Pon-E: Homestead

Nov 24th, 2019
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  1. Pon-E: Homestead
  2. >Pon-E has grown into a global epidemic in the eyes of the Government as more and more people break the 'rules' of Pon-E usage and abuse the miracle drug. 'Daywalkers' are extremely common, assisting Pon-E's in their rule breaking, and helping the pony-turned get off the grid and form no longer small communities. It's getting harder to hide, and the world seems to be holding it's breath as it awaits for an answer to a question no one wants to ask, much less answer: "What happens when someone decides they don't want to be subjugated anymore?"
  4. >The Florida Commune
  5. >The largest Pon-E colony/herd in North America
  6. >Currently residing in an undisclosed location in the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area, hidden in the mass forests owned by the US Government.
  7. >Surprisingly easy to hide in considering who owns it.
  8. >Be Silent Wing.
  9. >Or at least, that's who you are known as now.
  10. >Pegasus Pony, and the quietest flyer this side of Equestra.
  11. >Smol.
  12. >And extremely fluffy.
  13. >You've been a Pon-E convert for almost three years now, and as Pon-E has surged onwards, the more you're convinced that you made the right call.
  14. >Fuckin' Normies trying to regulate shit like that actually works.
  15. >Like regulation would keep people from experiencing this!
  16. >It's night, and you're freewheeling in the sky.
  17. >The wind is crisp, it just rained, and you can feel every air current and the light moisture in the air fluffing out your wings as you loop softly before settling back down below the treeline.
  18. >No sense in getting spotted and going on yet another wild pony chase.
  19. >Even if you can easily escape them.
  20. >A little flair of pride escapes you as you admire your dusky gray coat and feathers, speckled with black here and there, and dark brown mane and tail.
  21. >Fine, you're not the prettiest pony around
  22. >In fact, you're kinda bland.
  23. >Like, really bland, color wise.
  24. >tfw could be mistaken for a normal pony if you didn't have big googly anime eyes
  25. >Whatever, still cute.
  26. >You finish your wingover and 'patrol'.
  27. >The Commune has been on edge ever since the last announcements from the Cheeto and his cabinet.
  28. >People are seriously panicking over Pon-E now, and enough that politics is really getting heavy on the topic.
  29. >Your muzzle scrunches up as you frown over the topic.
  30. >Ugh, politics.
  31. >You take a running landing, your hooves easily settling into the grass as you keep up a solid trot and slip by a earth pony and unicorn guard, who both smile and wave greetings to you.
  32. >You gave a little smile back, and a soft word of nothing to report as you settle back into the camp.
  33. >The Commune is huge, it has to be in order to support the four hundred some ponies and the sixty or so daywalkers who help keep everyone well cared for.
  34. >Getting supplies is the hardest part, especially with the Commune needing to be mobile.
  35. >The Black Forest Commune were particularly helpful when they arrived, bringing the impeccable Dr. AJ.
  36. >Dude was a living legend, even if he still hadn't taken the plunge into ponydom yet.
  37. >You can sympathize with him.
  38. >You quickly check the wrist-band that has a watch stitched into that you have wrapped around your left forehoof.
  39. >Thirty minutes.
  40. >You sigh, hanging your head a bit as you make your way to your camper.
  41. >The Black Forest Commune brought greater mobility to Florida in the form of their RV's and other important vehicles.
  42. >A few ATVs, one really rad WWI style motorcycle, and a few pickup trucks with campers.
  43. >Maybe twenty vehicles in all, but those vehicles provided a lot of value.
  44. >Not only in getting people and ponies around, but their ability to tow trailers that could be used for a lot of things.
  45. >hauling supplies, hiding ponies, so on.
  46. >You bite your lip softly as you come up to the tents and bedrolls of the camper that you are assigned to.
  47. >Supplies are getting harder to get now.
  48. >Grazing isn't a issue, if a little degrading
  49. >But simple foods and feed is difficult to come by in the amounts needed.
  50. >Honestly, you were trying to suggest California as a possibility.
  51. >Lots of large farms and the like out there
  52. >Apparently there's a fairly large amount of Pony communities out there as well.
  53. >Maybe try to integrate?
  54. >You shake the thoughts from your head as you lay down on your bed roll, taking a deep breath and letting it out as you fluff your wings over yourself for warmth, curled up in a little ball with your tail covering your muzzle.
  55. >You sigh, closing your eyes.
  56. >What's one pegasus going to do about it?
  57. >You should get some sleep, you'll be needed as a Daywalker when you wake up you're sure...
  58. ---------------------
  59. >Be Doctor Aries 'AJ' Brown
  60. >Doctor Heart Oath to everyone in the Commune.
  61. >You and the rest of the leaders of the Florida Commune are huddled together in your RV.
  62. >That RV you traveled to Florida in is now home, and honestly, it's a nice one.
  63. >Pictures of friends and as-good-as-family hangs all around the RV.
  64. >A particular picture of a rusty red unicorn stallion and a sky blue earth pony kissing sits prominently on the small 'desk' that you have set up.
  65. "Right, lets go over our options one more time."
  66. >You're exhausted from this conversation.
  67. >Frankly, everypony else is too.
  68. >You look around at the rest of the meeting.
  69. >Ten people to decide the path of almost five hundred people.
  70. >Nerve wracking sometimes, but necessary.
  71. >"We're running out of money. That's honestly the plain and simple of it."
  72. >A large earth pony stallion with a Big Mac like frame and build sighs out to the group, making the rest murmur.
  73. >"At this point in time, we need to make money, and we need to find a way to keep our Daywalkers fed. The herd is fine, for the most part."
  74. >He pushes on, obviously not pleased with the situation himself.
  75. >"Come on Heavy Mover, we've covered this point before."
  76. >The scratchy, tomboyish voice of a pegasus mare calls
  77. >"That's why we're going over it again Feather Fall."
  78. >Heavy grumbles at the pegasus mare before he huffs and stands up straight again.
  79. >"The herd can feed just fine, but Pon-E isn't a good cure-all for keeping our Daywalkers fed, and more importantly, we're eventually going to run out of Pon-E, either because we won't have supplies for Mr. Robber to make more or because the ingredients required will be impossible to get without the Government tracking it."
  80. >The room falls silent.
  81. >The announcement of tracking of the ingredients required to make the homemade tomato sauce that was Pon-E was made this morning.
  82. >There was a mad dash to get what supplies we could before the tracking and monitoring went into effect.
  83. >And that's only making everypony more nervous and worried.
  84. "California announced that they're not going to be following the tracking and monitoring laws."
  85. >A few heads nod at you while Heavy bites his lower lip in thought before sitting down as his namesake implies.
  86. >Heavily.
  87. >The RV rocks a little bit as he rubs the back of his head with a massive hoof.
  88. >"I know Doc, I know, but... California? Really? That's not a short trip, especially not for five hundred ponies. We got little ones to look out for."
  89. >This was true. Quite a natural born Equestiran Ponies lived in the commune.
  90. >All of them quite young.
  91. >Interestingly, they seemed to follow a completely outside the norm development cycle.
  92. >They were growing up faster than a human baby would, but muuuch slower than a horse or pony foal would.
  93. >Sort of splitting the difference.
  94. >Capable of walking around, nosing their way into trouble, and babbling at you at a few weeks.
  95. >But not quite getting into more child like development till about a year.
  96. >Quite the conundrum.
  97. >"...oc? Doc!"
  98. >You snap back to the conversation.
  99. "Sorry, lost in thought again. I think California is our best option, if only to keep our ponies from going stir crazy."
  100. >After more arguing and grumbling, the meeting between the camp leaders broke up and you finally had the RV to yourself for a brief moment.
  101. >You sigh, hauling yourself up to your foot and grabbing your crutches, practiced maneuvering helping you settle your desk out of the way (a simple fold up card table) and to settle into bed, closing your eyes with a groan.
  102. >You hear the door to the RV open and close.
  103. >Hooves gently clip-clopping towards the back.
  104. >A soft, warm body clambers into the bed and presses into you, a muzzle softly working under your neck and kissing your throat.
  105. >There she is.
  106. "Daisy."
  107. >"Mmm, Oath."
  108. >Muzzle meets mouth in a soft, needy kiss as you brush her mane with your fingers.
  109. >The kiss breaks and you hug your mare close.
  110. >"It never ends does it?"
  111. >You've had this discussion quite a few times over the last couple of months.
  112. >You didn't want to be one of the designated 'leaders' of the Florida Commune but as the only medical professional with a doctorate that actually applied to ponies and horses, you were the lead for the medical side of things.
  113. >Something about a calm presence and a steady state of mind.
  114. >You sigh, fingers trailing down Daisy's back.
  115. "One day it will love, one day it will."
  116. >"Not one day too soon."
  117. "I'm fine as long as I have you."
  118. >Daisy huffs and kisses you again and you can only smirk a bit at her.
  119. >She hates it when you get all lovey-dovey and romantic at her.
  120. >Mostly because she can't stop her blush and you think it's adorable so you just tease her more.
  121. >But you fall somber and hug her closer.
  122. "We need to find someplace permanent. Somewhere we don't have to move from."
  123. >"Tall order."
  124. "Very, but what else can we do? We aren't starving but running low on supplies is not good when we've got sixty people to feed that can't graze."
  125. >Pony nutrient requirements and human nutrient requirements were very different.
  126. >Getting the food and supplies needed for the still-human was hard when you couldn't hold down a job.
  127. >The best source of money was one of the daywalkers who was a shameless porn artist.
  128. >He worked off of commission and every cent he made he pushed towards food and supplies.
  129. >Hypno Plot was a strange fellow, but at least he was smart enough to not show anypony else what he did for money.
  130. >"And we're running low on Pon-E again, which is not good when we sometimes need it as a emergency medication."
  131. >That application of Pon-E to Daisy almost a year ago has proven to be a true life saver.
  132. >Almost anything can be fixed by a second dose, short of total brain-death and the common cold.
  133. >Shame.
  134. "But we're not about to let our ponies go without being able to be themselves."
  135. >Daisy shoots you -the look- and you wince, looking away.
  136. >You haven't had pony time in a few days, mostly due to not having the time to and being needed to help get supplies.
  137. >Dr. AJ was still wanted in the outside world, but changing your hairstyle and having a beard was enough to throw most people off.
  138. >That and the case being a year old, most people weren't looking for you anymore.
  139. >But all that time spent the last couple of days getting what supplies for the Commune you could meant that you didn't really have time to be a pony.
  140. >Which causes the current huffy state of your mare.
  141. >You hug her close again, and her gaze softens as she snuggles in, both of you settling down to get some sleep.
  142. "We'll come up with something. I know we will."
  143. >"Heart Oath, if you have done nothing else, you keep your promises. I believe in you. I love you."
  144. "I love you Daisy."
  145. ----------
  146. Homestead: Dawn of the First Day
  147. >You are Anon.
  148. >Well… you were, once.
  149. >Everything changed when the Poni nation attacked.
  150. >Not that you’ve got much complaints about it.
  151. >You muse softly on that thought as you slowly pull yourself from Luna’s realm.
  152. >A quiet prayer to the mare of the night (not that kind) whispers past your lips as you slowly rub your muzzle against the wings of your bed partner.
  153. >Mmm, soft fuffy down.
  154. >A mane of grays and black drifts in front of your eyes and a small smile lights your face.
  155. >Your mane.
  156. >Your eyes trail down the pink and blue stallion whom you’re curled again.
  157. >Your stallion.
  158. >Your smile grows before settling back into a pre-dawn calm and let yourself drift back to snuggling into your silly Pegasus.
  159. >You are Glimmer Dusk
  160. >Maybe not the newest or most creative name.
  161. >But it’s your name.
  162. >And you like it when your Nonny calls you Duskie.
  163. >It’s cute.
  164. >You blink as Weather “Nonny” Front’s wings shift and ruffle softly.
  165. >Oops, looks like you woke your silly stallion up.
  166. >Two bright green eyes glint in the pre-sunrise dawn, Luna-dazed and searching before they lock to your shining blues.
  167. >It’s not even a conscious thought as your lips meet his, and those eyes open for a moment, the haze receding as he kisses back.
  168. >His eyes and yours close as you feel two wings wrap tighter around you.
  169. >Yes, that’s more like it.
  170. >Now you can start your morning proper.
  171. >The kiss breaks on its own, slowly drawn to a conclusion as all things do.
  172. *smek*
  173. >A soft smile graces your lips as you rest your horn against his foreheads and your eyes meet his once again.
  174. >”Good morning Duskie. I love you.”
  175. ”Good morning Nonny. I love you.”
  176. >Morning ritual complete, you and your Pegasus carefully shift so not to hurt his wings as you were basically laying on one of them as you cuddled and got up to face the day.
  177. >Nonny’s friend ‘D-rankz’ really came through for the two of you.
  178. >Especially now that he had transitioned over entirely himself.
  179. >Both he and Nonny had clubbed up to get a really nice Camper trailer that had a little nook/bed that was above the cab of the truck.
  180. >Most campers use it as a storage area.
  181. >But it’s big enough to make for a lovely private bedroom for a pony couple.
  182. >The little window is nice too, even if it needs to be covered up during travel to make it look like it is being used for storage and not for smuggling ponies.
  183. >Looking out from the nook after gently pulling the heavy blackout/privacy curtains aside, you admire the little kingdom of, as Nonny named it, Dusk’s Nook.
  184. >Heavy Mover is sprawled out as usual, mouth hanging open and clearly snoring.
  185. >Thank goodness for silencing spells.
  186. >A short glance to the smaller stallion curled into his side and gently hugged with a single leg shows his husband, Decisive Strike, to have been the one to cast the spell, also as usual.
  187. >You barely keep yourself from snickering at seeing the two.
  188. >Cutest couple, you swear, you never would have expected they were both mares before they took Pon-E.
  189. >The small unicorn stallion was a former Marine, and actually headed the Commune Guard. Judging by the dew around his fetlocks, he just recently got back to bed.
  190. >His eye cracks a bit as you climb down from the loft with some magical assistance, making little noise but of course he notices.
  191. >You smile warmly and gently wave a hoof, ushering him back to sleep.
  192. >After a moment, he complies, rolling his visible eye before closing it again and nuzzling into Heavy’s chest.
  193. >Cute.
  194. >You turn, and notice your stallion doing his best not to snicker as he theatrically bows to you, sweeping a wing before gently jumping from the loft and landing without a sound.
  195. >”All is well in your kingdom, your majesty. All hail Queen Dusk.”
  196. >You shove him with your rump and make him stagger a bit as you do check on the rest of the ponies inside the camper.
  197. >Mostly couples or herds that wish to be affectionate without having to have the possibility of one of the younger members of the Commune chance across them.
  198. >You nod with a little huff, raising your head and squaring your posture, ignoring Nonny’s snickering as you trot to the door and quietly open it with your magic and step out into the morning.
  199. >The Commune is slowly waking up, a few Daywalkers already blearily gathered around a small campfire with a coffee pot being brewed on top of it, who give you a small wave.
  200. >You trot over, Nonny not far behind.
  201. >”Good morning your Highness.”
  202. >You groan, hanging your head a bit and letting your mane cover your face and hide the blush.
  203. “I get it enough from this one, why does everypony else have to get in on it?”
  204. >You’re whining.
  205. >You know you’re whining.
  206. >Rarity would be proud.
  207. >”Because you’re regal, elegant, perfect, and almost a head taller than every other pony in the camp that isn’t myself, Heavy Mover, or Bumble Roll?”
  208. >You give your stallion a hard glare that makes him smirk all the more at you.
  209. >Sometimes you wonder why you fell in love with a Troll.
  210. >The humans all chuckle as you sigh and gesture to Nonny with a hoof.
  211. “This is what I need to put up with for love. Is the coffee ready? I’m not nearly caffeinated enough to deal with this featherbrain.”
  212. >Nonny squawks in mock outrage as the daywalkers laugh and one sets you up with a mug of joe which you carefully snag in your magic.
  213. >A little sugar, a bit of cream.
  214. >Perfect.
  215. >You hum appreciatively as you sip your drink.
  216. >Nonny got his own mug which he’s holding in a wing.
  217. >Pretty impressive for a dolt.
  218. >”So Line Blitzer, finally convince Feather Fall to go on a date with you or did she shoot you down again?”
  219. >And of course he’s going to start gossiping.
  220. >Really, sometimes you wonder who the mare in this relationship actually is.
  221. >”Sssssh! Don’t talk about it right now!”
  222. >The Daywalker who made you the coffee, Dave, or Line Blitzer the Pegasus, sushes Nonny.
  223. >”Look, I have a new plan and it’s a surefire! But I gotta build up to it ya know?”
  224. >The poor boy has been chasing Feather Fall, the weather captain and air scout, for about three months now.
  225. >Utterly smitten.
  226. >Poor thing.
  227. “Honestly, she’d probably like you more if you stopped crashing into things while staring at her flank, or crashing into her while staring at her flank.”
  228. >You give him a coy, smug look over your coffee as you take a sip, making him groan and fold in on himself comically much to the amusement and laughter of the other Daywalkers and Nonny.
  229. “Aaaa, don’t beat yourself up over it Blitzer. Just focus on the job when you’re working, you know? Get her off-shift, don’t try to butter her up while you’re supposed to be clearing clouds or on lookout.”
  230. >He sighs, and rubs the back of his head.
  231. >”I know, I know, it’s just…”
  232. >A little bit of melancholy settles around the group as his expression falls.
  233. >Oh, dang it.
  234. >You were just trying to poke fun, not reminding people of the current situation.
  235. “I know. It feels like there’s no time for fun, especially for the Daywalkers.”
  236. >The others nod solemnly.
  237. >”Did you hear that they’re talking about pulling stakes and going to California?”
  238. >You hum noncommittally.
  239. >To tell the truth, you did know.
  240. >Comes with being the leader of the transportation teams.
  241. >The meeting in Heart Oath’s RV last night was not a fun conversation to have.
  242. >Nopony wanted to move again.
  243. >Being on the run was getting tiresome.
  244. >And more importantly, there was worries that were spreading throughout the herd at a rapid pace.
  245. >Several more mares have fallen pregnant after the barely-passed heat cycle.
  246. >Magic is a wonderful thing, being able to get this kind of information far sooner than a human mother could possibly know.
  247. >But that also meant more mouths to feed.
  248. >More ponies tied up with caring for the mothers.
  249. >No small task, though a much desired one.
  250. >Not a single one of the foals were mistakes, and all of them were quite clearly wanted.
  251. >But there really much that you could do to smooth things out for the rest of the Commune.
  252. >Expectant mothers shouldn’t be moved across a country.
  253. >But expectant mothers shouldn’t be on the lamb or being hunted simply for desiring a better life either.
  254. >You sigh as you finish your mug of coffee, having drained it during your introspection.
  255. >It’s not fair, but life isn’t fair, and you absolutely do not begrudge their happiness.
  256. >Why should everyponies lives end just because the Government was full of shit?
  257. >Not for the first time either.
  258. >”Oh boy, her Highness is about to make a decree.”
  259. >You avoid snapping at Blitz as you use a burst of magic to properly wash the mug and set it aside for the next person who might want some of the coffee.
  260. “And what makes you say that?”
  261. >You arch an eyebrow at the Daywalker, who gestures back.
  262. >”Glimmer Dusk, if it weren’t for the fact that you don’t have wings and your mane is more befitting of Fluttershy, you’d pull off a very creditable Twilight Sparkle impression.”
  263. >High Praise.
  264. “Well I doubt I’m going to get my cutie mark blowing up a tower of Celestia’s school any time soon so I don’t think we need to worry about me being the next Element of Magic.”
  265. >You voice was dull and dry and full of pure snark as you lift a hoof with poise and grace.
  266. >”Well, that and you look like you’d be one of the good noble ponies like Fancy Pants. But seriously, every time you come to a conclusion about something you make the same determined, lined, narrowed eyed look that Twilight gets.”
  267. >You blink, stopping your about-to-be-rant and tilting your head.
  268. >Nonny drapes a wing over your withers and nods.
  269. >”He’s totally right Duskie, you do that all the time. Why do you think I started that?”
  270. “Because I totally rule you in bed.”
  271. >Nonny’s wings shoot up straight in shock and you smirk while the rest of the little group around the fire laugh.
  272. >Gotteem.
  273. >”… Damn it.”
  274. >Yeah, you’re the best.
  275. “Anyway, what would I make a decree about?”
  276. >A big shrug meets your statement
  277. >”Beats me Lady Dusk, all I know is that it looked like you made your mind up about something and were about to start a rant.”
  278. >You consider Blitzer’s words for a moment before nodding.
  279. “Yeah… just where my vote is going to go. We’ve got too many ponies to risk staying here.”
  280. >You’re frowning, not pleased with the option but knowing it was the best plan that anypony had at this point.
  281. >The words form on their own, and as you speak them, holding yourself up straighter, your purple coat is lit up in the rising sun.
  282. “We’re going to have to make a run to California.”
  283. ---------------------------
  284. >Finally, pony time.
  285. >A wistful smile graces your face as Daisy nuzzles you.
  286. >”Better than having you all smelly again.”
  287. >You grimace at that thought as you take the horsepill and quickly down it with some water assistance.
  288. >Daisy really doesn’t like it when you smoke weed.
  289. >She tolerated it before because it really helped with your leg but the smell was apparently terrible.
  290. >But you never really fell out of the habit and smoked mostly for recreation at this point in time.
  291. >A nice way to take the edge off.
  292. >And some of the ponies were really, really silly when they were smoked up.
  293. >Such cuddling, much laughter.
  294. >You gently kiss the mare as you settle onto your bed and close your eyes, waiting for the saucy pill to do its work.
  295. “I know, I’m just glad to finally have a day off…”
  296. >”You deserve one, the rest of the Daywalkers do honestly.”
  297. “Well, we’ll se-“
  298. >A knock comes to the door of the RV and a small groan slips your lips as a bit of mild discomfort hits you.
  299. >The transformation is starting and you really don’t want to try to hold a conversation right now.
  300. >”Oath, it’s Feather Fall, you got a moment?”
  301. >”Oh, good morning Feather! Oath is currently mid-shift.”
  302. >”Ponyfeathers, this isn’t a good time for him to be on his rump, the rest of the leaders are finally coming to an agreement.”
  303. >You start slowly fading out as the pain of the transformation hits.
  304. >You watch idly as your hand curls up, feeling the bones folding into themselves to form your hoof.
  305. >Muffled words filter past your ears but you hear nothing as the world vanishes into unconsciousness.
  306. -------------------------
  307. >Nonny's running his mouth again.
  308. >Seriously, someone pulled a prank when they picked the genders for you and your stallion.
  309. >"-and Juniper Sky is convinced that Roll is trying to hide his feelings towards Cherry, but everypony knows that Roll and Cherry don't get along so I says-"
  310. >Yep, still gossiping, even standing out in front of Daisy and AJ's trailer.
  311. >You roll your eyes, taking a soft breath through your nose as you see another Daywalker slowly walking over.
  312. >He lives in the small tent camp that surrounds your camper so you give him a small smile in greetings.
  313. >The teen blinks at you bleary before he starts walking over.
  314. >He's got a partially concerned look on his face, and looks quite tired.
  315. >Silent Wing is the youngest of the Daywalkers, almost seventeen now.
  316. >A runaway and one who quite firmly doesn't want to go home.
  317. >His hair is long and as black as the spots in his coat when he's a pony, and hangs over his face a bit.
  318. "Good morning Silent, you're up early."
  319. >The teen gives you a half grimace and shrugs a shoulder.
  320. >"Figured I should get up, I need to talk to you before the rest of the leads get together."
  321. >He sounds really down and you glance over at the door to the RV, where the rest of the Leadership of the Commune are waiting for AJ to wake up.
  322. >You softly motion with a hoof, your horn lighting up as you summon a fold-out chair for him to sit in.
  323. "We've got some time Silent, why don't you sit? You look exhausted."
  324. >He gives you a half-exasperated teenager pout before sprawling into the chair with the standard issue teenage grace.
  325. >You remember it well. It wasn't that many years away from where you are now.
  326. >"Thanks... and again for letting me stay in your campgrounds as well Glimmer Dusk."
  327. >He tries to smile but it definitely doesn't reach his eyes.
  328. >Poor kid is torn up about something, that's for sure.
  329. >You have had to get good at reading people's expressions fairly quickly, as a commune leader.
  330. >Not only to mediate between arguments here and there and calm people and ponies down when tempers flair, but to broker negotiations if someone has a 'great idea' that you can't approve for some reason or another.
  331. >And Silent currently looks like he's about to be frog marched to the Gallows.
  332. >You take a step closer and gently rest a hoof against his leg, making him lift his head and meet your eyes.
  333. >Those are some sad eyes and troubled eyes your meeting, and the red you're seeing is clearly from exhaustion.
  334. >You make a quiet note to yourself to talk to Feather Fall about letting Silent get a shift off of the patrol and having Nonny take his slot if Silent needs to be part of the Daywalker supply run today.
  335. "You're always welcome Silent, I know you're not a fan of being around the other young Commune members."
  336. >You 'forget' to mention that he doesn't like doing so because they're either far too young for him to hang out with or they're all pony all the time.
  337. >He works hard to take a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, like he's got something to prove.
  338. >You met him when you first arrived to the Florida Commune and don't know too much about his past, but Silent Wing has always had a chip on his shoulder.
  339. >"I think we should go back to California, but I don't know if I can go."
  340. >You blink in surprise at how fallen his expression is at that.
  341. "Of course you can go, no one will stop you and you're always welcome in our camper Silent, what would keep you from coming to California with the Commune?"
  342. >He worries his lip for a moment and out of the corner of your eye you spot Nonny looking at you with a questioning gaze and you subtly shake your head at him.
  343. >Silent lets out the breath he had taken and hangs his head.
  344. >"I... California is where I came from. I don't want to go back."
  345. >Oh.
  346. >You focus on him intently, waiting for him to continue.
  347. >"I don't want to drop a sob story, but I ran away from home at fourteen for a reason."
  348. >His voice is flat, and his hair hides his face a bit as he lets his head hang.
  349. >"It's not just because I was enjoying the freedom of Pon-E or being able to fly or... any of that. It was to get out of California and away from -them-.
  350. >You shift a bit, getting closer and letting yourself press against his leg softly, and his hand comes down and gently pets your mane.
  351. >"My family wasn't abusive or anything, before you jump to conclusions. They just... were a non-factor, you know? They didn't care. Still don't. California was a friggin' wasteland and growing up in the ghettos of LA isn't exactly much better."
  352. >He sighs, his hand leaving your mane and running through his own hair as he sits up a bit.
  353. >"I don't want to be close to that, I hate everything I've learned about the state and how secular it is since I escaped, and now we have to go back because there's no where else to run? It's bullshit."
  354. >He spits the last words with a angry huff, a bit of a spark in his eyes as he looks up at you before he sighs and lets it go, hanging his head again.
  355. >"But you've got to think of the Commune first, and I think it'd be best from what I've read on the net... thank you again for helping me get a phone Miss Dawn."
  356. >You wave a hoof from side to side softly.
  357. "Don't thank me, thank Nonny, he's the one with all the bits."
  358. >"You're the one that actually does the budgeting."
  359. >This is true.
  360. >Nonny is fairly well off money wise, and the two of you have some saved funds that weren't donated to the Commune or used to get the camper and truck with D-Rankz.
  361. >But as much as you love him, he's a moron when it comes to money.
  362. >Can't budget to save his life.
  363. >So you're firmly in control of spending and saving the money that you both have left.
  364. >Of course, Nonny would probably cripple himself if you asked him to, scary a thought as it is.
  365. >You shift your hoof from his knee to gently cupping his chin, holding it up a bit so he looks you in the eyes.
  366. "You're family Silent, family takes care of one another, no matter where we go."
  367. >His eyes water a bit at that as he rests his head against your hoof, his hand falling from his head to hold your hoof.
  368. >"I... yeah. I... if..."
  369. >You wait patiently, let him work out what he wants to say while he's still building the confidence to ask the question he's got.
  370. >Being as tired as he is probably isn't helping him formulate what he wants to ask.
  371. >"If... when the Commune goes to California. Can I... split off, just stay here?"
  372. >He looks like someone just hamstrung him, as if he was hurting himself just asking.
  373. >You shift from your haunches to your hooves and stand up, meeting him eye to eye for a moment before gently pulling him into a hug.
  374. >Sometimes being the tallest Pon-E has it's benefits. Being able to hug someone properly when they really need it is one of them.
  375. "I don't think you want to. I also don't think that's the question you want to ask Silent."
  376. >He's gripping tightly, having brought his arms up to hug you back after you held him, before you shift your head back so you can look at him and make sure his eyes meet yours.
  377. "We're not going to send you away when we get to California, nor will we hold you back if you want to stay, but if you're asking if we'll forget about you? Never. No one from -my- camp will be left alone if I can help it."
  378. >You words are firm even if your voice is soft, and Silent gives you a half-smile as he breaks the hug.
  379. >"... Thanks Mum."
  380. >He gives you a slightly cheekier smile and looks a bit more cheered up by the reminder that he's -welcome- here.
  381. >Mum are you?
  382. >Well then.
  383. >Time to be mother then.
  384. "You're welcome dearie, now you look exhausted. Back to the camper with you young man, you need your rest. I'll talk to Feather Fall. Shoo, get some sleep."
  385. >A little magic gets him up on his feet as you guide him towards the camper.
  386. >Fine, you were technically horse-collaring him by his shirt.
  387. >But you were much more gentle than someone actually doing so by hand would ever be.
  388. >He lets out a little laugh that sounds wet.
  389. >He's also hiding his face from you a bit.
  390. >"OK, ok mum, I'm going!"
  391. >You snort.
  392. >Cheeky little...
  393. "And you better wash behind those ears young man! Don't you think I can't see the dirt there!"
  394. >"Mum!"
  395. >You laugh warmly as he turns back, looking at you in a scandalized fashion before giving you a smile.
  396. >His eyes are wet but you think you've done good this morning, even if the conversation wasn't as coherent as you think it should have been.
  397. >A small burst of magic pulls a pen and notebook from your saddlebag as Silent walks back towards your camper and the little campground surrounding it.
  398. >Better make a note to talk to him later.
  399. >As you're writing, a wing gently folds across your back and a feather gently circles your withers.
  400. >You hum appreciatively as you finish writing before putting your book and pen away and shift your gaze to your attentive stallion who's gazing at you with unabashed adoration.
  401. >"Mum huh? Did we adopt without you telling me?"
  402. >Nonny's voice is warm as he rests his head against yours, his bodyweight comfortable and his fur warm as its rubbed into yours and you breath lightly, basking in your stallion's scent.
  403. "Mmmm, no, but I think I'll need to have another talk with Silent soon."
  404. >Nonny hums and kisses your cheek before slowly stepping away.
  405. >"Well, I think you'll be a great mother one day love. For now, you have a commune to lead."
  406. >You nod back at him and kiss your stallion, leaving him with a goofy grin as you make your way back to the door to AJ's cabin, which opens to a smiling Daisy.
  407. >"Oath is awake. We can get the meeting underway now."
  408. --------------------------------------
  409. >Be Silent Wing.
  410. >That is -your- name, Celestia damn it.
  411. >And no one can take it from you.
  412. >You haven't thought of your daywalker name in a few days, but seeing as you and the rest of the walkers need to get into town today to pick up supplies for the move (hopefully) you're gonna need to take a moment to remember one.
  413. >Lady Glimmer Dust is awesome, seriously.
  414. >Best Not-Your-Mother-Mother you've ever had.
  415. >California wasn't the best, and frankly, your family kinda sucks.
  416. >Rich homebodies that made it big off of Silicone Valley.
  417. >It's not like you were abused or anything, but they didn't care about you.
  418. >You were born for prestige and to have something to show off.
  419. >Maids and Nannies took care of you from the day you were born.
  420. >Doubt your parents ever changed your diapers.
  421. >Ugh, back in the headspace again.
  422. >You sigh, closing your eyes as you finish shucking off the pajamas you struggled into after deponifying last night.
  423. >The communal wash area is pretty interesting.
  424. >There's not very many of them, due to the fact that water needs to be conserved and the commune doesn't want to leave a big footprint.
  425. >So by that nature, it has to be mixed gender.
  426. >You're the only daywalker in right now, but the big post with shower-heads on it is partially occupied already.
  427. >A young mare and stallion are washing each other and a little filly, a cutie with a neat camouflage like pattern who's babbling away at a mile a minute, getting ready for the day.
  428. >A bigger, plain earth pony who you know only as Bob.
  429. >Come to think of it, that's the only name you've ever head for the guy.
  430. >A couple of the other patrol ponies, a mix of mares and stallions, but far more mares, are also sharing a few shower heads.
  431. >Thankfully, one is open, so after carefully shedding the mild embarrassment of walking nude and upright, you start to clean yourself.
  432. >"Good Morning Silent!"
  433. >Whyyyyyyyyy
  434. >Belladonna is smiling at you exactingly, well aware that she caught you out.
  435. >This is the -other- Not-Your-Mother-Mother in the Commune.
  436. >And one of the first mares among the Commune to have foaled.
  437. >Dr AJ's first foaling of a Pon-E pony.
  438. >That whole story was pretty crazy the first time you heard it.
  439. >Well, not the foaling part, but what came after.
  440. >Calm Camouflage has noticed you now and gives you a bright grin.
  441. >"Heya bucko, you're up early!"
  442. "Morning Miss Belladonna, Mr. Camo."
  443. >"Siwent!"
  444. >Desert Blossom, their adorable camo-mane-tan-coat filly, immediately notices your presence and proceeds to tackle and hug the stuffing out of your leg.
  445. >ItisAGoodPain.gif
  446. >She's not particularly heavy, and growing quickly, but that little thing is swift and she can really get some momentum behind her when she puts her mind to it.
  447. >You spend enough time around Doc AJ and the upper chain of command in the Commune to have gotten to know the Camo family quite well.
  448. >And of course, Miss Belladonna used to be a school teacher, and male, which you always contemplate for a while when the reminder hits you.
  449. >So she runs the 'home school' system for the Daywalkers and for the young colts and fillies in the commune.
  450. >Quite good at it too.
  451. >You let yourself reset your balance before you kneel down to give Blossom a one armed hug.
  452. "Heya lil' sister, didn't your daddy tell you not to tackle people anymore?"
  453. >You voice is firm, but the tone is very amused.
  454. >Camo chuckles as Blossom nuzzles your leg before backing off and rejoining her momma, who proceeds to gently scrub her down with a mouth-held sponge thing.
  455. >Whatever those fluffy bath tools are called.
  456. >Never understood what they were for, hands work just fine.
  457. >You get the water on and start washing yourself.
  458. >Daywalkers only get about five-to-ten minutes to wash themselves.
  459. >The oldest Daywalker who hadn't gone Pon-E full time, Following Seas, used to be in the Navy and taught all the Daywalkers the art of the Navy Shower.
  460. >"It's simple enough, the objective of a shower is to clean off the areas that build up major sweat and to remove heavy soiling."
  461. >Grease, Oil, dirt, dead skin cells, mostly is what he's talking about.
  462. >The every-day shower is about five minutes- get soap, hit all the hot spots, paying careful attention to the genitalia and armpits to ensure they're properly clean, and then out.
  463. >Do a proper full-body wash every other day, that being the ten minute shower.
  464. >Today is a five minute shower day.
  465. >"Momma said I cwold tackle you cuz you're strong!"
  466. >Bella gives me a wink, making me roll my eyes in exasperation.
  467. >Damn it, there's the teenager again.
  468. "Your Mom is right, but that still means you gotta ask first, ok? What if I had been carrying something?"
  469. >"Why?"
  470. >Nope, not this game again.
  471. >This is Desert Blossom's favorite game- 'Why' until you've run out of explanations.
  472. >You give Belladonna an exasperated look which makes her grin at you in obvious mirth.
  473. >You studiously shift a bit for your own modesty as you carefully wash yourself down, giving yourself the attention needed to properly clean your body.
  474. >Especially with the fact that you grow wings and then lose them, the last thing you want is for a feather to get caught somewhere and then end up scratching yourself on one of your quills.
  475. >Sounds painful.
  476. "Anyway, what's going on? You're all up early."
  477. >"Ahhh, the big decision is today, hmm? The Missus and I figured we'll take Blossom out for a walk today and get a last look at some of the lovely trees and areas around here before we have to help Oath pack up."
  478. >They live in Doc AJ's RV, which makes sense enough to me.
  479. >They were his first friends in the Commune and it's technically their RV.
  480. >It's just kind of turned into the Doc's base of operations due to the fact that's where he had set up his gear first and it's kind of a pain for him to move things around when he's human.
  481. >Losing a leg is living life on hardcore mode, that's for sure.
  482. >Camo is talking about the family outing they planned and you nod along.
  483. "Well, have fun, just be careful if you go north- we've been seeing signs of a pack of wild hogs out there."
  484. >"Ah! Thanks Kiddo, good to know."
  485. >You really, really wish that Camo wasn't leaning so hard into the Dad persona.
  486. >He's pretty cool sometimes, but he really overdoes it sometimes.
  487. >He used to be an actor, so it makes sense, but Belladonna really has to smack some sense into him sometimes.
  488. >You finish up your shower quickly, cutting off the water to your nozzle and quickly drying yourself off.
  489. >Pony showers got to be a bit longer than daywalker showers, about 15-20 minutes.
  490. >But they usually showered in groups, helping one another clean.
  491. >You smile at the family as you wrap a towel around your waist, finally feeling a bit more relaxed and covered up.
  492. >"Like walking into a nudest colony for the first time."
  493. >You blink at the non-sequitur delivered by Bella.
  494. "Uhhhhh... what?"
  495. >Bella smiles while Camo laughs.
  496. >"Sweetie, we basically live in a nudest colony of a Commune, but every time you shower you're so gun-shy about it."
  497. >You groan, not ready nor willing to accept a lecture right now.
  498. "That's nice Miss B ta ta see you later Blossom be good for you parents bye bye!"
  499. >You exit stage left to Camo and Belladonna's laughter and quickly make your way back to your tent and gear so you can get dressed.
  500. >That's literally the -last- thing you want to think about today.
  501. >Maybe you'll be able to get dressed befo-
  502. >"Squirt, you decent?"
  503. >Damn it.
  504. "Yeah, what do you need Feather Fall?"
  505. >A pegasus mare opens the flap of the tent.
  506. >She looks a little bit like if Rainbow Dash and Soarin' got mushed into a single body, and then was given Fleet Foots coloring.
  507. >You honestly don't know how else to describe it.
  508. >"Where's your scouting report from last night? You're usually the punctual one about these kinda things and I need it before I go to the big wig meeting."
  509. >Well, at least she sounds like how she always does when talking to you.
  510. >Annoyed and a bit angry.
  511. >You frown back at her before reaching into a small messenger bag and pulling out a small notepad and flipping it open.
  512. >It's one of those nice spiraled ones that are easy to pull pages out of and come out cleanly.
  513. >You pull two pages out and pass it over to the impatient mare.
  514. "I was coming off of Pon-E Feather, you know that leaves everyone a bit sore. The report is right here."
  515. >Your mouthwriting has gotten a -lot- better.
  516. >But your wingwriting is perfect and a lot faster, even if Doc AJ doesn't like it.
  517. >Thinks that it might screw with muscle group development.
  518. >Either way you were tired last night so you wrote it with your wingwriting.
  519. >Feather glares at you, as if she -knows- you did.
  520. >"You're not supposed to be wing writing Adam."
  521. >You wince at your real name.
  522. >That's what it was.
  523. "And I wasn't, I mouth wrote the report, look, here it is. I got to meet up with the rest of the daywalkers."
  524. [To Be Continued]
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