I Kain't Believe They Haven't Killed Each Other Yet

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  1. [12:06:09] <~Kain> The five of you stand in front of the mammoth eidolon Leviathan, while the Oracle Kildea tends to its wounds as best as she can, but it seems her work is doing little good. Mogster and his little brother hover nearby, whispering to each other in various tones of 'kupo'. Elizabeth, Cirra, and Gale seem to be having a conversation all their own.
  2. [12:07:23] <~Kain> Looking around, no one seems to have been killed in the pirate's raid, but the library is in a mess. Bookshelves toppled, their contents resting in the pools of water around the city. Thankfully, Leviathan'
  3. [12:07:41] <~Kain> *Leviathan's power protects them from water damage, but there's no telling how long that will last at this point.
  4. [12:08:33] <Theta> "...So, these tunnels."
  5. [12:08:42] <~Kain> The serpent cranes its neck and its eyes glow for a moment, and the floor in the middle begins to shift, a stairwell forming and leading down.
  6. [12:08:59] <Celina> "Well, that was convenient enough."
  7. [12:09:01] <Amaryllis> "Convenient."
  8. [12:09:07] <@Lenore> "I can provide a light!"  She pulls off her hat and starts rummaging through it...
  9. [12:09:18] <Natalie> "I'm fine with this.  Let's make haste, then."
  10. [12:09:18] <Amaryllis> "What is the nature of the danger that lurks below?" Ammy looks up to the serpent.
  11. [12:09:46] <@Lenore> And she pullls out a fancy-looking lantern!
  12. [12:10:28] * @Lenore puts her hat back in, and lights up the Lantern with a spark, producing the spark by snapping her fingers.
  13. [12:10:33] * Theta looks down at the stairwell. "Huh. Fancy that."
  14. [12:10:34] <~Kain> Leviathan: "You are not the first to travel through those caverns, though you are the only ones that will have done so in quite some time. There are creatures of the deep that, while they respect me, do not take kindly to the presence of surface-dwellers. In addition, many areas will be submerged, however..." it winces a moment from the pain. "...You will see what to do."
  15. [12:11:06] <~Kain> The stairwell looks to have been part of a mechanism that Leviathan somehow activated, rather than magically formed.
  16. [12:11:50] * Celina squints down into the stairwell. How slippery do the steps look?
  17. [12:12:05] <~Kain> They look fairly dry at this point.
  18. [12:12:14] * @Lenore then...attaches the lantern to the top of her hat? Mysteriously, the hat props the lantern up, despite looking kind of floppy.
  19. [12:12:17] <~Kain> Leviathan: "Anything else you may find is yours to keep if you wish."
  20. [12:12:56] <Natalie> "Hmph.  A reason to use my magic is as good as any," the blue-haired girl dusts herself off.  "Amaryllis, please protect me from further harm.  The others as well."
  21. [12:13:12] * Natalie yawns. "The others protect me from harm, that is."
  22. [12:13:31] <Theta> "Hm.  Right, then! We shall return with the herb in a timely manner.  Well, hopefully!  Tally-ho!" He starts for the stairs.
  23. [12:14:09] * @Lenore starts walking down the stairs, a smile on her face, the lantern bobbing slightly as she walks.
  24. [12:14:14] * Celina just leaps in then v:
  25. [12:14:35] * Amaryllis nods and heads for the stairs, proceeding slowly, knife drawn, with careful glances to the side as she descends.
  26. [12:14:49] <Natalie> "And you!"  Nat stands at the top of the stairs after the others go in, one hand at a hip and the other pointed at the snakebeast.  "Do try to survive until we get back."
  27. [12:15:04] <Natalie> With a 'hmph' she sets off.
  28. [12:15:14] <~Kain> The creature seems to hmph, itself, but doesn't dignify a response.
  29. [12:18:11] <~Kain> You all descend into the caverns; the finely hewen stone of the city giving way to rough stone, and soon it opens into a large cavern. A  slippery, rocky path snakes between large pools of water, and bioluminescent moss seems to illuminate the place with a blue-green glow, though Lenore's lantern still helps.
  30. [12:18:36] <@Lenore> (Might be a bit of a waste of Bottomless Pockets, but hey~)
  31. [12:20:34] <Celina> (we can throw the lantern at monsters if we need to run)
  32. [12:21:15] <~Kain> The path is fairly straightforward, and after a bit, you come across an area where a set of stairs leads down into a basin-shaped area, then back up onto a sort of ledge. Past this is a flooded pool of water, and a large button is on the wall nearby.
  33. [12:22:00] <~Kain> A low ceiling prevents you from seeing past the pool of water, you would actually have to dive and submerge to proceed otherwise.
  34. [12:22:42] <Celina> "Hmm."
  35. [12:22:43] * Theta looks to the basin, then the button, then back again.
  36. [12:22:55] <Natalie> "Oh, I see," the noble girl sighs.  "It'd a dead end.  Apparently we won't be able to continue after all."
  37. [12:23:04] <Celina> "You give up too easily."
  38. [12:23:18] * Celina stands on tiptoe and reeeeaches over with her spear to poke the button
  39. [12:23:20] <Natalie> "I was being sarcastic, you simpleton."  She marches up to the but- oh.
  40. [12:23:45] * Amaryllis stoops down at the pool of water, trying to look to the bottom.
  41. [12:24:18] <Celina> "Do forgive me, it's hard for me to differentiate between your various levels of whining."
  42. [12:24:38] <~Kain> As you hit the button, the pool of water begins to drain...
  43. [12:24:40] * Amaryllis thinks this will be a long day.
  44. [12:24:46] <~Kain> and the basin you came from begins to flood.
  45. [12:24:49] <@Lenore> "Oh, and here I was hoping I'd get to take a swim~"
  46. [12:25:12] <Celina> "If you don't hurry, you may yet have the chance."
  47. [12:25:13] <Natalie> "I hope you're aware I'm ONLY going to tolerate your rudeness until we finish our task."
  48. [12:25:16] * Celina scoots through.
  49. [12:25:24] * Natalie sticks her tongue out, but continues along at the back.
  50. [12:25:26] <~Kain> Your way back is now cut off, you'd have to push the button or dive to head back the way you came.
  51. [12:25:48] <@Lenore> " remember this spot for later!"
  52. [12:26:02] <~Kain> And as you descend the slippery set of steps here, a group of three crabs seem irritated at the sudden disturbance and clack their claws menacingly.
  53. [12:26:10] <Theta> "Oh, I see, it controls the water flow here to some degree. Inteerresting."
  54. [12:26:14] * Amaryllis carefully examines the wall in the pool ahead - noting whether there is some sort of clear indication of the former water level (from the standing water having been there a long time or whatnot).
  55. [12:26:20] <Theta> (go away mudcrabs no one loves you.)
  56. [12:26:32] <~Kain> These giant crabs are nearly four feet tall and have a single huge pincer each.
  57. [12:26:33] <Celina> (but but craaaaaaaaab baaaaaattle)
  58. [12:26:36] * Natalie glares at the crabs. "Let us pass. We aren't interested in you."
  59. [12:26:40] <Celina> (oh fuck we're fighting kinglers)
  60. [12:26:45] <Celina> (watch out for hyper beams)
  61. [12:26:57] <Natalie> (nope they're gonna be talking crabs, I'm calling it)
  62. [12:27:11] <~Kain> The water does seem to have been there for quite a bit, but the exact length of time is difficult to discern.
  63. [12:27:21] <~Kain> In any case the monster crabs don't seem to be backing off.
  64. [12:27:22] <@Lenore> (Why can't we just have a plain old giant enemy crab?)
  65. [12:27:30] <~Kain> fwoosh
  66. [12:27:48] <Natalie> "... Pests."
  67. [12:27:50] <Amaryllis> "Parlay?" Ammy remarks sardonically as she readies her knife.
  68. [12:27:51] <@Lenore> "Hey, hey Celina."
  69. [12:27:53] <Theta> "They seem mildly irritated...crabby, even!"
  70. [12:27:59] <~Kain>
  71. [12:28:25] <@Lenore> "I think these crabs would appreciate you giving them their pool back."  She winks, snapping her fingers as a spark goes off of them.
  72. [12:28:56] <Celina> "But then we'd drown."
  73. [12:29:20] * Natalie just headshakes.
  74. [12:29:35] <~Kain> (You guys are so silly I love you)
  75. [12:29:58] <@Lenore> "...w-we could, y'know, go back to where we were when we pushed the button."
  76. [12:30:15] <@Lenore> (...that's an awful lot of w's)
  77. [12:30:33] <~Kain> Anyway COMBAT
  78. [12:30:54] <~Kain> Amaryllis!
  79. [12:31:06] <Theta> "It would put us in a pinch, however!  This is the only way we CAN proceed!"
  80. [12:31:22] * @Lenore stares at Theta.
  81. [12:31:29] <Amaryllis> "Agreed." Ammy steps forward and STABS one.
  82. [12:31:36] * @Lenore then FACEPALMS with both hands. "Nobody gets what I'm implying."
  83. [12:31:47] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 darkside
  84. [12:31:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside: 9 [2d6=2,5]
  85. [12:31:54] <~Kain> Hit!
  86. [12:32:00] <Amaryllis> 47 shadow damage
  87. [12:32:05] <Natalie> "That you could electrocute them?  Yes, yes, but then WE wouldn't have any fun."  Yaaaaawn.
  88. [12:32:16] <@Lenore> "THANK YOU, Azure."
  89. [12:32:35] <@Lenore> " least you have a decent reason for disagreeing."
  90. [12:32:46] <Natalie> "Be mindful of others when concocting silly plans in the future, yes?"
  91. [12:32:57] <~Kain> The crab takes a powerful blow, but remains standing!
  92. [12:33:12] <~Kain> (By the way these things are mottled blue in color)
  93. [12:33:17] <@Lenore> "I was thinking only of reducing our chances of getting hurt!  less work for you, yes?"
  94. [12:33:25] <Celina> Hey kain how high up is the ceiling
  95. [12:33:28] <Celina> c:
  96. [12:33:35] <~Kain> At this point? About eight feet.
  97. [12:33:36] <Natalie> (>Dragoons caring about ceillings)
  98. [12:33:43] <@Lenore> (^)
  99. [12:33:46] <Theta> ( )
  100. [12:33:48] <Amaryllis> "...That would actually be rather practical. Can we go press the button again now?"
  101. [12:34:15] <@Lenore> (C'mon, Dragoons are certainly capable of sticking to ceilings)
  102. [12:34:23] <Amaryllis> "Please?"
  103. [12:34:32] <Celina> (that was what I was gonna fluff it as anyway v:)
  104. [12:34:33] <~Kain> (I'm not going to stop you if you want to jump :V)
  105. [12:34:34] <Natalie> "Perhaps next time.  They already seem quite annoyed."  She shrugs.  "Though, we COULD ask them to back off."
  106. [12:34:45] * Celina takes a deep breath.
  107. [12:34:57] <Celina> 2d6+3 bolt breath
  108. [12:34:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, bolt breath: 13 [2d6=4,6]
  109. [12:35:03] <~Kain> Hit!
  110. [12:35:08] <Celina> I assume that hits~ yay
  111. [12:35:34] <Celina> 20 lightning damage
  112. [12:35:35] <Celina> and
  113. [12:35:37] <~Kain> Lightning Vulnerability!
  114. [12:35:37] <Celina> 2d6+4
  115. [12:35:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=4,2]
  116. [12:35:47] <Celina> oh wait force
  117. [12:35:48] <Celina> 2d6+2
  118. [12:35:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+2: 11 [2d6=5,4]
  119. [12:35:56] <~Kain> 2d6+4
  120. [12:35:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=5,2]
  121. [12:36:19] <@Lenore> "Hee-hee~.  These boys are easy pickings for me regardless of what we do!"
  122. [12:36:51] <Celina> "Confidence is a virtue, but take care that it does not turn into arrogance."
  123. [12:37:14] <~Kain> Lenore!
  124. [12:37:38] * @Lenore reaches into her hat without taking it off, pulling out her staff. She starts chanting, twirling the staff occasionally.
  125. [12:37:56] * Natalie also begins chanting, mixing it in with yawns and sighs. It's really cute in a weird way.
  126. [12:38:16] <~Kain> Theta!
  127. [12:38:45] <Theta> Theta bops a crab on the head with his sword!
  128. [12:38:47] <Theta> 2d6+2
  129. [12:38:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 10 [2d6=3,5]
  130. [12:38:52] <~Kain> Hit!
  131. [12:38:56] <Theta> 18 damage!
  132. [12:39:08] <~Kain> Enemy turns!
  133. [12:39:53] <~Kain> The first crab shuffles forward, and reaches with its smaller pincer, detaching the larger one, before swinging it around its head like it's about to throw a lasso. Then lets it fly, swirling through the air!
  134. [12:40:14] <Theta> (this crab gives 0 fucks.)
  135. [12:40:22] <~Kain> 2d6+1 Crabarang on Ammy and Nat
  136. [12:40:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Crabarang on Ammy and Nat: 7 [2d6=1,5]
  137. [12:40:30] <Natalie> ttttttied
  138. [12:40:34] <Amaryllis> hits
  139. [12:40:45] <Natalie> Attacker wins in FFD6, right?  If so, hit.
  140. [12:41:16] <~Kain> I think a tie is in favor of the attacker yeah
  141. [12:41:43] <Theta> "A cunning, if savage tactic!"
  142. [12:41:43] <~Kain> 14 arm damage to both.
  143. [12:41:54] <~Kain> The second crab shuffles forward and attempts to cast magic! But it's, uh, Sealed.
  144. [12:42:17] <Celina> "I wonder if you can eat these things?"
  145. [12:42:26] <~Kain> The third crab scuttles over to Theta and bonks him back.
  146. [12:42:28] <~Kain> 2d6+1
  147. [12:42:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+1: 8 [2d6=3,4]
  148. [12:42:43] <Amaryllis> "Let us hope we are not journeying through these caves long enough to need to find out."
  149. [12:42:51] * Natalie has a cute little HP bar reading 8. No, really, Nat's HP display is the same color as her hair and wears a ribbon at the bottom of the screen, it's SO adorable.
  150. [12:43:04] <Theta> Theta shall not be bopped today.
  151. [12:43:16] <~Kain> Ammy!
  152. [12:43:55] <Natalie> "That one annoys me," the chanting pauses.  "Do ask if you'd like to make a coordinated effort."
  153. [12:43:59] * @Lenore 's HP display is oddly enough, including the lantern on her hat.
  154. [12:44:00] <Amaryllis> "Nat, take this one together?" (teamwork attack tree?)
  155. [12:44:36] * Natalie looks to the others and narrows her eyes a little, but nods. "All right. Once I finish this incantation..."
  156. [12:44:42] <@Lenore> Really though it just has the hat.  With the lantern on.
  157. [12:44:52] <Amaryllis> (so skipped til Nat's turn)
  158. [12:45:18] <Celina> 2d6+3 blarf lightning breath
  159. [12:45:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, blarf lightning breath: 7 [2d6=1,3]
  160. [12:45:24] <Celina> that probably misses
  161. [12:45:56] <~Kain> ties
  162. [12:45:58] <~Kain> so hits
  163. [12:46:05] <Celina> yaay
  164. [12:46:09] <Celina> it does 14 lightning damage
  165. [12:46:16] <Celina> and I'm not gonna bother rolling seal again
  166. [12:46:24] <~Kain> The first crab Ammy hit falls under the attack!
  167. [12:47:38] <~Kain> Lenore?
  168. [12:47:41] <@Lenore> 2d6+30 "Sorry crabbies, but you're getting fried!  Don't worry though, I'll be sure to savor you, so make sure you're extra tasty, okay!?"
  169. [12:47:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, "Sorry crabbies, but you're getting fried!  Don't worry though, I'll be sure to savor you, so make sure you're extra tasty, okay!?": 37 [2d6=4,3]
  170. [12:47:55] <@Lenore> (Hitall, it's a Thunder~)
  171. [12:48:52] <~Kain> The other two crabs fall under the powerful attack! ...well these weren't that menacing with two lightning users in the party.
  172. [12:49:18] * Natalie swirls the magic around her finger and blows it out. "Oh, what a shame."
  173. [12:50:08] * Celina checks the crabs for edibility.
  174. [12:50:09] * Theta sheaths the blade, walks over to pick up the CRABARANG.
  175. [12:50:30] * @Lenore also checks the crabs for edibility~
  176. [12:50:46] <@Lenore> "Did I cook them thoroughly enough?"
  177. [12:50:46] <Amaryllis> "Are we seriously considering...?"
  178. [12:50:48] * Natalie sighs a bit and starts healing herself and her servant while the others do their silly things.
  179. [12:50:48] <Kaingaskhan> 1x experience, a potion, two ore, and Crab Meat x3 Components. They seem very edible and full of meat~
  180. [12:51:08] <Celina> delicious
  181. [12:51:19] <Amaryllis> (the potion and ore - is that split among the party?)
  182. [12:51:22] <Kaingaskhan> The crabarang is just a rather large crab claw.
  183. [12:51:32] <Kaingaskhan> (Yeah, decide who carries it)
  184. [12:51:33] <Celina> "Well, if we get lost, having supplies is a good thing."
  185. [12:51:50] <Kaingaskhan> The claw doesn't appear to be that useful for anything but you can take it if you really -want- I guess?
  186. [12:52:09] <Natalie> "Why, of course.  I certainly wouldn't doubt your culinary skills; surely you can prepare something with them, could you not?"
  187. [12:52:22] <@Lenore> "I think Azure should hold the Potion, I don't want her to get hurt too bad!"
  188. [12:52:24] * Amaryllis picks up the crab meat. "...I could, milady."
  189. [12:52:26] <Theta> "Hrm.  Not nearly as interesting as I first thought." He chucks it aside.
  190. [12:52:56] <Theta> He picks up the ores. "Now these on the other hand...innteresting."
  191. [12:52:57] <Kaingaskhan> such is the nature of being inquisitive.
  192. [12:53:06] * Natalie snags the potion. "It isn't necessary- not only are these of poor quality, but they don't hold a candle to my white magic. However, if you insist..."
  193. [12:53:19] <Celina> "I agree, Miss Lenore. After all, it might make her feel useful."
  194. [12:53:27] * Natalie ahems.
  195. [12:53:46] <@Lenore> "M-miss Celina, I wouldn't underestimate White Mages..."
  196. [12:53:55] <Celina> "I'm not."
  197. [12:54:13] <Celina> "Just her~"
  198. [12:54:15] <Celina> "Shall we?"
  199. [12:54:44] <Theta> He pockets the ores.  "Let's.  What wonders await us further in, after all?"
  200. [12:54:58] * Celina leads the way.
  201. [12:55:19] <@Lenore> (brb)
  202. [12:55:31] * Amaryllis picks up the rather large crab claw and tucks it under one arm. Might as well for the moment.
  203. [12:55:31] <Natalie> "Need I remind you who treated your wound during the earlier battle, Rodent?"  Another loud COUGH.  "Truly, you SHOULD work years to repay the gratitude you owe me.  I don't give my favors to just anybody."
  204. [12:55:50] <Kaingaskhan> A gently sloping tonnel leads you out of the wet battlefieldand into a room that splits off into three directions. Ahead, you can already see it opens into a room with a massive pool of water. Some sort of structure is at the bottom, but you can't make it out from this distance. In any case, no go unless you feel like swimming. The paths to the left and right snake away and you can't really
  205. [12:55:50] <Kaingaskhan> tell where they load.
  206. [12:55:51] <Kaingaskhan> *lead
  207. [12:55:52] <Celina> "Rodent?!"
  208. [12:55:57] <Natalie> "Correct.  Rodent."
  209. [12:55:59] <Amaryllis> "Please. If we could not argue so much?"
  210. [12:56:07] * Celina bristles. "You spoiled little brat!"
  211. [12:56:24] <Natalie> "Oh, are you upset now?  Perhaps you could've thought about that before spewing insults."
  212. [12:56:54] * Amaryllis stares at her crab claw, her inner monologue going something like "You are not a bottle of mead. Why are you not a bottle of mead?"
  213. [12:56:55] * Natalie keeps walking along, giving zero shits. "Leviathan is waiting. We don't need to work together MUCH longer if you dislike my assistance so much."
  214. [12:57:01] <Celina> "Were it not for the mission at hand, I'd have your head upon my spear."
  215. [12:57:25] * Theta is leaningawayfromeverything.jpg
  216. [12:57:26] <Natalie> "I wouldn't mind yours as a trophy if not for the fact that I'd have to smell it."
  217. [12:57:29] * Celina also keeps walking along.
  218. [12:57:51] <Kaingaskhan> Which way?
  219. [12:58:08] <Natalie> 1d3
  220. [12:58:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]
  221. [12:58:16] * Natalie idly starts heading right.
  222. [12:58:19] <Theta> "I imagine there's another button to control the flow on one of these side paths."
  223. [12:58:26] <Amaryllis> "Milady..." Ammy shakes her head. "Celina, I must ask you to forgive the follies of youth..." She heads to the structure.
  224. [12:58:51] <Natalie> "Don't apologize to the peasant, Amaryllis.  She started it."
  225. [12:59:34] <Theta> "I'mGonnaGoOverHerree" he goes left. (SPLITTIN' ALREADY.)
  226. [12:59:37] <Celina> "In the interests of finishing this peacefull, I shall."
  227. [12:59:43] <Celina> *peacefully."
  228. [12:59:51] <Celina> "....Hm."
  229. [13:00:02] * Celina takes the PARTY SPLIT as an excuse to get away from Natalie.
  230. [13:00:06] * Celina follows Theta.
  231. [13:00:21] <Kaingaskhan> okay, and Lenore?
  232. [13:00:23] * Natalie gestures to Lenore. "You!"
  233. [13:00:50] <Natalie> "I'm fond of your combat style.  I'll have you join me."
  234. [13:00:52] <Amaryllis> "This is unwise." Ammy watches the group scatter.
  235. [13:01:45] <Natalie> "Do you doubt them, Amaryllis?  The rat is a powerful combatant, despite being... a rat."
  236. [13:01:48] <Celina> "May I have a word with you?" Celina's MASSIVE ATHLETICS lets her catch up to Theta fairly easily. Probably.
  237. [13:03:06] <Theta> "Hm?"
  238. [13:03:42] <Amaryllis> "And so the tale of heroes ends prematurely. Likely by drowning each other if these rooms match the prior." Ammy sighs and follows Nat.
  239. [13:03:54] <Celina> "You mentioned before that you were...ah...of the Black Mages. And you wear their clothing. I would like to hear more of this."
  240. [13:04:58] <Natalie> "Hmph.  I order you to be less mopey!  I'm enjoying myself, at least.  Come, let's not stall behind them."
  241. [13:05:00] <Kaingaskhan> Lenore, where you heading?
  242. [13:05:11] <@Lenore> (back)
  243. [13:05:13] * Natalie uses her own MASSIVE ATHLETICS to spearhead the group through the other path.
  244. [13:05:24] <Amaryllis> "...We really ought to follow the others, milady."
  245. [13:05:54] <@Lenore> "Miss Azure, I'll go with you!"  She chases after Nat
  246. [13:06:04] <Kaingaskhan> 1d2
  247. [13:06:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  248. [13:06:08] <Natalie> "Pointless!  I doubt there are even any monsters.  You're being paranoid over nothing."
  249. [13:06:31] * Natalie nods and gestures the two of them forward, continuing to skip along the path.
  250. [13:06:38] <Kaingaskhan> (I'll be doing the area Theta and Celina are heading to first)
  251. [13:06:46] <Theta> It suddenly occurs to Theta that he has never really needed to explain this to anyone before, and seems unsure how to answer at first. "Well, after the conflict many years ago we ended in the same village, I suppose.  Our heritage was quiet similar, so it made sense."
  252. [13:06:47] <Natalie> (coffeetime)
  253. [13:07:54] <Celina> "Explain."
  254. [13:08:21] <Kaingaskhan> Theta and Celina walk into what seems to be some sort of vertical, column-shaped room. The pathway spirals around the outer edge of the column. Here and there you can see chunks of rock broken away in the walls, revealing machinery with moving parts.
  255. [13:08:24] <Theta> "Explain what exactly?" He seems genually confused.
  256. [13:09:46] <Theta> "Oh, this is quite interesting - considering the mechanics it might be unlikely that this chamber floods at all!"
  257. [13:10:32] <Celina> "Hmmm." Celina sounds thoughtful. "Why do you say that?"
  258. [13:11:37] <Theta> "Well, it would make them more likely to corrode or rust due to water exposure.  Though given the nature of this place that might be entirely conclusive..."
  259. [13:13:38] <Theta> He proceeds up the walkway, either way.
  260. [13:13:52] <Celina> "I imagine that the machinery was not always exposed."
  261. [13:14:21] <Kaingaskhan> The pathway leads downward, actually. At the bottom, you finda sort of dais in the middle, holding a pedestal that once seems to have housed something, and a tunnel leading onward.
  262. [13:15:29] <Theta> "Possibly, but ease of access for maitenence may have been a higher priority.  Though all of this is speculative until we find a way to test it...and well, this is quite curious."
  263. [13:15:43] * Celina takes a look at the pedestal.
  264. [13:17:52] <Kaingaskhan> It's a simple stone pedestal with four prongs that once probably held something in place. It's marked with odd symbols that you can't quite identify.
  265. [13:18:25] * Theta looks to the tunnel. Is it blocked by any gates or anything?
  266. [13:18:59] <Celina> Any chance of my getting a rubbing of some sort of the symbols? Maybe one of the MILLIONS OF SCHOLARS can make something of it
  267. [13:19:00] <Celina> c:
  268. [13:19:19] <Kaingaskhan> Theta - Nope! Though the floor of this room and the tunnel, once off the path, seems to be sandy rather than rocky.
  269. [13:19:24] <Kaingaskhan> Celina - Sure, go for it.
  270. [13:19:53] * Celina pulls out a piece of paper and does so then :>
  271. [13:19:57] <Theta> "If you meant to explain about why we are...related, in a sense, I am really unsure how to answer.  I myself do not quite understand my own race's origins all that much beyond what my elders have told me.  Which from what I can tell is conclusive to say we were originally manufactored, just like the mages."
  272. [13:21:01] <Celina> "...Why did they attack Cleyra?"
  273. [13:22:09] <Theta> He moves his hat around, scratches his head.  " Cleyra?"
  274. [13:22:36] <Celina> "My home. Or it was."
  275. [13:22:46] <Celina> "...Let's move on."
  276. [13:23:16] <Kaingaskhan> (You know, I thought I said Theta could be assumed to know a little about the situation of the black mages, but eh)
  277. [13:23:19] <Theta> "Very well.  The path ahead seems clear enough."
  278. [13:23:35] <Celina> "right."
  279. [13:23:38] <Theta> (It's more a geography thing)
  280. [13:23:38] <Celina> *Right.
  281. [13:24:36] <Theta> "I cannot profess to know much of the cities and townships of the other continents, but from what I do know of what transpired with the mages...well, none of the ones you speak of are...alive anymore."
  282. [13:25:00] <Kaingaskhan> You two wander through the sand-lined tunnel and emerge into a another large room. An enormous, empty pit lays stretched in front of you, with the only notable nearby features being a button and... a tent of some sort, with a furry pompom hanging off the top.
  283. [13:25:15] <Kaingaskhan> You can hear talking from within the tent.
  284. [13:25:27] <Kaingaskhan> "So you're setting off again, kupo?"
  285. [13:25:46] <Kaingaskhan> "Yeah, this... this is probably going to be my last journey. I hate to admit it, but I'm getting on in years."
  286. [13:25:56] <Celina> (oh my o:)
  287. [13:26:07] <Theta> "They were produced as weapons.  Self-awareness was a DEFECT among them.  Those that had it...well, escaped to form their own village.  Learn what they truely were - oh, moogles."
  288. [13:27:03] <Celina> (is it possible to easily cross the pit, either by jumping or by walking around the edge?)
  289. [13:27:15] <Kaingaskhan> There doesn't seem to really be anything across the pit.
  290. [13:27:23] <Kaingaskhan> This room seems to be a sort of dead end.
  291. [13:28:13] <Kaingaskhan> (I'll pause the moogles a moment so Celina and Theta can talk about this little bit of plot :3c)
  292. [13:29:55] <Celina> "That's all you have to say? So many people I knew were completely wiped out, and all you have to say is 'they didn't know what they were doing'?!"
  293. [13:30:50] <Theta> "Does your spear know what it's doing?"
  294. [13:32:05] <Celina> "My spear isn't capable of moving about on its own and killing helpless people."
  295. [13:32:28] <Theta> "Neither were they without the order."
  296. [13:32:50] <Kaingaskhan> "Don't say that, kupo! You're almost legendary, I don't think there's a moogle who doesn't know your name, kupo... we'd all be very sad if you died, Stiltzkin..." "Just a sec, I think someone's outside."
  297. [13:33:21] <Theta> "The point is these individuals who escaped were more than that.  And unfortionately, they learned just how expendable their design was.  Their lifespans are painfully short.  Most die within a year of birth."
  298. [13:33:26] <Celina> "Then perhaps they should be wiped out, so that no orders can be given again!"
  299. 06[13:33:41] * Celina turns her head and spits fire at the ceiling.
  300. [13:34:35] <Kaingaskhan> The flaps of the tent open, and two moogles emerge, one of them whose fur is getting a tinge of grey. He wears a brown and yellow bandanna, has a pouch slung across his chest, and a bag strapped to his back stuffed with many things.
  301. [13:35:01] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "Huh, I didn't think people came down here often."
  302. [13:35:18] * Theta frowns and scratches his head. "Is that truely how you feel on the subject? I see." He turns to the moogles.
  303. [13:35:24] <Theta> (totes originally typed 'the googles.')
  304. [13:36:04] <Kaingaskhan> The other moogle looks around. "That's weird, kupo, they usually don't! Welcome to my home, kupo, I'm Mookapa."
  305. [13:36:32] <Celina> "Ah, er. Hello."
  306. [13:37:23] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "Were you two arguing about something...? Ah well, isn't my business."
  307. [13:38:09] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "I'm Stiltzkin, a traveling moogle. You guys wouldn't happe to be interested in buying a diamond, a phoenix pinion, and an elixir for 3333 gil, would you?"
  308. [13:38:35] * Celina checks her pockets.
  309. [13:38:57] <Celina> "I'm.. a little short, sorry."
  310. [13:39:13] <Theta> "Likewise, I do not have much on my person."
  311. [13:40:01] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "Aw, well that's okay. I'm sure I'll make ends meet somehow. Maybe we'll meet again, sometime." he turns to Mookapa. "Thanks for having me over. See you around, I hope."
  312. [13:40:20] <Kaingaskhan> The elder moogle begins to wander off.
  313. [13:40:37] <Celina> (dammit now we're never going to get the ribbon ;~;)
  314. [13:40:39] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Stiltzkin...."
  315. [13:40:50] <Celina> "Wait! Haven't I seen you before?"
  316. [13:41:02] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin stops, and turns, thinking.
  317. [13:41:07] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "Hmm...."
  318. [13:41:56] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "...maybe when I visited Burmecia or Cleyra? Those were dark times, though."
  319. [13:41:56] <Celina> "....They were."
  320. [13:41:56] <Celina> "Cleyra."
  321. [13:42:41] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "I think I'll put those on my 'to-visit' list... It'll be good to see how the new colony's doing."
  322. [13:43:06] <Celina> "Well then."
  323. [13:43:26] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "Seeya around, then."
  324. [13:43:38] * Celina tosses her coinpurse to Stiltzkin. "It's no three thousand gil, but I hope you'll accept a donation for the journey."
  325. [13:43:49] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: ""
  326. [13:44:19] <Celina> "Just spend some of it in New Cleyra, all right?"
  327. [13:44:34] <Kaingaskhan> He takes it, curiously. "...hah, you're a nice kid. Thank you."
  328. [13:44:40] <Kaingaskhan> He waddles over and hands you something.
  329. [13:44:56] <Kaingaskhan> It's a small, gleaming white stone.
  330. [13:44:56] <Celina> "Hm?"
  331. [13:45:06] <Celina> "Uh, thank you."
  332. [13:45:40] <Kaingaskhan> Stiltzkin: "Moonstone. Kinda harder to find nowadays... I appreciate the gil." he turns to head out now.
  333. [13:46:14] <Celina> "Why, thank you. Good luck on your journey!"
  334. [13:46:55] <Kaingaskhan> He nods and waves, with a thank you as he leaves.
  335. [13:47:03] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Stiltzkin is really cool, kupo... I want to be like him someday!"
  336. [13:47:18] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "So what brings you guys down here, kupo?"
  337. [13:47:29] <Celina> "We're looking for some Dragon's Mane."
  338. [13:47:50] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Dragon's Mane... I don't think I've spotted any growing around here for a long time, kupo..."
  339. [13:47:59] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "But if there's any, maybe it's in the atelier, kupo!"
  340. [13:48:07] <Celina> "The...Atelier?"
  341. [13:48:15] * Celina pronounces it with capital letters.
  342. [13:48:40] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "A wizard of some sort set up some sort of lab down here, kupo, I'm pretty sure he was an alchemist of some sort."
  343. [13:48:52] <Theta> "The structure that's submerged back above us?"
  344. [13:49:11] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "That's right, kupo! But he waterproofed the place so it should be fine, kupo."
  345. [13:49:15] <Theta> "This...button should change that, then?"
  346. [13:49:45] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Yes, kupo. I had it set to dry in here because the water attracts the monsters, kupo. Especially that big one..."
  347. [13:50:53] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "...Oh, darn it! I forgot to tell Stiltzkin something, kupo!"
  348. [13:51:04] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa turns to Celina and looks up. "I have a favor to ask, kupo!"
  349. [13:51:49] <Kaingaskhan> The moogle fishes out a sealed envelope. "If you see a moogle named Mogar on your journeys, could you give this letter to him?"
  350. [13:54:50] <Theta> Theta, meanwhile, hits the button.  "Apologies if this DOES invite the beast to your adobe.  Elsewise I believe we should be able to handle it."
  351. [13:55:26] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "I'll pack up my tent to be safe, kupo. Good luck finding the Dragon's Mane, kupo!"
  352. [13:58:42] <Kaingaskhan> As Theta hits the button, there's a sound of rushing water from above and a cascade floods into the pit, Thousands of gallons rush in from the ceiling, but stop shortly under the ledge you're all standing on.
  353. [13:58:51] <Kaingaskhan> (Celina?)
  354. [14:04:05] <Kaingaskhan> (Welllllp I suppose in the meantime we can switch to the other group)
  355. [14:04:15] <Celina> (s0rry I'm back)
  356. [14:04:30] <Celina> (mom wanted to talk to me about therapists)
  357. [14:06:48] * Celina pockets the letter and nods.
  358. [14:07:02] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Thanks, kupo. Good luck!" The moogle begins to pack his things.
  359. [14:07:29] <Kaingaskhan> (Aaand NOW we can sceneshift I suppose!)
  360. [14:08:27] <Celina> (inventory updated :>)
  361. [14:10:38] * Amaryllis is lagging slightly behind Lenore and Nat, checking the walls for water staining as she goes. No desire to be drowned on accident if it turns out this tunnel can be flooded through the caves' mechanisms.
  362. [14:11:11] * @Lenore is walking alongside Nat, keeping an eye open. The latern helps, of course~.
  363. [14:11:31] * Natalie totally takes the lead happily, skipping instead of walking. There's a smug look on her face the whole time.
  364. [14:11:54] <Kaingaskhan> Amaryllis, Natalie, and Lenore head down the other path, and come to a different sort of room entirely. It seems to be taken up by an incredibly large machine. Gears move, pistons push, pumps pump, it seems to be regulating water pressure. A number of switches, dials, and levers appear on its surface. This particular room seems to be quite dry, though several tubes from the machine lead into
  365. [14:11:54] <Kaingaskhan> the wall next to a tunnel that slopes downward.
  366. [14:12:24] <Amaryllis> "No touching." Ammy quickly says to Nat. "Yet."
  367. [14:12:51] <Natalie> "Well, of COURSE."  The noble folds her arms and stares at the machine, but after a few seconds starts tapping her foot.
  368. [14:13:19] * Amaryllis peers down the tunnel.
  369. [14:13:46] <@Lenore> "I should study machines more, considering that my little sparks can help them go along~"
  370. [14:13:50] <Kaingaskhan> There does appear to be a stain where the water level once was, further down the tunnel.
  371. [14:14:00] <Natalie> "We don't have time to figure out how it works!  This has something to do with the flooded path, doesn't it?"  The tapping gets faster.
  372. [14:14:49] <Amaryllis> "Lenore, you professed an interest in Leviathan's stories as well. What brought you to Daguerreo?" Ammy chatters idly in her flat tone of voice as she carefully heads down the tunnel, warily watching the old water level.
  373. [14:14:58] <Kaingaskhan> also awareness for me, you three.
  374. [14:15:03] <@Lenore> "The books!"
  375. [14:15:11] <@Lenore> 2d6+4
  376. [14:15:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=2,5]
  377. [14:15:13] <Natalie> 2d6 >Nat >pay attention
  378. [14:15:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, >Nat >pay attention: 7 [2d6=6,1]
  379. [14:15:14] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2
  380. [14:15:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+2: 10 [2d6=2,6]
  381. [14:15:59] <Kaingaskhan> Lenore and Ammy spot some odd-looking bats hanging from the ceiling. Instead of bat-heads, they seem to possess the heads of hammerhead sharks, and they're scaly instead of fuzzy.
  382. [14:16:02] * Natalie stares the machine down before eventually continuing down the path. On the way out she looks back toward it and glares as to say 'soon.'
  383. [14:16:07] <Kaingaskhan> They seem to be asleep at the moment.
  384. [14:16:38] * @Lenore tries her best to discreetly tap Nat on the shoulder before she starts walking off.
  385. [14:16:51] * Amaryllis raises a finger to her mouth, pointing out the bats with her free hand.
  386. [14:16:59] <Natalie> "EE- ahem.  ExCUSE me?  Are you trying to-"
  387. [14:17:02] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  388. [14:17:16] <Kaingaskhan> The sharkbats stir a little from Nat raising her voice.
  389. [14:17:46] <Natalie> "... Please don't do that."
  390. [14:18:06] * @Lenore mimes out walking on tiptoes.
  391. [14:18:41] * Natalie steps back into the machine-room and motions the mage to go first.
  392. [14:19:08] <Kaingaskhan> They're on the ceiling in the machine-room too, now that you look
  393. [14:19:15] * @Lenore walks in caaaarefully, keeping an eye out for anything on the ground that might make noise.
  394. [14:19:23] <Kaingaskhan> There's probably a few dozen.
  395. [14:19:52] * Natalie follows behind her, much less carefully, but training an eye on the ceiling now that they've been pointed out.
  396. [14:20:42] <Kaingaskhan> The lot of you head down the tunnel, not much obstructing you, but there's a side nook with a treasure chest at least.
  397. [14:21:10] * Amaryllis makes a quick glance down the tunnel to ensure there isn't any debris strewn in it, then taps a hand at a shadow on the wall, casting the tunnel into darkness. Twilight! Proceeding carefully now and out of sight of the things if they do stir, hopefully?
  398. [14:21:24] <Kaingaskhan> (>out of sight)
  399. [14:21:26] <Kaingaskhan> (>bats)
  400. [14:21:28] <Natalie> (>bats >vision)
  401. [14:21:37] <@Lenore> (^)
  402. [14:21:39] <Natalie> (please start taking levels in lore (bats))
  403. [14:21:51] <Kaingaskhan> (>sharkheads)
  404. [14:21:52] <Amaryllis> (they have shark heads I didn't figure they'd be exactly the same)
  405. [14:22:04] <Kaingaskhan> (Hammerhead sharks have electrosensors)
  406. [14:22:18] <Amaryllis> (that works in water though because it's conducted through it)
  407. [14:22:32] <@Lenore> (...wouldn't that mean they'd be able to sense something electrically powered?)
  408. [14:22:40] * Natalie steps on Lenore's foot and then points out the treasure chest, provided they can actually see it.
  409. [14:22:47] <Kaingaskhan> You can
  410. [14:22:55] <Amaryllis> (and sharks have very small ears that aren't suited to OH WHATEVER THAT'S WHAT I GET FOR TRYING TO APPLY DIFFERENT BIOLOGY >:I)
  411. [14:22:57] * @Lenore has her foot stepped on and...
  412. [14:23:05] <@Lenore> 2d6 resist squealing
  413. [14:23:05] <Natalie> (yessss here we go)
  414. [14:23:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, resist squealing: 7 [2d6=4,3]
  415. [14:23:20] * Amaryllis bypasses the chest for now, going for whatever's at the end of the tunnel.
  416. [14:23:47] <Kaingaskhan> Lenore's lantern is turned off by the spell though
  417. [14:23:53] * @Lenore SOMEHOW managed not to squeal loudly, and nods at Nat, although her eyes look slightly teary.
  418. [14:24:21] * Natalie shoots her a look of 'nigga you serious' but escapes off to where the chest is, dragging her along.
  419. [14:24:50] <Kaingaskhan> Ammy walks onward, oblivious of the other two going for the chest, hm?
  420. [14:25:14] * @Lenore wanted to go to the chest anyway, so no problems with being dragged!
  421. [14:25:30] <Kaingaskhan> Well, the chest is a bit rusted, but you two manage to get it open easily enough anyway. And inside is... 200 gil!
  422. [14:26:08] <Natalie> As Nat takes it she just grimaces and hands Lenore all of it, dissatisfied with pocket-change.  And boredly marches back the way Ammy went.
  423. [14:26:14] <Kaingaskhan> clinkclinkclinkclink goes the gil as it spills into your purses.
  424. [14:26:24] * @Lenore puts it in her hat, thank you very much!
  425. [14:26:35] <@Lenore> And her hat is hammerspace so it's not noisy...maybe.
  426. [14:26:41] <Kaingaskhan> The bats stir again, but don't wake.
  427. [14:26:44] * Amaryllis winces at the sound of coins as she heads down the tunnel. "...damnit." She mutters.
  428. [14:27:10] * Natalie emerges from the side-tunnel grinning at Ammy, but tiptoes in an almost mockingly exaggerated matter toward her.
  429. [14:27:20] <Kaingaskhan> Ammy approaches the end of the tunnel, where there's a dead end with another button.
  430. [14:27:24] * @Lenore follows Nat, carefully.
  431. [14:28:00] <Amaryllis> "Oh bloody hell, it's gonna set off the bats." Ammy looks up to check the walls for water stains first.
  432. [14:28:12] <Kaingaskhan> Yeah, this area has been submerged before.
  433. [14:28:34] * @Lenore whispers. "Okay, so we press the switch it. Okay?"
  434. [14:28:35] <Natalie> "Then we'll just have to press it and run."  Nat approaches and makes clear she isn't very good at whispering, though she tries.
  435. [14:28:44] <Natalie> "... I like the way you think."
  436. [14:28:56] <Amaryllis> "Activate it from a distance."
  437. [14:29:16] * Amaryllis begins slowly up the tunnel back to the machine room.
  438. [14:29:22] <Natalie> "If I aim Dia properly..."
  439. [14:29:41] <@Lenore> "Nono, I have a better idea."
  440. [14:29:45] * Natalie points her finger like a gun, directly at the switch, and closes one eye while aiming, taking steps back.
  441. [14:29:54] * @Lenore takes a single gil out of her hat.
  442. [14:30:22] <Natalie> "Ohhh!  But will that actually work?"
  443. [14:30:45] <@Lenore> "If I charge it with electricity and flick it...that'd be a bit more accurate, I think.  Plus the switchthing is metal, if I magnetize it right..."
  444. [14:31:12] <Amaryllis> (>railgun reference)
  445. [14:31:24] <Natalie> "Yes... yes, logically that should be plausible, it would take some skill to do it."  Nat nods and follows after Ammy.  "I hope you know you'll probably doom us all if you fail, though."
  446. [14:31:38] * @Lenore flips the coin up, electricity coming off of it, and then flicks it into a RAILGUN.
  447. [14:31:49] * Amaryllis gets to examining the switches and levers once she's back up, looking for labels or something of the sort.
  448. [14:32:32] <@Lenore> (Do I have to make an accuracy roll or something? :3)
  449. [14:32:40] <Kaingaskhan> Hmmm
  450. [14:32:45] <Kaingaskhan> Try it, yeah
  451. [14:33:01] <@Lenore> 2d6 OH BOY
  452. [14:33:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, OH BOY: 10 [2d6=5,5]
  453. [14:33:18] <Kaingaskhan> The sound of metal hits metal...
  454. [14:33:20] <Kaingaskhan> CLANG
  455. [14:33:27] <Kaingaskhan> What the fuck was that?
  456. [14:33:32] <@Lenore> "Now run!"
  457. [14:33:41] <Kaingaskhan> The button lodges in though, and water immediately begins to gush from the walls.
  458. [14:33:59] * Natalie runs like fuck, pushing Ammy if need be.
  459. [14:34:09] <Natalie> If need not be she hustles anyway.
  460. [14:34:11] <Kaingaskhan> Ammy - it seems fairly incomprehensible to you. Whoever built this wasn't expecting for others to have to operate it.
  461. [14:34:36] * @Lenore starts running like the scared little girl she is!
  462. [14:34:50] <Amaryllis> If the bats aren't all awakening in a mad frenzy from the flooding water, Ammy takes a moment to experimently pull a lever and flip a switch.
  463. [14:34:54] <Kaingaskhan> As Lenore yells, bats in the tunnel begin to stir, but since Nat didn't fuck with the machine like I thought she would, the machine stays fine and the bats in THAT room stay asleep.
  464. [14:35:00] <Kaingaskhan> ...welp
  465. [14:35:03] <Natalie> THAT
  466. [14:35:03] <Natalie> FEEL
  467. [14:35:29] <Amaryllis> I said if they weren't already waking up!
  468. [14:35:30] <Kaingaskhan> The machine suddenly makes a loud grinding noise as you operate it without any idea whatsoever of what it does.
  469. [14:35:38] <Kaingaskhan> (Oh)
  470. [14:35:43] <Kaingaskhan> Well, the ones in the tunnel are.
  471. [14:35:47] <Kaingaskhan> The ones in this room aren't
  472. 01[14:36:10] <Natalie> (Need anything from us running or do we just make it okay?)
  473. [14:36:19] <Kaingaskhan> Roll an escape check. :3
  474. [14:36:25] <Kaingaskhan> Lower difficulty since you activated it from range
  475. [14:36:39] <Natalie> 2d6+1 I see what you did, you KNEW I was going to fish for a chance to use my monster athletics, you clever goose
  476. [14:36:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, I see what you did, you KNEW I was going to fish for a chance to use my monster athletics, you clever goose: 11 [2d6=6,4]
  477. [14:36:51] <@Lenore> 2d6 ...well, I SHOULD consider putting ranks into this, but I probably don't really need to
  478. [14:36:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, ...well, I SHOULD consider putting ranks into this, but I probably don't really need to: 9 [2d6=4,5]
  479. [14:36:55] <Amaryllis> (well, if Lenore is yelling about something and bats are waking up there, then yeah, not touching the machine)
  480. [14:36:57] <Amaryllis> 2d6 eh
  481. [14:36:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, eh: 9 [2d6=6,3]
  482. [14:37:23] <Kaingaskhan> thaaaat passes. Ammy, you see the two of them booking it out of the tunnel even as they get soaked from water gushing out. A small horde of bats follows them out.
  483. [14:37:46] * Natalie is VERY UNHAPPY about her shoes getting wet. It shows.
  484. [14:38:00] <Kaingaskhan> They're not shrieking like normal bats though, just divebombing fucking everywhere. The sharkbats on the ceiling remain oblivious.
  485. [14:38:17] <Kaingaskhan> Combat!
  486. [14:38:26] <Natalie> "Tell me again WHY I approved this idea?"
  487. [14:38:27] <Kaingaskhan> Two swarms of Sharkbats
  488. [14:38:46] <@Lenore> "I think it's working out okay!"
  489. [14:39:05] <Kaingaskhan> The little buggers fly around you guys and oh god those bloodthirsty little teeth
  490. [14:39:06] <Amaryllis> "Is it now?" Ammy grumbles and reaches for her knife as she follows the others.
  491. [14:39:11] <Amaryllis> (holding for teamwork attack)
  492. [14:39:15] <Natalie> (<3)
  493. [14:39:33] <Kaingaskhan> Lenore?
  494. [14:39:36] <Natalie> "Let's make quick work of them, then."
  495. [14:39:50] * Natalie gets in a martial arts stance.
  496. [14:39:55] * @Lenore starts working up a chant...
  497. [14:40:17] <Natalie> 2d6 here we go ammy~
  498. [14:40:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, here we go ammy~: 10 [2d6=6,4]
  499. [14:40:25] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 darkside too
  500. [14:40:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside too: 10 [2d6=6,2]
  501. [14:40:29] <Natalie> SUCCESS
  502. [14:40:56] <Natalie> 18 damage from Nat's side!  On... a bat.
  503. [14:41:08] <Natalie> If that uh, hits the bats.
  504. [14:41:22] <Kaingaskhan> It does
  505. [14:41:22] * Amaryllis reaches out first with her blackened knife and cuts a path through one of the swarms.
  506. [14:41:29] <Amaryllis> 48 shadow dmg
  507. [14:41:30] <Kaingaskhan> Teamwork attacks deal normal damage to a swarm!
  508. [14:41:59] <Kaingaskhan> You manage to cut through many of the bats with the powerful hit! One of the swarms is down!
  509. [14:42:02] * Natalie leaps on Ammy's shoulders from behind and at the batswarm, descending a leg onto them.
  510. [14:42:14] <Kaingaskhan> The rest of them divebomb Nat!
  511. [14:42:21] * Natalie sticks her tongue out preemptively.
  512. [14:42:42] <Kaingaskhan> 2d6+1
  513. [14:42:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, 2d6+1: 4 [2d6=2,1]
  514. [14:42:48] <Natalie> MISSU
  515. [14:43:26] <Kaingaskhan> Back to Ammy!
  516. [14:43:39] <Amaryllis> Once more with feeling! (teamwork attack)
  517. [14:43:50] <Amaryllis> (so Lenore first)
  518. [14:43:51] <Natalie> Then it shall be done!
  519. [14:44:24] * @Lenore smirks. "First fried crab, now fried bats!"
  520. [14:44:34] <@Lenore> 2d6+50 "I hope you don't mind, now!"
  521. [14:44:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, "I hope you don't mind, now!": 54 [2d6=2,2]
  522. [14:44:46] <Kaingaskhan> Single target? They take half from that then
  523. [14:45:03] <Natalie> "I'm not thrilled to find out what they would taste like."
  524. [14:45:11] <Kaingaskhan> Ammy, Nat?
  525. [14:45:19] <@Lenore> "You never know!"
  526. [14:45:25] <Natalie> 2d6 here we go
  527. [14:45:25] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 another darkside
  528. [14:45:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, here we go: 6 [2d6=3,3]
  529. [14:45:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, another darkside: 11 [2d6=6,3]
  530. [14:45:35] <Natalie> Does 6 hit them?
  531. [14:46:04] <Kaingaskhan> Juuuust, since I'm counting them as aerial and not aquan
  532. [14:46:10] <Natalie> PHEW
  533. [14:46:19] <Natalie> 14 then.
  534. [14:46:27] <Amaryllis> 49 shadow
  535. [14:46:42] <Kaingaskhan> The weak bats are cleaved and smote.
  536. [14:46:54] <Kaingaskhan> Thankfully you don't have any injuries.
  537. [14:47:01] <Kaingaskhan> Well, except Ammy's silly darkside thing
  538. [14:47:04] * Natalie ducks under and slams a foot into as many in the swarm as can be kicked, then makes her way back behind the others.
  539. [14:47:07] <@Lenore> "...that was pretty easy~"
  540. [14:47:13] <Natalie> Body & Soul anyway!
  541. [14:47:32] <Natalie> "Well, of course.  I hope you wouldn't expect any less from us."
  542. [14:47:34] * Amaryllis stabs them as Nat stuns them with her kicks.
  543. [14:47:53] <Kaingaskhan> You hear some sounds from the crossroads back where you came from.
  544. [14:47:57] <@Lenore> "...honestly, I felt a little useless there.  Oh well!"
  545. [14:48:30] <Natalie> "Magic is less effective against some foes than others.  Do remember that."
  546. [14:48:33] <Amaryllis> "Let's hope that pool has emptied now."
  547. [14:48:41] * Natalie tends to Ammy on the walk back.
  548. [14:48:56] <Amaryllis> (What kind of injury does darkside even produce?)
  549. [14:49:18] <Natalie> (whatever it is, they've been together long enough that Nat probably knows how to treat it, derpaherp)
  550. [14:49:22] <Kaingaskhan> (Opens old battle scars as the shadow energy ravages your body I imagine)
  551. [14:49:30] <Amaryllis> (owww ;~;)
  552. [14:49:54] <Natalie> (that's not nearly as painful-sounding as a sword stabbing into your leg and being twisted, then tossing you against a wall by itself)
  553. [14:50:00] <Natalie> (I still had nightmares about that you know)
  554. [14:50:11] <Amaryllis> (sorry~)
  555. [14:50:39] <Kaingaskhan> The three of you head back to the split road to find Celina and Theta returning from their side. They seem to be accompanied by a Moogle, who walks over and stands by the middle path.
  556. [14:50:55] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Friends of yours, kupo? I never thought I'd see so many people down here at once, kupo..."
  557. [14:51:18] <Amaryllis> "Moogles? Here? What's your story?" Ammy approaches.
  558. [14:51:20] <Natalie> "Oh, another one?"  Nat looks down at the moogle and shakes it off, instead focusing on the path.
  559. [14:51:26] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Oh, I live hear."
  560. [14:51:28] <Kaingaskhan> *here
  561. [14:51:38] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Stiltzkin was just visiting, though."
  562. [14:51:58] <Celina> "He told us about a place where we could find Dragon's Mane."
  563. [14:52:11] <Natalie> The blue-haired girl is still pretty upset-looking at being not-completely-dry.
  564. [14:52:19] * Theta seems a bit annoyed by something, focusing more on the task at hand
  565. [14:53:16] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa peers into the next room. "Oooh, it's here, that really angry monster is in there! Might be a wise idea to let me record your story in my book, kupo!"
  566. [14:53:20] <Amaryllis> "Wherefore do we still stand idly then?" Ammy looks to the Moogle expectantly.
  567. [14:53:25] * Celina is rather pointedly not looking at Theta.
  568. [14:53:25] * @Lenore is a bit wet too. "Hey Azure, why don't we sit around a bit and dry off? Mmmmm?"
  569. [14:53:35] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa flips and slams down a large book out of nowhere, getting out a quill.
  570. [14:53:48] <Amaryllis> "Our story? Of course."
  571. [14:54:04] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Adventurers tell moogles their stories all the time, kupo, so that they won't be forgotten even if they perish."
  572. [14:54:08] <Natalie> "Hmph."  She grumbles.  "Acceptable, but only because I'd rather not accidentally be the target of your magic or some other horrible accident."
  573. [14:54:23] * @Lenore whispers to her. "You really should've gone ahead of me, since you're wearing white."
  574. [14:54:46] <Amaryllis> "I wish more would tell me their stories." Ammy looks to her own book and then enviously at Mookapa's book.
  575. [14:54:51] * Natalie FLUSHES RED. And.... she actually did go ahead, for the record! But not ahead enough.
  576. [14:55:11] <Natalie> "I-It's not important."
  577. [14:55:38] <@Lenore> "My dress is white in a bad area too, so you're not the only one."
  578. [14:56:03] * Amaryllis sighs and removes her cloak, pinning the oversized garment on Nat. "It suits you to wear the House crest after all, milady."
  579. [14:56:33] <Natalie> "I would have the heads of somebody who would dare look at me in such a manner, after all."  She folds her arms as Ammy does her work.
  580. [14:56:36] <Celina> "...What on earth did you three get into?"
  581. [14:56:41] <Theta> "Very well, Mookapa, if you wish." He sits for now.
  582. [14:56:45] <Natalie> "I suppose you're right.  Thank you, Amaryllis."
  583. [14:57:13] * @Lenore fishes around for a blanket in her hat and pulls it out, wrapping it around herself.
  584. [14:57:17] <Natalie> "As I'd claimed earlier, they made it by without issues," she glances to the other two but smugly closes her eyes and sits to dry off.
  585. [14:58:05] <Amaryllis> "They flooded a chamber whilst standing in it."
  586. [14:58:27] <@Lenore> "It was the only way, mind you~."
  587. [14:58:29] * Amaryllis is dry, unlike the other two.
  588. [14:58:40] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa is busily scribbling things down.
  589. [14:58:59] * Natalie HMPHs again. "Dia can't quite aim as far, so it was our best option."
  590. [14:59:02] <Celina> "Well, I'm glad you managed to get out safely."
  591. [14:59:43] <Natalie> "The monsters here aren't even remotely powerful, regardless.  I'm not the slightest bit worried about anything we may encounter ahead."
  592. [15:00:17] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Your funeral, kupo..."
  593. [15:00:23] <Kaingaskhan> What do, everyone?
  594. [15:00:26] <Amaryllis> "Whatever else lives here likely eats those bats."
  595. [15:00:39] <Natalie> "Then we'll make a feast out of them, yes?"
  596. [15:00:40] <Celina> "So, what is it that lies ahead?"
  597. [15:00:48] <@Lenore> "Do you know anything about the monsters here, Mr. Moogle?"  She's snuggled into her blanket quite nicely, now.
  598. [15:01:39] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Well, the crabs and the bats aren't so bad... they're more like wild animals, kupo. Barely any of the Mist's taint remains in them, kupo. But the thing in there..."
  599. [15:02:10] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "It's a huge, four-legged beast that can call on the spirits of water, kupo! Be very careful not to get snagged by its nose, too."
  600. [15:02:12] <Amaryllis> "The Mist remains within these caves?"
  601. [15:02:16] * Natalie sits up. "Ohh, I see."
  602. [15:02:21] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "In some places, kupo."
  603. [15:02:29] <Celina> "I've heard that it permeates the low places."
  604. [15:02:54] <Theta> "Hmmm."
  605. [15:04:08] <Natalie> "If it stands between us and our goal, I still doubt we'll have trouble putting it out of its misery."  Cough.  "Moogle, is it a rare species?  Or perhaps the only one of its kind?"
  606. [15:04:11] <Amaryllis> "And that chamber is one such place?" Ammy points a finger toward where Mookapa was saying the monster was.
  607. [15:04:44] <Theta> "He earlier told us an apocathery used to live here."
  608. [15:04:47] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "I haven't seen more of its kind, but I don't know for sure, kupo. And no, no Mist in there particularly."
  609. [15:04:50] <Theta> "And that structure was his dwelling."
  610. [15:05:09] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Not an apothecary, kupo, an alchemist!"
  611. [15:05:18] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "At least I -think- he was."
  612. [15:05:45] <@Lenore> "You think he was?  What would make you doubt it?"
  613. [15:05:59] <Natalie> "Oh?"  An eyebrow quirks.  "And he doesn't live there any longer?"
  614. [15:06:57] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "But I did see him gathering plants and the like, kupo..."
  615. [15:07:16] <@Lenore> "D-d'aww, that's kind of cute..."  She AHEMS.  "So he was at the very least some kind of researcher or apothecary..."
  616. [15:07:18] <Celina> "Well, perhaps we may just negotiate for the Dragon's Mane, then."
  617. [15:07:41] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "He hasn't been here in many, many years, kupo..."
  618. [15:07:57] <Amaryllis> "So we are left with an angry monster in his stead?"
  619. [15:08:13] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "It just sort of moved in after he stopped coming. It's scary, kupo..."
  620. [15:08:32] <Kaingaskhan> The lot of you hear a loud sound coming from the chamber ahead, like a trumpet.
  621. [15:08:34] <@Lenore> "...As in, the monster was suddenly there when he was gone?  Hmmmm."
  622. [15:08:37] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps we could sneak b- nope."
  623. [15:08:43] <Theta> (Calling it. It's a shoopuff.)
  624. [15:08:52] <Natalie> "Then we'll just have to ask the monster for our herb."
  625. [15:09:18] <Kaingaskhan> (Of course it's a shoopuf, what else would it be)
  626. [15:09:28] <Natalie> "Failing that, we'll beat it into submission and step over its corpse to get it.  I don't see an issue."
  627. [15:09:30] <Amaryllis> "Milady, with all due respect, you are not suited for the task of diplomacy, least of all with...monsters."
  628. [15:09:57] * Natalie stands up. "Oh, do you doubt me NOW of all times, Amaryllis? Come, let's prove that theory wrong."
  629. [15:10:46] <@Lenore> "I'm sure Mistress Azure can at least intimidate him into it~"
  630. [15:10:52] <Natalie> "I feel I've dried quite nicely."  She hands the cloak back over with a nod of thanks.  "We've spent long enough toiling around here, have we not?"
  631. [15:11:18] * Amaryllis dons the cloak again with a sigh. "Onward brave heroes?"
  632. [15:12:00] <Kaingaskhan> As you enter the path, a steep, slippery slope causes you to move slowly enough down to get a good view of the monster waiting at the bottom. It looks like... it's hard to describe, a giant armadillo of some kind, without a shell, a huge thick tail and grey skin. Its feet are flat, without hooves, and its snout extends long and curls at the end, nearly two dozen feet long. The creature itself
  633. [15:12:00] <Kaingaskhan> is massive and glares angrily up as you approach.
  634. [15:12:16] * @Lenore puts away the blanket...towel...whatever it is back into her hat.
  635. [15:12:26] <Natalie> "Step aside, creature."  As promised, she does it.
  636. [15:12:50] <Natalie> "We'd prefer not to deal with the likes of you, and we're in a hurry.  Don't make it harder on yourself than it needs to be."
  637. [15:12:57] <Theta> "About as large as some of the beasts on the rode to Conde Petie..."
  638. [15:13:45] <Kain> It angrily stomps towards Natalie, its nose unfurling and reaching out.
  639. [15:13:48] <Kain> COMBAT
  640. [15:13:52] <Celina> "Watch out!"
  641. [15:13:57] <Kain>
  642. [15:13:58] <Amaryllis> "Parlay? Oh bloody hell."
  643. [15:14:18] <Natalie> "A shame."  She facepalms, despite... it seeming more appropriate for everyone ELSE to facepalm, really.
  644. [15:14:32] <Kain> Shoopuff expends a point of Destiny and gets a pre-emptive strike!
  645. [15:14:40] <Kain> Nat, opposed finesse.
  646. [15:14:43] <Natalie> "To my side, my noble servants!"
  647. [15:14:47] <Kain> 2d6+5
  648. [15:14:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=5,2]
  649. [15:14:56] <Natalie> 2d6+4 oh dear
  650. [15:14:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, oh dear: 12 [2d6=2,6]
  651. [15:15:04] * Kaingaskhan ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  652. [15:15:20] <Kain> You very nearly miss getting wrapped in its massive trunk.
  653. [15:15:24] <Kain> Ammy!
  654. [15:15:33] <Amaryllis> (uh, teamwork tree?)
  655. [15:15:39] <Natalie> (Nah, attack it this turn, teamwork next)
  656. [15:15:54] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 darkside stabbity
  657. [15:15:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside stabbity: 10 [2d6=2,6]
  658. [15:16:02] <Amaryllis> 48 shadow if it hits
  659. [15:16:10] <Kain> It does. Celina!
  660. [15:16:45] * Natalie leaps back and starts muttering. Nat's chanting just to be preemptive here.
  661. [15:16:47] * Amaryllis gently pushes Nat to the side and sticks her shadow-wreathed knife into the shoopuff's trunk.
  662. [15:18:10] <Kain> The creature trumpets angrily!
  663. [15:18:38] * Celina JUMPS
  664. [15:18:59] * @Lenore is chanting, of course!
  665. [15:19:07] <Kain> Nat?
  666. [15:19:11] <Natalie> Chanting~
  667. [15:19:15] <Kain> Theta!
  668. [15:19:47] <Theta> Theta cuts at one of the creature's legs!
  669. [15:19:49] <Theta> 2d6+2
  670. [15:19:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 8 [2d6=2,4]
  671. [15:20:03] <Kain> Misses!
  672. [15:20:14] <Kain> It trumpts and globs of whirl seem to swirl around it as it attempts to use Geotrance on Amaryllis!
  673. [15:20:26] <Amaryllis> (oh bloody hell let's not do teamwork attacks you're never gonna hit with that tree)
  674. [15:20:29] <Kain> 2d6+4
  675. [15:20:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+4: 16 [2d6=6,6]
  676. [15:20:36] <Kain> MAELSTROM
  677. [15:20:37] <Amaryllis> (ahahaha)
  678. [15:20:39] <Natalie> (yeaaaaaah wow)
  679. [15:20:41] <Amaryllis> (;~;)
  680. [15:20:44] <Kain> EL NINO
  681. [15:20:50] <@Lenore> (;_;)
  682. [15:20:52] <Theta> "This creature...!"
  683. [15:20:54] <Amaryllis> (does that like...hit everyone now?)
  684. [15:20:54] <Natalie> (oh my god)
  685. [15:21:36] <Kain> (Yyyyep)
  686. [15:21:37] <Amaryllis> (oh fuck me it does knockback)
  687. [15:21:37] <Amaryllis> (our maaaaages)
  688. [15:22:11] <Natalie> (>implying any of us are going to survive this)
  689. [15:22:20] <Amaryllis> (we aren't ;~;)
  690. [15:22:38] <Celina> (I don't think it hits me?)
  691. [15:22:44] <Natalie> (hits all, by RAW)
  692. [15:22:47] <Natalie> (... oh)
  693. [15:22:49] <Natalie> (jump, right)
  694. [15:22:54] <Amaryllis> (CELINA VS SHOOPUFF. LET'S GO)
  695. [15:22:54] <Celina> (right)
  696. [15:22:58] <Kain> The entire room shakes as a flood of water surges in...
  697. [15:23:08] <Theta> (Depends on if a maelstorm is considered a critical hit.)
  698. [15:23:13] <Natalie> (Also Nat has goofyass M.ARM, if it's M.ARM, so you NEVER KNOW)
  699. [15:23:26] <Theta> (I'm looking at geomancer rules again and it looks like Dust...uh...accidently omitted that part.)
  700. [15:23:47] <Amaryllis> (I think they are sort of crits? What do crits hit jump? That's stupid if that's the case)
  701. [15:23:48] <Celina> (I think it's 'if you would crit, you maelstrom instead')
  702. [15:23:51] <Kain> Thaaat's 26 M.Arm damage, most of you take Knockback and the elemental field becomes water.
  703. [15:24:02] <Natalie> (If it's a crit WOOP I HAVE 0 M.ARM NOW)
  704. [15:24:21] <Celina> (that's why you don't buy fragile items)
  705. [15:24:41] <Natalie> (shhh, let's wait for a ruling)
  706. [15:24:43] * @Lenore is knocked over and...doesn't get back up. She's knocked out!
  707. [15:25:13] <Kain> I'm going to say it's not treated as a crit
  708. [15:25:18] * Amaryllis is thrown against the wall by the surge of water, crumpling and falling to the ground afterward. Also knocked out!
  709. [15:25:21] <Natalie> (a-arigatou kain-chan)
  710. [15:25:42] <Theta> Theta anticipates the spiritual attack, and jumps over it! Third Eye!
  711. [15:25:43] <Kain> because then it would do 200% damage too
  712. [15:25:56] * Natalie just gets angrier and ANGRIER at getting drenched again after finally drying off, but stands up with a nice 7 HP remaining!
  713. [15:25:56] <@Lenore> (...if I had Tier 2 I might've survived with 1 HP.  Joy~)
  714. [15:26:23] <Celina> (...hey guys)
  715. [15:26:30] <Celina> (I'm about to do something very stupid)
  716. [15:26:32] <Celina> (I)
  717. [15:26:34] <Celina> (am going to)
  718. [15:26:39] <Celina> (RIDE ZE SHOOPUF)
  719. [15:26:43] <Natalie> (yesss)
  720. [15:26:45] <Amaryllis> (oh fuck)
  721. [15:26:53] <@Lenore> (imokwiththis.jpg)
  722. [15:27:36] <Natalie> (if it uh, canceled spellcasting and KO'd half the party on turn 1, I think that's a MUCH BETTER idea than anything else we were going to do otherwise)
  723. [15:27:40] <Amaryllis> (fun fact: Ammy has been knocked out in every combat she's been in so far :D)
  724. [15:27:45] <Theta> (So whose turn IS it?)
  725. [15:27:47] <Natalie> (WRONG, I've been keeping track)
  726. [15:27:50] <Natalie> (Ammy survived the bats)
  727. [15:27:55] <Amaryllis> (oh right)
  728. [15:27:57] <Amaryllis> (damnit)
  729. [15:27:59] <Natalie> (so it's like... 75% KO rate or something)
  730. [15:28:03] <Amaryllis> (was going for some sort of silly achievement there)
  731. [15:28:17] <Celina> (maybe you should demand a raise instead)
  732. [15:28:17] <Natalie> (you at LEAST had 100% KO rate in session 1, that's a thing)
  733. [15:28:37] <Theta> "Nice try there!  But I know this power of yours, creature!"
  734. [15:28:49] <Kain> It trumpets again!
  735. [15:28:55] <Kain> Anyway let's see
  736. [15:28:57] <Kain> Celina's turn
  737. [15:29:07] <Kain> And I'm going to say completeing Jump is an instant action
  738. [15:29:13] <Natalie> "This is pitiful."  Nat shakes her head at both Ammy AND Lenore.
  739. [15:29:40] <Kain> (This is probably why the Medic paradigm shift exists)
  740. [15:29:46] <Celina> (you know that just means I can infinitely jump spam, right, Kain?)
  741. [15:29:48] <Kain> (For situations like these before the white mage learns life)
  742. [15:29:54] <Celina> (since the leap itself is a standard action)
  743. [15:30:12] <Kain> (Well, hm)
  744. [15:30:31] <Celina> (you could say 'no you can't jump two turns in a row' I guess)
  745. [15:30:42] <Theta> (bad news is it's a water creature so my big guns don't help either :[)
  746. [15:31:21] <Amaryllis> (oh uh....even more bad news)
  747. [15:31:24] <Kain> (well nevermind I guess, let's treat it as two standards this time and I'll figure out what the fuck later)
  748. [15:31:26] <Amaryllis> (when jumping you still get hit by group attacaks)
  749. [15:31:31] <Amaryllis> (you only avoid single target attacks)
  750. [15:31:37] <Celina> (...what, really)
  751. [15:31:40] <Celina> (that's fucking dumb)
  752. [15:31:40] <Amaryllis> (yes really)
  753. [15:31:41] <@Lenore> (what)
  754. [15:31:44] <Kain> (Honestly I think that's dumb and I'm not enforcing it)
  755. [15:31:59] <Amaryllis> (yay)
  756. [15:32:02] <Celina> ANYWAY Celina lands on the shoopuf's back and HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE
  757. [15:32:05] <Celina> 2d6+3
  758. [15:32:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+3: 11 [2d6=4,4]
  759. [15:32:15] <Kain> (Nothing short of ultima or another dragoon will be able to hit a dragoon during jump)
  760. [15:32:15] <Celina> hit?
  761. [15:32:22] <Kain> Yep
  762. [15:32:24] <Celina> (or a flying monster I guess)
  763. [15:32:30] <Celina> 10 arm damage aaand
  764. [15:32:36] <Amaryllis> (oh good Celina and Ammy should team up later once I get shadeblade :V)
  765. [15:32:38] <Celina> 2d6+4 oppose finesse for confuse
  766. [15:32:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, oppose finesse for confuse: 6 [2d6=1,1]
  767. [15:32:41] <Celina> HERP
  768. [15:32:43] <Celina> DERP
  771. [15:33:02] <Celina> also I guess that's five arm damage because I'm using confusetouch
  772. [15:33:06] <Celina> even if herp durp hurp
  773. [15:33:12] <Kain> 2d6+5
  774. [15:33:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=4,1]
  775. [15:33:23] <Kain> I wanted to see if it rolled double 1's too
  776. [15:33:38] * Celina resumes holding on for dear life.
  777. [15:33:42] <Kain> You land on the shoopuff's back! It flails angrily and tries to throw you off!
  778. [15:33:46] <Kain> Nat?
  779. [15:33:46] <Celina> "aaaaaaa"
  780. [15:33:55] <Natalie> Knockback cancels spells, yes?
  781. [15:33:59] <Natalie> RE-CHANTING if so.
  782. [15:34:03] <Theta> (yup)
  783. [15:34:03] <Kain> mhm
  784. [15:34:04] <Celina> (hey guys how about I try and seal it)
  785. [15:34:15] <Theta> Theta uh...cuts at its legs again.
  786. [15:34:17] <Theta> 2d6+2
  787. [15:34:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 7 [2d6=4,1]
  788. [15:34:20] <Theta> nope
  789. [15:34:27] <Kain> Why is your accuracy so low
  790. [15:34:34] <Natalie> "Just what are you DOING?"
  791. [15:34:38] <Celina> "aaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  792. [15:34:50] <Theta> (cause that IS my ACC)
  793. [15:35:00] <Amaryllis> (mine's only 2 as well)
  794. [15:35:01] <Theta> (I only got my class bonus of 2.)
  795. [15:35:24] <@Lenore> (Only way to boost your ACC besides leveling is through weapon properties in new FFd6)
  796. [15:35:24] <Kain> The shoopuff ignores the tiny scratches Theta is doing.
  797. [15:35:43] <Kain> It stampedes around and tries to throw Celina off! Your finesse opposed by its force!
  798. [15:35:48] <Theta> (tl;dr I'm only good for dodging things atm)
  799. [15:35:48] <Kain> 2d6+3
  800. [15:35:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 12 [2d6=5,4]
  801. [15:35:57] <Celina> 2d6+4 c'moon
  802. [15:35:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, c'moon: 8 [2d6=1,3]
  803. [15:36:05] <Celina> (one sec)
  804. [15:36:10] <Celina> (I may end up spending destiny on this)
  805. [15:36:52] <Celina> (fuck it, let's do so)
  806. [15:36:53] <Celina> 1d6
  807. [15:36:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 1d6: 3 [1d6=3]
  808. [15:36:59] <Amaryllis> (fffffff)
  809. [15:37:01] <Celina> ...
  810. [15:37:03] <Natalie> (that feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel)
  811. [15:37:12] <Kain> ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOOD ENOUGH
  812. [15:37:14] <@Lenore> (reality hates our guts)
  813. [15:37:19] <Kain> You ride the fucking shoopuf
  814. [15:37:19] <Celina> (most things do)
  815. [15:37:21] <@Lenore> (...but Kain doesn't.)
  816. [15:37:28] <Celina> (but kain <3)
  817. [15:37:43] <Kain> You almost get thrown off but your sheer tenacity keeps you on miraculously.
  818. [15:37:52] <Kain> Celina!
  819. [15:38:19] <Celina> 2d6+3 bolt breath blarf
  820. [15:38:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, bolt breath blarf: 7 [2d6=1,3]
  821. [15:38:28] <Kain> Mookapa watches from above, worried, but unable to really do anything
  822. [15:38:29] <Celina> FUCK IT MY OTHER DESTINY
  823. [15:38:30] <Natalie> "Hmph.  I'm almost impressed."
  824. [15:38:31] <Celina> 1d6
  825. [15:38:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 1d6: 3 [1d6=3]
  826. [15:38:34] <Kain> HITS
  827. [15:38:35] <Natalie> (you are so silly)
  828. [15:38:36] <Celina> DOES A TEN HIT
  829. [15:38:36] <Celina> GOOD
  830. [15:38:44] <Natalie> "Almost."
  831. [15:38:55] <Celina> 17 elec m.arm damage and
  832. [15:39:04] <Celina> 2d6+2 stop fucking me over dicemaid
  833. [15:39:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, stop fucking me over dicemaid: 9 [2d6=1,6]
  834. [15:39:12] <Kain> What opposed is this again?
  835. [15:39:13] <Kain> Force?
  836. [15:39:15] <Celina> force ;_;
  837. [15:39:15] <Natalie> ("no," she calmly whispers)
  838. [15:39:18] <Kain> 2d6+3
  839. [15:39:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=5,5]
  840. [15:39:22] <Celina> no seal
  841. [15:39:23] <Celina> ;___
  842. [15:39:31] <Theta> (Geotrance isn't magic anyway.)
  843. [15:39:33] <Kain> Nat?
  844. [15:39:35] <Theta> (Don't think you can seal it.)
  845. [15:39:38] <Kain> (It's a job ability)
  846. [15:39:42] <Kain> (Seal seals job abilities)
  847. [15:39:47] <Theta> (seal stops those too? well shit)
  848. [15:39:53] * Natalie yawns and flicks out a CHERRYBOMB at the elephant, kind-of-careful not to hit the rat.
  849. [15:39:57] <Natalie> 2d6+16 DIA
  850. [15:39:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, DIA: 23 [2d6=2,5]
  851. [15:40:05] <Kain> Theta?
  852. [15:40:09] <Natalie> Wait!
  853. [15:40:10] * Celina sprays lightning everywhere as she holds on for dear life
  854. [15:40:13] <Natalie> That's a slow action, SO
  855. [15:40:23] <Natalie> 2d6 attacking instead of chanting again, like an idiot
  856. [15:40:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, attacking instead of chanting again, like an idiot: 6 [2d6=3,3]
  857. [15:40:30] <Natalie> yeaaaaah okay
  858. [15:40:32] <Kain> that's a miss
  859. [15:40:38] <Kain> You flail at the elephantlizard uselessly
  860. [15:40:44] <Kain> Theta!
  861. [15:40:51] <Theta> Theta continues to slash at the legs, trying to strike a nerve or something...
  862. [15:40:53] <Theta> 2d6+2
  863. [15:40:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 6 [2d6=1,3]
  864. [15:40:55] * Natalie follows up after the LIGHTBOMB and kicks at it, then grumbles and kicks again. It doesn't help.
  865. [15:40:57] <Theta> It's not very effective :C
  866. [15:41:05] <Kain> fucking hell dicemaid hates you guys
  867. [15:41:16] <Celina> no kiddin'
  868. [15:41:18] <Kain> The shoopuff attempts another Geotrance on Celina
  869. [15:41:23] <Kain> 2d6+4
  870. [15:41:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=3,4]
  871. [15:41:27] <Celina> hits
  872. [15:42:00] <Kain> 15 m.arm damage from Sliprain, now opposed Finesse.
  873. [15:42:06] <Kain> 2d6+5
  874. [15:42:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  875. [15:42:09] <Celina> 2d6+4
  876. [15:42:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=1,5]
  877. [15:42:14] <Kain> Aaand confused
  878. [15:42:21] <Celina> ;_;
  879. [15:42:27] <Celina> we're all gonna die
  880. [15:42:31] <Natalie> YEP
  881. [15:42:34] <Kain> Celina!
  882. [15:42:51] <Celina> 1d6
  883. [15:42:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 1d6: 6 [1d6=6]
  884. [15:42:56] <Celina> yaay
  885. [15:42:59] <Amaryllis> 6 is good right?
  886. [15:43:01] <Amaryllis> ;~;
  887. [15:43:06] <Celina> 2d6+3 BOLT BREATH FUCKER
  888. [15:43:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, BOLT BREATH FUCKER: 8 [2d6=4,1]
  889. [15:43:10] <Natalie> (feel)
  890. [15:43:13] <Celina> fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff does that hit
  891. [15:43:18] <Kain> nnnnope sorry
  892. [15:43:21] <Kain> Nat?
  893. [15:43:23] <Natalie> Chanting again.
  894. [15:43:26] <Kain> Theta
  895. [15:43:33] <Theta> 2d6+2 He doesn't like giving up.
  896. [15:43:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, He doesn't like giving up.: 11 [2d6=5,4]
  897. [15:43:45] <Theta> 19 damage! maybe.
  898. [15:44:14] <Amaryllis> (my 10 hit, so that should too~)
  899. [15:44:35] <Celina> (yeah that should hit)
  900. [15:45:27] <Celina> (oh no kain died)
  901. [15:45:31] <Celina> (you killed him theta)
  902. [15:46:19] <Theta> (sorry. happens.)
  903. [15:47:09] <Celina> (;~;)
  904. [15:48:03] <Kain> (Back, sorry)
  905. [15:48:09] <Kain> Anyway hits and WHAM
  906. [15:48:47] <Kain> It tries again to throw Celina off!
  907. [15:48:55] <Kain> 2d6+3 force vs your finesse
  908. [15:48:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, force vs your finesse: 11 [2d6=2,6]
  909. [15:49:02] <Celina> 2d6+4
  910. [15:49:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+4: 6 [2d6=1,1]
  911. [15:49:07] <Natalie> (dicemad)
  912. [15:49:09] <Celina> ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  913. [15:49:14] <Theta> (c-c-crit fail)
  914. [15:49:17] <Kain> It grabs you with its trunk and sends you flying!
  915. [15:49:21] <Celina> "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  916. [15:49:33] <Theta> (does that invoke a compromise in combat?)
  917. [15:49:36] <Natalie> "It was a foolish tactic, anyway."
  918. [15:49:45] <Amaryllis> (a complication you mean?)
  919. [15:49:50] <Theta> (eerrr yeah.)
  920. [15:49:51] <Theta> (OOPS :B)
  921. [15:49:51] <Celina> (shut up natalie no one likes you ;~;)
  922. [15:49:57] <Natalie> (I'd be all for compromising with this thing)
  923. [15:50:16] <Natalie> ("stop killing us and we'll be your friend")
  924. [15:50:24] <Natalie> ("we'll take you for rides every week or so maybe")
  925. [15:50:24] <Kaingaskhan> !dm9001 lastlines #10
  926. [15:50:40] <Kaingaskhan> <Kain> It grabs you with its trunk and sends you flying!
  927. [15:50:40] <Kaingaskhan> <Kain> Your turn.
  928. [15:50:49] <Celina> do I take damage or anything
  929. [15:51:14] <Celina> (also guys: bolt breath or jump)
  930. [15:51:18] <Kaingaskhan> No, you just get thrown off
  931. [15:51:23] <Celina> k
  932. [15:51:25] <Natalie> (jump like a motherfucker)
  933. [15:51:36] <Celina> k
  934. [15:51:41] * Celina jumps like a motherfucker
  935. [15:51:50] <Kaingaskhan> nat?
  936. [15:51:54] <Natalie> "I envy the ability to be a simple-minded fool sometimes.  Now..."
  937. [15:51:57] <Natalie> CHERRY BULLET
  938. [15:52:00] <Natalie> 2d6+16 CHUCK
  939. [15:52:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, CHUCK: 25 [2d6=5,4]
  940. [15:52:05] <Kaingaskhan> WHAM
  941. [15:52:09] <Kaingaskhan> Sigma beta alpha
  942. [15:52:09] <Natalie> Still up?
  943. [15:52:12] <Kaingaskhan> yep
  944. [15:52:14] <Natalie> 2d6 because KICK
  945. [15:52:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, because KICK: 8 [2d6=2,6]
  946. [15:52:19] <Kaingaskhan> miss
  947. [15:52:22] <Natalie> (totes out of MP)
  948. [15:52:40] <Theta> Theta slashes at the trunk, finding the legs hard to damage!
  949. [15:52:41] <Theta> 2d6+2
  950. [15:52:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 11 [2d6=4,5]
  951. [15:52:44] <Kaingaskhan> Hit!
  952. [15:52:47] <Theta> 19 damage!
  953. [15:52:51] <Natalie> "I'd seriously prefer you fall already."  Apparently Nat's still kicking at the legs.
  954. [15:53:47] <Kaingaskhan> It seems to be bleeding from the many cuts it's taken... it trumpts and then attempts to submerge. Holy fuck, it can burrow? HOW?
  955. [15:53:52] <Kaingaskhan> 1 turn until Shoopuf escape.
  956. [15:54:05] <Celina> Celina turn?
  957. [15:54:08] <Natalie> "Unacceptable."
  958. [15:54:08] <Kaingaskhan> Yep
  959. [15:54:08] <Celina> 1d6
  960. [15:54:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  961. [15:54:13] <Celina> yaaaaay
  962. [15:54:18] <Celina> 2d6+3 JUMPANSTAB
  963. [15:54:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, JUMPANSTAB: 9 [2d6=4,2]
  964. [15:54:23] <Celina> d-does that hit
  965. [15:54:35] <Kaingaskhan> yyyyyyes
  966. [15:54:47] <Kaingaskhan> aqua 7, boss 2
  967. [15:55:16] <Celina> 8 arm damage, not gonna bother trying to confuse
  968. [15:55:29] <Celina> and
  969. [15:55:30] <Celina> RIDING
  970. [15:55:31] <Celina> ZE
  971. [15:55:34] <Celina> SHOOPUF
  972. [15:55:44] <Kaingaskhan> NAT
  973. [15:55:51] <Natalie> 2d6 SNAPKICK
  974. [15:55:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, SNAPKICK: 7 [2d6=5,2]
  975. [15:55:56] <Natalie> EH.
  976. [15:55:57] <Kaingaskhan> noep
  977. [15:55:59] <Kaingaskhan> Theta
  978. [15:56:06] <Theta> 2d6+2 SLASH?
  979. [15:56:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, SLASH?: 14 [2d6=6,6]
  980. [15:56:10] <Celina> (YES)
  981. [15:56:12] <Kaingaskhan> C-C-C-CRITICAL
  982. [15:56:12] <Celina> (YESSSSSSSSSSSSS)
  983. [15:56:14] <Theta> YES, HE DOES SLASH.
  984. [15:56:25] <Theta> 44 damage.
  985. [15:56:39] <Natalie> (BEAUTIFUL)
  986. [15:56:50] <Kaingaskhan> The beast lets out a roar, then groans as it falls over, hitting the mud hard and barely missing the fallen Ammy and Lenore.
  987. [15:57:10] <Kaingaskhan> Blood drips off of Theta's blade after he did... well SOMETHING describe what you did
  988. [15:57:15] <Kaingaskhan> Celina tumbles off harmlessly
  989. [15:57:26] <Theta> (I was going to but you beat me to it falling over ;-;)
  990. [15:57:29] <Celina> "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-" WHUMP.
  991. [15:57:37] <Kaingaskhan> Well describe anyway
  992. [15:57:51] <Natalie> "HMPH.  That was easy."  Nat brushes her hands together in the smuggest way possible.
  993. [15:58:05] <Theta> "Escape you shall not!" He leaps at the creature's head as it attempts to burrow, and slashes down its neck!
  994. [15:58:24] <Theta> He then calmly watches it fall over, walks over to a pool of water from its assault, and cleans his blade.
  995. [15:58:26] <Kaingaskhan> Snickersnack
  996. [15:58:28] * Celina staggers to her feet, brushing herself off.
  997. [15:58:30] * Natalie rouses Lenore and Ammy by kicking them in the sides until they get up. Apparently that's how Body & Soul works.
  998. [15:59:52] <Kaingaskhan> You notice the creature was standing over a very worn and muddied carpet, a seat with destroyed reins, and a large saddlebag of some sort that's roughly its size
  999. [16:00:01] * Amaryllis groans as she sits up, coughing up water and looking generally miserable.
  1000. [16:00:06] <Kaingaskhan> The cast off articles seem to have been damaged slightly
  1001. [16:00:21] <Kaingaskhan> and definitely waterlogged
  1002. [16:00:37] * Natalie yanks Ammy up once she stands, gives a silent nod, then moves over to Lenore and attempts to do the same.
  1003. [16:00:38] <Celina> "Poor thing. I wonder how long it's been down here?"
  1004. [16:00:42] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell Nat, wake me with the magic instead. The magic."
  1005. [16:00:59] * @Lenore slowly gets up. She's completely soaked from getting hit by that attacked and lying in a puddle. "Ow. Ow. Ow. I keep getting wet and cold and...nnnnnnn." She just sits up and leans against the wall, joining Ammy in looking miserable. She pulls out that blanket...wait no, it really is a towel, from out of her hat and shares it with Ammy. Or she would, but she's getting dragged by
  1006. [16:00:59] * @Lenore Mistress Azure ;_;
  1007. [16:01:10] <Kaingaskhan> And furthermore the stone door stands untouched, runes inscribed all over its surface in a similar fashion to the pedestal Celina saw earlier.
  1008. [16:01:16] <Theta> "Hm, an abandoned beast of burden, mayhaps? Down here?"
  1009. [16:01:17] <Natalie> "Unnecessary!  I've expended enough of it for now."  She drags them both up together, isn't that nice?
  1010. [16:01:21] <Theta> "Seems somewhat odd."
  1011. [16:01:39] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "W-whew.... you all survived? That's good, kupo..."
  1012. [16:01:42] <Natalie> A-HEM.  "Regardless, it stood in our way and we defeated it.  Let's find our prize."
  1013. [16:01:48] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa is hiding back where you came from.
  1014. [16:02:00] <Kaingaskhan> +3 experience and +1 destiny for all
  1015. [16:02:09] * Celina gives Lenore a brief pat on the shoulder.
  1016. [16:03:45] * @Lenore winces. "T-thanks, but that's where I hit the walllll." She's trying not to cry. So hard.
  1017. [16:04:01] * Theta walks over to the stone door, tries to push or slide it.
  1018. [16:04:03] * Amaryllis grabs her knife and staggers to the saddlebag, carefully opening it.
  1019. [16:05:09] * Natalie in the meanwhile treats everybody. This consists more of belittling them and whining than actually using magic, but apparently it works.
  1020. [16:05:22] <Kaingaskhan> A number of abandoned articles lay inside. Around 2500 gil, a gleaming blue sword whose surface seems to shimmer with bubbles, a bunch of water-rotted clothes, oh hey, an oyster. Yum.
  1021. [16:06:10] * Amaryllis takes the oyster first, stashing it her bag alongside the other food items.
  1022. [16:06:25] <Kaingaskhan> Brotherhood, Tier 2 Water-strike blade
  1023. [16:06:39] <Natalie> (oh my god tidus lived here)
  1024. [16:06:41] <Celina> (I think)
  1025. [16:06:49] <Celina> (that Theta deserves it)
  1026. [16:06:54] <Celina> (what do you guys thinks)
  1027. [16:06:58] <Natalie> (nah, I'll use it)
  1028. [16:07:22] <@Lenore> (Not like I want it~)
  1029. [16:07:24] <Theta> "This pattern is familiar.."
  1030. [16:07:31] <Natalie> ((that was sarcasm by the way))
  1031. [16:07:33] * Amaryllis sets the sword aside and looks at the gil, splitting it evenly into five piles, her hands quickly sorting it like a trained merchant.
  1032. [16:07:35] <Theta> "Not sure what to DO about it, however."
  1033. [16:08:36] <Celina> "Well, shall we continue on? We're almost there - I can feel it!"
  1034. [16:08:39] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa flies down.
  1035. [16:08:48] <Natalie> After treating the others, Nat's already started heading off to look for the Dragon's... Something.
  1036. [16:08:58] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "I... dunno how to open that door, kupo. That wizard usually opened it by touching it, kupo."
  1037. [16:09:20] <Amaryllis> "What magic did he practice?"
  1038. [16:09:22] <Natalie> "Oh?  Being touched by a spellcaster?"
  1039. [16:09:31] * Natalie pauses and walks backwards. "Allow me."
  1040. [16:09:35] <Natalie> POKE the door.
  1041. [16:09:46] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "I saw him cast some really powerful lightning magic once, so either black or red."
  1042. [16:09:49] <Kaingaskhan> *kupo
  1043. [16:09:55] <Kaingaskhan> Doesn't react to Natalie.
  1044. [16:09:56] * @Lenore is shaking off her hurtyness
  1045. [16:09:59] <Natalie> POKE.
  1046. [16:10:01] <Natalie> POKEPOKEPOKEPOKE.
  1047. [16:10:02] <@Lenore> "I'll try~"
  1048. [16:10:11] <Natalie> "Hold!  I'm not finished."
  1049. [16:10:15] <Natalie> KICK KICK PUNCH KICK.
  1050. [16:10:24] <Natalie> "... I'm finished."
  1051. [16:10:30] <Kaingaskhan> As soon as she strikes it she's thrown back across the room with a flash of light.
  1052. [16:10:37] <Natalie> "NNG."
  1053. [16:10:53] <Theta> "Huh."
  1054. [16:10:58] * Natalie hops up. "NOW I'm finished."
  1055. [16:11:00] <Theta> "Interesting counter measure."
  1056. [16:11:08] * @Lenore helps Natalie up, and then hands her the towel. Place should be flooded to the ankles, shouldn't it?
  1057. [16:11:32] <Kaingaskhan> There's a good bit of water soaking the ground, yeah, but it's draining, leaving mostly mud.
  1058. [16:11:32] * Amaryllis slowly rises with a sigh, casting weary eyes toward Nat before searching the rest of the room for clues, occasionally coughing up water as she goes.
  1059. [16:11:32] * Natalie accepts it either way. "Thank you. You're free to attempt it as you please."
  1060. [16:12:00] * Celina smirks. "Not a very good strategy."
  1061. [16:12:20] <@Lenore> "Lightning magic is my specialty, so let's see..."  She gently prods the door, a static discharge going into it.  A sort of big one, you can see a few sparks go off.
  1062. [16:12:23] <Kaingaskhan> The area around the room looks like the entrance to some sort of ancient ruins, but the stone door is far more recent, construction-wise.
  1063. [16:12:37] * Natalie just coughs and looks the other way.
  1064. [16:12:45] <Kaingaskhan> The symbols on the door glow, and it slides back, then into the wall.
  1065. [16:13:24] <Natalie> "I-I'm sure Holy magic would've worked too.  I just decided I didn't want to use it, that's all."  HMPH.
  1066. [16:13:36] <Kaingaskhan> Oddly enough the other structures don't really seem to correlate to the cavern at all, it looks like it was mashed in here mostly.
  1067. [16:13:40] <Celina> "I'm sure."
  1068. [16:13:52] <@Lenore> "I'm sure too!  You're just tired, right?"
  1069. [16:13:54] <Celina> "You don't like doing sensible things, after all."
  1070. [16:14:03] <Kaingaskhan> Beyond the door, a soft light glows.
  1071. [16:14:05] <Natalie> "Silence.  Let's find out Dragon's Whatever and get out."
  1072. [16:14:28] * Celina proceeds.
  1073. [16:14:59] <Theta> "You young ladies are all so resourceful in your specialties!", honestly surprised as the door opens, and enters slowly.
  1074. [16:15:17] * Natalie proceeds inside with a smug grin, beckoning Ammy too.
  1075. [16:15:18] * Amaryllis heads through the door as well.
  1076. [16:15:25] <Kaingaskhan> You step into an incredibly luxurious looking arcane laboratory, with attached bedroom, bathtub, etc etc. One part seems wholly dedicated to research and the other to luxurious living.
  1077. [16:15:53] * @Lenore walks in, looking around in awe. "This laboratory...oooooh, he's got all sorts of nice tools."
  1078. [16:15:56] <Natalie> "This 'alchemist' earns my approval already."
  1079. [16:16:06] <Kaingaskhan> On the lab side are tables full of various beakers and well-preserved materials, bookshelves, mortars, pestles...
  1080. [16:16:17] <Celina> "I wonder if he's still around."
  1081. [16:16:21] <Kaingaskhan> Despite this place not having been lived in for years, it hasn't accumulated any dust either.
  1082. [16:16:30] <Theta> "Interesting home to just...leave behind."
  1083. [16:16:34] <Amaryllis> "Fit for a noble." Ammy begins to open any drawers, curious at their contents. Any books around?
  1084. [16:16:45] <Kaingaskhan> Plenty of bookshelves, mostly jammed with books on... white magic?
  1085. [16:16:54] <@Lenore> "You guys look for the herbs, I'm going to look through the books~"
  1086. [16:17:01] <Kaingaskhan> You notice a particular fixation on the Life spell and its variants.
  1087. [16:17:08] * @Lenore starts skimming through books for anything interesting...
  1088. [16:17:10] <Kaingaskhan> In addition to 'Regen'
  1089. [16:17:13] <@Lenore> "..."
  1090. [16:17:16] <@Lenore> "Oh dear.
  1091. [16:17:18] * Natalie is totally peeking over Ammy's shoulder by this point.
  1092. [16:17:21] <Amaryllis> (Anything on Arise? :O)
  1093. [16:17:28] <Kaingaskhan> Nothing on Arise.
  1094. [16:17:32] <@Lenore> "I...don't like where this man's research was going..."
  1095. [16:17:59] <Natalie> "See?  I TOLD you he was a white mage.  Meaning I could've easily opened the door.  Hmph."
  1096. [16:18:06] <Kaingaskhan> A fractured orange chunk of crystal glows dimly on one table next to what looks like a private journal.
  1097. [16:18:18] * Amaryllis flips each book open to the very front, checking for a name written in one of them.
  1098. [16:18:25] <Amaryllis> Thennn she goes for the journal. Stories :O
  1099. [16:18:27] * @Lenore opens up the journal and starts reading through it.
  1100. [16:18:34] * Theta is quite mesmerized by glowing chunk of crystal.
  1101. [16:18:35] <@Lenore> Or not, because Ammy beat her.
  1102. [16:18:39] <Kaingaskhan> You don't find any names, but the journal seems interesting.
  1103. [16:18:47] <Kaingaskhan> Whoever was living here was researching lifespan extension.
  1104. [16:18:54] * Celina keeps watch.
  1105. [16:18:58] <Kaingaskhan> And they seem to bring up 'black mages' a few times.
  1106. [16:18:58] * @Lenore instead looks over the crystal, then! Lore (Magic) for what it does?
  1107. [16:18:59] <Theta> He picks it up and just starrreees
  1108. [16:19:02] * Natalie snags the books when Ammy's done with them, looking shifty-eyed side-to-side and whispering to herself. "These spells are elementary, of course I already know them..."
  1109. [16:19:24] <Theta> "Just what was it he was researching?"
  1110. [16:19:27] <Kaingaskhan> It's dated from about nine years ago, the earliest entry being just after the Battle of the Iifa Tree.
  1111. [16:19:44] <Amaryllis> "The usual pursuit of reclusive wizards. Immortality, or extended life at the least."
  1112. [16:20:00] <Kaingaskhan> Lenore - roll it
  1113. [16:20:24] <@Lenore> 2d6+4
  1114. [16:20:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=3,3]
  1115. [16:20:33] <Natalie> Flip.  Flipflip.  "Boring."  Flipflipflip.  "Already knew it."  Flip.
  1116. [16:20:46] <Theta> He turns around, still holding the crystal. "Reeaaaallly...may I..?" He gestures toward the journal
  1117. [16:20:55] <Amaryllis> What sort of events are detaiiled in the journal?
  1118. [16:21:00] <Kaingaskhan> You don't know quite what this is, but it seems... alluring somehow. As Theta holds it, it seems incredibly warm.
  1119. [16:21:18] <Amaryllis> "Black mages, as well." Ammy looks up and down at Theta's dress. "Of course."
  1120. [16:22:07] <Kaingaskhan> Ammy - whoever wrote it seems to be fairly secretive with allusions to their identity, but on studying it harder it seems they were trying frantically to research how to extend the lifespan of manufactured beings.
  1121. [16:22:14] <Kaingaskhan> The Black Mages being included among them
  1122. [16:22:25] <Theta> His eyes light up.  "Huh. That is..."
  1123. [16:22:38] <Kaingaskhan> The handwriting is very flowery and elegant.
  1124. [16:22:51] <Natalie> "... Boring."  Nat cuts in by slamming the whtie magic books where they came from and peeks over-shoulders again.
  1125. [16:22:55] <Theta> He coughs.  "I would highly appreciate it if I could hold onto that journal.  It is...relevant to why I am here, I suppose."
  1126. [16:22:56] * Amaryllis hands over the journal. "...You find a particular affinity for this wizard's tales?"
  1127. [16:23:28] <Kaingaskhan> (Let's see... why don't I throw out one particular entry that catches the eye)
  1128. [16:24:01] <Amaryllis> "Curious." Ammy pulls out her own book. "Perhaps, you could tell me your story sometime."
  1129. [16:24:06] * Celina moves on to exploring the other half of the room when the wizardalchemistapothecary fails to show up.
  1130. [16:24:08] <Theta> "His...research, to think it began nine years ago...I am unsure if it simply coincidence or fate to find it here."
  1131. [16:24:16] * Celina HRMPHS.
  1132. [16:24:16] <Natalie> "This is the dwelling of an all-too-typical wizard, it seems.  Is there anything in there about the herb we're searching for?  We don't know if Leviathan will survive through us dawdling around down here, after all."
  1133. [16:25:01] * Amaryllis 's eyes are drilling into Theta's, lit as if infused with some fierce determination, though the rest of her outward appearance is still her usual taciturn self.
  1134. [16:25:42] * Natalie seems to desperately avert Theta after he speaks for some reason, moving to more shelves/drawers/etc and idly raiding them.
  1135. [16:25:58] <Theta> He shrugs. "I am not opposed to it.  It is not as if my missive is a secret one."
  1136. [16:26:10] * @Lenore seems content to take the little glowy stone and staaaare at it. Pretttttyyyyy.
  1137. [16:27:02] <Theta> He starts scimming the journal, letting Lenore toy with the crystal for now.  "Ever since I 'awoke,' I have assisted with the task of trying to find a solution to the lifespan of the black mages."
  1138. [16:27:41] <Amaryllis> "'Awoke'?" She repeats.
  1139. [16:28:40] <Theta> "I was, as I am told, designed with a certain affinity for craftsmanship, so the assignment was suiting to me - oh, of course, uhm..." He looks up, puzzled on how to explain this, dwarves never cared enough to pry!
  1140. [16:28:45] <Kaingaskhan> "August 9th, 1800. Again my efforts prove fruitless. Despite my eyes having been opened I have been unable to remedy the damage. I have little time left I fear. The creation of the Black Mages... was not a mistake, I feel. Their original purpose was, of course, but nothing should be born a tool of war. Once awakened, they live, scared and in a childlike state for roughly a year, before dying,
  1141. [16:28:45] <Kaingaskhan> unable to understand what they've done or atone for it. And my own time runs short even now. Perhaps the secret of longevity died with the creator of the Genomes, Garland. I have a fracture of The Crystal but still I cannot find his memories..."
  1142. [16:29:33] <Theta> (I am just going to assume he didn't read that -quite- yet to keep a train of thought here.)
  1143. [16:31:13] * Amaryllis herself reads on ahead a bit, looking over at the journal as Theta collects his thoughts.
  1144. [16:31:15] <Kaingaskhan> And nearby, one of you does indeed spot a potted plant that seems to match the description of the Dragon's Mane.
  1145. [16:31:30] <Theta> "I assume you are familiar with the mages being constructs.  My kind is not much different.  We were born as soulless constructs, without a sense of self.  Being around the mages...changed that over the years, we all slowly developed one."
  1146. [16:32:04] * Celina was looking for that, so she snatches it :>
  1147. [16:32:18] * Natalie was too. :<
  1148. [16:32:38] <Kaingaskhan> There's also a bit of ramblings about eidolons near the end
  1149. [16:32:43] <Theta> He turns back to the journal "And this jo-" he stumbles on the part above, starts laughing uneasily, and looks to the little orange crystal.  "This is no coincidence indeed..."
  1150. [16:32:51] <Kaingaskhan> The entries stop at roughly June 3rd, 1801
  1151. [16:33:43] <Kaingaskhan> The last entry seems to be a hastily written 'goodbye' that makes little sense other than that sentiment. This was probably meant for someone else's eyes.
  1152. [16:33:44] <Amaryllis> "Genomes...? Garland...? Eidolons." Ammy nods as Theta reads and flips through. "And what of the black mages today? You seek to prolong their story?"
  1153. [16:34:28] <Theta> He turns to Lenore.  "Uhm...that crystal.  It...very well may hold the answers I seek, and much more."
  1154. [16:34:47] <Kaingaskhan> The soft glow in the room begins to dim a moment, and a voice speaks out.
  1155. [16:34:51] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Heroes...
  1156. [16:35:01] <Kaingaskhan> The voice emanates from the chunk of crystal.
  1157. [16:35:05] * Celina turns quickly to look.
  1158. [16:35:20] <Kaingaskhan> The bit of crystal floats into the air, out of Theta's hands.
  1159. [16:35:35] * Natalie does the same, slamming desks shut and closing books and pretending not to have been scavenging, like a good little girl.
  1160. [16:35:53] <Amaryllis> "Yes, that would be us."
  1161. [16:36:29] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Gaia faces eminent danger... Ten years ago, the Crystal that housed this planet's memories was fractured by a foolish, greedy man whose goal it was to destroy all of creation and take it with him to his grave.
  1162. [16:36:45] * @Lenore nearly jumps when the crystal talks, but has calmed down by now.
  1163. [16:36:48] * Theta stares at the floaty speaky crystal chunk in complete wonder as it 'speaks'.
  1164. [16:37:16] <Theta> "Kuja."
  1165. [16:37:18] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Though he did not succeed, the damage has slowly begun to cause chaos that threatens to once again engulf this world in darkness and war.
  1166. [16:37:31] <Natalie> "Oh my, this IS a story.  Amaryllis, I do hope you plan to record it."
  1167. [16:37:54] <Celina> "Ssssssssh!"
  1168. [16:38:00] * Natalie sticks her tongue out.
  1169. [16:39:23] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0This planet is rapidly merging further with Terra, the birthplace of the Genomes... the destroyed world's ruins seek to prolong themselves by inserting themselves further into this world... and the first eidolon may awaken, bringing ruin to all...
  1170. [16:39:57] <@Lenore> "The first?  Oh...that's..."
  1171. [16:40:08] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0But you, warriors of light, can prevent this and vanquish the darkness forevermore...
  1172. [16:40:34] <Natalie> "How overdramatic.  I'm sure this message was recorded to play for anybody."
  1173. [16:40:39] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Seek the crystal shards, scattered across this world, and bring them together once more.
  1174. [16:40:49] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0You are wrong, child.
  1175. [16:40:54] <Natalie> "... Oh, oops."
  1176. [16:41:02] * Natalie waves the crystal off. "D-Don't mind me."
  1177. [16:41:12] <Celina> "And that's why we stay quiet when strange magic things are talking."
  1178. [16:41:15] <Theta> (Oh, would the architecture of this place have been oddly familiar to Theta then?)
  1179. [16:41:20] <Celina> "Please, continue."
  1180. [16:41:24] <Kaingaskhan> Very vaguely!
  1181. [16:41:56] <@Lenore> "Crystal shards..."  Something seems to light up in her, a smile forming on her face and her eyes opening juuuust a bit wider!
  1182. [16:41:58] <Amaryllis> "Who would be the architect of such destruction?"
  1183. [16:42:16] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0The first eidolon... Chaos...
  1184. [16:42:43] <@Lenore> "...exactly what I thought..."
  1185. [16:43:15] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0A faint memory that will surely be revived by the damage the Crystal has taken.
  1186. [16:44:25] <Natalie> "And who exactly is speaking to us now?  Why should we trust these words?"
  1187. [16:44:55] * Amaryllis gently takes the journal from Theta again and flips to the bits about Eidolons. Anything on Chaos or anything else of interest?
  1188. [16:45:24] <Kaingaskhan> You don't find anything.
  1189. [16:45:43] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Those you have known and that have died. Those who you have not known and whose memory yet yearns for remedy to this.
  1190. [16:45:53] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0We are the memory of this planet.
  1191. [16:46:09] * @Lenore 's smile gets even wider~
  1192. [16:46:09] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0What little is contained within this piece of crystal...
  1193. [16:47:17] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0If you cannot trust our words, young Natalie, then seek Carbuncle. Surely there you will find truth.
  1194. [16:47:24] <Natalie> "You're awfully coherent for multiple voices merged into one.  But no matter, we DO have a task to attend-"
  1195. [16:47:32] <Natalie> "... I'm leaving."
  1196. [16:47:34] <Amaryllis> "You know us?"
  1197. [16:47:35] * Natalie exits.
  1198. [16:48:15] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Some better than others. The records of these memories are incomplete.
  1199. [16:48:18] <Amaryllis> "Milady." Ammy watches Nat exit then returns her gaze to the crystal.
  1200. [16:49:42] <Amaryllis> "Then what do you know of the remaining gathered here? Why choose us for this task?"
  1201. [16:50:02] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Because you have the spirit of heroes.
  1202. [16:50:33] * Theta simply nods at the crystal. "If it must be so, then this is a task I shall accept."
  1203. [16:51:12] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0The Forgotten Continent calls...
  1204. [16:51:22] <Amaryllis> "A hero's spirit is merely something woven into tales."
  1205. [16:51:35] <Amaryllis> "Heroes are just people, present at momentous moments."
  1206. [16:52:00] <@Lenore> "Would you call what happened earlier with Leviathan momentous?"
  1207. [16:52:38] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Nevertheless, you are the ones who can avert this dark fate.
  1208. [16:53:28] <Celina> "A heavy burden to bear, to be certain."
  1209. [16:53:42] <Kaingaskhan> 7,0Soldier onward, brave ones, or this world is doomed...
  1210. [16:53:51] <Kaingaskhan> The crystal's glow dims and it grows silent.
  1211. [16:54:15] * @Lenore stares at it now. "Awww, I was gonna' ask some questions, but that should probably wait until later anyway~."
  1212. [16:54:38] * Theta stares at the crystal for a bit more before storing it away. "This is...much more than I was sent here for indeed."
  1213. [16:54:44] <Celina> "Take it with you, but I doubt it'll tell you more."
  1214. [16:54:55] * Amaryllis silently hands the journal back to Theta then exits the room to find Nat.
  1215. [16:55:04] <Theta> "Never the less, if this is what is required of me then so be it."
  1216. [16:55:20] <@Lenore> "
  1217. [16:55:24] <@Lenore> (dammit enter)
  1218. [16:55:41] <@Lenore> "I have some personal stake in collecting crystals, so I'm all up for doing this!"
  1219. [16:56:20] * Natalie is of course tapping her foot outside, somewhere where the water isn't ankle-deep, but looks pretty groggy in the task.
  1220. [16:56:27] <Theta> Theta continues to study the journal a little more before pocketing it.  "...I suppose this means study on my prototype model is now defunct.  Hrm."
  1221. [16:57:28] <Celina> 2d6+2 Speaking of this chaos guy, do I know anything about him
  1222. [16:57:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, Speaking of this chaos guy, do I know anything about him: 10 [2d6=4,4]
  1223. [17:00:42] <@Lenore> "Well, honestly, it's the first time I've heard it named, really."
  1224. [17:02:31] <@Lenore> "But the reason I'm I was hoping to find obscure Black Magics.  They didn't really have any of that in the library, though.  However, the crystals store the memory of the planet and the souls on it, right?  So that would mean that one of those souls might hold the knowledge I seek~."
  1225. [17:03:47] <Natalie> "... Nnn.  I just didn't feel well."  Apparently nobody else is around outside?
  1226. [17:04:00] <Celina> "Well, whatever reason, I suppose."
  1227. [17:04:05] <Kaingaskhan> Not after Theta called Mookapa over
  1228. [17:04:12] <Celina> "As for myself...Well, perhaps it is something that needs to be done."
  1229. [17:04:39] <Natalie> "Hopefully they won't waste more time.  We need to get back."
  1230. [17:04:42] <Amaryllis> "It does not sound as if we can refuse. Or should."
  1231. [17:05:24] <@Lenore> "Anyway~"  She starts walking out of the little abode, towards Nammy.  "Mistress Azure, could I get my towel back?"
  1232. [17:05:27] <Theta> "When was the last a mail courier came by here with deliveries for you?  I have something I would need delivered myself."
  1233. [17:05:59] <Theta> "Curious where they would have headed."
  1234. [17:06:09] <Natalie> "Oh..."  As Lenore comes out, Nat's wearing a friendly, solemn look, but it turns back into a haughty noble princess smug grin within seconds.  "S-Sure, take it.  I appreciate it."
  1235. [17:06:31] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Artimecion's gone missing, kupo, or I wouldn't have had to ask the nice Nezumi-lady to deliver my letter for me, kupo." he sighs. "I wonder if everything's okay at Mognet, kupo..."
  1236. [17:06:38] * Celina takes one last moment to look through everything before she goes to catch up.
  1237. [17:06:45] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Artimecion is the Mognet postmaster, by the way, kupo."
  1238. [17:06:46] <Natalie> "Do get the others to hurry, would you?  We've kept Leviathan waiting long enough."
  1239. [17:07:12] * @Lenore takes the towel, shaking it a few times to get some of the wetness and mud out. She'll need to wash it later. She then bundles it up and puts it in her hat~.
  1240. [17:07:13] * Natalie gives Ammy a long, hard look.
  1241. [17:07:19] <Amaryllis> "Mognet is imperiled?"
  1242. [17:07:56] <Theta> "Hm.  I see.  This will have to wait for later then..." he pockets the letter for now.  
  1243. [17:08:31] * Amaryllis looks back to Natalie, with a blank expression.
  1244. [17:08:47] * Celina finally catches up with the others. "Shall we?"
  1245. [17:08:48] * Natalie looks even harder. It's a sharp, serious expression.
  1246. [17:08:59] <Kaingaskhan> Mookapa: "Yes, kupo..."
  1247. [17:09:04] <Natalie> "Yes, let's."
  1248. [17:09:13] <Theta> Theta gives the house one last looking over before following along.  ""
  1249. [17:09:35] * Celina leads the way, still carefully carrying the plant!
  1250. [17:09:38] * @Lenore trails behind Theta for some reason...intently looking at his back.
  1251. [17:09:44] * Amaryllis nods and follows. "Did the crystal speak more?"
  1252. [17:10:12] <Theta> "It has not; whatever message it was to instill with us, that was the conclusion of it for now."
  1253. [17:11:40] * Natalie marches along haughtily. "Did you leave it there?"
  1254. [17:12:05] <Theta> "What? Of course not, it's right here." He pulls it out of a pocket.
  1255. [17:12:29] <Natalie> "I... I see.  N-No reason, I was just curious."
  1256. [17:12:30] * @Lenore still following directly behind Theta. "Hmmmm, c'mooon...."
  1257. [17:12:33] * Natalie walks faster.
  1258. [17:12:57] * Theta looks back. "Hm?"
  1259. [17:13:10] <Celina> "Would you care for Miss Amaryllis to tell you what you missed?"
  1260. [17:13:24] * @Lenore nearly jumps with Theta looks behind himself. "A-ah! I just um..."
  1261. [17:13:32] <@Lenore> "...wanted to see if I could..."
  1262. [17:13:38] * Amaryllis lags behind with Theta for a bit. "I would like to see the crystal sometime. If it has the memories of the planet, it would have much to add to my story collection, generations of tales, if I could coax it to speak again."
  1263. [17:13:56] <@Lenore> "1,1...get a glimpse of your...tail."
  1264. [17:14:02] <Natalie> "Silence.  I don't have the slightest care in the world for what I 'missed.'"
  1265. [17:15:07] <Celina> "Of course, of course."
  1266. [17:15:20] <Theta> He nods and offers the crystal to Amaryllis.  "I guess we all have our own needs for it, after all.  No point in hoarding it, especially since it appears this one does not have what I need." And then a head tilt at Lenore.
  1267. [17:15:20] <Celina> "Resposibility is such a hard thing for the nobility to grasp."
  1268. [17:15:47] <Natalie> "I ORDERED you to silence yourself.  Pay more attention to what you're carrying, lest you drop it and ruin the mission for all of us."
  1269. [17:15:49] <@Lenore> "F-forget I asked..."  She blushes.
  1270. [17:16:30] <Theta> He shrugs and takes the overcoat off, sure is a tail.  "Is it really that odd?"
  1271. [17:16:38] * Amaryllis stares into it, gazing at her reflection and tilting her head as she walks. "Have you the means to speak again?"
  1272. [17:16:46] <Kaingaskhan> There's no response.
  1273. [17:16:51] * Natalie walks much faster.
  1274. [17:18:21] <Amaryllis> "Later, perhaps." Ammy continues onward, with a quick gaze at the ThetaLenore charades.
  1275. [17:18:22] <@Lenore> "...ah!  It's..."  She stares at it like a child would look at a new toy.  " cute."  She shakes her head, her expression back to normal, although normal for Lenore is pretty goofy anyway.  "Y-you can put your coat back on, now."  She starts walking more hurriedly, a blush on her cheeks, trying to catch up to Nat now.
  1276. [17:19:22] <Celina> "I can walk and talk at the same time, Miss Natalie. Perhaps the countless centuries of higher breeding that produced you have left you unable to do the same?"
  1277. [17:19:32] * Celina all but skips along.
  1278. [17:19:58] <Theta> He seems extremely confused by this behavior, puts the coat back on.  "I will profess my knowledge of your race's culture and ways is largely from plays and tales.  So my apologies at any misconceptions."
  1279. [17:20:20] * Natalie stomps ahead of the group. "How many TIMES must I repeat myself? I'm already worried Leviathan will catch something from you being the one carrying it- rats are unsanitary, after all."
  1280. [17:20:51] <Kaingaskhan> (Man they're going to murder each other at this rate)
  1281. [17:20:54] <Theta> "Which is admittedly the actual primary reason for my missive, to learn such things on behalf of the village. 'catch us up' to the rest of the world, in a sense."
  1282. [17:21:01] <Natalie> (I love it)
  1283. [17:21:17] <Celina> "No less sanitary than yourself, Miss Natalie. Some of us didn't take a break to wallow in the mud."
  1284. [17:21:54] <Natalie> "I've had enough of this."  Nat just speeds up.
  1285. [17:22:09] * Celina shakes her head and continues along.
  1286. [17:22:15] * Amaryllis slows down at hearing the argument, falling back to Theta and Lenore. "...The good lady will forgive me if I clean up one fewer mess of hers today." She turns to Theta. "Do you plan on visiting your village again soon?"
  1287. [17:23:20] <Celina> "Oh, Miss Lenore."
  1288. [17:23:36] <Celina> "The crystal said we should seek out a thing called Carbuncle next."
  1289. [17:23:39] <Celina> "What do you know of it?
  1290. [17:23:41] <Celina> "
  1291. [17:23:44] <Theta> "Well, the intention was for me to mail my reports back via Mognet.  But that seems to be on hold for now.  And the...situation has changed."
  1292. [17:23:47] * @Lenore nods along to what Theta is saying. "Ah, so you have yet to learn human social mores? That's...understandable, I think I might be a bit off on them t-" She jumps, almost embarrassed. "Um..."
  1293. [17:23:53] <@Lenore> 2d6+4 Magic Lore
  1294. [17:23:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Magic Lore: 11 [2d6=4,3]
  1295. [17:24:43] <@Lenore> (Kaaain, how much does she know? :3)
  1296. [17:25:00] <Kaingaskhan> (About)
  1297. [17:25:05] <Kaingaskhan> ?
  1298. [17:25:07] <@Lenore> (Carbuncle)
  1299. [17:25:36] * Natalie walks far ahead of the rest of the group by this point, ignoring them entirely.
  1300. [17:25:40] <Kaingaskhan> (With lore magic)
  1301. [17:25:49] <Kaingaskhan> (You know Carbuncle is an eidolon that casts Reflect)
  1302. [17:26:00] <Kaingaskhan> (Lore Esper is its own thing)
  1303. [17:26:12] <@Lenore> "He's an Eidolon that casts reflective magic..."
  1304. [17:26:34] <@Lenore> "...'it' would be a bit more accurate, I think."
  1305. [17:26:35] <Kaingaskhan> (Also the crystal didn't suggest you all search for carbuncle)
  1306. [17:26:48] <Kaingaskhan> (that was more to Nat
  1307. [17:27:00] <Celina> 2d6+2 okay then lore esper V:
  1308. [17:27:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, okay then lore esper V:: 5 [2d6=1,2]
  1309. [17:27:07] <Celina> herp derp what am carbuncles
  1310. [17:27:14] <Celina> (also >letting Nat wander around on her own)
  1311. [17:27:18] <Theta> "Welll not just social studies.  Science, history, economics...pretty much everything."
  1312. [17:27:20] <@Lenore> "But that's more for Miss Azure than us as a"
  1313. [17:27:29] <Kaingaskhan> (This was the crystal's hint on what to do next)
  1314. [17:27:32] <Kaingaskhan> (<Kaingaskhan> The Forgotten Continent calls...)
  1315. [17:27:43] <Amaryllis> "I would like to visit sometime." Ammy moves to allow Lenore and Celina space to talk, moving towards Theta. "The world has many tales of what transpired during the war, but I fear that the truth may be lost as the Mist was, to time."
  1316. [17:27:46] <Celina> "Miss Azure couldn't adventure her way out of a wet sack without assistance."
  1317. [17:27:53] * Natalie slows down. "A-HEM. Have you bickered enough?"
  1318. [17:28:06] <Theta> "Which would explain why they chose to send me here...hrm."
  1319. [17:28:21] <@Lenore> "She technically DID, Celina.  What do you call a wet dress?"
  1320. [17:28:44] <Celina> "Oh, she didn't call for Miss Amaryllis's help?"
  1321. [17:29:07] <Natalie> "Y-You, too!  I order you both to remain SILENT until we reach the surface."
  1322. [17:29:27] <Natalie> "I've heard enough voices to give me a headache."
  1323. [17:30:25] <Kaingaskhan> It's easy enough getting back out of the caverns. Mookapa bids you all goodbye, for now.
  1324. [17:30:37] <@Lenore> She starts whispering at mention of a headache.  "Would you please be a bit more considerate?  I'm pretty sure I'm just as bad off as her, personally, it's just that i had the fortune to prepare many supplies, and she had a skilled companion."
  1325. [17:30:44] <Kaingaskhan> Back in Daguerreo, the staircase retracts up behind you all.
  1326. [17:30:50] * Natalie only waves to the moogle when nobody's looking.
  1327. [17:30:57] * Amaryllis turns at her name's mention, but only briefly and with a sigh.
  1328. [17:31:15] <Theta> "The...war?  I profess I do not remember much of it myself.  But you may have better luck asking our mayor."
  1329. [17:31:17] <Natalie> And how's our pal Levvy doing?
  1330. [17:31:18] <Kaingaskhan> It seems Leviathan is being badgered by a bunch of scholars now, and it's refusing to answer questions, just baring its fangs and trying to scare the annoying bookworms off. Sheez, can't an eidolon bleed in peace?
  1331. 01[17:31:30] <Natalie> "A-HEM."
  1332. [17:31:35] <Amaryllis> "Theta perhaps we should work out an exchange of tales." Ammy stares at the scene.
  1333. [17:31:52] <Natalie> "Move aside!  Go study elsewhere.  Yes, yes, let us through, we have something important."
  1334. [17:31:53] <Kaingaskhan> The group breaks up quickly when they see you come back.
  1335. [17:31:57] <Celina> "Oracle Kildea!"
  1336. [17:32:00] <Amaryllis> "Oh bloody hell..." She approaches the scholars, muttering.
  1337. [17:32:00] <Celina> "We've found it."
  1338. [17:32:11] <@Lenore> "Speaking of..." After getting out of the caverns, she takes the lantern off her hat and puts it out, then returns it to her hat.
  1339. [17:32:30] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea stands nearby the eidolon still. "You have? Wonderful, I'll prepare a poltice immediately."
  1340. [17:32:35] <Kaingaskhan> She walks over to take the plant.
  1341. [17:32:51] * Celina hands it over.
  1342. [17:33:02] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan visibly relaxes. "I owe you my gratitude."
  1343. [17:33:11] <Kaingaskhan> The oracle take it and hurries off.
  1344. [17:33:26] <Natalie> "We COULD have been earlier than we were, but I see I worried for nothing.  How fortunate."
  1345. [17:33:37] * Amaryllis walks past the departing scholars and holds out the chunk of crystal in front of Leviathan, her curious gaze fixed on its face.
  1346. [17:33:46] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "This is..."
  1347. [17:33:51] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "The Crystal..."
  1348. [17:34:03] * Amaryllis nods.
  1349. [17:34:08] * Natalie approaches next to Ammy and stands in place. She's like, a whole foot shorter too.
  1350. [17:34:15] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "We eidolons were born from it, as the Crystal's guardians."
  1351. [17:34:16] * Theta finds a place to sit, close by, however, takes out his notebook and gets to recording a few things as the others converse.
  1352. [17:34:44] * Celina stays pretty far back. EIDOLONS.
  1353. [17:34:52] * @Lenore finds a comfortable spot and sits, locking eyes with Leviathan and nodding as it talks.
  1354. [17:35:09] <Amaryllis> "It spoke to us. Perhaps it would speak to you as well."
  1355. [17:35:10] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "To think you found a piece of it below this city..."
  1356. 01[17:35:13] <Natalie> "I think you'd best save your strength until the medicine is completed.  I feel we have plenty to talk about."
  1357. [17:35:35] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "I agree with the girl. There will be time for talking."
  1358. [17:35:43] <Celina> (brb foods)
  1359. [17:35:49] <Theta> "Hrm....I suppose given the situation research on the MB019 is not totally unwarrented..." scribble scribble.
  1360. [17:37:22] <Natalie> "Will you be able to relocate yourself once it's done?  This place is FAR too public."
  1361. [17:37:39] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "For now, I will rest and let the oracle's medicine do its job. What terrible wounds... the weapon that creature used, it was made to create wounds like this in our kind. And yes, I can."
  1362. [17:38:05] <Amaryllis> "A weapon designed for slaying Eidolons?"
  1363. [17:38:29] <Natalie> "Good.  I'll wait until then.  For now, I think a nap is in order."  She flicks her bangs up while staring at the eidolon before turning around and walking the other direction.
  1364. [17:38:52] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "Correct. And if I were to die with the crystal in its state, there would be no guarantee that I would be reborn as the legends often are."
  1365. [17:39:20] <@Lenore> "I need a baaaaath~!"  She gets up, steeetching her arms, then goes after Nat. "Hey, Azure, do they have good baths where you're going?"
  1366. [17:39:56] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "The Crystal is far more important than one might realize... it pains me that most mortals have never even heard of it."
  1367. [17:40:06] <Natalie> "... It's been a while since I've had a bath deserving of my title, but I'd certainly hope so."
  1368. [17:40:21] <Kaingaskhan> It relaxes more as Kildea returns with a greenish colored paste, and begins smearing it on the dragon's wounds after removing the bandages.
  1369. [17:40:36] <@Lenore> "I need one from all that muddy water!  And you do too!  And a good change of clothes would be nice..."
  1370. [17:40:46] * Natalie doesn't look at Lenore's eyes while speaking, by the by.
  1371. [17:40:59] <Natalie> "Y... Yes, that's a good idea."
  1372. [17:41:10] * Amaryllis nods and stares down disappointedly at the still silent crystal. "So even the oldest tales and legends may die."
  1373. [17:42:06] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "Yes. But there is hope, as long as the Crystal may be restored."
  1374. [17:42:56] <@Lenore> "  Something bothering Her Azure Highness?"
  1375. [17:43:14] <Amaryllis> "Why are Gaia's Eidolons not working at this task then? Do they not fear such final death?"
  1376. [17:43:16] <Natalie> "Absolutely not!  I'm just a bit exhausted, as all."
  1377. [17:43:26] <Natalie> -as +is
  1378. [17:44:19] <Theta> Theta meanwhile has already found his stack of books from earlier, with several new additions.  A sigh, a pleasant one.  "What an incredible day."
  1379. [17:44:22] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "Some are. Some care little. Others are still bound in service to the last remnants of the summoners and cannot act for long without their consent. And some further still are damaged as the Crystal was."
  1380. [17:44:57] <@Lenore> "As am I!  I need a break~"
  1381. [17:45:06] <Amaryllis> " you are? And your summoner would not have you work toward this task as well?"
  1382. [17:45:36] <Kaingaskhan> "My summoner is troubled as of late. And without her horn, she has no way of communicating with us without summoning us directly."
  1383. [17:47:37] <Natalie> "I..." Notably she hasn't stopped eavesdropping on the others, but still keeps Lenore occupied.  "I do want to say that, unlike a certain rodent, having the assistance of your magic was appreciated."
  1384. [17:48:14] <Amaryllis> "Troubled." Ammy repeats and nods understandingly. "The wounds of the war still bleed fresh for many. Could I come back later, perhaps late tonight, and request of you tales of ages past? Once you have recovered of course."
  1385. [17:48:18] <Natalie> "Not that my servant and I COULDN'T have defeated those beasts and made it back by ourselves, but it was less trouble than otherwise."
  1386. [17:48:56] <Celina> "I would accompany you, Miss Amaryllis."
  1387. [17:49:33] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "I will speak with those of you who will come."
  1388. [17:49:44] <@Lenore> "Thank you!  I've trained all my life, I'd hope my magic would be useful."
  1389. [17:49:57] <Natalie> "Do be mindful," Nat turns around, "of others' privacy.  Especially after he's been pestered so much today, I'm SURE he would prefer to be spoken to one-at-a-time."
  1390. [17:49:58] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "Come to the lower shores tonight. I will be found there."
  1391. [17:50:25] <Amaryllis> "Your tales as well, if that is not too much to ask." Ammy nods to Celina. "Word of Cleyra spread quickly, but Lindblum had its own troubles. The work of archiving stories can fall to the wayside in the wake of catastrophe."
  1392. [17:50:49] <Natalie> "I, at the very least, would prefer to speak individually.  The others can do as they please on their own time."
  1393. [17:51:39] <Celina> "You assume that Eidolons themselves are at your beck and call, Miss Natalie? I had not noticed your summoner's horn, forgive me."
  1394. [17:51:52] <@Lenore> "One-on-one talk with..." She yawns. "Leviathan?  That's a little...scary..." Her eyes start drooping a bit.
  1395. [17:53:02] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "I owe all of you my life. If that is what she wishes I will not deny her such a simple request."
  1396. [17:53:23] <Natalie> "Oh, I should be the one apologizing, I must have forgotten when I gave you permission to belittle me in public."
  1397. [17:53:56] * @Lenore slumps against a wall, right near Nat, and starts falling asleep while on the wall. Zzzzzz.
  1398. [17:54:07] * Natalie hmphs and turns around. "No matter his appearance, I trust Leviathan to be a peaceful creature. I thank you and bid you good day."
  1399. [17:54:15] <Amaryllis> "Milady, Leviathan hardly deserves to hear this bickering." Ammy sighs.
  1400. [17:54:29] <Celina> "I am not an Eidolon, Summoner Natalie - Ah, but you are correct, Miss Amaryllis. Forgive me."
  1401. [17:54:33] <Natalie> "Of course.  That's why I'll speak later."
  1402. [17:54:53] <Natalie> "I hope I never have to see your disease-ridden face again, Rodent."
  1403. [17:54:55] <Natalie> STOMP STOMP STOMP.
  1404. [17:55:38] * @Lenore doens't stay asleep long though, because everyone's having a shouting match. She sees Nat stomping off and starts running after. "Wait for me! I want a bed and bath too!"
  1405. [17:55:39] <Celina> "Well."
  1406. [17:56:04] <Celina> "There are some things I must discuss with Oracle Kildea, so if you will kindly excuse me..."
  1407. [17:56:05] <Natalie> Presumably Nammy arranged a place to stay already!  ... Maybe.
  1408. [17:56:14] * Celina gives Amaryllis a little nod and jumps off.
  1409. [17:56:18] <Kaingaskhan> Leviathan: "Good day."
  1410. [17:56:23] <Kaingaskhan> Speaking of
  1411. [17:56:30] <Kaingaskhan> Oracle Kildea didn't use all of the dragon's mane
  1412. [17:56:36] <Kaingaskhan> You get one dose of it as a component
  1413. [17:56:47] <Celina> yaaay
  1414. [17:56:47] <Natalie> inb4 synthesis tutorial
  1415. [17:56:57] * Amaryllis nods back to Celina, then gives a curt wave to Leviathan as well.
  1416. [17:57:08] <Kaingaskhan> aaaand </session> presumably
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