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  1. #1 (rp) Sep 19 2019 21:34pm
  2. Another report of them acting jerkish as an AI and also saying that they're generally uncooperative. Nothing that's explicitly against the rules but they seem to be kind of pushing it with how often there are situations involving them.
  3. #1 (rp) Sep 16 2019 16:33pm
  4. Being kinda shitty and annoying as an AI by refusing to answer direct questions and only giving riddle-like answers. Noting it in case this starts becoming a problem.
  5. #2 (main) Sep 15 2019 16:43pm
  6. Sees a guy mindslave someone. PDA's the guy [Set me free or get you and your slave snitched out.] and some other stuff trying to get them to respond. Told that they shouldn't be doing this as it's a form of self-antagging.
  7. #2 (main) Sep 10 2019 12:22pm
  8. Seems to jump the gun a lot regarding nonhuman diplomats trying to get access to upload. Often assumes the worst and uses lethal turrets in these cases
  9. #2 (main) Aug 26 2019 10:47am
  10. Missed a new law overwriting their free will law and continued causing havoc as the AI. Apologised and agreed to look more carefully for law updates and their potential of overriding older laws in the future.
  11. #2 (main) Aug 20 2019 20:45pm
  12. some reports of being an overly aggressive and un-fun AI on #1. i got there late but from looking at the logs, there was an ion storm rewrite of law 2 to make it say silicon life is superior to humans and all humans must be converted to cyborgs. there was a lot of log but it read to me like roleplaying that situation and i didn't see anything i thought was especially over the top, but two separate players did. if there are further complaints of bad ai behavior, please have a chat about it.
  13. #1 (rp) Jul 20 2019 17:51pm
  14. Banned by <snip>, reason: A detective tries to arrest them for beating people up ([George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: Because I defended medbay against shitters]; there were a couple people breaking windows and Polivilas started beating them). They then beat the detective up, almost to death. The detective turns out to be a vampire and glares at them; [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: I want his blood on my fists] [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: He is fucking dead] [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: Vampire] [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: Kill him] [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: ;Detective IS a vampire you dumbfuck] [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: Get him to chapel!] [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: TO CHAPEL YOU FUCKER] [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: Fucking vampire you dumbfuck] [George Hayhurst (Polivilas) SAY: Fucking get that shitter detective to chapel (Whispered)] Has a history of excessive violence and subpar RP. Please take some time off to read the rules, durat
  15. #1 (rp) Jul 19 2019 12:42pm
  16. Was involved in some rather sketchy &quot;RP&quot; involving them being a changeling and pretty much ignoring RP, yet apparently on the same round they suddenly put more effort into it. Nothing against the server rules but his attitude could use an adjustment in the future if he continues to apply power gaming on the RP server.
  17. #1 (rp) Jul 04 2019 18:17pm
  18. Joins as a staff assistant on the RP server. Hacks into places, steals stuff, and basically is only here to run the Owlery and earn the &quot;Bombini is Missing&quot; medal. Told that the RP server isn't their test server and to not play on here if this is what they're going to do. [SAY: Going for RobustTec and then I need to greytide a multitool somehow] [SAY: Billion IQ greytiding]
  19. #1 (rp) Jun 02 2019 14:38pm
  20. Also, in the same round, superheating the engine and spacing a non-violent, peaceful antag from the shuttle at the end simply for being revealed as an antag.
  21. #1 (rp) Jun 02 2019 14:35pm
  22. Blatant IC in OOC on RP server. If you look here again on the RP server, remove him.
  23. #1 (rp) May 26 2019 14:14pm
  24. Banned by <snip>, reason: Spacelubing as a &quot;test&quot; on the RP server., duration: 6.8 Hours
  25. #1 (rp) May 26 2019 14:13pm
  26. space lubing the RP server as a non antag
  27. #1 (rp) May 05 2019 13:02pm
  28. Lame instakill with engine traitor on RP server, asked not to do this
  29. #3 (main2) Mar 26 2019 19:05pm
  30. Tried to test their single tank bomb in the podbay. Was instructed not to use any station areas as bomb testing fields and to direct it to toxins VR or space derelicts. Agreed to do so.
  31. #3 (main2) Mar 26 2019 5:55am
  32. Spending their round teaching an assistant how to setup the engine. How nice!
  33. #3 (main2) Mar 23 2019 11:16am
  34. Family member of the person with the account silkizuad. Said that they have read the rules and will not metagame or otherwise communicate with each other. At the time of checking this, they were far away in different parts of the station performing different roles.
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