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  2. Diagram: C:\Users\logan_p4iudpx\Desktop\Untitled Diagram.drawio
  3. - Three branches: executive(military, police, Prime Minister (chosen by congress), executive departments), legislative(upper house, lower house), & judicial(Supreme Court, federal courts)
  4. - Supreme court judges chosen by Prime Minister and approved by Congress
  5. - mixed economy: Some planned, some market (with regulation). Market handles more trivial things. (SEE 'Social Democracy'/'Democratic Socialism')
  6. - Market (economy)
  7.     - Run by cooperatives and occasionally outside corporations (outside corporations may enter the market if they agree to follow rules and regulation (environmental protections, labor rights, etc))
  8.     - Cooperatives are incentivized by government (against corporations)
  9. - Planned (economy)
  10.     - Each sector under government control (healthcare, energy, etc) is controlled by a council created and controlled by the congress.
  11.     - Council members chosen will be professionals/experts in the relevant field, approved by the upper house.
  12.     - Sectors controlled by government
  13.         - Healthcare
  14.         - Energy
  15.         - Education
  16.         - Banking
  17.         - Transportation
  18. - Public services/products (universal, equal access)
  19.     - Education
  20.     - Healthcare
  21.     - Running water
  22.     - Food
  23.     - Adequate housing
  24.     - Transportation
  25. - VERY steep progressive income tax
  26. - executive departments are established by the prime minister and enforce passed bills and resolutions (bills and resolutions specify who enforce that bill/resolution)
  27. - Federalism
  28.     - Each state must have a well maintained militia & law enforcement force
  29.     - Federal Congressional Upper House: controlled by the vanguard party to filter or "cool off" public passions. Cannot introduce bills or resolutions.
  30.     - Federal Congressional Lower House: controlled by elected representatives, representation based on population. Introduces bills and resolutions.
  31.     - Prime Minister must be elected by the lower house and then approved by the upper house
  34. - Control upper house of Congress
  35. - Follows and enforces principles of socialism, rule of law, transparency, natural & collective rights (see 'The Rights of Man' French Revolution), and republicanism.
  38.     - Citizens with no violent or sexual crimes on their record are permitted to own non automatic firearms
  39.     - Firearms must be stored securely (can be stored on their person)
  40.     - Must own a verified gun locker to purchase a firearm
  41.     - Mandatory one week waiting period
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