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  1. Changelog of WhatsApp beta for iOS
  3. 01) Bugs fix.
  4. 02) Updated all localizations.
  5. 03) New UI for WhatsApp > Settings > About & Help.
  6. 04) Improvements for WhatsApp bubbles.
  7. 05) Improvements for loading contacts when you want to create a new group or a broadcast list.
  8. 06) Improvements for voice messages.
  9. 07) Improvements for the audio slider.
  10. 08) Improvements for documents.
  11. 09) Many improvements for video calls!
  12. 10) WhatsApp will supports GIF! Actually seems that you cannot directly import GIF image, but if you will send a link that contains a GIF, WhatsApp will show that animated image. Probably in future you will be able to share GIF as document or in other ways..
  13. 11) Improvements about memory deallocation (it will improve the stability).
  14. 12) WhatsApp supports temporary group participants! You will be able to temporarily add a participant in your groups.
  15. 13) WhatsApp should show you a timer during the chat history restoring (still not tested).
  16. 14) Improvements for encryption.
  17. 15) Many objects obtained animations.
  18. 16) Seems that you will be able to save GIF in your camera roll.
  19. 17) WhatsApp supports autoplay of GIFs.
  20. 18) WhatsApp should show you a timer while you are performing a chat history backup (still not tested).
  21. 19) Many improvements for voice calls UI.
  22. 20) Improvements for recording voice calls (it is a hidden feature since voice calls were available).
  23. 21) Many improvements for video call preview!
  24. 22) Many improvements for video call minimized window!
  25. 23) Seems that you can select multiple chats to perform a multiple deletion or multiple "Read" action.
  26. 24) Seems that you will be able to see active group participants list in future.
  27. 25) Many improvements about chat section!
  28. 26) WhatsApp can convert a GIF as a simple image, if you want.
  29. 27) Some bubbles will support Peek action (MAYBE).
  30. 28) Added the possibility to directly reply to GIF messages.
  31. 29) WhatsApp supports public groups through invite link.
  32. 30) WhatsApp will add encryption to GIF.
  33. 31) GIFs support peek and pop actions.
  34. 32) Seems that you will be able to collect stickers.
  35. 33) MAYBE you will be able to continue to listen an audio even if you will exit from the chat where there was the audio that you were listening!
  36. 34) WhatsApp is studing a new way to communicate. Stay tuned for more information, I will study better this.
  37. 35) Improvements for quick reply.
  38. 36) Improvements for scanning others' QR code in WhatsApp > Profile (Hidden section).
  39. 37) Improvements for the scrolling.
  40. 38) You will be able to invite to WhatsApp your friends using any application (WhatsApp > Tell a Friend).
  41. 39) Improvements for starred messages.
  43. ---------------------------------
  45. 01) ALL WhatsApp for iOS (and some news for Android and WP) hidden features here:
  46. 02) WhatsApp video calls screeshots:
  47. 03) Deleting feature:
  48. 04) Quoted messages screen thanks to @iMokhles:
  49. 05) You can see future WhatsApp stickers here:
  50. 06) New Profile section for easily adding other phone numbers:
  51. ---------------------------------
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