May 12th, 2012
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  1. <clem_> zerozero: if you here people get MDM crash, I found something
  2. <clem_> s/here/hear/
  3. <clem_> zerozero: on one of my ISOs (don't know why in that particular one and not others) MDM always crashed
  4. <zerozero> yeah clem_
  5. <dan> when i ssh into a remote shell my gome terminal title changes to username@remotehost
  6. <zerozero> listening...
  7. <dan> which is fine
  8. <clem_> zerozero: ok, first.. the easy thing
  9. <dan> but when i exit the remote shell it stays username@remote
  10. <clem_> zerozero: when the RAM is low or the CD dirty or whatever gets in the way, LMDE fails to auto-login
  11. <clem_> zerozero: in Mint 13 I added a timedlogin as well as an autologin
  12. <clem_> zerozero: and the MDM theme was given an update to show that timed countdown (10 seconds)
  13. <clem_> zerozero: so that's a significant improvement for an LMDE ISO respin
  14. <clem_> zerozero: the big thing now...
  15. <clem_> zerozero: on that particular buggy ISO, MDM crashed all the time
  16. <clem_> zerozero: I debugged it and found it was calling fontconfig and got a segfault
  17. <clem_> zerozero: the reason it's calling fontconfig was to know which languages to show and to not show in the MDM language list (on the login screen)
  18. <clem_> zerozero: according to my tests, the way we configure the ISO, it makes no difference if we skip the test and stop calling fontconfig
  19. <zerozero> clem_: i only have it on one install and has been fine so far
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  24. <clem_> zerozero: so I committed a fix for this in MDM and it doesn't use fontconfig anymore. On my machine, it went from a segfault with no login screen to a working MDM.
  25. <clem_> zerozero: I can't say for sure that's THE reason it crashes for everybody else... but here's how people can find out
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  28. <zerozero> yeahh
  29. <clem_> zerozero: export DOING_MDM_DEVELOPMENT=1
  30. <clem_> zerozero: gdb /usr/lib/mdm/mdmlogin
  31. <guest2763_web> I'm having a problem installing LMDE in Virtualbox
  32. <clem_> zerozero: then type "start" in gdb to launch it
  33. <clem_> zerozero: in my case it showed a sigsev from
  34. <clem_> zerozero: if people see then that issue is the same and there's a fix on the way
  35. <zerozero> ok,
  36. <clem_> zerozero: I'm not 100% clear on why fontconfig fails... as far as I know it's trying to check whether a particular language has proper font config.. and it fails on chinese, not sure with which font though
  37. <zerozero> but what about the existing iso online
  38. <clem_> zerozero: it will need a respin
  39. <zerozero> ahh clear
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  41. <clem_> zerozero: but look, there's not just that, there's a lot of things which are getting better in Mint 13 so LMDE will need a respin a month later or so
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  43. <clem_> zerozero: LMDE introduced a lot of improvements which are useful now to make Mint 13, but we're finding a lot more too right now
  44. <zerozero> heh clem_ lets hope so
  45. <clem_> in MATE too, they're finding new fixes
  46. <clem_> for instance caja->share folder was fixed
  47. <clem_> themes got a lot of fixes etc etc..
  48. <zerozero> ahh i was talking about the sharing issues yesterday
  49. <clem_> I wanted to tell you about MDM because when I googled for answers and clues I basically found your threads on the Mint forums :))
  50. <zerozero> its not native in caja (yet)
  51. <clem_> for the sharing issue, I'm not sure it's the same in LMDE, but it's worth a try
  52. <clem_> link /etc/init.d/smb to /etc/init.d/samba
  53. <zerozero> hehe i jumped in into mdm its true
  54. <clem_> mate-shares-admin checks the wrong path..
  55. <clem_> MDM is all fixed in github if people want to compile it in the meantime
  56. <zerozero> well clem_ tks a lot, now save the log, guess i gonna need it a couple times :))
  57. <clem_> :)
  58. <clem_> thanks, good luck ;)
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