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  1. [13:26] Rui (kaitiogears): [T://Gigaton] Excuse the sudden message, but you may have answers to my questions.
  3. [13:26] Kage Heavenrent (kage.marx): [c://heavenrent] I may. What can I do for you?
  5. [13:27] Rui (kaitiogears): [T://Gigaton] A question best asked with no intervention, preferably. Of course, if you're too busy, then I'll risk saying over comms.
  7. [13:28] Kage Heavenrent (kage.marx): [c://heavenrent] My coms are secure. What may I do for you?
  9. [13:29] Rui (kaitiogears): [T://Gigaton] What do you know of the ISIS Station?
  11. [13:31] Kage Heavenrent (kage.marx): [c://heavenrent] Oh woof...that's a big one. I'd say that I know it's where the highest security of all of Egov exists. Supporting fleet, always in range of planetary batteries from the various colonies, station wide defenses. Specifics are beyond me but those are the obvious. I know EIA and Csec directors have been up there to see the directors above colony level. Why so?
  13. [13:33] Rui (kaitiogears): [T://Gigaton] Hm. Top-level stuff, then. Honestly? Mostly just curious of it's defences, size, crew, stuff like that. What makes it work, how it works, maintenance times, blah blah. Is the supporting fleet always there? Does it patrol? Do they refuel?
  15. [13:33] Rui (kaitiogears): [T://Gigaton] I wish I had the funds to pay you for information, hah.
  17. [13:42] Kage Heavenrent (kage.marx): [c://heavenrent] I actually have no info on that and even trying to gather it would probably be flagged as straight up terrorism. It's the best way to get Csec down into the undercity en force so make sure this is something you really want to do...would be my free advice.
  19. [13:44] Rui (kaitiogears): [T://Gigaton] Yeah, we're keeping it as under-wraps as we can at this point. There's still way too much to risk to start any kind of active force, and I'm not about to endanger people in just looking for information. ... Don't suppose any of your people are good at kidnapping?
  21. [13:51] Kage Heavenrent (kage.marx): [c://heavenrent] Question would be whom would we kidnap? I'd say if a target of opportunity presents itself then by all means but the only people with info on Isis station would be Isis internal personnel. You may find people whom used to work there but Colony security probably wouldn't have anything above colony knowledge. Even, from what I'd suppose due to how i'd do it myself, is employees that get fired would be wiped and plugged into stasis. Killing someone runs the risk of them waking up in a clone somewhere and running their mouth. Anyone even leaving the stations would likely be heavily monitored. We'll keep an eye out and if you get a name we can start looking into it. This would be a bell that can't be unrun, however.
  23. [13:55] Rui (kaitiogears): [T://Gigaton] I ask about the kidnapping on the off chance that we find someone that knows a little -too- much about what we're getting into, as it's always worth being prepared. Alright, so, fiddling with their employees is out of the question, that's that. Do you think they keep any information on Earth we could somehow hack out of a system? Maybe ships going in an out, though somehow, I don't think a disguise is really going to cut it. I'll do a little more poking around, but thank you kindly for your information, Red. It's been a huge help.
  25. [13:57] Kage Heavenrent (kage.marx): [c://heavenrent] All things considered there would have to be someone that knows but whom that would be beyond the directors...which..i couldn't see why ISIS would trust them with that knowledge. Possible TAF staff may know, maybe any from EIA or Csec that promoted up past colony to Egov proper? That would be where i'd look if I wanted to start.
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