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Julia Ann & Michael Vegas in My First Sex Teacher

urfriend Apr 13th, 2012 1,021 Never
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  1. Julia Ann & Michael Vegas in My First Sex Teacher
  3. Download Link and preview
  4. http://lustkey.com/julia-ann-michael-vegas-in-my-first-sex-teacher/
  6. Porn stars: Julia Ann , Michael Vegas
  7. Released: April 16, 2012
  8. Professor Julia Ann meets with her student Michael to discuss the latest test he took. Despite his belief that he passed it with flying colors, he failed miserably, and it appears that he had the same exact right and wrong answers as his classmate, Xander. Professor Ann threatens to report him … unless he can pass her oral exam. But he wouldn’t be able to recite literature, so she has him take the other kind of test with his mouth … the one that jams his tongue inside her pussy!
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