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  1. What role does empathy play in your life, and how has it helped you?
  2. Empathy has always played an important role in my life. Being able to relate to
  3. people and understand where they are coming from, has been tremendously helpful
  4. through out my life.
  7. How does empathy help you build better software?
  8. Empathy is an important part of team development, which is an important part of
  9. building better software. Without empathy the team will not be able to  function
  10. at 100%, thus resulting in poor or average software. This does not foster a
  11. learning or innovative environment, which  is crucial to software development.
  13. Why is empathy important for working on a team?
  14. If you are in charge of a team, or even if you are a team member, empathy is an
  15. important part of team cohesion. With out empathy, the leader will not be able to
  16. understand the strengths of his/her team members. Without understanding the
  17. strengths of your team members, you will not be able to build a functional team.
  19. Describe a situation in which your ability to empathize with a college was helpful?
  20. I went to a technical high school as a teenager. I was enrolled in the electrical
  21. program. I was very good at doing the electrical work, and frequently helped my
  22. classmates. Being able to empathize with them about the problem, I was able to
  23. understand where they were coming from, and what kind of road blocks might they
  24. be facing.
  26. When do you find it most difficult to be empathetic in professional settings?
  27. How can you improve your skills when faced with these scenarios?
  28. I do not usually find it difficult to be empathetic. The difficulty for me is not
  29. letting your empathy cloud your decision making. It is important to be empathetic,
  30. not only to relate to people and understand where they are coming from, but also
  31. to build a stronger team, which turns into a more productive team.
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