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  1.              **Server is currently under heavy construction.**
  2.                        Discord: xkymAvB
  3.                       -=Rules=-
  4. 1. Be respectful, if you and another player want to settle something personal, do it in DMs or somewhere else.
  5. 2. Don't harass other players.
  6. 3. Cease racism, homophobia, or prejudice.
  7. 4. Do not stall/delay round end for ANY REASON, if you are stuck, leave and rejoin.
  8. 5. Do not stay in places SCPS cannot reach (excluding closed doors).
  9. 6. You are allowed to mic-spam or yell, but expect to get muted by people, don't get upset when they mute you.
  10. 7. You're perfectly allowed to suicide as any role, but suiciding as a zombie might upset our king, Scp 049.
  11. 8. No cheating in this saloon partner.
  13.                  -=Changes to server/Plugins=-
  14. 1. SCP Health has been modified, SCP049: 2000 hp, SCP096: 3000 hp, SCP173: 5000 hp, SCP939: 3000 hp, SCP106: 800 hp
  15. 2. Certain classes can change their class by entering 914 Scientist/DClass and MTF/Chaos = One To One, Scp's can switch aswell.
  16. 3. SCP 035, Theres a chance when a player picks up and item it will be possessed, they will die, and a spectator will become 035.
  17. 4. Stalky 106, 106 can stalk players effectively becoming the hardest SCP to deal with.
  18. 5. Serpents Hand, (Tutorials) Are teamed with the SCP's in killing all other classes, They cannot harm or be harmed by Scp's.
  19. 6. Chaos Insurgency Spy, Every MTF wave will spawn a spy that is tasked with killing the mtf, and theres a 50% chance a single facility guard will be spawned as a Spy to kill the others, You should have a cup when you're a spy and drop it to reveal whom you truly are.
  20. 7. DCReplace, When someone alive leaves the game, a spectator will take his place as that role and spot.
  21. 8. Lone 079, When all other SCP's are dead, SCP 079 will become one of the other scps, however with half health.
  22. 9. MTf/Chaos can cuff Dclass/Scientists, and if they escape while cuffed they become the other class (ex. Cuffed Scientist = Chaos)
  23. 10. DClass have a chance to spawn with a keycard/medkit, Scientists have a chance to spawn with a gun, and always spawn with a radio.
  24. 11. Autonuke is enabled and will activate upon reaching 900 seconds in game (15 minutes)
  25. 12. Tesla Gates will not activate on Scientists, Facility Guards, or Ntf.
  26. 13. A few more added.
  28. Cyanox: CISpy, SCP 035, Serpents hand, Lone 079, DC Replace
  29. Joker119: Exiled plugin, Existance, core plugins.
  30. RogerFK: Stalky106
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