No clue what he wants.

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  1. [19:21:47] You are joining a chat with Me
  2. [19:21:49] Patrick: Thank you for chatting with Verizon Tech Coach! My name is Patrick. How may I assist you today?
  3. [19:22:27] Me: You have too many times on my phone once a week is good enough can you fix it without me doing it
  4. [19:22:47] Me: three and four times a day and I have to clear
  5. [19:22:58] Me: That's a little too much maintenance for me
  6. [19:23:26] Patrick: I definitely apologize that certain functions of your device are not working as intended. As your Tech Coach I'll be more than happy to assist you today.
  7. [19:23:28] Patrick: Before we begin, may I please have your full name and the phone number for the device that we will be working with today?
  8. [19:24:00] Me: Debbie [Lastname] xxx-xxx-xxxx
  9. [19:24:10] Patrick: Fantastic! I appreciate it, and is it okay if I call you by your first name today?
  10. [19:24:37] Me: this is mark texting you yes
  11. [19:24:57] Me: all I need you to do is fix it one time per week that's it
  12. [19:25:24] Me: you're not really tell me anything but I don't know already
  13. [19:25:34] Patrick: Thank you Mark. For security purposes, may I please have the 4 to 5 digit or characters billing password on the account?
  14. [19:25:37] Me: I know about my battery usage
  15. [19:26:17] Me: XXXX
  16. [19:26:31] Patrick: You got it! I just want to make sure, I see here you have a Motorola Droid Mini is that correct?
  17. [19:26:55] Me: yes one time a week is all I need please
  18. [19:27:24] Me: I got to end this conversation now I gotta finish up what I'm doing thank you please fix my request one time a week please that's all
  19. [19:28:17] Patrick: I'll definitely be more than happy to assist you today, but if I could have you clarify what exactly your device is doing that is causing it to not work correctly.
  20. [19:30:23] Patrick: Mark, are you there?
  21. [19:32:36] Patrick: Mark, are you there?
  22. [19:33:37] Patrick: Thank you again for contacting Verizon Tech Coach! For an unknown reason, you have not responded. At this time I will be disconnecting the chat. Thank you and have a great day!
  23. [19:33:39] Patrick: I hope that I was able to help you today. Please re-contact us if you require further assistance.
  24. [19:33:39] The conversation has been ended.
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