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  1. @set %!=!NO_COMMAND
  2. @desc %!=%r%t [u(do_descme)]
  3. &DO_ADDDESC %!=$..add *=*:&d_[%0] me=%1;&desclist me=[setunion(v(desclist),%0)];@pemit/silent me=Description "%0" stored.
  4. &DO_DESCME %!=[iter(v(curdesc),u(me/d_[##]))]
  5. &DO_LISTALL %!=$..list:@pemit/silent me=[repeat(-,77)]%r[ansi(hw,Descriptions stored:)]%r[repeat(_,77)]%r[table(u(desclist),18,77,,|,)]%r[repeat(-,77)]
  6. &DO_REMDESC %!=$..rem *:&d_[%0] me;&desclist me=[remove(v(desclist),%0)];@pemit/silent me=Description "%0" removed.
  7. &DO_SETDESC %!=$..set *:&curdesc me=%0;@pemit/silent me=Current Description set to %0
  8. &DO_STATUS %!=$..status:@pemit/silent me=Current Description is: [u(curdesc)]
  9. &DO_DESCHELP %!=$..desch:think [ansi(hr,---)][ansi(hw,MeDesc Help)][ansi(hr,[repeat(-,64)])]%r[ansi(hc,Usage:)] %r%t [ansi(hw, ..add <name>=<text>)] %r%t [ansi(hw, ..rem <name>)] %r%t [ansi(hw, ..list)] %r%t [ansi(hw, ..list <name>)] %r%t [ansi(hw, ..set <name1> <name2> <name3> <name4> <etc>)] %r%t [ansi(hw, ..status)] %r%r[ansi(hr,[repeat(-,78)])]
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