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  3. Striker (+1 Damage, Reroll 1s on Overcharge Dice)
  4. Guardian (+2 Resolve, +1 on Resist, +6 Passive Defense)
  5. Tactician (+1 Support, +1 Sig Attack, Int Scan [Learn how wounded enemy is])
  8. Once per battle, takes 1 overcharge on attack
  10. TN and Raises:
  11. TN = Target Number
  12. Raises: Every 3 points above TN = 1 Raise
  16. 2d6+Attribute
  18. Types:
  19. Go fast: Opposed phyique challenge.
  20. Awareness: TN12 Finesse Challenge.
  21. Stealth: Opposed Finesse Challenge.
  22. Read a Person: TN12 Social Challenge. Opposed if lying.
  23. Read a Situation: TN14 Social Challenge.
  25. Magic: Can use subtle magic to give +2 bonus. Automatically win if blatant.
  28. 2d6+Attribute
  29. Can take 1 Overcharge to add additional dice, limit of 3
  30. On 6 add Involuntary Overcharge
  31. Each point of Overcharge taken adds 1 damage
  33. LUCK:
  34. Limit of 2, refresh at end
  35. Adds +2 or Reroll
  37. SORCERY:
  38. Give an effect, determine if it will be opposed by anything, roll TN13 Support. Will need additional raises depending on things.
  39. Note: If the sorcery effect would follow under other action's rules, then use those instead.
  42. Types: Normal (Normal), Special (Taken out of turn, can't use a normal on turn.), Free (Free), Reactions (Taken out of turn, do not use up turn.)
  44. Initiative: 2d6+Physical
  46. ATTACKS:
  47. Basic Attack (Normal): (2d6+Attack v Passive Defense) Damage (1d6+Attack/2)
  48. Multi Target: Basic Attack that takes -2 to hit and -1 to damage for every target past 1st. Take -2 on defense until next turn. Clash gets +2 bonus but keeps attack's malus.
  49. Signature Attack: See signature attack
  50. Team Attack: 2 Magical girls attack at once. One must hold, have to use same attribute. Each attack has +2 to hit and damage. Once per battle.
  53. Grand Barrage: Unclashable Multi-Target Attack with no penalties or single unclashable attack with +4 to damage.
  54. Master Strike: +3 to hit and an additional d6 to damage.
  55. Will of the Protector: Revive action for another magical girl.
  56. Disrupting Assault: Additional d6 to hit and target gets -2 to next action.
  59. Assist (Special): Gives +2 to an action. Additional assists on same action give +1. Capped at +4.
  60. Clash (Special): Roll Attack instead of Defense when defending. If won deal basic attack damage. Tie means both hit. Can clash on someone else's behalf. Usuable once per battle.
  61. Cover (Free): Take damage for someone who failed defense. TN13 Support. Once per round.
  62. Guard (Special): Taken +2 to defense on a failed defense roll. If attack still hits, it deals 2 less damage.
  63. Revive (Normal): Can be taken at 0 Resolve. TN13 Physical Challenge - 1 per previous Revive attempt. Tie or above continue on, if at least one raise get +2 to next roll. Next make TN14 Support challenge. Failure means gain 1d6 Resolve and 2 Overcharge. Success means gain 1d6+3 Resolve and 1 Overcharge. Success with a raise means 1d6+6 Resolve and 1 Overcharge.
  64. Resist (Normal): Roll to remove negative condition.
  65. Hold (Free?): Hold turn until you wish to use it, as long as it is not in the middle of another's turn. When used it is your new place in initiative turn. Failure to use holded turn means you lost your turn that round.
  66. Interrupt (Free): Use holded turn after the target declares action but before it is resolved. Make Physical challenge. If won make your turn. Target can change action in response with a -1 penalty. If failed take your action after target.
  67. Ambush (Special): If you previously won a Stealth challenge, can ambush. Basic Attack +1 to hit, with an additional +1 to hit and +1 to damage if you won with a raise. Target cannot use special or reaction in response.
  68. Read an Enemy (Normal): TN13 Support Actions. If won get one bonus, if won with raise get two. Bonuses are +1 to attack and damage against target, +1 to defense and opposed challenges against target's actions, learn one of their special abilities if any, learn target's motivation.
  70. EFFECTS:
  71. Resilience: Make TN12 Physical to reduce damage by 2 or ignore conditions. (Free, 1 per battle) -1 to all damage.
  72. Regeneration: Gain 1 resolve at start of turn. Enemy rolls second d6 and drops highest. (Free, 1 per battle)
  73. Healing Light: Restore 1d6+2 resolve to an ally of your choice. (Normal, 2 per battle, 1 overcharge)
  74. Follow Up: Make another attack if attack missed with a +2. If overcharge was gained can use it for free. (Reaction, 1 per battle, 1 overcharge)
  75. Hero's Will: Lose resolve and add it to roll. (Free, 1 per battle) Gain 2 resolve.
  76. Arcane Analysis: Roll Read enemy for all enemies in battle. (Free action, 1 per battle.) Gain an additional effect on read enemy even if it failed.
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