MadPack 2 Beta 8 Changelog

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  1. MadPack 2 Beta 8 Changelog (Last changed pastebin 18. december) ETA: 19. december
  3. Beta 8 Changelog:
  5. Updated CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.0B8-36
  6. -Bugfix: Many small fixes. Further information not available, JadedCat broke too many things to keep track of!
  7. Updated CoFHLib-[1.7.10]1.0.0B7-29
  8. - Bug fixes
  9. Updated EnderIO-1.7.10-
  10. - #779 Added solar upgrade for DS helm
  11. - #1098 Added Soulbound enchantment. Items with this enchantment will not be dropped when the player dies
  12. - Added send/recieve item filters to the Dimensional Transceiver
  13. - Added 'Capture Mode' to powered spawners to allow automated filling of Soul Vials
  14. - Added white/black lists for paint sources for the Painter. Thaumcraft silverwood/great wood planks
  15. whitelisted by default. See PainterPaintSources_Core.xml for details.
  16. - Added support for transparent facades. Facades that are not opaque will not stop conduits rendering
  17. - #1257 Upgrading Dark Steel items with capacitors now increases the amount of damage absorbed by power as
  18. well as the amount of power stored
  19. - #900 New texture for quite clear glass block
  20. - #1011 Shift-clicking armor from a Capacitor Bank's charge slots will re-equip the item if possible
  21. - #1320 Charged Certus Quartz Ore now produces charged rather than normal certus quartz in the SAG Mill
  22. - Increased max stack size for Soul Vials and Broken Spawners to 64
  23. - Reduced amount of powered stored in wireless charger from 1 mil to 200k
  24. - Increased range of Aversion Obelisk and lower power use to tier three upgrade
  25. - #1261 Add max level configs for XP obelisk, killer joe, and soul binder
  26. - Added Thaumcraft Warded blocks to the default teleport black list
  27. - #1272 Number of items required for each enchantment level in the Enchanter can now be set in the config
  28. - Added config option to disable Dimensional Transceiver
  29. - Fix outer corners on connected texture blocks not being metadata sensitive when they should be
  30. - Fixed coolant tooltips
  31. - Fix #1266 Certain types of blocks can't be repainted
  32. - Fix #1273 Farming Stations not accepting enough power to keep up
  33. - Fix #1284 Spawner not working when chunk loaded
  34. - Fix #1280 The Ender Sword holds 1m RF but only shows 100k
  35. - Fix #1298 Painted Blocks for biome specific Blocks render grey
  36. - Fix #1300 Farming Station won't take MFR Rubber trees
  37. - Fix #1312 Incorrect number of items used in Alloy Smelter recipe
  38. - Fix #1313 Solar arrays cause an immense amount of packets to be sent
  39. - Fix #1310 Crash using existing item filter
  40. Updated MineFactoryReloaded-[1.7.10]2.8.0RC5-694
  41. - Fixed: Remaining RedNet Energy Cable connectivity issues
  42. - Fixed: Fake slots forgetting their contents sometimes
  43. - Fixed: Fake Sacred Rubber Saplings no longer drop
  44. - Fixed: Sacred Rubber Saplings left to grow on their own will grow now
  45. - Fixed: Auto-Anvil remembers when in repair-only mode
  46. - Fixed: Dupe issue with plastic bag
  47. - Fixed: ChunkLoader console spam
  48. - Fixed: Conveyors changing color on the client when rotating
  49. Updated RedstoneArsenal-[1.7.10]1.1.0RC1-19
  50. - Bug fixes
  51. Updated ThermalExpansion-[1.7.10]4.0.0B6-16
  52. - Bug Fixes
  53. Updated LycanitesMobsComplete
  54. - Geonach charge is gone (for now)
  55. - some tamed pet logic is fixed
  56. Updated MagicalCrops 4.0.0_BETA_11
  57. - New potions
  58. - You can now get gems out of armor by shift right clicking them
  59. - Bug fixes
  60. - Tools and armor now keep their enchants when crafted
  61. - Texture changes
  62. Updated Waila-1.5.6_1.7.10
  63. - Fixed a memory leak related to the search filters (Many thanks to magik6k)
  64. - Fixed a crash on /help due to a null string (Many thanks to Epix Zhang)
  65. - Fixed all slow down server and client side due to large NBT tags.
  67. Updated MadPack 2 Resourcepacks
  68. - Many new "stuff" to find
  70. Added MadPack 2 Xmas Special Resourcepack
  72. Changed the "Around 60 Monsters" quest
  73. Added 4 new quest
  74. Fixed a EMC exploit
  75. Added a new Quest - Thanks for more text work
  76. Removed Darkmatter and Redmatter armor
  77. Hoe in Farmingstation no longer takes durability
  78. Fixed The Quest Reward (It gave Wither Heads, it is now Wither skeleton heeads)
  79. Changed 1 Quest reward from Artifact Armor to Artifact Weapon
  80. MagicalCrops Armor/Weapons is now cheaper
  81. Turned off a lot of update notifications
  82. TwillightBosses is now not always infernal
  83. Dragon is now not always infernal
  84. A recipe to head :P
  85. EnderIO Enchanter changes
  86. Removed the Skip Night Charm from MagicalCrops
  87. Fixed Quest text with Lord Of Torment (It said kill Death, when it is Lord Of Torment)
  88. The size of EnderStorage is now 6x9
  89. Nova Catalyst is now a little more expensive
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