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  1. (9:06:05 PM) Tox: I'd rather not get into details, but suffice to say there's a completely valid reason I knee-jerk noped back there.  Scantron and I talked it out, and he gets it.  Just so you know.
  2. (9:06:23 PM) Mr_Wilt: Uh what
  3. (9:06:32 PM) Tox: ?
  4. (9:06:41 PM) Tox: Back when I was, as it was put, flipping shits
  5. (9:07:51 PM) Mr_Wilt: Oh.
  6. (9:07:52 PM) Mr_Wilt: Yeah.
  7. (9:08:07 PM) Mr_Wilt: I kind of want you to explain to me why you seem to have such a problem with homosexual anythings regarding your characters.
  8. (9:08:13 PM) Mr_Wilt: I am also curious.
  9. (9:08:20 PM) Mr_Wilt: You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but
  10. (9:08:24 PM) Mr_Wilt: I'd like to know
  11. (9:09:21 PM) Tox: ...Alright.  *IF* you promise me that this goes no further than this window.  This is my srsface.
  12. (9:10:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: Sequins is also curious, so you may want to consider telling her, but I promise that I won't tell anybody.
  13. (9:10:20 PM) Tox: aw christ
  14. (9:10:25 PM) Mr_Wilt: Just to prove I won't, I'm already holding an incredibly scandalous secret from a member of FR.
  16. (9:10:30 PM) Tox: why is everybody prying
  17. (9:10:30 PM) Mr_Wilt: DON'T WORRY
  18. (9:10:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: <:U
  19. (9:10:34 PM) Mr_Wilt: I'm sorry.
  20. (9:10:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: I won't tell her.
  21. (9:10:40 PM) Mr_Wilt: Don't worry.
  22. (9:11:10 PM) ***Tox huff
  23. (9:11:24 PM) Tox: fine, as long as I'm feeling so christfucking *open* today
  24. (9:11:33 PM) Mr_Wilt: :<
  25. (9:11:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: Sorry.
  26. (9:11:45 PM) Tox: I tried a homosexual relationship.  It didn't work.  It ended on negative terms.
  27. (9:11:54 PM) Mr_Wilt: Like, IRL?
  28. (9:11:57 PM) Tox: Yeah.
  29. (9:12:06 PM) Mr_Wilt: Ah.
  30. (9:12:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: I see.
  31. (9:12:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: I'd ask more but that'd be rude.
  32. (9:12:20 PM) Mr_Wilt: But I understand.
  33. (9:12:40 PM) Tox: Again, as long as I'm being an open book today, ask and ye shall receive.
  34. (9:13:15 PM) Mr_Wilt: Why/how did it end on negative terms?
  35. (9:13:32 PM) Mr_Wilt: Did you think you were gay and just find out "Oh well nope I'm definitely not gay", try to break it to the guy, went south from there?
  36. (9:13:46 PM) Tox: My body refused to let me..........how do you say.  'Consummate' the relationship?  :/
  37. (9:14:26 PM) Tox: I thought I was bi.  A mutual friend put us in contact.
  38. (9:14:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: To what extent?
  39. (9:14:45 PM) Tox: Jesus fuck, how much clearer do I need to make that?
  40. (9:15:09 PM) Mr_Wilt: Alright, sorry.
  41. (9:15:21 PM) Tox: ...Sorry, sorry
  42. (9:15:25 PM) Tox: I shouldn't have snapped like that
  43. (9:16:00 PM) Tox: it's just that people jump down my throat and then I need to open myself and dig up something that I thought I had well buried in my past :<
  44. (9:16:13 PM) Mr_Wilt: I wasn't ever going to ask.
  45. (9:16:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: You brought it up, in my defense.
  46. (9:16:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: :/
  47. (9:16:27 PM) Tox: No, I'm not saying you're in the wrong
  48. (9:16:40 PM) Tox: but I felt I needed to explain myself to defend against charges of homophobia
  49. (9:16:55 PM) Mr_Wilt: Well, at least you cleared me up
  50. (9:17:01 PM) Mr_Wilt: Because I did suspect homophobia
  51. (9:17:01 PM) Mr_Wilt: But!
  52. (9:17:03 PM) Mr_Wilt: But!
  53. (9:17:17 PM) Mr_Wilt: I did suspect an underlying cause, so I knew you weren't blindly going about being a homophobe.
  54. (9:17:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: If that helps.
  55. (9:17:31 PM) Tox: What led you to suspect there was a cause?
  56. (9:17:42 PM) Tox: And have I satisfied you as to my lack of homophobia?
  57. (9:17:52 PM) Mr_Wilt: Yes you have.
  58. (9:18:01 PM) Mr_Wilt: But because you were so /vehemently/ against it, for one.
  59. (9:18:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: Another reason would be how openly sexual you are, so it wouldn't make sense for you for there not to be a cause.
  60. (9:18:53 PM) Tox: Both fair points.
  61. (9:19:43 PM) Tox: Although how does vehemence suggest an underlying cause?  <curious>
  62. (9:21:14 PM) Mr_Wilt: Sorry, I was putting laundry in the dryer.
  63. (9:21:15 PM) Mr_Wilt: Anyways
  64. (9:21:32 PM) Tox: s'cool, RL happens
  65. (9:22:11 PM) Mr_Wilt: From my experience, homophobia usually isn't that direct, unless in groups of questionable moral (i.e. strong religious groups like Westboro)
  66. (9:22:24 PM) Mr_Wilt: As people nowadays tend to be ashamed of their homophobia.
  67. (9:22:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: Another reason as to why I suspected an underlying cause, if I may add in
  68. (9:22:39 PM) Mr_Wilt: And this ties into the vehemency
  69. (9:22:40 PM) Tox: Add away.
  70. (9:22:51 PM) Mr_Wilt: Is that you only had a problem when it was directed at you.
  71. (9:23:00 PM) Mr_Wilt: You didn't have a problem with homosexuality in general.
  72. (9:23:06 PM) Tox: No, and I stated as much
  73. (9:24:25 PM) ***Mr_Wilt feels all smart now.
  74. (9:25:00 PM) Tox: ....I'm feeling /really/ vulnerable suddenly.
  75. (9:25:58 PM) Tox: I've explained myself to Scantron and now to you, and that's two more people who know this about me.  I just.... :/
  76. (9:26:42 PM) Mr_Wilt: I don't judge you for it.
  77. (9:27:04 PM) Tox: I didn't expect that you would.
  78. (9:27:58 PM) Tox: but I've spawned two more sources that I can't control
  79. (9:28:40 PM) Mr_Wilt: Hey, fuck you.
  80. (9:28:51 PM) Mr_Wilt: I haven't told anybody of ___________'s big secret.
  81. (9:28:55 PM) Tox: No.  I know that.
  82. (9:28:57 PM) Mr_Wilt: And it's a /big/ secret.
  83. (9:29:14 PM) Tox: I know that /intellectually/ is the key.
  84. (9:30:21 PM) Tox: It's just that this is something that the people who know about it I can still only count on one hand, and I'm kicking myself for putting myself in a position where I would have to use it to clear myself of suspicion.
  85. (9:30:45 PM) Tox: because I don't want to come off as a homophobe
  86. (9:32:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: I offer you my hugs.
  87. (9:32:46 PM) ***Tox hugs
  88. (9:32:56 PM) ***Mr_Wilt hugs.
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