ET/EDs say "Drake Has Been Compromised." (unconfirmed otherw

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  1. ET/EDs say "Drake Has Been Compromised." (unconfirmed otherwise)
  3.     Could almost consider this a "blurb" and I haven't yet been able to confirm with any of my sources here on the ground. But, wanted to share as I know some here still follow Drake and yet are wondering where the "out of left field" Vote and 180 degree turn came from.
  5.     According to my ET/EDs that I communicate with daily for the most part, they have informed me this morning that from their investigations they have found that Drake has been compromised in the sense that the CABAL have at least one or more of his family members and are being held against their will. As some have suspected with the whole Vote thing, etc. This is apparently the case.
  7.     As most know, the ET/EDs and their allies would not permit the CABAL to "wage" their war and wipe out the 2/3rds they are wanting to, and apparently at this point the CABAL don't even have the resources to do that either. If you guys will remember, even the Veterans Today and several other sources like Fulford etc (for a recent reference) had reported potentially an Japan Plutonium False Flag event, that didn't happen. There was a guy that reported two potential earthquakes on the West Coast with a 92% accuracy rate using mainstream scientific methods. That would have literally split California in two at the San Andreas Fault. Neither of the two quakes happened, and the energy was "sucked off." even leaving some at CAL-TECH/USGS scratching their heads as the stress meters were one moment banging off the hook and then the next moment "back to normal."
  9.     So yes, they are here doing things and helping to protect innocent lives and will not permit any mass casualties, catastrophic events or "end of the world" scenarios. Unfortunately most of it is covert, and this is do to the general population (not us) not yet being at a point where they are wholly ready to universally accept the presence and involvement of the ET/EDs.
  11.     As I said above, I have not yet independently confirmed the Drake information with ground sources, but wanted to share as I do trust my ET/EDs to be reliable and honest. And, I know a lot of people were wondering where this whole Vote thing came from and his 180 degree turn, even had the ET/EDs confused until they investigated further. They looked into it fully and this is what they have found.
  13.     ETA:This is a recent development, not something "from the beginning" as some have thought that he was CABAL from the beginning, which he wasn't. This just recently happened.
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