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  1. 12:20:33 <Peridyn> unless Trump plays his hand and pardons jr.
  2. Sep 14 12:20:52 <waldenasta_> wow
  3. Sep 14 12:21:00 * WargasmIsTheBest is now known as Wargasm_is_a_victim
  4. Sep 14 12:21:13 * UKDivided (UkDivided@user/UKDivided) has joined
  5. Sep 14 12:21:19 <waldenasta_> No wonder House of Cards had to end. They didn't have a thing on this drama
  6. Sep 14 12:21:20 <Don`Quixote>
  7. Sep 14 12:21:21 <gonzobot> Title: Bin Laden raid commander resigns from Pentagon board after criticizing Trump
  8. Sep 14 12:21:21 <Peridyn> hey, wargasm *is* a victim now
  9. Sep 14 12:21:24 <Don`Quixote> "A good leader tries to embody the best qualities of his or her organization. A good leader sets the example for others to follow," McRaven wrote. "A good leader always puts the welfare of others before himself or herself. Your leadership, however, has shown little of these qualities."
  10. Sep 14 12:21:26 <Peridyn> !kb Wargasm_is_a_victim
  11. Sep 14 12:21:27 * NSA has kicked Wargasm_is_a_victim from #politics (Requested (Peridyn))
  12. Sep 14 12:21:27 * NSA sets ban on *!*@Snoonet-s5d.cli.tq8lff.IP
  13. Sep 14 12:21:59 <Peridyn>
  14. Sep 14 12:22:00 <gonzobot> Title: Paul Manafort Tried to Pressure “Obama Jews” to Help His Secret Lobbying Campaign for Ukraine – Mother Jones
  15. Sep 14 12:22:11 <SininStyle> who are you going to shake your stick at after you have banned everyone Peridyn ?
  16. Sep 14 12:22:12 <zoekayno`> Manafort's cooperation agreement includes, meetings and interviews with the SCO, handing over of documents, testifying at other cases the SCO/USAO bring. He also forfeit his right to have a lawyer at these meetings.
  17. Sep 14 12:22:42 <zoekayno`> *sob* youll be standing on the top of a mountain of skulls
  18. Sep 14 12:22:59 <Peridyn> Well lets see sin, I suppose your next considering I told you that when you tried to start pushing your narrative again, it would end in a ban. Now, with the PMs coordinating with others, have to wonder how far it goes.
  19. Sep 14 12:23:05 <zoekayno`> whiners and victims, anything in common
  20. Sep 14 12:23:05 <Peridyn> so to answer your question, not sure yet.
  21. Sep 14 12:23:26 <lukas> waldenasta_: amazing how in house of course the actor playing the president gets fired for sexual misconduct allegations while in the real world there are credible allegations against the president and he's still president
  22. Sep 14 12:23:27 <zoekayno`> president crybaby leads an army
  23. Sep 14 12:23:33 <SininStyle> pmS CORDINATING WITH OTHERS?
  24. Sep 14 12:23:33 * #politics :Your message cannot contain more than 75% capital letters if it's longer than 5 characters
  25. Sep 14 12:23:44 <waldenasta_> lukas, +++
  26. Sep 14 12:23:51 <SininStyle> PMs cordinating with others? wait are you suggesting i am forming a conpiracy?
  27. Sep 14 12:24:02 <lukas> no, collusion SininStyle
  28. Sep 14 12:24:03 <zoekayno`> i like how mnotherfucking al franken is out on his ass for a joke photo
  29. Sep 14 12:24:11 <Peridyn> I'm saying you are all laying it on pretty thick today, but would you like to explore your ban?
  30. Sep 14 12:24:18 <zoekayno`> but a guy who attempts rape eh it was so long ago you guys
  31. Sep 14 12:24:20 <lukas> zoekayno`: i thought there were more allegations than just the photo?
  32. Sep 14 12:24:20 <waldenasta_> zoekayno`, I know right!
  33. Sep 14 12:24:27 <SininStyle> i dont talk to these other people in PMs, hell half of them dont even like my politics
  34. Sep 14 12:24:34 <Peridyn> lets do it. So, within an hour of your unbanning, you implied another user here was a pedophile, libeling their character
  35. Sep 14 12:24:35 <zoekayno`> i dont keep up, lukas
  36. Sep 14 12:24:44 <waldenasta_> But, Mr. Grab'em by the pussy ....oh nevermind
  37. Sep 14 12:24:44 <Peridyn> <SininStyle> so whata bout those 16 yr olds <redacted> , a lot of experience there?
  38. Sep 14 12:24:46 <SininStyle> lukas, collusion, right, i was still on alex jones lol
  39. Sep 14 12:24:48 <Don`Quixote>
  40. Sep 14 12:24:50 <gonzobot> Title: Global summit rebukes Trump, cheers on work to aid climate
  41. Sep 14 12:24:54 <Peridyn> then where did it go rfrom there, lets see
  42. Sep 14 12:25:01 <lukas> i'm going to imply that Peridyn is an excellent family man with an amazing taste in whiskey and bourbon
  43. Sep 14 12:25:06 * lukas braces for a ban
  44. Sep 14 12:25:27 <Peridyn> Then you started to push your 'everyone but you is part of a left-wing Cabal" messsage you love so much with <SininStyle> a large portion of the people in here do nothing but bait, troll, and belittle those that are not far left
  45. Sep 14 12:25:36 <zoekayno`> you think you'd be a better op, sin?
  46. Sep 14 12:25:42 <zoekayno`> youd be a tyrant and you know it
  47. Sep 14 12:25:45 <lukas> >CBS News reported that Pence was Manafort's "first choice" and that Manafort even lied about mechanical problems on Trump's plane to make the soon-to-be GOP nominee stay an extra day in Indiana to get to know Pence. In a phone call, Manafort assured Trump that Pence was the right choice and made a case that won over the real estate tycoon.
  48. Sep 14 12:25:47 <Peridyn> Then you started belittling everyones points with
  49. Sep 14 12:25:47 <Peridyn> <SininStyle> its a good thing your feels are irrelevant to me, maybe take them down to the corner and share them with other people
  50. Sep 14 12:25:48 <SininStyle> oh hell no, i want nothing to do with OPing
  51. Sep 14 12:25:50 <lukas> this has aged very well
  52. Sep 14 12:25:58 <fractured> it would be cool if global summit bitch-slapped trump, but i supposed that would be the rest of us shooting ourselves in the feets
  53. Sep 14 12:26:00 <Peridyn> then you started claiming that your ban was a result of the link you posted, not your behavior
  54. Sep 14 12:26:04 <waldenasta_> lukas, I saw that
  55. Sep 14 12:26:17 <Peridyn> I have plenty more examples sin, want to see more?
  56. Sep 14 12:26:22 <SininStyle> nah not a tyrant, its hard work to show no bias when pushing rules. I was a OP for Mythic entertainment for years
  57. Sep 14 12:26:30 <Peridyn> Because posting them shows that your ban really is a result of your behavior.
  58. Sep 14 12:26:32 <waldenasta_> Plus, with Pence very low approval rating in Indiana. something is fishy
  59. Sep 14 12:26:34 <lukas> .urb manafort
  60. Sep 14 12:26:34 <gonzobot> (lukas) [1/5] A slurry of shit and urine that's been [stewing] in a [porta potty] at the Texas [State Fair] in 100° weather. -
  61. Sep 14 12:26:35 <Peridyn> pretty clearly too.
  62. Sep 14 12:26:38 <waldenasta_> I hope Pence goes down
  63. Sep 14 12:26:39 <lukas> wow, too far urban dictionary!
  64. Sep 14 12:26:50 <waldenasta_> that self righteous smug bastard
  65. Sep 14 12:26:56 <SininStyle> so that last example about feels is bannable Peridyn ?
  66. Sep 14 12:27:21 <Peridyn> oh I'm just clearly communicating your behavior since you wanted to tell everyone your ban was about your link.
  67. Sep 14 12:27:36 <zoekayno`> "Oh, you busted me," Carlson replied. "Actually, maybe humiliation porn. That’s why I watch you on CNN." The Fox News anchor erupted into laughter at his own joke.
  68. Sep 14 12:27:38 <Peridyn> and yeah, it's uncivil.
  69. Sep 14 12:27:39 <SininStyle> i wasnt even speaking about my ban
  70. Sep 14 12:27:39 * ePona (ePona@Snoonet-hcf.l7v.0cdkgl.IP) has joined
  71. Sep 14 12:27:49 <zoekayno`> ouch they tagged tucker as someone who laughs at his own jokes thats brutal
  72. Sep 14 12:27:59 <Peridyn> no one cares, sin. They want to talk politics, not your past.
  73. Sep 14 12:28:17 <mans0n_> This channel isn't active enough to warrant such strident moderation. It can go an hour or more with no discussion in the middle of the day, and almost all of the night as well....  Perhaps these two things are connected? *shrugs*
  74. Sep 14 12:28:33 <SininStyle> well the context of that statement i am pretty sure would not make it bannable but im not a mod of your stature so i cant be sure of these things anymore
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