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  1. Touka: We're going on a trip soon. Did you get your@swimsuit ready?
  2. Nemu: Ah, yes... I bought it with my mom...
  3. Touka: Oh, with your mother? Isn't that nice?
  4. Nemu: Not really...
  5. Touka: What? You're so shy, just try it on for a second.
  6. Touka: ...Oh, but of course...there's no way you@brought your swimsuit here.
  7. Nemu: No, I brought it. I carried it around...
  8. Touka: You must really like it!
  9. Nemu: Whether I do or not, I'm still embarrassed@to wear it...
  10. Touka: If you're embarrassed here, you'll be even@more embarrassed at the beach, you know?
  11. Touka: There'll be so many people!
  12. Nemu: ...Everyone wears swimsuits at the beach.
  13. Nemu: But if I'm the only one in a swimsuit while@you're wearing clothes...
  14. Nemu: I can't... it's too embarrassing...
  15. Touka: In that case, you won't complain if I wear a@swimsuit too, right?
  16. Nemu: What...?
  17. Nemu: (I've lost the argument...)
  18. Touka: Nemu? Are you ready? Then, let’s do it!
  19. Touka: Ta-da!
  20. Nemu: I-I'm not so sure about this...
  21. Nemu: You seem like a very ladylike girl... And yet,@I’m...
  22. Touka: You're so cute!
  23. Nemu: Is that what you really think?
  24. Touka: Yeah! And it looks really good on you!
  25. Touka: Your mother really knows her stuff!
  26. Nemu: Well, she does this sort of thing for a living.
  27. Touka: If you'd just chosen it yourself, it wouldn't@have turned out so good.
  28. Nemu: I can't just overlook that... You think I@have no taste...?
  29. Nemu: That's just rude.
  30. Nemu: I made the final decision, so it's not like@I don't have any sense...
  31. Touka: What about that hat?
  32. Nemu: My mom...said it was to protect me from@heat stroke and sunburn.
  33. Touka: And the hoodie?
  34. Nemu: My mom...said it's better than wearing only a@swimsuit, because I’d get cold...
  35. Touka: I guess your mother knows you better than@yourself.
  36. Nemu: Guh...
  37. Touka: Now, aren't you going to get changed?
  38. Nemu: Ah, yes.
  39. Nemu: (But there's a big mirror...)
  40. Nemu: *Chuckle*
  41. Nemu: *Chuckle*
  42. Touka: Hey, hurry up and get dressed.
  43. Nemu: [chara:101450:effect_emotion_surprise_0][se:7226_shock]Touka?!
  44. Touka: [chara:100701:effect_emotion_joy_0][se:7222_happy]It looks like you're having fun.
  45. Nemu: ...?![wait:1.0][chara:101450:motion_0][chara:101450:lipSynch_1] Th-that’s not true...
  46. Nemu: You know, it wouldn't look good if we were@standing still for the souvenir photo.
  47. Touka: You're having so much fun that you're worried@about how you're going to look in the photo!
  48. Nemu: ...Kuh, letting you read my heart is the@greatest failure of my life.
  49. Touka: Nyaaah! You’re making fun of me!
  50. Nemu: Well, all's not like I can fool you.
  51. Nemu: Can you stop laughing and listen?
  52. Touka: *Giggle* I'm not laughing at you!
  53. Nemu: I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm uncharacteristically giddy.
  54. Touka: Do you love the ocean?
  55. Nemu: I don't know...but probably not. I've never@longed for the sea.
  56. Nemu: This elation I'm feeling right now is nothing@like that.
  57. Nemu: It's the realization that I can do something@that I've never been able to do before.
  58. Nemu: That realization is making my heart and body@flutter...
  59. Touka: *Giggle* You sound a bit like an athlete.
  60. Touka: Come to think of it, your family is very athletic.
  61. Touka: I wonder if you really are...
  62. Nemu: Well...if I had been born in a healthy body...
  63. Nemu: I might have been an athlete, as well...@It's a life that could have been.
  64. Nemu: And now, I've got the body that could have been.
  65. Nemu: The mission as Magius is important, but...
  66. Nemu: That's just the beginning.
  67. Nemu: Just as important to me, I want to use this@body to experience the wide world.
  68. Nemu: With this body and these legs, I'm going to@travel to various places.
  69. Nemu: I’ll run about all kinds of places.
  70. Touka: And the ocean is the first step, right?
  71. Nemu: Yes!
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