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  2. [2019-11-08 20:43] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] When Jensen and Athena first met, it was like a fire was lit and it couldn't be extinguished. Athena's inner demon, and even Athena herself, was drawn to Jensen like a moth to a flame. There was [b]something[/b] there and Athena needed to find out what it was before missing out on her chance. That is why on the first time meeting one another, they had sex on top of one of the cars at a local car show.
  4. Fast forward about a month or two, Jensen and Athena are dating one another and it was probably one of the best relationships Athena has ever been in. Not only was Jensen a very caring and devoted partner, but he also packed a very monstrous cock! Who knew that this feminine man had a dick that put even black men to shame? Athena and Jensen were at the carnival, walking hand-in-hand through the bright-lit revelry. On this particular night, Athena had on a snug black tank down that had a deep v-cut to show off her lovely set of cleavage. The top barely reached her adorable belly button and showed off her taut abdomen and smooth, tan skin. A pair of denim booty shorts were skin-tight on her hips, thighs, and plump backside, letting the men who passed them by drool. Her long, thick hair was hand-combed to the side to reveal the undercut hairstyle. Over-the-knee black satin boots adorned her feet, clonking against the gravel as she walked by her man.
  6. "It sucks that this is the last day for the carnival." Saying with a hint of disappointment, bright sapphires looking at Jensen. "We should get on [b]every[/b] single ride tonight! And maybe..." Shrugs a shoulder. "Give you a ride later, baby." Leaning to the side and placing a sweet kiss onto the corner of Jensen's lips.
  7. [2019-11-08 20:44] [user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user]: tank top [s]down[/s]
  8. [2019-11-08 20:53] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] had never been so attracted to a female before in his entire life, when she got him at that car show, he knew that he was going to end up utterly smitten by her. She was gorgeous, intense and just her presence was enough to make his heart flutter. He had never had someone so physically active either in his life, it was just... [b]Primal and pure sin.[/b]
  10. Now that they were dating, he even let her move in, he did anything for her that she asked and all she had to do was just that... Ask. How could he have been so lucky as to end up with someone so obsessed with him who wanted nothing more than to be with him and it was to the point where he didn't even have to worry about guys checking her out or anything, he knew who she was coming home with. Dressed in a pair of denim jeans, his Chippewa [url=]work boots[/url] and a short sleeve flannel button up with a snug fit beanie, he just smiled as he walked along holding her hand. He was not the biggest guy up top, but his legs, ass and that well... Obscene bulge that ran down the length of his inseam was enough to let other guys know how he managed to score a girl like her. He smiled over at her, pressing his lips to her own as he soon stopped and looked over the carnival games.
  12. " We can ride all the rides you want Athena, anything and everything you want. But for now, I want to get you that... " He soon pointed at the massive, four foot teddy bear and stepped up to the game, shoot the red star out of the center of the paper with the gun. There was a trick to this game he knew and he knew he would win. " Alright, here. " He handed money over to the girl, who was eyeing up the boy like a piece of meat and when she saw that thick bulge, the cute young girl behind the counter bit her lower lip hard and let out a little, [sub] " Jesus fuck...[/sub] " He then began to shoot, not shooting the star at all, but shooting a small circle around it and knocking it out with a big smile stretching over his face. " I want that teddy bear for the lady.~ " The girl handed it over, slowly as she eyed him up a bit more, Jensen smiling ear to ear as he gave it to Athena, " Here baby, a big ol' teddy bear for ya!~ "
  13. [2019-11-08 21:08] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] Never in her life did she think that she'd find someone who would spoil her and treat her the way she should be, but here she is! Walking with her hand being held by one of the best boyfriends she's ever had. She wasn't going to let this one go without a fight and even drawing some blood. Hell. Athena would probably kill a bitch if they tried taking Jensen away from her. In the back of her mind, Athena hoped that Jensen was ready for this level of craziness. If not? He was going to be in for a long, wild ride!
  15. Plucked eyebrows rose and she turned to spot what Jensen was talking about, spotting that large teddy bear that was hanging up on display. It was a prize! They walked over to the game, Athena spotting the way she was looking at Jensen and it was clear that Athena wasn't pleased with it. As Jensen was shooting the gun, Athena leaned against him, and lowered her hand to dip between his legs to start caressing that thick, long length along his leg. The whole time, Athena was staring at the girl with a ghoulish grin on her lips. When Jensen won, Athena happily cheered and happily took the teddy bear within her arms. "Mind if I give it a try?" Asking a bit of rhetorical question, because she was going to play regardless. She handed the girl some money after setting down the bear and took a seat, but she made sure to lean forward so that Jensen could see the thin string of the black thong she was wearing. Instead of aiming at the target, Athena aimed it at the girl and began drenching her. "This is for your thirsty ass, bitch!" Laughing maniacally the whole time to the point where the girl had to run off from behind the counter. "He's [b]MINE![/b]" Snatching up the teddy bear once more, turning to Jensen with an adorable smile. "Thank you, baby." Lifting a hand to cup his cheek and placing a lingering kiss onto his lips. "I'm going to name him JenJen." Holding up the bear proudly while turning in a circle. "Look at what my boyfriend won for me!" Yelling out in a loud voice and pointing at Jensen to show to everyone there who her boyfriend is. That same hand took a hold of Jensen's right hand and she laced her fingers with his.
  17. "C'mere..." She led him behind the water-gun game where the girl used to be and Athena placed JenJen down onto an empty stool. With both her hands freed, she started to unbutton Jensen's jeans. There wasn't a word spoken, just the look of pure hunger and lust coming over her. She needed his dick and she needed it [b]now.[/b]
  18. [2019-11-08 21:14] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] shivered as his dick was played with and then when she went up to play he just smiled.
  20. However, when she bent over like that and she showed herself off, it was enough to cause him to bite his lower lip and look upon her with complete want, there was nothing that turned him on more than her. Not porn, not whores, not drugs, nothing... She was his drug and the way he was staring her down had caught the girl's eye for a moment, she knew she had no chance, however, she was soon being drenched in the water and she yelped and ran off! He watched Athena have one of her hissy fits, but he said nothing, she had these every once in a while and when she yelled at the girl like that he did not know what she did or anything, but it was something Athena noticed so he was not going to argue at all. The poor girl was probably hiding somewhere in the stall and not trying to get caught in the slightest by that woman!
  22. When he was dragged behind however and she began to work at his pants, that was all it took. He soon became super excited and began to wiggle himself out of his jeans, his cock throbbing hard and full mast was achieved in fuckin' seconds! When his cock sprung free however, it bounced up and down before her eyes, the thick veins pulsing and throbbing and thick precum was dripping off the head and onto the floor behind the water gun stall. He panted hard, leaning in to kiss her deeply as his own hands worked to take off her pants, " F-Fuck... I need you so bad Athena. [b]I need to feel you, s-shit.[/b] " Right there in public, with people walking around and all... How fuckin' lewd could they be?! He knew the consequences of being caught but he could not help it, he could not ever deny her what was hers.~
  23. [2019-11-08 21:27] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] It seemed that the two of them have an unspoken agreement when it came to Athena's outbursts towards other women when they get near Jensen. This has happened quite a few times now and Jensen has yet asked for a reason of sudden lashing out from Athena. The odd part about it, Athena didn't know if it was her or the demon talking. More than likely, it was both. The poor girl was only checking out a stranger, but this stranger was Athena's [b]squeeze.[/b] No one has permission to even gaze upon him and his perfection. Only Athena. Now the girl is soaked from head to toe and no doubt ran off to the nearest restroom to dry herself off.
  25. The carnival still had quite the crowd and there were people walking by that was glancing over with curiosity as to what was going on. Once they got a look, they either lingered a bit longer or quickly darted away. Lips parted and she let out a low exhale when seeing that hefty, behemoth flopping out of the jeans. Her slender, smooth fingers began to rub against it and she slowly started stroking Jensen from tip to base. She never grew tired of just how much girth and length Jensen swung between his legs. Eyelashes fluttering closed when the deep, passionate kiss met her lips. A deep, long moan erupted within her throat and she could feel her senses intensifying. His hands roamed over her body, making her shorts fall around her ankles along with her thong. "Feel me, baby." Whispering onto his lips while looking deeply into his eyes, tongue darting out to slowly slide upwards across the center of his lips. "I'm yours." Her pussy was hairless and a light shade of pink. Not only that, the folds were already glistening from just how much she started to become aroused by Jensen. She [b]needed[/b] him. "You make my pussy so fuckin' wet."
  26. [2019-11-08 21:28] [user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user]: ((Hot links!))
  27. [2019-11-08 21:28] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: <3!~
  28. [2019-11-08 21:29] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: I update my status as the roleplay progresses.
  29. [2019-11-08 21:34] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] was kissing back more and more, his tongue wrestling with hers and when her pants dropped and he listened to her his hands soon moved up to rub against her pussy lips. God she was so fucking soaked it was almost disgusting. A porn star would blush at how utterly turned on Athena was, but in this moment he could not even begin to understand what he could do to make her that turned on, but he needed her. " [b]I want you. I want you so fucking bad Athena, you have no idea how bad I need to feel you wrapped around me... I want it so bad, you are the best drug I could ever have. [/b] "
  31. He moaned out harshly, it was loud and drew some attention to them for sure but some guys were cheering him on and letting them here the praise, " Yeah boy you get that hot piece of ass! Boy get you some! " He shot them a glare in return, he was slowly turning into her when it came to certain things, but regardless, he was harder than the diamonds he bought her. " God you sexy fuckin' bitch... I fuckin' love you. [b] I want to watch you drool on my dick baby, get sloppy with it before I beat that pussy up.~ [/b] "
  32. [2019-11-08 21:42] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] Athena opened her mouth wide when the fingers rubbed against her smooth, tender lips and they were moist to the touch. In an instant, she coated his fingers with her sweet nectar and let out a gasp of delight. The hand on his cock continued to pump her methodically, feeling the thick veins beneath her fingers and the way it pulsed with each passing second. He was a gift from the Gods and she was truly blessed. She wanted to tease him a bit longer, make him ache for it. Even though he was hard as stone, she wanted the bulbous tip to have a shade of crimson instead of pink. Those gorgeous blue eyes looked up into his own, hearing his words and she grinned devilishly at him.
  34. There were people starting to gather around, pulling out their phones to take pictures and even record video of them. Athena didn't have a care in the world, because all that mattered was the man standing in front of him. Before he said another word, Athena lifted her boot-covered feet out from her shorts and thong before bending at her knees to drop on them in front of Jensen. Both her hands slid onto his thighs, sinking her manicured nails into his flesh, and she looked up at him with that swollen tip right in front of her lips. "I fuckin' love you, too." Admitting just before she rolled out her tongue, slowly swirling around the rim and then laying her tongue flat to have her thick, juicy lips wrap around him. Cheeks were pulled in from the suctions that she applied, getting another taste of him made chills run through her body. Slurping and suckling could be heard now, moaning around the meat as she eased her head back and forth on just half of his cock for now, because she was just getting warmed up!
  35. [2019-11-08 21:50] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] felt his heart thumping in his chest, the way his cock was throbbing against her lips was enough to show just how teased the poor boy was. A shade of crimson was what she wanted? Hell, he was so turned on by her that the head of his cock was a shade of fuckin' purple! His hands slowly slid down into her hair, listening to her say she loved him was enough to cause his heart to melt, but the veins in his cock continued to pulse before her eyes and those heavy veins were as thick as pencils. That heavy meat log didn't stand at attention and upright either though, it bowed out in front of him from the weight of itself and bounced up and down before her eyes.
  37. However, once she started to suck all he could do was grit his teeth, both hands coming down to softly run through her hair and gently tug some of those locks into his hands. His fingers ran over her scalp and massaged her flesh as she got to working on his shaft. She was quickly rewarded with a fat dollop of that salty sweet precum that splattered onto her tongue and along her taste buds. The people filming and such did not phase him either, it felt way too good for him to put up any kind of protest and she had him right where she wanted him... Literally and figuratively.
  39. His knees softly wobbled from how good it felt, the fingernails digging into the flesh of his thick thighs made him hiss out, eyebrows furrowing but taking the pain as she knew he could and his hands soon took her own, placing them on his balls. " That's it baby, show these guys what they will never have, show those girls how to take care of a real fuckin' dick too. Get fuckin' nasty on it.... F-Fuhhhhhhhhhh.~ " He groaned out under her attention, his teeth catching his lower lip and biting into it as goosebumps traveled over his flesh. " God you are such a fuckin' minx!~ "
  40. [2019-11-08 22:02] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] Her lips smooth over his length with each passing, flattening each vein she ran over as she fed more and more into her mouth. Eyes closing when he went to comb through her hair with his fingers, she'd never get tired of feeling his hands moving through her hair or holding onto them. He work was then rewarded with the delicious, thick sample of pre that practically covered her entire tongue. The way he tasted was out-of-this-world. A mixture of sweet, sour, and a hint of bitterness. Not only was he the biggest she has ever had, but he was the best tasting, too. She wanted more. Much more. That it the reasoning behind her sudden quickening of pace and how the suctions grew even more intense. More and more saliva was being produced, coating his length in a thick sheen of spit, and droplets were danging from her lips and chin. Some of the drop landed onto the exposed flesh of her cleavage, making her skin shine in the bright lights that were surrounding them.
  42. It was easy to tell the state she was putting him in, because his knees almost gave out from under him from the amount of pleasure coursing through his body. Her fingers curled around his smooth, thick orbs and began to gently knead them with the pads of fingers. Her head shook from side to side with her mouth expanding, flashing her teeth so close to scraping along his flesh, but she didn't do it once. She was grinding the head of his cock right against the back of her throat, forcing him to press against the constricting muscles, and swallowing him down. Her throat widened from his girth as it plunged within, the crowd no doubt seeing this with their own eyes and lenses. Eyes closing tight and she continued down until her nose wrinkled from the tip pressing against his crotch. Athena held him there, too. Eyes watering as she looked up at her man, wanting him to see the dirty girl that was willing to do anything to please him.
  43. [2019-11-08 22:08] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] was so impressed with her determination to please him above and beyond what was ever asked of her. But, as soon as her lips pressed against  the base of his shaft he could not help himself anymore. The hands in her hair held her still and he began to thrust and punch against the back of her throat, his balls bouncing off her chin. One hand left her hair to cup her jaw to keep her still, " Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. Just like that baby. Swallow that dick. Take that dick in your fuckin' throat... Yesssssssss.~ " He then slid down into her throat and he then pinched her nose, letting her choke and gag hard, feeling her throat clenching and convulsing, her throat hugging his dick tight and he soon sighed out happily, " Y-Yeah, that's it baby, fuckin' choke and drool on it!~ " He then pulled his dick from her mouth entirely, letting her breath and catch her breath.
  45. He slapped his dick against her lips and rubbed that throat slime covered cock over her face as his hand stayed in her hair, keeping her face presented to him, eyes locking with hers, " That's it baby. You know how fuckin' sexy you are too don't you? You are the best fuckin' thing to ever happen to me.... Fuck yes you are fuckin' amazin'.~ " He then placed his balls in her mouth, holding her up against his sack and his cock, stroking that dick against her face and letting some of that precum drip onto her face and her forehead.
  47. " Mmmmm yes, get those balls nice and wet and get fuckin' comfy, I can't wait anymore, I need to breed that beautiful pussy and watch it drip with my seed.~ "
  48. [2019-11-08 22:19] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] It was moments like these that made her extremely excited. The moment when the man becomes a beast. Sometimes it took a bit of work to bring it out of them, but once it happens? It's nothing short of glorious. Sloshing and gulping was becoming quite audible, with each pump of his hips the more spit came sprinkling out of her mouth to shower them both. With her nose now being blocked off to keep her from breathing, she felt her lungs aching for air and her heart pounding beneath her bosom. With him being buried deep, her body began to fight on it's own to get that cock out of her throat so she can breath, but it was now match for his size and strength. Muscles started spasms rapidly, clamping around him as tears mixed in with her eyeliner and started trickling down the sides of her angelic face. His cock dragged out from her throat and she let out a loud inhale now that she was able to breathe.
  50. Head dipping back to let him crown her with his cock, it covered almost half of her face! Sliding out her tongue and pressing against it, their eyes matching and she lowered to his hefty balls to have them be pushed right into her hot, wet mouth. Moaning once more, sending vibrations throughout his sack, and making more and more seed be produced. Showering his orbs with her tongue and suckling on them with her plush lips, letting him know that she adored his cock and balls more than anything else in the entire world! Hearing his words, she cooed softly and planting a kiss to each one of his testicles. "Breed me, baby." Hands sliding up to start pumping his cock with both hands while she continued her assault on his cum pillows. "I want to have your babies." Letting go of his cock to have room for her tongue to drag from the base and slide all the way up until it flicked off the tip.
  52. She slowly rose up onto her feet, stepping back until her crescent cheeks met the counter of the booth, and she lifted one leg up at a time to sit on the hard counter. Legs spreading wide open, hands clutching the back of her knees, and she offered him her pussy that was just aching for him. "Fill me up."
  53. [2019-11-08 22:25] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: [sub]Feeling about him licking and kissing feet?~ [/sub]
  54. [2019-11-08 22:26] [user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user]: [sub]I'm not a feet person. She also still has the boots on, too. lol[/sub]
  55. [2019-11-08 22:26] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: I am aware. He is not going to go crazy, it is more sensual than anything, I promise.
  56. [2019-11-08 22:26] [user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user]: [sub]Give it a shot![/sub]
  57. [2019-11-08 22:29] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] watched her present herself like that on the counter top of where this whole thing started, where that girl thought she had a chance with Jensen and, sure enough, the poor girl was back where she was prior and now there was Jensen and Athena about to fuck in front of her. He did not pay her any mind, completely and utterly focused on Athena as he stepped up to her, both of his hands moving to roam over her frame, massaging her thighs and her calves as he placed his cock against her mound and began to slowly saw back and forth, letting her sopping wet nectar coat the belly of his dick. A shiver ran up and down his spine and he soon gripped her ankles, pulling them back until her legs were against his frame. He removed her heels, flicking them to the side and now her bare feet were exposed to him.
  59. He placed soft little kisses against her ankle as he then pressed the head of his cock against her hole and then began to slowly apply pressure, the head of his dick spreading her tight walls apart, the feeling of that tight hole clenching around the crown of his cock was enough to cause him to kiss and then when the head slipped in he sighed out. He placed a few soft, little kisses against the soles of her feet as her toes curled before his eyes and then, reaching up to grip her ankles, he pressed them back until they were on either side of her head, " There we go, stay just like that, I-I need to breed you so fuckin' bad. " He then began to slowly stroke in and out of her, his dick spreading her insides apart. Those deliberate and deep thrusts kissing square up against her cervix with every thrust, his head falling back and his sighs of utter  bliss echoing in the air... The girl looked on in a mix of lust, amazement, jealousy and need.
  60. [2019-11-08 22:32] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: [sub]Was it tasteful enough? Not too crazy or anything right?~ [/sub]
  61. [2019-11-08 22:40] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] Was it bad that Athena wanted him to touch her [b]all[/b] the time? The slightly touched set her body on fire and it was quickly becoming one of her biggest addictions. The way he approached her was like a predator staking claim to it's prey. Completely primal. Her soft lips eased open slightly, letting out a soft whimper when a faint slap could be heard from him laying his cock down onto her puffy mound. Hips bucked instinctively upwards, her body knowing exactly what it was. She lowered and lifted her hips, applying a bit more pressure to his sawing motions and it felt amazing when he rubbed against the bundled nerves. He was such a tease, but it made her excitement start to overwhelm her. Since he untied and removed her shoes, Athena was practically naked except for the tank top she still had on. It was now damp and clinging to her full, swollen breasts with her nipples threatening to tear through it.
  63. "MMmm..." Watching him start to kiss her adorable feet, starting at the ankle, but soon her face was etched with pure ecstasy. The helmet of his cock met her lips, spreading them apart to allow him access to the tight, slick walls within. Toes curling from the pleasure, feeling a wave of electricity flow through her body over and over again. Soon enough, her legs were shifted to have her feet on either side of her head, and her shapely, plump backside dangled over the edge of the booth's counter. Giving a nod of her head as she whimpered, feeling the way his cock was spreading her wide and managing to push deep to the point it met against the entrance of her cervix. Cries of pleasure flowing from her lips, hands moving to grasp onto his forearms, and squeezing them tightly. " God..." Eyes watching her little pussy become ruined by his massive length, never being able to take someone smaller than him again. She didn't want to, either. She only wanted him. With each thrust he made, her slick folds dripped out thick and smooth fluid to cover his cock, but also dripping over the cheeks of her ass and onto the ground below. Those gorgeous eyes looked up at him now, watching his facial expressions become in pure bliss, and she moaned when knowing that she was giving him so much pleasure.
  64. [2019-11-08 22:40] [user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user]: [sub]That was perfect![/sub]
  65. [2019-11-08 22:48] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] could not believe how good this all was, it was by far the most amazing feeling he had ever felt. It was not making his first million, or doing any drug, there was nothing that compared to mounting her in the slightest bit. His hips worked back and forth, one leg moving up onto the counter and those long, slow, meticulous thrusts worked her insides apart and he even began to swirl his hips side to side as he did so, spreading her walls apart more, making sure that every bit of her was getting a good stretch and work out. With her gripping his forearms like that, he softly sighed out and did not mind the pain that was given from her nails burying into his flesh, he was actually turned on by it, fucking dirty sadomasochist he was.
  67. He soon looked over at the girl and spoke, that primal side really coming out of him. " You... Come here, I am never going to fuck you but you can help me please my woman. Here, hold her ankles still. " The girl just kind of gulped and nodded, that dominant nature coming out and his presence making her listen. She held onto Athena's ankles, the same girl that had drenched her earlier she was now helping to receive even more pleasure, how fucking degrading. Now with his hands free, one hand was rubbing against Athena's clit, working it up and down with his thumb while his two fingers spread her lips apart to watch her sopping wet pussy swallow his dick hungrily. His other hand? Oh it gave her ass a few firm, hard swats that left his hand print on his property. " Yessssss, that's it baby, cum all over this dick. This is your fuckin' dick too. "
  69. He began to sped up, his hand moving from her ass to pushing against her thigh for balance and now he was really ramming into her, that cock like a battering ram as it punched up into her spongy cervix over and over again. His balls swung, slapping off her mound and thick strands of her love nectar bridged the gap when he pulled back, connecting her swollen and puffy cunt to his pure pillar of ivory masculinity.
  70. [2019-11-08 23:04] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] Those ribbed, drench folds were suckling on the inches that were stretching her open. They clung onto him for dear life in hopes that he'd grant a new life. Each time he eased back, her pussy clung to him and he could and feel just how tight she really was. In the angle shift, Athena let out a loud, ear-shattering moan that people on the rides could hear her over the music. No matter how many times they had sex, Athena's pussy could never get accustomed to his sheer size. Each time he plunged into her depths, the tighter of a grip she made on his arms, and tiny crescent indents will remain on his skin for days to come. Athena's face was washed over with pleasure, feeling her body be ravished in such a way, and inching closer and closer to the intense climax that was surely to come.
  72. At first, Athena was a bit confused on who Jensen was talking to, because she was too caught up in the moment. Even though she loathed the girl, Athena couldn't help but enjoy the fact that she was being order by her man and even helping them out. Athena didn't even acknowledge the girl's presence, either. Why would she? Now that the girl had a hold of the ankles, Jensen was able to use his hands freely. Eyes rolling into the back of her head when Jensen began to rub against her swollen pearl, making her toes curl even more as her body was rocked with satisfaction. Squealing at this point from the spanking, she began whimpering and her head fall back to let out a loud scream. This was the moment. All she could see was a flash of white as her body was taken over by an explosive orgasm. Her body squirmed under the two of them, inner folds began to convulse around Jensen's cock in hopes to milk him for every drop of his seed. "I-I'm cumming...OOooooOOohhh! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She began gushing on that dick of perfection, showering it with the delicious nectar that flowed out of her body.
  74. Her orgasm didn't seem to slow Jensen down, though. Instead, he gained speed and strength to start churning up her insides even more. With each slam of his body against her own, she whimpered, and looking longingly into his eyes. Their bodies slapping together in complete harmony, along with the sound of juices emitting from her and clinging to their skin with each impact. Her look said it all. She was wanting him to release inside of her, fill her womb, and claim her body. She knew her fertile eggs were just aching for his potent seed, wanting him to breed her.
  75. [2019-11-08 23:05] [user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user]: drenched* could see and feel*
  76. [2019-11-08 23:05] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: Getting excited.~
  77. [2019-11-08 23:05] [user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user]: Just now? XD
  78. [2019-11-08 23:05] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: Oh no no.
  79. [2019-11-08 23:06] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: I have been...
  80. [2019-11-08 23:06] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: <3~
  81. [2019-11-08 23:10] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] could not hold back any longer, that orgasm that washed over him had pushed him over the edge and he howled out in pleasure, his hands pressing into her thighs as he buried himself balls deep and soon she would be able to not only watch his cock throb before her eyes, his balls raising and falling as he emptied inside of her, but she would feel gush after hot gush of pearly white cum splashing square up against her cervix, the entrance to her most sacred of places. She would even be able to feel his balls rising and falling that he was cumming so hard. He even came so much that some of it had spilled from around his shaft and onto the floor underneath them.
  83. " Alright, enough whore... Shoo. " He said to the girl, shooting her a glare as the girl ran off to avoid them! He then slid himself between her legs, pressing his nose to her own and kissing her deeply, taking her legs and wrapping them around him as he purred into the kiss, his hands moving to tangle in her hair and make this moment even more intimate. He tongue fucked her mouth as he continued to dump into her, the more he came the more came spurting out... Shit he came a fuckin' ton every time! He then broke the kiss and sighed out, swirling his tongue against her own and letting his cock start to go limp inside of her. " O-ooooooh fuck yes.~ "
  84. [2019-11-08 23:19] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] There is nothing more erotic than having a man release inside of Athena and the way Jensen did it was beyond anything she has ever imagined. The way he howled like an animal, forcing himself into her tunnel, and just letting it all be emptied inside of her. Even the sight of it was something to behind, seeing it swell and relax over and over again. Not only that, the sensation of the heat washing inside of her and flooding her womb made her mind melt. Against the folds of her thighs, she felt his balls rise and lower with each pump. There was a long, deep moan coming from her lips that kissed the air, and she knew at that moment she belonged to him. he took her breath away and it was hard to breath as he laid claim to her. Breasts rising and falling rapidly beneath her tank top, unable to speak coherent words at the moment.
  86. Athena was motionless, still on the high of Jensen's and her own orgasm. When Jensen eased closer, Athena wrapped her legs possessively around him, and even locked her feet at the ankles behind his back. Her arms rose to wrap around his neck when he came down to her level for a kiss and she returned it with every fiber of her being. Moaning lovingly into his mouth, expressing just how much she cared for him through actions. She even ran her fingers through his hair that stuck out from underneath his beanie. Once the kiss was broken, Athena let her fingers brush across the side of his face, and looked deeply into his eyes. "I-I know..." Saying in a hushed whisper and she took in a deep breath, slowly coming down from cloud-nine. "MMmmm...I think it nine months, we'll both have a prize." Lightly snickering before a quick kiss was given onto his lips.
  87. [2019-11-08 23:19] [user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user]: something to behold*
  88. [2019-11-08 23:25] *[user]Jensen Hohlt[/user] snickered softly and kissed her lips in return before he nodded his head, " Well we will most certainly see that is for sure, I do hope though... That might be the greatest prize I could have ever won.~ " See Jensen, unlike most men, was actually really excited to become a father and raise a child... Yes his wife and mother might be a bit of a deviant, but at least it would make for a lasting relationship and plenty of fun along the way to his grave that was for sure! The crowd had dispersed, a groan leaving him as he soon broke that loving moment with her and his dick fell free of her folds and soon some of the cum went with it. He smirked devilishly as he looked over those creamed folds, a impish chuckle leaving his lips as he soon went back and grabbed their clothing, soon finding the girl's spare clothing behind the counter and wiping his dick clean of juices before handing it over to her and beginning to put his pants back on.
  90. " So uh... What do you want to do now? More carnival or do you want to head home and cuddle up or somethin'?~ " He then began to look around and then looked down at her once more. The thought of her with a swollen belly and heavy breasts was enough to cause his heart to flutter and his cock to throb in the air once more, his penis about to spring back to life before he finished buttoning himself up and getting himself together.
  91. [2019-11-08 23:27] [user]Jensen Hohlt[/user]: [sub]I feel like guestbook posts are most certainly going to be in order...~ [/sub]
  92. [2019-11-08 23:37] *[user]Mistress Of Anarchy[/user] Athena's lips twitched in a bit of a smirk, a bit of surprised Jensen's reaction to her revealing that this might be the moment they created a child together. The thought of it made her mindlessly lowering her hands down, and rubbing along her stomach. Imagining her belly being rounder and filled with their baby. Just thinking about it made her close her eyes and sigh happily, but the possibility of that was a bit of a slim one. If they did conceive a child, it'll be a few months before she would start showing. Despite those thoughts, Athena thought she would make one sexy pregnant woman and MILF. That moment when Jensen pulled out, it was like a waterfall of cum flowing out of her pussy and it lasted for a few seconds until it eased to a halt.
  94. With a soft grunt, she eased up into a sitting position on the table, and crossed one leg over the other. She highly doubted she could walk well after that! Both hands rose up, sliding through her hair, and shifting the thick strands to one side like how it was before. Then she adjusted her top, fixing it a bit to look a bit more modest even though her lower half was completely nude. "I can barely walk after the fucking you just gave me. Y'think I'd be able to balance myself on these unsafe rides?" Saying with a bit of a laugh. "Something to eat sounds good, baby. Some Chinese we can take home." Partially trembling, she uncrossed her legs and lowered her bare feet onto the ground to start searching for her clothes.
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