Dragon Bully NTR

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  1. >be a high school teacher
  2. >have to deal with delinquent dragon monster girl bully
  3. >always harasses the other students, homework is turned in burnt, and she sharpens her claws in class...with an axle grinder
  4. >have to put up with this bullshit
  5. >one day receive a letter of recommendation for a prestigious university from dragon girl bully
  6. >remember that the quiet human student in the class also applied for the same prestigious university as well
  7. >what was his name? Anon?
  8. >Notice that dragon girl bully has been bullying Anon more and more often
  9. >she gets surprisingly defensive for him when the other bullies try to pick on him
  10. >connect the dots and formulate a plan
  11. >time to get back at dragon monster girl for her endless impudence
  12. >call her into office one day after school, saying its about her recommendation letter
  13. >Dragon girl bully strides in, headphones in ears and chewing some sort of dried meat
  14. >”Whats going on old man? If your’re done with that letter you could have just saved it for tomorrow. I got places to be right now.”
  15. >Eyebrow twitches at her impudent tone, no matter, that was all about to change
  16. >Calmly inform her that giving her a positive recommendation letter would be impossible
  17. >her grades were nowhere near close to the requirements and neither was her behavioral record
  18. >she’s about to protest but managed to quickly raise a hand and cut her off
  19. >Of course, there are ways to…circumnavigate this issue
  20. >Favors can be repaid with favors
  23. >Dragon bully’s raises an eyebrow questioningly before it sinks in of what was going on
  24. >surprisingly, she begins to laugh      
  25. >”What? You think you could extort me like that? I know all about you lecherous old farts. Its why I had this recording in my pocket the entire time!”
  26. >dragon bully pulls out a cell phone, obviously recording audio
  27. >oh shit
  28. >maintain cool and switch to plan B
  29. >pull out another form
  30. >It’s a Disciplinary Referral Form
  31. >One of these was enough to send any student packing from the school
  32. >dawn of what was being said only makes dragon bully angrier, she’s flaring actual fire form her nose now
  33. >Not to worry, this wasn’t for her, but Anon
  34. >Dragon bully suddenly freezes as she contemplates those words
  35. >”You lie…”
  36. >It wouldn’t be hard. It’d be easy to pin something on the kid
  37. >besides, nobody would believe a delinquent like her over a respectable, tenured teacher
  38. >try to get her to look on the bright side
  39. >with a good recommendation letter, Dragon bully would be able to attend the same university as quiet Anon kid
  40. >words begin to sink into Dragon bully as she tries take it all in
  41. >remind her that it’ll be quick, and no one will be none the wiser
  42. >dragon bully sinks back down into the chair, clutching her head
  43. >she suddenly looks up, full of anger and leering defiantly
  44. >”You’ll leave Anon out of this, you hear me?”
  45. >of course, but lets start by handing over that phone
  46. >Dragon bully hesitates before handing the phone over
  47. >have to tug it out of her clawed hand
  48. >find the audio file and manage to delete it
  51. >time to move to phase 2
  52. >get up from behind the desk and make sure the door is locked
  53. >satisfied that it was, order dragon bully to stand up and lean against the desk
  54. >she’s hesitant and slow, but she manages to put her clawed hands on the desk and leans on it, her sharp fingers digging into the soft wood
  55. >sidle up behind her and slide my hand up her thigh
  56. >whether she was shivering out of nervousness or in anger, it was impossible to tell  
  57. >slowly lift her skirt up to reveal orange panties, surprisingly tame
  58. >pressed my now hard dick against her ass
  59. >even through the pants, I could already feel how firm and toned it was
  60. >dragon bully only gritted her teeth as I began to gyrate behind her
  61. >she visibly flinched at the sound of the zipper becoming undone, and soon a penis was gliding between the mounds her panties, already soaking with precum
  62. >slowly work my hands into her shirt and underneath her bra, homing in on her nipples and giving them a light tweak
  63. >she let out a yelp at the sudden sensation, but quickly shut her mouth and maintained a resolute expression
  64. >No matter, now it was time for phase 3
  67. >slowly push her down atop the desk, pushing her tail aside in the process
  68. >a tug removed her panties to reveal a soaked pussy, just ripe for the taking
  69. >dragon bully suddenly decides to speak up
  70. >”You got a condom right?” her voice trembling
  71. >’Of course’, I lie
  72. >play with her a bit more by rubbing the tip of my dick along her entrance
  73. >she wordless gapes her mouth, obviously unfamiliar with the sensation
  74. >I don’t give her time to enjoy it as I abruptly penetrated into her
  75. >She practically yells out, her whole body convulsing
  76. >she’s incredibly tight, her walls trying to conform around my dick
  77. >dragon bully is clawing at the desk now, trying to hold onto something
  78. >place one hand on her shoulder and wrap the other into her hair and proceed to thrust into her
  79. >the sound our bodies colliding into each other begins to fill the room, only to be drowned out by her grunting with every thrust
  80. >didn’t have to worry about anyone overhearing, as this was a remote office
  81. >to  my delight, dragon bully started to plead with me
  82. >”Wait…unf…unf…slow down…unf…to rough… ah!” she said between thrusts
  83. >That of course, only made me go faster as I grabbed her hips and began to pound into her
  84. >The added forcefulness only sent me over the edge as I pumped her full of my seed
  85. >Dragon bully threw her head back as her belly accepted the hot ropey spunk
  86. >she collapsed on top of the desk as I pulled out, the white jizz beginning to ooze out of her and drop to the floor as  she drooled on my desk out of exhaustion
  87. >wipe the juice coating me dick off on her butt checks
  88. >the thin smears of blood only confirmed my suspicions of her once being a virgin
  89. >pull my pants up and look a tad bit presentful as picked up the Recommendation letter, promising a stunning review for her
  90. >Tell her to clean up as well, seeing as she made most of the mess
  91. >closed the door and left a disoriented dragon bully girl butt naked, and filled with cum atop my desk
  93. >the next week
  94. >conversing with English teacher
  95. >”I cant believe who well Dragon bully is behaving now. Not once did she decide to light another students hair on fire during class today!”
  96. >Shrug shoulders
  97. >Dragon bully only seems more quite in class, avoiding eye contact
  98. >notice that she has been spending more time with that one Anon kid, even sometimes forgoing to bully him
  99. >notice English teacher is looking over some sort of document
  100. >”Oh this? It’s an application for a Scholarship for Dragon bully. Why, do you want to fill it out?”
  101. >suppress a smile
  102. >Why yes, I’d love to fill it out
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