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  1. Hi Makkhawan,
  3. We have received your submission for the token information update. However, at this point of time we are unable to update the information due to 1 OR more of the below reasons:
  5. 1. Mandatory information not provided: Website, email, and logo (256x256px in PNG format)
  6. #2. Website is not accessible or is not safe to visit.
  7. 3. No clear information about the project or token.
  8. 4. The placeholders on the website are not updated (images, links, etc) or links are broken.
  9. #5. The contract does not adhere to ERC-20 specifications.
  10. #6. The sender/contact email address is not the same as the domain.
  11. 7. The contract was created in advance for more than 60 days and is inactive.
  12. 8. The address is not a valid token contract or a wrong address is submitted.
  13. 9. The project does not contain transparent/clear founder and team profile with supporting professional public profile (i.e a LinkedIn profile or equivalent).
  14. 10. Information provided is false/misrepresentation of public entities or other projects.
  15. #11. The project is not using/deployed on Ethereum blockchain.
  16. 12. The token name and/or symbol may be susceptible to brand infringement.
  18. You may resubmit the request once you have rectified the issues It is also recommended to provide more information such as team member profiles, whitepaper, bitcointalk article or any other available channels.
  20. Regards
  21. - Etherscan Team [Raja C]
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