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Mitama's Training: Tsuruno and the Amane Sisters Edition

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  1. -----------
  2. Chapter 1
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  5. Tsuruno finds herself at a school all of a sudden. She realizes it's an elementary school and then that it's the dream she usually has. It's just been a while so she didn't remember.
  7. The female teacher asks loli Tsuruno to present her paper. [1]
  9. >"My Grandpa" by Yui Tsuruno.
  10. >My grandpa is very nice
  11. >My sister and I don't have allowances but our grandpa always gives us spending money.
  12. >On my birthday, he took me to the zoo and sometimes, he'll secretly give me candy
  13. >My grandma and my mom are very stingy so they never give me anything
  14. >My dad is nice but my grandma and my mom always get mad at him so he's sad
  15. >But my grandpa is nice to my dad too, so I love him a lot
  16. >He always tells me stories of how our family was amazing a long time ago
  17. >Someday, I hope my sister and I will make our family great again
  18. >So in the future, I will become president and sell ramen at the White House.
  19. >I'm sure that will make my grandpa happy
  21. The flashback/dream sequence continues, and now they're at Tsuruno's Chinese restaurant. Tsuruno's Dad tells her that her grandpa heard about her essay and he told him to pass along a message. He's happy about the essay but he doesn't want Tsuruno to push herself too hard. He wants Tsuruno to find happiness for herself and not to worry about Grandpa or the family. Her grandpa was apparently worried.
  23. Present-day Tsuruno thinks to herself that her grandpa didn't have to worry. After all, her happiness hasn't changed since that day. Happiness to Tsuruno means fulfilling her grandpa's dream. She and her older sister--who's gone abroad--will do their best to restore fame/honor to the Yui family name. Then she wonders if she's seeing this dream because there's a message from her sister.
  26. The dream ends and we're now at the Chinese restaurant in the present. There's a letter from Tsuruno's sister in the mail and Tsuruno's dad laughs over how she does odd things like send mail, even though she could just make video calls[2] like they usually do anyway. Tsuruno thinks it was something she deemed important enough to send in a letter. Maybe a new achievement! She opens the envelope and looks disappointed.
  28. >Tsuruno: .........Ehh.
  30. -----------
  31. Chapter 2
  32. -----------
  33. Tsuruno is confronted by the Amane sisters in a barrier.
  35. >Tsukasa: Now, Yui Tsuruno. I will make you pay for the trouble you've caused my Tsukuyo-chan!
  36. >Tsukuyo: The other day you caught me off guard at school, but don't think it will go as smoothly this time!
  37. >Tsukasa: Right--
  39. But Tsuruno's mind seems to be elsewhere. She's shocked that her sister apparently said that there's no point, even though they made a promise. The Amane sisters notice that Tsuruno's moving sluggishly today, so they take advantage of the situation to pull of their duet move: Fuebane Resonate! They take down Tsuruno and they celebrate.
  41. >Tsukuyo: How was that, this is the Amane Sisters' true...!
  42. >Tsuruno: .......
  43. >Tsukuyo: True...
  44. >Tsuruno: .......
  45. >Tsukuyo: You're not moving!?
  46. >Tsukasa: W, What should we do!?
  47. >Tsuruno: ........
  49. >Tsuruno's Older Sister: Tsuruno... The goal that we shared of trying to make Grandpa's dream come true...it might not have been a good idea after all... Recently, I remembered something Grandpa said. That we "should find our own happiness and treasure it". Don't you think that what Grandpa meant by saying these words was, in his own way, rejecting our goal? A gentle way to reject our attempts to tread upon his own dream...
  51. She goes on to voice her regret that she acted on her own and stepped all over his dream. Tsuruno's older sister actually had something she wanted to do after she went abroad, something that has nothing to do with reviving the Tsuruno family name and whatnot. She started pursuing it, and that's when she started to think about these things. In her opinion, shouldering someone else's dream might have made her happy, but on the other hand, it also made her feel sorry and at times, she wasn't happy doing so. She apologizes, and says that a letter was the best way for her to convey her thoughts. She ends the letter by telling Tsuruno to reconsider things too.
  53. This makes Tsuruno wonder whether what she did wasn't for the sake of reviving the Tsuruno family either, and whether or not she'd been stepping over her grandfather's feelings. She rejects this idea and insists her actions would probably make her grandpa happy too. Then her shadow self tells her that no, she just bandwagoned onto someone else's dream for her own personal satisfaction. Just like her sister suggested, she's disregarding the other person's feelings and treading upon their dreams. On top of that, even though she doesn't understand this dream herself, she's been causing problems by dueling people, going on a rampage and so on, all while relying on other people. Tsuruno argues back with the advice she got from Yachiyo, that she's been doing the little things and one day it'll add up to some great achievement. Her shadow self insists that by doing so, she's been stepping on her grandfather's dream. She's doing something he didn't wish for her to do.
  55. Tsuruno wonders what she has been doing. But it's a hypothetical question, since she tries to stop her shadow self from telling her what she has been doing. Though the shadow tells her anyway, that what she's been doing is:
  57. >???: Pointless and without value.
  59. -----------
  60. Chapter 3
  61. -----------
  62. Meanwhile, the twin sisters have brought Tsuruno to Mitama's, interrupting her while she's singing about her job. They admit that they might've been a little too rough on Tsuruno so they're hoping she's okay. Mitama tells them not to worry, since it seems like Tsuruno's soul gem is simply a bit too tainted and there's nothing physically wrong with Tsuruno. The twins are relieved.
  64. >Mitama: Aren't you girls enemies?
  65. >Tsukuyo: We are but
  66. >Tsukasa: our goal isn't to kill her. Our goal is to save all the magical girls, after all.
  67. >Tsukuyo: Right--
  69. Mitama praises them but quickly realizes that now's not time. They have to hurry and take Tsuruno outside.
  71. >Tsukasa: Why?
  72. >Mitama: Can't you tell!? Look at the state of her soul gem!
  73. >Tsukuyo: Ohh, this isn't good! We must hurry!
  76. We return to Tsuruno and her shadow self. The latter affirms that everything she's done thus far is meaningless and without value.
  78. >Tsuruno: I see...from the beginning I've...been a person who can't achieve anything...sniff...
  79. >???: Is it hard...?
  80. >Tsuruno: Yeah...
  81. >???: Does it make you suffer...?
  82. >Tsuruno: Yeah...
  83. >???: Then just throw everything away and go to sleep. Throw away your consciousness and fall to the dark ends of unconsciousness. You don't have to think about anything anymore and it will be a lot easier.
  84. >Tsuruno: Yeah...
  86. Then Tsuruno first envisions Yachiyo, then Iroha, followed Felicia and Sana calling her name. She rejects the shadow's offer to go over to where the shadow is. There's still something left for her to do. She hasn't accomplished anything and the revival of her family may be nothing more than a dream, but she's certain there's still something left.
  88. >???: And that is...?
  89. >Tsuruno: I got to meet Momoko and Mifuyu and them. And I made precious friends like Master and Iroha and the others... I've met a lot of people that I love and that are important to me.
  90. >???: Is there any meaning in that...? That has nothing to do with achievements or reviving the family...
  91. >Tsuruno: But... those people gave me a new goal, to make everyone happy. That's why I'm sure there's still something left.
  93. She remembers her grandfather's words, telling her to find her own happiness and to treasure it. It makes her realize something. The shadow is unimpressed with what she said.
  95. >Tsuruno: No... I'm saying, I found happiness... after all... now that I think about it, it's not achievements or anything like that. I was acting for everyone's sake...
  96. >???: That being said, it changes nothing. You stepped on Grandpa's wishes. Because you tried to achieve something he didn't wish for...
  97. >Tsuruno: Yeah... that's true...
  98. >???: ---!? You're going to accept that...?
  99. >Tsuruno: Yeah, I will. Right now, I think I finally understand what Grandpa meant.
  100. >???: What do you mean by that...?
  101. >Tsuruno: I'm not trying to achieve anything. Achievements are at best just results. That's why Grandpa might've been trying to tell me not to go out of my way to aim for them. That's why, you see, I am going to treasure my own happiness.
  102. >???: Then what will you do from now on?
  103. >Tsuruno: I'm me, right? That's why, first I'll accept who I am. Acting just to achieve something great was meaningless and without value. That's why, from now on, first I'll save Iroha-chan and the others. Then I'll find Ui-chan and bring Mifuyu back. I don't know what I'll do after that, but I'll make everyone happy. That's my happiness and as I treasure that happiness, before I know it, it'll become a great achievement.
  104. >???: I see...
  105. >Tsuruno: Yeah. I guess I'll be fine with my last goal being to sell ramen at the White House.
  106. >???: That's funny.
  107. >Tsuruno: That's me. You understand what I'm saying.
  109. Tsuruno wakes up screaming. She realizes what she saw was a weird dream, but can't even remember what happened in the dream. Mitama's there, surprised. Likewise, the twins are in shock. Tsuruno now notices how bright it is.
  111. >Tsuruno: W, What happened!?
  112. >Mitama: It's your doppel...
  113. >Tsuruno: Doppel!? Mine!? My new power!? So finally the strongest, Yui Tsuruno, has become the even stronger strongest Yui Tsuruno!
  115. And then she sees what it looks like.
  117. >Tsuruno: I, I-I, It's a pig---!? Not to mention it's shiny and bright!
  118. >Mitama: Puffufu, she called it a pig....
  119. >Tsukasa: Is that her gluttony crawling?
  120. >Tsukuyo: It reminds me of the tastes of the nouveau riche...
  121. >Tsuruno: R, Rude! I was so excited too... With it looking like this, I'm too embarrassed to bring it out in front of other people...
  123. Tsukasa notices it's gone back inside of Tsuruno. Tsuruno repeats that she's too embarrassed to show it to Yachiyo. Tsukuyo tells her that she's glad Tsuruno was okay. Tsuruno's confused and Mitama explains what happened. It seems Tsuruno doesn't really remember what happened aside from the twins attacking her. Tsuruno says that they're actually nicer than she thought. Tsukuyo says that's because she was raised and given proper education. Tsukasa says it's because she's used to dealing with customers and having good manners around them. Tsukuyo says she'll let Tsuruno off on the mixed juice thing with a laugh.
  125. >Mitama: Fufu, you girls have shown me something good today.
  126. The friendship between two enemies...how wonderful...
  128. She offers them her special adjuster services. The girls for their good(?) deeds and Tsuruno because she must be exhausted from bringing her doppel out for the first time. However, Tsukuyo has practice and Tsukasa has to prepare a meal for her father's apprentice.
  130. >Mitama: My, my, don't say those things. I don't get the opportunity to adjust the twins at the same time very often, after all.
  131. >Tsukuyo: Wh, What exactly do you mean by that!?
  132. >Tsukasa: There's something sketchy about this, Tsukuyo-chan!
  133. >Tsukuyo: Y, You're right... you'll have to excuse us today!
  135. Mitama blocks their path.
  137. >Mitama: My, you don't have to hold back?
  138. >Tsukuyo: Hyaah! Please do not grab me!
  139. >Tsukasa: Tsukuyo-chan!
  140. >Tsuruno: She's got a point-- It's thanks to the two of you so let's all be friends here and get adjustments together, okay?
  141. >Tsukasa: Wawawa! Yui Tsuruno! Release me!
  142. >Mitama: Now-- let's head back to the Adjuster's.
  143. >Tsuruno: Yeah, let's!
  145. The twins scream.
  147. The story ends with Tsuruno addressing her older sister, and how she's come to a different conclusion regarding her grandpa's words. Their grandpa was simply trying to tell them how to truly achieve great things in a roundabout way. She's going to be herself and do her best from now on.
  149. >Tsuruno: I'll make everyone happy!
  150. >Tsukuyo: If that's the case, then first I want you to release us!
  151. ====================================
  152. [1] = This was written by Tsuruno in early elementary school, so the essay's mostly written in simple hiragana and kanji.
  153. [2] = I'm assuming Skype/Facetime
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