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Mar 25th, 2016
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  1. The Arataka Research Consortium Logo Competition!
  3. A certain ARC coordinator will be doing a presentation at Fanfest on Drifters. As such, we feel we need to have a coalition logo to show off, and so it's time to get cracking. To that end, ARC is holding a design competition! Just as the esteemed scout Haria Haritimado whipped up a design study ( that IKAME then used for certain documents ( that received a nod in the news (, we're hoping that any logo will have a clearly defined style and color scheme that we can then use for future shenanigans for the ARC. If your work is good enough, it will grace documents that make waves in New Eden, and end up as the -ARC- alliance logo.
  5. Recommended themes might include Drifters, Sleepers, Wormholes, stellar anomalies, or exploration.
  7. Contest particulars:
  9. Logo submissions and any basic document formatting and slide formatting submissions should be sent to Makoto Priano by 8th April.
  11. Submissions should include a web-res version suitable for alliance logo use (rules, a high resolution version suitable for document use, and a vector format version so that we can easily perform any future work that's needed.
  13. ARC coordinators will deliberate and have a short list out by 13th April. If we're unable to decide between the options we have before us, we'll put it to a vote, completed by 18th April.
  15. First place: 5 PLEX.
  16. Second place: 2 PLEX.
  17. Honorable mentions: 1 PLEX per, up to 3 awarded.
  19. Looking forward to what you folks put together!
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