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  7. So I see people are picking up Kyros posting the Ashley Massaro affidavit. Don't read it if you think you'll be easily upset by  a detailed accounts of her sexual assault at the hands of a military member on a USO tour, which she alleged WWE harangued her not to report.David Bixenspan added,
  8. Ben Adam Sohawon (bold)
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  11. "Vince [McMahon] approached my rape in the same manner he approached all wrestler injuries. He did not want to damage the reputation of the WWE by making them public knowledge, so he exerted extreme pressure on us to stay silent."
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  22. BTW, if I'm reading the articles mentioning it right, did WWE send, *unsolicited*, a copy of an email Ashley Massaro allegedly sent "apologizing" for the lawsuit in October...even tho she never withdrew from it? Less than 24 hrs after her death in a suspected suicide? The hell?
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