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  1. Dear PS users, staff, and friends,
  3. Throughout the summer, my activity has unfortunately decreased due to extraneous factors in my life. I have always held out hope that I'd have more time in university to go on PS and interact with the wonderful community here. Unfortunately that was an almost impossible hope, and the sad day has come for me to retire from PS. At the moment, my focus and priorities lie with university, and getting the best future possible. Perhaps in the future I'll come back and be active once again on PS, but for now, sadly I have to say goodbye. I'll try to pop in occasionally to say hi and stuff, however, from this moment on please consider me retired.
  5. I would like to thank all the staff of PS, especially those who trusted me in positions of authority - sadly I will have to forfeit them due to my absences. I won't list out all the people, because there are simply too many whom I've gotten to know on PS over the past year, and to avoid missing someone I'll just not create this long list.
  7. Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful year, and I hope to see you all sometime in the distant future
  9. ~ Aura Burst
  10. Sept 05, 2014
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