Jacob Rosenberg

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  1. Tragically, Andrew M. Dodson, a young man who marched for his people at the
  2. Charlottesville Unite The Right rally in August 2017 took his own life on
  3. March 9, 2018.
  5. Dodson had been subjected by harassment by subhumans, Jews, and faggots
  6. after being 'doxed' by kike shitbird Jacob Roland Rosenberg.
  8. Rosenberg, and his allies, are guilty of trespassing for being present on
  9. the American continent. Rosenberg is guilty of murder for causing the death
  10. of Dodson. The penalty is death.
  12. At the time that he first attacked Dodson, Rosenberg worked for the
  13. Arkansas Times. The Arkansas Times is thus implicated in Rosenberg's
  14. murderous activities.
  16. Rosenberg's email address is
  18. Rosenberg lives in Chapel Hill, NC. Voter records state his address as
  19. "703 N Columbia St #a Chapel Hill, NC", though you might want to confirm
  20. that before sending anything beyond an angry letter to him (https://
  23. The Arkansas Times office is listed as 201 East Markham, Suite 200, Little
  24. Rock, Arkansas 72201. Phone: (501) 375-2985.
  26. If Rosenberg is still in America when we free it, he will die. If Rosenberg
  27. is not still in America when we free it, he had better watch himself. Up
  28. until then, it's up to all of us to do what we can to bring justice to him.
  30. Because Rosenberg's (((people))) control the government in this country,
  31. you should consider your security in whatever actions you undertake against
  32. him.
  34. Email criticism should be sent from a single use email account registered
  35. and used from Tor. Protonmail and TutaNota may allow this. will.
  37. Any physical mail should not have fingerprints or DNA on it, and should not
  38. be dropped at a mailbox with obvious surveillance if possible. If this is
  39. neccessary, at least wear a hoodie and sunglasses.
  41. Please consider the cause if you decide to assault or kill him. It would be
  42. better if he was not found and you were not observed abducting him.
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