, then closed it. And the claw closed over his heart.
  208. Drew screamed. His vision exploded into white and everything winked out of existence. He no longer felt his arms, his legs, or Liess’ weight on his stomach. All of his being was a pulse at his core, stretching to the furthest of his extremities and reverberating in a sweet chord of absolute pleasure.
  210. Drew breathed in.
  212. Then returned to the world. His breath came out violently. When he brought his hand to cover his coughing, he found it sore, as if he’d been gripping something too hard for too long. He had to blink several times before the colors of the room corrected themselves and he could see more than a foot in front of him. When his ears came back, they caught a rapturous laughter.
  214. Liess had thrown her head back and was cackling at the air, a hand in her hair as if to keep her head from going back any further. Drew was panting too hard to say anything, and even if he could, he wasn’t sure he’d want to. As annoying as her laughter was, what she did was… just…
  216. “Haf you returned?” Her liquid voice grounded Drew. “Zat is a technique I try not to use on humans, as zee veaker vones tend to be unable to recover from it. And even if zey do, zey might become addictet. I know you are better zhan zat, zough.”
  218. “What… what was that?”
  220. “Inshtead of leakink energy into your body through simple touch, I sent a surge of it directly into your heart und squeezed it, vich, vhile raising your blood pressure dangerously high for a moment, also delivert high potency spirit energy to every korner of your body near instantaneously.” She planted her arms on the bed near the sides of his head and leaned in close. “For humans, susch a sing vould be fery, fery pleasurable.” Her hips began to rock and this time when her ass smothered his member, it responded. “It also happens to revitalize zem.”
  222. “Shrewd. Just like you.” Drew tested his arms and legs. Liess was right: he felt like a million bucks. The soreness had dissipated and been replaced with incredible energy. He could run a marathon or two like this.
  224. Liess lowered her head and let her hair spill out over his chest. Her rear went into the air and she slowly backed up, drilling through Drew with that ill-intentioned leer of hers.
  226. He swallowed hard.
  228. The silky splash of her hair tickled him all the way down to his waist until she raised her head. She brushed her dress off her shoulders with two deliberate movements, freeing her bountiful breasts at last. Her smile widened.
  230. Gloved hands ran slowly up Drew’s legs, reminding him of that silky touch, before coming to rest on the sides of her breasts. Her boobs were large enough to swallow her hands whole when she applied enough pressure. His cock twitched at the sight.
  232. Liess surged forward and Drew gasped as the pillowy flesh devoured his member. He moaned and rocked his head back, prompting Liess to chuckle, a chuckle that resounded through her chest and Drew’s cock.
  234. Using both the movement of her hands and her upper body, she slid her tits up and down his member, hiding it entirely from his view except when she had fully receded. She pushed hard from the sides to give his cock a suffocating prison, but her skin was so soft and smooth she could move without a hint of resistance.
  236. “It is musch better zan puttink your arm in zere, isn’t it?”
  238. “Fuck yes.”
  240. Drew’s legs extended and bent again, unable to just lie there under the blissful assault of Liess’ chest. Drew kept trying to calm them, but lost focus every time. Two massive, cold grips seized his legs at the shin and held them still. When he looked down at Liess, she stared back with smug contentment and moved faster.
  242. Drew bit his lips and looked back at the ceiling. Another second witnessing that smile and those tits would ruin him.
  244. Creamy mounds slid up and down his member with fervor, crushing him in pleasure. Unlike her hand that focused on a certain area, her breasts massaged everywhere all at once, only leaving his cockhead a second to gasp for air before dragging it back under. He bit down harder and harder, but her skill was eroding his defense. It was only a matter of seconds until she won.
  246. But she stopped.
  248. After a paused, Drew looked down and saw Liess holding his erection captive between her tits, but unmoving.
  250. “I haf decided I am tired of doink all zee work. If you vant to get off, you vill haf to fuck my chest.”
  252. “What?”
  254. “Fuck mine chest, boy. Zrust your hips.”
  256. “So after all that, you’re just going to stop.”
  258. “Shtop? I’m shtill holdink mine breasts here, zough I can take them away, too.”
  260. Drew snarled at that stupid smile of hers. She was acting like she was doing him some sort of favor, like she was so gracious pushing her tits together for him. Damn that attitude of hers! If she was going to give him tits, then he’d fuck them better than anyone else in the whole goddamn world.
  262. “Fine.”
  264. And he thrusted. The first one took him by surprise, surprise that fucking her chest felt different than having her chest fuck him, but after that he was on a mission. Liess’ smile disappeared for the first time since they started. Now she was watching him with curiosity, probably appraising him or something. Drew just glowered and fucked harder.
  266. His hips began to ache, but the closer he got, the less he felt it. All that mattered was that supple slit of softness. He closed his eyes and focused on the feeling, the pressure, the tightness, how his cock slipped in and out so smoothly. His moans turned into grunts and his thrusts accelerated, reaching for the release that seemed so close yet so far.
  268. Then Liess started moving again.
  270. Drew yelped as climax rushed upon him. Liquid fire shot down his length and every muscle in his body went stiff. It was all he could do to keep his balance as Liess took command back, pumping her breasts up and down, draining him for all he was worth. Cum spewed out every side of her tittyfuckhole, smearing up to her neck and down to her dress.
  272. Drew half-expected her to try and get another orgasm out of him with her tits, but once she was sure he was empty, she withdrew, drawing a finger down her soiled chest and licking it clean before cleaning up the rest with a spectral claw.
  274. “You’re pretty good with those tits.”
  276. “Of course I am.”
  278. She reached behind her head and removed the small band that held her hair in its trademark ponytail. She fanned out her hair and let it fall on her front. It didn’t tumble from her fingers like water or drape gracefully down her body, though. It half-floated, clumped together in chunks, and drifted wherever it felt. In short, it was a mess.
  280. Liess shook her hair out and sighed. “It feels goot to let it out.” She looked down at Drew. “Now, I think I haf playet arount long enough.”
  282. Her hands crept up Drew’s chest, running smooth along his skin, taking an occasional squeeze, almost as if she was using his body to climb upward. When her face was directly over his, her abundant hair covered his head like a curtain. Through the licks of light that got through, he could see that intentioned smile return.
  284. He gasped as a spectral claw gripped his member and pointed it straight up. Another pushed Liess’ dress aside and exposed a dripping, hungry sex.
  286. “Zee buildup has been so very fun. Do not disappoint me now. Try to last more zhan a few sekunds.”
  288. “C’mon, you really think—”
  290. She swallowed him.
  292. Drew choked on his words. With her claw still holding him as she phased through it, there were so many sensations attacking him it was all he could do to keep breathing.
  294. “I do sink. I know how potent I am, it does not matter how shtrong you sink you may be. I vill alvays vin.”
  296. Liess fucked him with a viciously patient pacing. She lowered herself just gradually enough to be called slow, and when she withdrew, left his slick cock bare to the cold of her claw just long enough for it to bite. Her lower lips sealed over his member with a tight kiss and her walls twitched and surged to pull him in then embraced him tight.
  298. Using every last ounce of willpower, Drew shook himself out of his stupor. He raised a hand and planted it on her hips. His fingers dug into her soft skin in an involuntary surge of strength caused by Liess’ thrusts.
  300. She grinned at his effort. One of her hands drifted back, gently taking his by the wrist and bringing it up to her breast.
  302. “Are you sure zees isn’t vere you vant to be grabbink?” she said before slamming down on him again.
  304. “Fuck!” His hand dove into her supple bosom, earning him a most satisfied look from Liess.
  306. Still gripping his wrist, she pushed his hand harder into her, then let her fingers tumble down his arm then back up it with teasing touches.
  308. Her rhythm never broke. Drew moaned, trying to focus on her breasts, but her hips demanded his attention much stronger. Those heavenly pussylips sucked him in again and again, eroding his control at a dizzying pace.
  310. And then everything spun. Drew cried out as Liess’ thighs gripped him hard and flipped him up atop her. She reached for his neck with her free hand and gave the side of it a light pinch before massaging it with care.
  312. “Is it so odd to be on top? Or do you simply not know how it goes? Let me help.”
  314. Her legs locked together, squeezed, and forced him deep inside. Liess chuckled as her thighs and legs manhandled him in and out of her. Only when he caught up to the present and began thrusting himself did she allow him an inch of control.
  316. When Drew scowled down at her, he noticed her cheeks had begun to redden, and sweat was dripping down her face. Even with all her crazy composure and control, she couldn’t deny the power of pleasure. He hunkered down and thrusted, watched her and adjusted his angle until her eyes flickered with just the right expression, then, for the first time, launched his own attack.
  318. He knew he’d hit the right angle when Liess’ legs tightened further. Much more and she could start breaking bones.
  320. “I knew you vould catch on. But vill you last long enough?”
  322. The hand on his neck slipped behind him and jerked his head downward, right into her breasts, and held it there. At the same time, her thighs shifted lower on him and urged him to thrust faster. Through her heavy breathing and light moans, Drew could make out Liess’ callous chuckling.
  324. Drew hammered her. Suffocating in her tits and the grasp of her dexterous pussy, Drew hunkered down and worked. Any ache or pain disappeared amongst the storm of pleasure. No defense could hold him forever, though, and her tightness and skill were demanding one thing with a deafening voice:
  326. Cum.
  328. Drew moaned into her bosom. His orgasm hit him like a truck, throwing his eyes open, firing every muscle in his body at once, and igniting a wildfire bliss in his cock that roared through his body. Liess’s legs locked tight and shoved him as deep as possible where he released with all he had. It felt like more than possible, like he was emptying liters into her, but her skilled and focused body would accept no less. Only when he was completely limp and haggard did her legs loosen up and allow him to flop over onto the bed.
  330. Liess laid a gloved hand on his chest ever so lightly and grazed up and down it with faint touches.
  332. “You seem tiret.”
  334. Drew shot out a laugh. “Holy shit, Liess, I’ve never felt like that before. Damn.”
  336. “Of course you haf not. Even ozzer vights could not hope to match me.”
  338. “Yeah, I’m sure that was nothing to you, but you don’t need to be bragging about how you made me look like a little bitch while still being on bottom.” He rubbed his hips. “I might even be sore from that.”
  340. “I do not need to do somesink so petty as braggink.” The claw on her hand reappeared and its digits dig lightly into Drew’s skin. “But I sink you are makink some ozzer erroneous assumptions zere.”
  342. Drew looked down at the claw, then to Liess. “Like what?”
  344. “I am sinkink you believe vee are done. I haf yet to cum, Drew, and zee reason vee are doink zees is mine satisfaction. I vill admit I vas a quite a bit closer zere zhan I expected from you, but it sctill vasn’t enough.”
  346. “I can tell you right now, my body won’t be able to give you shit like this. And you better not be planning on doing that heart-squeeze thing again.”
  348. She grinned. “No, no zat is too dangerous and vasn’t really necessary in zee first place. It vas just for fun.” Her spectral claw dug in deeper. “Zere are ozzer vays of keepink you up.”
  350. “Don’t worry about me keeping up, then,” said Drew with a smirk. “Worry about yourself.”
  352. She draped her leg across his and hugged him close. “Oh, zees is goink to be so musch fun vith zat attitude of yours. So musch fun vatching it disappear as zee hours go by and your mind begins to numb. Vhat vee haf already done is probably all you vill remember, but I can assure you, zees night shtill haz musch left in it.”
  354. With that, a spectral claw sunk into his head and began to tickle at Drew’s brain with an eerie cold and channel something into his body, something that brought his member back to full length in an instant. Liess wasted no time hooking her leg around it and catching it behind her knee.
  356. “Don’t vorry, you’ll be fine come mornink, but until zen? Let me show you mine definition of ‘fun’.”
  358. It was then Drew thought it might be okay to worry.
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