A Desperate Proposal (Luna x Celestia)

Aug 6th, 2018
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  1. “Sister, we are going to need you to repeat everything you just said to us,” Luna said, resting her hooves on the mahogany table that stretched between herself and her sister. “And slowly, please.”
  2. >Celestia wiped pancake crumbs away from her mouth
  3. >”I told you, Lulu, The Equestrian Royal Council is eager to marry me off. They want to strengthen relations with the new Changelings, or with Saddle Arabia. They’ve been trying to get me with a suitable prince for about two hundred years now.”
  4. >Luna nodded
  5. “And we do not know why you simply do not banish the troublesome councilponies to the moon. Or call upon the blazing power of the sun to incinerate them where they stand!”
  6. >Celestia spit out a mouthful of orange juice
  7. >”Lulu!”
  8. “What? That was how we solved problems in our glory days!”
  9. >Celestia shook her head, laughing
  10. >”It’s been a thousand years! Things have changed, sister. The Council runs most everything now. You and I are little more than figureheads.”
  11. “So if they tell you to marry… you cannot disobey them?”
  12. >”Not if I want to keep peace in our country.”
  13. >Luna hung her head
  14. “That is… unfortunate, sister. But you mentioned needing our help. What can we do to assist you?”
  15. >A devious grin spread across Celestia’s face, the kind of look that had always made Luna a little nervous, since it usually accompanied one of her sister’s schemes
  16. >”Well, I was thinking, they can’t marry me off to some stallion I can’t stand if I’m already married. Especially if I’m married to a fellow immortal. I’d be safe from their games forever.”
  17. >Celestia’s smile widened as she reached across the breakfast table and lay her hoof against her sister’s
  18. >Luna’s face went bright red, and she immediately pulled away
  19. ”W-what are you implying?”
  20. >”Marry me, Lulu,” Celestia said with a wink
  21. >Luna balked
  22. “Absolutely not! Even for you, this is a terrible idea!” Luna said, cradling the hoof that Celestia had touched against her chest. “There would be country-wide scandal! We’d be the laughing stock of the whole world!”
  23. >”Let them laugh! We’ve weathered worse.”
  24. “But… but this would be… sister, you are suggesting nothing less than *incest*.”
  25. >Celestia sputtered with laughter
  26. >”You’re so worked up! Relax, sister, relax. It’d be a political marriage, nothing more. Just a quick walk down the aisle and we’re free from the council’s plotting.”
  27. “We?”
  28. >”Oh, Lulu. They’re already trying to marry me off. You won’t be far off.”
  29. >Luna stuck out her lip in indignation
  30. “I will not be so easily cowed by Canterlot’s socialites! Your plans are as ridiculous as they are unnecessary, sister.”
  31. >Celestia’s smile began to fade
  32. >”I wish it were that simple. Their power grows ever year. Soon, if we oppose them, the citizens of Equestria themselves may rise up. Anti-royalist sentiment is hardly something we can abide forever, Lulu. We’re immortal, but we’re not invincible.”
  33. >Luna held her face in her hooves, her face sober
  34. “And you truly believe that… a *marriage* between us will solve things?”
  35. >”We remove ourselves as pieces in their games. And we guarantee we’ll always have each other.”
  36. >Celestia said the last line with so much genuine love in her voice that Luna snapped out of her indignation
  37. “You truly intend to do this?”
  38. >”I’d rather be with you forever than be passed between noble stallions for the next thousand years. So? What do you think?”
  39. >Luna dropped her eyes to the table, where half-eaten plates of pancakes and fruit sit on fine china plates scattered between her and the other mare
  40. “This is a very difficult choice for us to make, Celly. Of course, we– I would never wish to leave your side. But this is drastic. We, sisters, would be married in front of the world. We would… we would kiss, for the whole world to see.”
  41. >”What’s wrong with that? I’ve kissed you lots of times,” Celestia said, smacking her lips
  42. “Yes, but not in the manner between a husband and wife. Or, I suppose, two wives, in this case. I do love you, sister. Very much, more than I can even comprehend at times. But what you suggest is… unnatural.”
  43. >”Are you rejecting my offer?” Celestia asked, her voice bleak
  44. “I… I believe I must.”
  45. >Celestia lowered her head, staring intently at her hooves
  46. >"I see."
  47. >When she raised it, the light of the setting sun caught in her mane, showering her face with prismatic shards of light that reflected in the tears forming at the corners of her eyes
  48. >At the sight, something tightened painfully in Luna's chest
  49. >"I'm sorry, Lulu. I shouldn't have tried to pressure you into this."
  50. >She stood from the breakfast table and, with a bow, began to walk out towards the balcony, where the sun already stretched luminous and warm over the gentle valleys below
  51. “Wait!” Luna cried out after her
  52. >Celestia paused
  53. “I… I love you too, sister. More than I tell you.”
  54. >A small smile touched Celestia’s face
  55. >”I know. Rest well, Lulu.”
  56. >And with that, the sisters parted
  58. >Luna did not sleep well
  59. >She rarely did, really, but the day after her conversation with her sister was particularly bad
  60. >Hours after breakfast, she lay away, half-hallucinating and half-dreaming images of Celestia, looking haggard and exhausted, running between foreign courts, a prize of some faceless noble
  61. >The image made her write in anger amongst her sheets
  62. >Her sister, radiant and beautiful as she was, would never end up in such a life, Luna told herself
  63. >At some point during the late evening, she sat up in bed, having barely slept more than an hour or two
  64. >Bleary, she rubbed her eyes and stepped out of bed
  65. >The carpet was soft beneath her hooves; it couldn’t help but make her think of her sister’s touch
  66. >That was a touch, Luna told herself, that she could not live without
  67. >And there could be no humiliation, she thought, while her sister was near
  68. >So Luna stepped out of her bed, shrugged on a robe, and walked out to greet her sister, who was sitting near a crackling fire in one of the palace’s many hearths
  69. >Celestia’s eyes were far away, and she didn’t look up until Luna was only a few steps from her
  70. “Good evening, sister.”
  71. >”Hey, Lulu.”
  72. >Celestia patted a spot on the two-pony loveseat that faced the fire, and Luna took it
  73. “I have been thinking.”
  74. >”Looks more like you’ve been sleeping.”
  75. “Not as much as I’d like. I’m… sorry to have rejected your advances out of hand.”
  76. >”It’s not a big deal. It was a ridiculous idea in the first place.”
  77. “No. It was not. I understand your fears, sister. And the thought of losing you is… is more than I can bear.”
  78. >Celestia watched her sister with an unreadable expression, her mane pulsing in rainbow hues in the fire’s flickering light
  79. “Do you really believe it will work? Marriage between us?”
  80. >Celestia laughed, her voice like silver bells in the silent room
  81. >”It’ll work as well as anything does between us, sister,” Luna said, reaching over to bop her sister’s nose
  82. >Luna blushed
  83. “And what exactly are you referring to? …other than the obvious.”
  84. >Both sisters looked away from each other, hiding smiles
  85. >“We’d would make an adorable mess of a couple, you know we would.”
  86. “I cannot argue with that. And not much would change, I suppose. Though if you truly believe I would ever refer to you as ‘my darling,’ you are sorely mistaken.”
  87. >”Aww, really? Not even once?”
  88. “Well, maybe with enough enticement…”
  89. >This time, Luna was the one tapping her sister’s snout
  90. “If I continue to wake up to full-course breakfasts for another thousand years, maybe I could even call you ‘my love,’ once or twice.”
  91. >”Oh, Lulu, I’d just about die,” Celestia said, crossing a hoof over her chest. “You’d have to warn me first. And what should I call you?”
  92. “I like nothing more than hearing you call me Lulu. It was something I missed greatly, when I…”
  93. >She fell silent, and Celestia wrapped a wing around her sister, drawing the younger, slender mare’s body against hers
  94. >”I’d never want to call you anything else. Though maybe I’ll play with a new nickname or two… my sweet~”
  95. >Luna stuck out her lip
  96. “Absolutely not.”
  97. >”Oh, do I have a new button to press, my darling~”
  98. “We order that you stop! We can rescind our agreement to your proposal!”
  99. >”So you agree?” Celestia asked with a smirk
  100. “We… we are heavily considering the offer,” Luna replied, trying her best to look aloof
  101. >Celestia laughed, her voice muffled by Luna’s hair as she buried her face in her sister’s mare’s mane
  102. >”Well, don’t hold you answer back from me, okay?”
  103. >Both mares snuggled against each other, bathed in the heat of each other’s bodies and of the chamber’s small fire
  104. >To think of the soft, loving mare holding her as a wife was not the worst thing in the world, Luna considered, as bizarre as it felt
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