What happens when you stand on the Round Table

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  1. The Rogue stood inside Camelot, right next to the Round Table. He had kept trying to find the Holy Grail within, but kept failing, and was now feeling *very* frustrated. He was thinking about what to do. And then he decided on something. He had always jumped over the Round Table, but had never tried to stand *on* it for any significant length of time for some reason. *I should see what happens when I do that*, he thought to himself. So this time, he jumped onto the table. And then, something very strange happened, as he tried to stay on it. He somehow had a feeling that it would be impolite to do so. In his conscious thoughts, he didn't consider it impolite, and yet, there was that feeling. A feeling so strong it would just not let him stay on the table. The Rogue jumped off the same way he came, stung by the mocking laughter of the Knights. And he could tell where that feeling of impoliteness came from. It was the protective magic that he had taken with him, as other Rogues did - the magic that warned him about actions that would lead to his immediate death and teleported him back to his home when all other possible actions would kill him. *It must be malfunctioning somehow!* the Rogue thought. *I even came here in peace - there isn't anything here that would threaten me! This magic is supposed to warn me about actual danger! Warnings about impoliteness are the stupidest thing I can think of!" So in a fit of rage, the Rogue deactivated the magic. And now, he jumped on the table again, and this time, he was able to actually stand on it. But then... there was still that feeling of impoliteness, and even more now, utter disapproval. It quickly grew stronger and stronger until it was unbearable, and the Rogue had a feeling that it came from... the Round Table itself? Finally, a great power erupted from the table itself, encompassing the Rogue and making the sensation of impoliteness the last thing he ever felt in his life. One of the Knights said, "I feel sorry for that guy. Dying from the table itself, especially when he came in peace..." Another quickly replied, "Well, you *know* the Table hates impoliteness. Arguing about whether that's right won't change anything."
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