Party Aftermath~ (SCAT WARNING)

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  1. [2018-09-20 22:01] *Maylee Syndra pulled up in the driveway in the middle of the day in the middle of summer, to say it was hot would be quite the understatement, it was 95 out today and Maylee stepping out of her car would be leaving that oasis in the middle of the desert, almost feeling like suicide. Though looking at the other various cars that are around along with the sound of excitement, she knew that her being hot was going to be out of the question, the sound of water splashing on the other side of the wooden fence along with the activity can only mean one thing to Maylee, a pool party. A female friend of hers, Jessie, invited her to cool off and the fact that it was also a celebration for her business she's running on top of that too. How successful it is and all that, plus it was a good thing for her to get out of the house as well, really getting tired of being cooked up in that house because it was cooking outside. So she took a deep breath and opened the door to let herself in, seeing the  party going on inside, a rather decent one too, not many rowdy goers and stuff tearing up the place but a rather nice... party to go and hang out. She smiled as she took off her shoes and walked passed many people as she greeted them back,
  3. "Hello~." "Yes yes Ronnie it's good to see you again as well!" She would wave through the crowd until she got the restroom to strip herself of her clothing, before coming back out a few minutes later in her swimsuit before stepping back out into the heat in the backyard, where she saw the pool, the activity, and more importantly, her friend and someone else she's never seen, all in their swimsuits as Maylee out of the main three stuck out as the most... overly developed in obvious certain areas around her body. "Jessie~!" Maylee ran to her arms out as she done the same, "Maylee~!" The two came into contact with each other and patted each other's backs, "How are you? Who's your friend?" Maylee asked as the hug was broken, pointing over towards the red panda that was next to Jessie, looking at her in curiosity.
  4. [2018-09-20 22:13] Lilith Sunflare: She was still well into the wild days of her youth, bright eye, actually bushy tailed. She couldn't help but utter a chuckle. She would wear upon her, a nice bikini swimsuit, showing off her rather lovely rear, those wonderful breasts. She was stunning to say the least. She didn't come to this party expecting much attention, but soon she found her niche: Jessie, who the Panda quickly latched onto. "I'm Lilith, Lilith Sunflare" the panda would say back, perhaps a bit nervous, but her voice still unfaltering, "You're friend and I were just talking! I can see why you like her" she'd give her head the slightest tilt, that lovely amber hair of hers would soon fall to one side. "It's been a good party so far! Especially after your friend showed up!" The panda would have a bit of excitement building in her voice now that more friends had arrived
  7. [2018-09-20 22:23] *Maylee Syndra would have reached a hand out and shook the red pandas hand. "Good to meet you Lilith! I'm Maylee, Maylee Syndra, but you can call me May, doesn't matter much to me." She would smile towards the anthro, before turning attention back to Jessie, hugging once again for old time sake.
  8. "Well my goodness Maylee haven't you got 'bigger' if you catch my drift~." Jessie winked at her friend, Maylee blushing a bit before looking down at her chest and ample buttocks.
  9. "Oh these? Pffft, they've always been that way since high school and you know that! Ohh... old times I say, though how's the business going? Pretty well?" Maylee asked, the table near her serving white and red wine, herself choosing the white version and taking sips from it. The brunette leaning against a wall, the sound of splashing not far.
  10. "Good! We reached a record breaking sales! I mean, OVER the black at this point, were making a killing! Oh and Maylee, Lilith here, is helping me out of course advertise and all that, new employee but I felt appropriate to bring her along~... Anyways." She would take up red wine instead and motioned Lilith to take up a drink, "Here's to a good year!" Then the three of them would toast, touching glasses. Then the party went on from there, one cup, two cups, five cups and ten. Maylee would suddenly feel herself stumble before everything went black...
  11. One hour later...
  14. [2018-09-20 22:23] Maylee Syndra: The brunette woke up in a groggy state of mind, surrounded by empty glasses and a barren back yard and pool, some trash around the place as she got up and touched her head, a headache via hang over, she would sigh and walk into the house, the inside of it looking like it wasn't in that bad of shape. She would go to the restroom, relieve herself and wash her face, before getting back out... but not before turning to hear something from her friends bedroom down the hall... she would have heard the sound of the bed rocking, some female grunting as well as some... farting? Curious, she would carefully make her way towards the bedroom but not go inside, the door was slightly open, so she would simply take a peak, and... the sight made her blush, gasp as well as freeze up, was that... Lilith and Jessie on the bed, with the anthro face sitting on her?
  17. [2018-09-20 22:40] Lilith Sunflare: The panda had her rear well pressed against Jessies face, those lovely cheeks would be pushed right into the human's face. The panda had a wicked grin upon her face as a loud PRRFFFFFF! would escape her rear, the cloud of ass-gas would slam point-black into Jessies face. "It's calling you home, sweetie" the panda would softly say, her voice no longer sweet and friendly, but would take on a deranged tone. She had to be mad, crazy! In truth, perhaps crazy wouldn't even cover half of it, but what would be constant, was the fact that she was a serial killer, and this was her time, to claim two more souls! She'd rub her rump into Jess's face, that pucker tickling at her nose, and then she's let lose another one, PFFFFF "Awww, dear, perhaps that was one of my last victims. It doesn't take long for my stomach to work through them, and that can lead to some...issues" she giggled a wicked giggle, and soon, would press her ass down onto Jessie, that hungering pucker soon expanding to take on Jessie's face, as that lovely rump would slide over the human's head
  20. [2018-09-20 22:48] *Maylee Syndra would have put her hand over her mouth, covering the gasp that she emitted not to catch any attention, 'W-what... w-why is she....?' Maylee looked to see that Jessie was unconscious, and from the tattered clothes on the floor, was stripped naked violently at that. Plus from the various amounts of glass bottles on the floor much similar to Maylee, she was drunk too but still asleep.
  21. Maylee nearly threw up when she saw the red panda fart in her face, and twice at that! The dominant anthro's voice predatory sounding, vicious at that too! 'W-why, why is she doing this?!' She at first thought this was some form of foreplay going on but that theory was scrapped, more gas was released from Lilith's rear end, that pucker right at her nose, so no doubt it smelled awful, but Jessie wasn't awake to really know about it.
  22. Then Maylee witnessed Lilith's rear picked up... and slammed back down onto her friends face, rubbing her anus onto her face that pucker in the meantime, was actually doing something that no one anticipated... it... stretched over her friends head!
  23. 'W-what...?' This here was something she thought was out of a horror movie, and wished it was a horrible drunk nightmare! Though it was all too real, real enough to where that human's head was pulled straight in, that pucker clamping around that neck with a lewd slimy smelly scklooooorrrcch~!
  26. [2018-09-20 23:10] Lilith Sunflare: The panda would let loose a moan as the human's head slipped in with a SLORP! "A-ah! Y-yes!" She would moan out as her pucker would clench around the human's head, pulling them deeper and deeper down. Soon, on its own, Jessie's form would be slowly sucked into the panda's clenching cheeks, her neck and shoulders soon being swallowed down into the killer's rear, "Yes! Yes! All mine!" she would yell as soon Jessie's breasts would slip down that lovely pucker, her limp hands being pinned to her side, escape now seeming null from this situation.
  29. [2018-09-21 14:49] *Maylee Syndra would continue to watch in horror on her friend's demise, and in such a stinky humiliating way at that, Jessie sucked up more and more to where her shoulders were also stretching out that puckering anus! Where she can see her arms pinned to her sides, so even if she woke up, it would be far too late for her to do anything, and seeing how strong that suction is, it all went by so quick but at the same time just enough for the human girl to witness her consumption each foot of her body was sucked right up. She heard the orgasmic cries of the red panda echo through her bed chambers, while her friend Maylee was so shocked and frozen to literally do anything but just watch, deep down inside knowing that it's all over for Jessie, to be nothing but... mere food for Lilith is just something Maylee could never fathom.
  30. The betraying part of it all was the fact that Lilith looked so nice too, so pretty with her curves and... Maylee thought back and realized the curves.... now thinking to herself if this wasn't the first time this has happened, in fact, she remembers something about an anthro serial killer going around the news but could never find solid evidence at all!
  31. Her breasts popped right into her pucker to be sealed away from the outside world forever with a slimy shlroooreellch~!
  34. [2018-09-21 15:12] Lilith Sunflare: The girl would soon be done for, each clench each horrid shceeelch would bring that girl to her ultimate purpose: to add forever onto that lovely panda's body. After the upper body, the lower body would fall all the same, as her lower stomach would soon disappear down into the panda's hungering ass, leaving only her humiliating legs to and lovely hips to lay out before Maylee, the process being shown to her in all of its horrid glory. The panda would give another soft moan, her pucker giving another clench SCLOOOROOCH the hips would soon be consumed. A small bulge in Lilith's midsection would begin to form as the girl was soon entering the panda's stomach; that caustic chamber already hard at work processing down what was newly introduced into it's arena. Lilith's stomach was not like other stomachs, though years of honing her trade, she has turned her digestive system into an industrial processor; Jessie wouldn't last very long before she would be melted into nutrient slop, and pumped through, but Lilith had to finish those pesky legs first. She would soon rise to her feet, gaining a squatting position, the girl’s legs now draping behind her limply. She'd loose another sick moan as the pucker would suck up those legs with each long clench, having no issues handing the new stomach fodder. Within moments, those lovely feet would be send down to their doom, the pucker closing around them, claiming them for good. Lilith would let loose a wicked laugh as she would feel her belly take on the shape of the curled up human, gently petting it with her hands. A sick GORGL! GLORP! would fill the house as that powerful digestive system would get to work on processing Jessie. Right in front of Maylee, that bulge would soon shrink and round, slowly decreasing in size among the loud gurgling! "That's it dear, all mine now" she would say softly, her gut now nothing more than a bit pudgy, her system taking care of Jessie quite nicely. She'd soon step off the bed, give herself a nice streeeeeeeeeeetch, and then proceed to the middle of the room, "Don't worry, May. You'll get to see what you'll be here soon. I know you'll do just as lovely as your friend here" she'd give a sick giggle as she would squat down, her tail lifting, and soon enough, Jessie would return, if that's what they could even be called anymore; Fump!  would fall a brow log of shit, splattering to the floor, "They all go in differently, but all come out the same. You'll end up just like her, my dear" another log would fall on top of the other, with a sickening wet Slap] and then another log, and another, soon forming a nice little pile on the floor. Nothing seemed to be in it that could identify the human. Maybe flecks of bone, maybe some bits of hair, but otherwise, Jessie was completely erased. The panda would soon stand, looking proudly over her work, "You're turn now dear. Don't you dare bother running, it'll only make your transformation harder!"
  37. [2018-09-21 16:06] *Maylee Syndra would have stared at the red panda, still frozen, but the tears would come flowing down her face as it hit he floor, her friends body or what's left of it remaining and dangling outside of the red panda's hungry pucker, before sucking her in and changing positions in the middle of the floor. The room smelled of horrible gas coming from the obvious individual, her tail lifted up as the last of her friend was sucked up inside, and then the digestion process took over, rumbling loudly with various grrrrriiiiiiishhhhh~ groooaaaaan~ churrrrrrrssshhh~. The more horrifying and sickening part was how unnaturally quick it all went too, and realizing that she was witnessing the murder of her friend right before her very eyes. She wanted to scream, she wanted to fight back, but it was too late, nothing she could do to get her back... it was heartbreaking, and it made her angry at the red panda and herself. Though the way she looks and how strong she is, Maylee questions if she could even fight back, her mind was hungover but the adrenaline rush was indeed trying to suppress all of that.
  39. Then her confidence suddenly dropped, before Lilith suddenly took a hard glance towards Maylee at the door, which caused her eyes to go wide and the color to drain from her face as the tears stopped and her heart skipping a beat, the sounds of digestion over which was replaced instead with more foul farting, and they were long smelly and can be seen visibly coming from her pucker at that! It was strong and it made her eyes water, but that wasn't the worst of it, when she saw Lilith's asshole... open up, before what was left of her friend exited that rear onto the floor with a slimy splrrrrt plocchh grrrcckk splat splurrrt plip~, and all on the hard wood floor, the pile so big it no doubt could have been as big as a human compressed down... and that was the last thing she saw before Maylee got up and stumbled back, turning her back to make a run for it. "N-no... Nooo! G-get away from me!" Maylee would have ran down the hallway, nearly tripping on some spilled beverages, before she would have tried to find the front door!
  42. [2018-09-21 16:28] Lilith Sunflare: "Girl, if you want to excite me! Then run! You'll end up a shit-pile, all the same!" she would cry out, the words bouncing and echoing about the rooms. Slowly, a horrid chuckle would fill the air, the voices seeming to come from all round Maylee. Where was the panda? Where could the killer have gone?! Soon, the sound of pawpads gently moving towards Maylee could be heard, "Come on, girl. Don't fight it, your friend didn't, and look were they ended up; a lovely addition to the perfect being. Don't you want that? Don't you want to be perfect?" A giggle could be heard once more, all around Maylee, perhaps a feeling coming over the girl, rending her legs as heavy as lead, her body becoming like wood, unable to move. The footfalls would come closer, and closer with each soft, gentle step, "Don't worry, just let me take care of you, and it'll all be over." Soon, a hand would reach out, and gently grab onto Maylee's shoulder, "All mine now..." the panda would say softly
  45. [2018-09-21 16:48] *Maylee Syndra would have stopped when she heard the voice of the predator call out to her from down the hallway, which when she did, would have felt something stop her... like an invisible force making her stop, which confused Maylee altogether! 'W-wha... I-I can't move!' She would at least be able to look around, left, right, up and down for any sign of her, but her head and body was stuck in position, like... a spell of something was cast on her! Fear was dreading her mind and making her judgement poor, mind scrambled and even thinking up some crazy scenarios in her mind! She would try to shake her head to snap out of it, but there was almost no point! "H-help! S-someone please!" She would call out to anybody at this point! She was fearing for her life.... she was going to be.... eaten and turned into a pile of shit! Where not even the cops or forensics can do anything about it... forgotten, just like that... the thought made her mind and heart frail and grim. Trying to move, trying to get that adrenaline rush again, and when she did... a soft hand would be placed upon her shoulder... that haunting voice would say softly almost close to her ear... before she would be suddenly pulled back and fall onto her back, sliding a bit on the floor, her bodily motions back! "Kyaa! N-no!" Maylee would shake her head and look up, to get back up as quick as possible, using her arms to lift herself back up...
  48. [2018-09-21 17:23] Lilith Sunflare:  As soon as her back hit the ground, her screams would soon be muffled by the panda's newly enhanced rear being pressed against her face, tail raised. The horrid rancid smell of her freshly expulsed friend would be heavy on the panda's pucker that would be firmly pressed against her nose. Soon a powerful acrid fart would come rolling from that panda's lovely rear, "Looks like your friend is calling you, looks like they want you to join them" she would say with a soft chuckle, wiggling those lovely cheeks in the human's face. Another PRRRFFFFF shooting directly into their noses, no doubt being the last remains of their friend, calling out from the beast that rendered them into nothing put shit. "I think your friend added nicely to the lovely cheeks, wouldn't you say? Just imagine how lovely they will be with you on them"
  51. [2018-09-21 17:44] *Maylee Syndra's attempts however of trying to get back up would be thwarted by the now massive rear end of the red panda herself, that pucker aligned with her nose just perfect too, and instinctively she took a breath and was met with the horrid scent of Lilith's pucker, which was pressed at the tip aligning with her nostrils, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape! "M-mmph, mmmph! G-get off o-of me!" She would then squirm underneath her grip, her face moving left and right, moving her head to where her mouth can be used at the very least... but it was then that timing was just not in her favor for the human gal, before that pucker would have opened slightly, that gut rumbling, no doubt what was left of the human girl she just consumed... before a loud fraaaaaaaaaap~ released in her face! The smell was to be expected, but for Maylee, it went into her mouth and especially up her nose! "Accck! Gggrrrck!" She would choke slightly, coughing most of the time, that sinister voice telling her of how her friend was 'calling out' to her, "F-fuck y-" Pprrpffrrppfff She was cut off when another rancid gas attack exited the red panda's rear end, that pucker opening and closing, clear anal slime drooling and dripping onto Maylee's face a bit. Tears once more formed in her eyes, when she tried to struggle and squirm, wasting her energy since the red panda's sheer weight was keeping her down no matter what she does~.
  54. [2018-09-22 23:15] Lilith Sunflare: Her cheeks would push up against her face, "You feel that, dear? Those soft cheeks?" she would give a chuckle just as rancid as her farts, "You're friend made them that nice and soft. I just wonder what you'll add to them, one you are put to use." She'd give a soft, dainty giggle, "Don't worry dear, you're as good as gone now. Just let me erase you..." Soon, she'd release the pressure on Maylee's face, only to slam her rear back onto that poor girl, plunging her into darkness as the rancid smells of her used-up friend would stab into her nostrils, drilling into her brain, SQUELCH! Her head was shoved right into that tight ring, fleshy walls would begin to work around the mass that was just introduced to the panda, the new fodder, ready to be used and transformed. "Struggle! Yes!" The panda would cry out in an orgasmic yell, cum gushing from her ebony shaft, "You know I hold your life in my hands, and I'm about to put an end to it! Seeing someone know that you hold their life in their hands, and they can snatch if from you at any point, it is the ultimate high! The control! The wonders! YOU'RE MINE!" Her rear would clench, soon pulling Maylee' neck and shoulders down into that tight ring, the poor girl's hands now beginning to be pinned to their sides  
  57. [2018-09-22 23:38] *Maylee Syndra would have tried to fight back, but the more the red panda released more of that nauseous gas from that pucker, the more it would weaken her mentally and physically, it smelled so bad, but that wasn't the worst part, and that was being that was her friend too that made such a scent, and the tears kept on flowing, but the red panda didn't care, she was hungry and she was going to get her fill, to use Maylee's body to make her more attractive, to lure in more people in order to consume~. Then when Maylee finally was broken just a little... that massive rump would be relieved off of Maylee's face all but for a moment... before suddenly slamming back down, that pucker suddenly stretching out with ease before overtaking Maylee's entire head with a lewd slimy shlrrrreeeelllsshh~! Maylee surrounded by darkness, a slimy feeling and a smell that was just nothing to ever talk about at home. "M-mmmph! A-aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" She would scream, but the thick flesh and fat on the red panda's rear end muffled such sounds, trapping Maylee inside as those arms were pinned, that pucker tightly sealed around the human girls' neck. So she struggled, her head turning around left and right, up and down, rubbing against those insides which only pleasured Lilith more, and causing that flesh to pulsate and throb around Maylee's head harder! Forcing that butt to suddenly start taking in Maylee's shoulders, and with a few tugs, that pucker would begin to overtake said part of the human's body... before with another sick shlooooorrrchh~! Maylee's arms would become all but useless at this point as that tight anus would naturally pin the human girl's arms down, now all but was that massive chest that was in the way, which no doub t would make so much fat and curves alone on that red panda's body~!
  60. [2018-09-22 23:54] Lilith Sunflare: That smile would only grow as she would manage a few more clenches with her powerful rear. The girl would stand no chance as her ass would hold fast, tighening with an uncomfortable amount of force around the poor girl's body. Those large mounts upon her chest would actually give the panda a bit of trouble, surviving the first couple clenches. But soon, with Lilith growing annoyed, she'd reach back, take hold of the girl's breasts, and jam them up into her tight, fleshy ring in what seemed like a fit of anger. The girl would offer little resistance now as clench after clench would bring her closer to her demise. Soon, all that would hang from the panda's vorish rear, would be the girl’s poor legs. The panda would soon stand, giving her ass a nice pat as she did. "Don't worry, you'll be done soon enough." She would then make way to the kitchen, the girl's legs still hanging from her vice-like hole. The panda would fix herself a drink. By this point, Maylee's head would be introduced to the powerful digestive powerhouse that was Lilith's stomach. The very air within it seemed to burn you. Taking a breath was painful as it felt as if you were swallowing the acids with every inhale. You couldn't escape the burning, it was everywhere
  63. [00:25] *Maylee Syndra would have tried and tried to squirm out of her slimy smelly demise as much as she could! Though the more she resisted, the more that it would make it worse for her only. Though she would continue to try and make her way out... but only for her to make her way in instead, as she would have at this point gone through the digestive track and now has entered into that gut. Where the caustic fluids would begin to already wash over her face and work on her form, the feeling of her hair going first was the least of her concerns, as more and more of her body was forced into a ball inside that gut, and when those acids hit her, they already started to work to break down the human within. Her legs being the only thing left outside dangling from the red panda's anus, and they too were spared no mercy as they were sucked up with a final shlrrrrrrrssssh... squeellsh~! That pucker reamining open for a few seconds before closing off, and letting the human bulge out that gut with that humanoid shape on the outside, a bump here, a bump there, how she continued to fight despite it being so futile of an attempt... but as the pain of being digested came, it also went away, as there was so much that Maylee lost consciousness, and her eyes closed for the very last time as that gut would begin to smooth out, her arms and legs softly turning into that soupy substance as her body was extracted of it's nutrients and fat while the rest was simply waste compressing down into that colon. The added padding of fat would start it's addition onto Lilith~.
  66. [01:05] Lilith Sunflare: The panda would give a cruel grin as the human finally gave way, all gone. That bulge would slowly work down as the poor girl was milked for all she was worth. It didn't take long, not at all before Maylee too, was soon compressed and digested into a nice nutrient soup. That soup would be pushed deep down into the panda, were it would be absorbed into her body, beginning to fill out those lovely curves. Soon Maylee would find herself deposited on that lovely ass that the panda worked so hard to craft just perfectly. "Gone..." would all she would say with a soft snicker, as Maylee was truly gone, her existence erased from this world by the panda, except for one, final gift. The panda would soon squat down in the middle of the kitchen, tail raising as her pucker would open up once more. Slowly being pushed out would be the new Maylee: brown logs of shit. PLOP! the first log would fall to the floor, soon followed by another, then another, building up a massive pile that would span a good amount of the floor. She'd chuckle, looking over her handy work. "Can't even tell you apart from your friend, now can I?" She chuckled, giving her rear a nice slap before quickly leaving the house before the smell would attract any unwanted attention. Maylee, now nothing but a pile of shit to be forgotten~.
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