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  1. Verse 1
  2. =========================================
  3. Hey everybody
  4. Lookout.. better watch me.
  5. Listen lable me glitch in your system.
  6. Definition of anomaly.
  7. unpredictable as shit.
  8. In the background, hidden. Out of sight out of mind.
  9. Borderline insane like Mel Gibson the mad man
  10. My words leave an impression like a lyrical lethal weapon
  11. Better precision unlike a blade like the fiends addiction i was twitching
  12. done fishin' to get home i was itching.
  13. I'm Gordon Ramsey at writing rhymes elminating cooks in kitchen
  14. Slave to the rage. The only way to obey is with years discipline.
  15. Sometimes in society I wonder where do I fit in.
  16. Stricken with depression and unwishful thinking  
  17. with a pinch of nutty, lunatic bit a loony just smidgen
  18. building up a resistance
  19. to go outside instead resort to drinking
  20. wait on my extinction until I die
  21. On my darkest days
  22. I'm an antisocial pigeon liven in my four corner prison
  23. Come across as shy if I been smoking that green and my thoughts are high
  24. Like a GPS I see your position
  25. got the vision of a hawk eye
  29. Equipped with a sly elusive wit, plenty of moxy.
  30. Better believe I make obsticles obsolete if your in my way.
  33. no stopping me.
  34. Do the ungodly, like an illegal
  35. fucking hobby.. not even
  36. a crooked cop could copy.
  37. Oddly never emodied
  38. things would turn out this way.
  39. That's what I get for being
  40. so sloppy. Half assed measures
  41. brillant fucking brain wave.
  42. Been plottin, see. Prophecies.
  43. Opinions like minions.
  44. Excuses simular to assholes everyone got a million.
  45. Like apologies.
  46. Pointless destruction sign me up.
  47. Got-to-be the prodigy, obviously need a labotomy.
  48. Cut from different cloth different type of breed.
  49. Ruler, inside my own mind the Fuhrer
  50. suffering delusions of grandeur.
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