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  1. Tips for blending images in photoshop
  3. - Select the layer of the image you’re placing into another image and create a selection (Ctrl+click on the image in the layers tab).
  4. - Look for “Select” on the menu. Select > Modify > Contract. This will slightly shrink the surrounding selection. Choose somewhere between 2 and 4 pixels. Play around with the steps to see which works best for your photo.
  5. - Select the inverse (Shift+Ctrl+I)
  6. - Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Select between 2 and 4 pixels. The object here is to soften the edges, giving the image a smoother blend into the original photo. Once again, you’ll have to play around with the numbers to find out which best works for you.
  7. - Play with the levels and image quality (blurs, etc) to match the quality of the photo.
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