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  1. ---
  2. Meanwhile, SRanks mind was wondered back to the past. The good old days....
  3. It was Dreamings housewarming party, which everyone was invited too.
  4. The party was awesome as always, because Pepo was hosting it.
  6. SRank was pretty drunk that day. He had already punched a bunch of people. TheGoodBoy a few times.Because She is stupid.Blood was spilled. But that was normal in this sort of party.As was the pile of bodies.
  7. If SRank was honest, He couldn't remember much that happened.
  8. Only something about a chimera,a goat and a pair of scissors.
  10. There was one thing that stuck in Him mind though. Something He would never forget.
  11. Pepo.
  12. Pepo was wearing a Mako mask that night
  13. It was one of the most erotic costumes at the party.
  14. Everyone had come as something or someone else.
  15. No one could recognize anyone else because everyone had bits of their bodies covered;
  19. THEGOODBOY WAS DRESSed as Dreaming.
  20. Dreaming was dressed as Mickey.
  21. And Mickey was dressed as a balloon.
  23. SRank had no idea which person Pepo was! At the top they were strangers. But they would become much more!
  24. SRank was instantly attracted to Pepo in Him costume. The way He moved. The way He talked.The way He flicked His hair.
  25. Pepo was doing a Karaoke number.
  26. It was "like a virgin". And He was awesome.
  27. He sung like they were possessed.The audience was transfixated by Pepo.
  28. Underwear was chucked at Pepo.
  29. SRank was soooo turned on.
  30. (and He didn't need that underwear anyway)
  31. Despite His crushing shyness,and fear of people judging him,SRank got up and sang too.
  32. When Pepo was singing like a virgin it was like the words spoke to Him. Pepo seemed to be addressing each word of the song just to Him. The room faded away and it was just the two of them. No one else in the world.
  33. They gazed into eachother eyes as Pepo put His soul into the last lyric.
  34. Then silence.
  36. Suddenly, SRank was woken out of the flashback by current events!
  37. ---
  38. A long long time ago, far far away,in a magical land, the legendary Romance was forged....
  41. ---
  42. The next time they saw eachother Pepo winked at SRank, remembering what happened at the party.SRank blushed.
  43. Some of the others giggled. Did they know? SRank didn't care.
  44. ----
  47. Summary:
  48. I suck at writing summaries. Bsides the 'fic isn't that long!
  50. Dreaming was sitting behind his desk. He felt the tears well up in his eyes . After their last adventure, Dreaming found out just exactly how cruel people could be. How nasty and inconsiderate real humans actually were. Dreaming stared at a picture of a polar bear. A magnificent beast who would not hesitate to kill him ripping him limb from limb, but at least it would be quick. Not a overlong conspiracy of many years, just to be unleashed on him when he was at his weakest and darkest moment. When he needed his friends the most.
  52. But there had been one tiny ray of light in this whole . Dreaming remembered fondly the day he discovered it. It was a tuesday morning he rememberanced. The memories surfaced before his mind's eye and took the most wonderful shapes. Before Dreaming well knew it, a single tear welled up in his eyes and trickled down his cheek.
  53. Because even when all his 'friends' betrayed him, there was one consistant factor in his life: Mickey.
  55. And Dreaming knew that the rising aspirations between them could never become true, the feelings Dreaming had for Mickey were the only thing in this world that still felt true to him. No lies, just that single, pure sense and feeling for Mickey.Their relationship would probably only ever be physical.
  57. Alas, Dreaming thought to himself hopelessly. Why must they battle? Why must Dreaming be destined to destroy Mickey? Can he ever tell Mickey how much Mickey means to Dreaming?
  59. If only he could. Then all his pain would be over. No more betrayal. No more suffering under the laughter from Mako (who told him she loved him, only to stab him right inti the heart at valentines day!). No, only Mickey and Dreaming's true feelings for Her.
  61. A/N Lol this has all been so depressive lol! My next bit will be less dark!
  64. Then our sexybloodthirsty gang knew what to do. They had to infiltrate Mickey's phallic shaped volcano but in order to do so, they had to wear a disguise.
  66. Clarisse thought long and hard about the best disguise. They couldn't be too obvious or threatening because then Mickey's guards could catch them. But they couldn't look too mundane because then Mickey's guards would never let them in.They couldn't go naked, as they were likely to be distracted.By Sex.
  67. No... they had to be clever.
  69. So Clarisse came up with the best idea he had: they would dress up in gothic clothes!
  70. Dreaming's friends were a little skeptic at the idea, but they all agreed it was for the best. But where would they get the best gothic clothing to surprise the guards with?
  71. Mako knew exactly the best store to go: TBurtons.
  73. So they all went there in the dread of the night and took out the patrolling store guards with their silenced cross bows, 'paw!' 'paw!', leaving only a single red dot in their forehead Dreaming deactivated the alarm and so they could easily get into the store and take whatever they need in order to infiltrate Mickey's headquarters
  75. Clarisse put on nice tight redleather pantsthat made his trouser lump stand out in an eye-pleasing way. . Then a black tanktop with My Chemical Romance's logo on the back and on top of it all a nice long leather coat with blood-red streaks on the side. Then he painted his nails black and used red blood to draw little drops of blood on there
  76. Mako wore a short red skirt with long black stockings that had holes where the toes would go so she could still paint her toenails. And she also had a corset made from dragons gut that looked so awesome on her. Over this all she had a long leather coat. Dreaming also had cool clothes (A/N but I'm running out of imagination to describe it, so I guess he looked like Neo from the Matrix i know it's an old movie but those clothes look soooo cool)
  78. Finally they were ready to face Mickey!
  79. ---
  80. SRank had some time before he had to do anything, so He decided to have another flashback.
  82. It was just after the Karaoke. They had stepped of the stage to loud applause and were now looking at eachother.
  83. "Hi" SRank said, meekly.
  84. "Hay" Pepo said, also meekly. Their confidence from moments ago had evaporated like alcohol.
  85. "Do you want too..."
  86. "maybe.."
  87. "ok then."
  88. So they walked to the cloakroom.
  89. It wasn't long before their lips were together. SRank couldn't remember who made the first move.
  90. He did remember the taste though. The taste of Pepo.
  91. Pepo tasted like satsuma on a winter noon.
  92. Refreshing and salty but also a bit sour.
  93. What had they been eating? SRank tried to work out it. It took much tung work.
  94. After a few minutes mouth to mouth pot holing, Pepo guessed what SRank was doing.
  95. "I had banana for lunch."
  96. "oh"
  97. "you dont have to stop though"
  98. "oh. Good!" SRank said, with great relief.
  99. They finally drew away after what seemed a whole june but was only mere minutes.
  100. The taste of Pepo's lips (and other things) still lingered in SRank's mouth as they finally looked upon each other with new eyes.
  101. Relieved sighs came from both of them as both embraced, Pepo snuggling against SRank's neck as he snuggled upto Pepo's torso.
  105. Pepo went further by clutching SRank with his fingers, pulling at the fabric of His slacks to feel what was underneath.
  107. The telltale shape in His leggings stood out between them, especially with the weight it had against SRank's thigh.
  109. Pepo moved over SRank's body like a serpent and lovenly nuzzled at a peaked abbs.
  110. SRank liked this a lot and started making a lot of noise. Pepo joined in. "Owwww...Ahhh...MAHAhhhEEkkk...aakk"
  111. It got pretty noisy from that point on. Both of them had a lot of fun and made a lot of noise!. SRank sounded like Trike ! Pepo sounded like a heard of Pandas on drugs. They had a lot of..."fun".
  112. "My groinal area are hurting...can we stop? 12 times is enough surely?" Pepo said, pleading.
  113. "No...MORE MORE MORE" said SRank, with apparently an insatiable apatite
  114. Pepo finally head butted SRank to get Him to stop.
  115. "Sorry about that, I got a little carried away" said SRank.
  116. "Thats ok I.....enjoyed it." said Pepo blushing in the way they always did.
  117. "Tomorrow?"
  118. "Yes" said Pepo.
  119. "I'll bring some of my toys next time for us to play with" said SRank.
  121. And with that they left the cloakroom and returned to the party. The months that followed were fun but eventually they broke up and became enemies.
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