Savage is Epic~

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  1. [19:06] <NAC> Cameron lumbers on in, staring at the door slightly in the vain hope that he can make it open with his mind.
  2. [19:08] <Tara> Rosalind enters with her customary bag
  3. [19:08] <&Scantron> Spencer enters the sub bay. The door is stared at.
  4. [19:08] <padri> Renee walks in, putting on Don's hat.
  5. [19:08] <padri> She sees Cameron and grins. "Cameron!"
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  8. [19:09] <NAC> "Oh hello Renee. I enjoy your hat." He says, loosing concentration on the door, even though it opens when several people walk in. Cameron likes to think he summoned those people to open the door for him.
  9. 01[19:10] <Halvors> Sverre walks in, wearing some kind of fancy camo BDUs.
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  11. [19:10] <padri> She takes it off and looks at it a little sadly before smiling again. "Yes, I'm rather fond of it."
  12. 01[19:10] <Halvors> They look like this:
  13. [19:10] <padri> *smiling reminiscently.
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  15. 01[19:11] <Halvors> The velcro has been cut off and all.
  16. [19:11] <&ScanRPs> Spencer looks around for some higher-up to give them an idea of what's going on.
  17. [19:11] <DrSavage> A random tech stands near the pool, looking to the group entering.
  18. 01[19:11] <Halvors> Sverre nods. "Hey."
  19. [19:12] <&ScanRPs> Spencer approaches. "So, do we have any information on this emergence event?"
  20. [19:12] <padri> Ren's gotten to the point where she doesn't expect directors to tell her anything. But when she only sees a random tech and no director, she is intrigued.
  21. [19:12] <padri> She watches.
  22. 01[19:13] <Halvors> Sverre fiddles with his eight-point combat utility cap in matching camo. He put some money down on this getup. Hope it works. Feels comfy, at least.
  23. [19:13] <NAC> Cameron looms over the man and stares.
  24. 01[19:13] <Halvors> He's back to his usual weaponry btw.
  25. [19:13] <Rapid> Lucas trots up to the tech silently, checking his gear as he approached the pool.
  26. [19:14] <DrSavage> "Sound began coming from the pool a few moments ago. We're requesting a team go into the pool to investigate." Everyone can indeed hear a faint noise. Perception may be rolled in order to hear it better.
  27. [19:14] <&ScanRPs> 6df+4 what's this i hear
  28. [19:14] <Glacon> ScanRPs: what's this i hear: 1 (6df+4=0, 4-, 0, 0, 4-, 4-)
  29. [19:14] <Tara> 6df+7 listening
  30. [19:14] <Glacon> Tara: listening: 7 (6df+7=4-, 4-, 3+, 0, 0, 3+)
  31. 01[19:14] <Halvors> 6df+8 bitch please I listen for a living
  32. [19:14] <Glacon> Halvors: bitch please I listen for a living: 7 (6df+8=4-, 0, 0, 3+, 4-, 0)
  33. [19:14] <padri> 6df+6 Listen quietly!
  34. [19:14] <Glacon> padri: Listen quietly!: 4 (6df+6=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
  35. [19:14] <NAC> 6df+5 Cameron needs to wax his ears.
  36. [19:14] <Glacon> NAC: Cameron needs to wax his ears.: 4 (6df+5=4-, 3+, 4-, 0, 3+, 4-)
  37. [19:24] <Rapid> 6df+^
  38. [19:24] <Rapid> 6df+5
  39. [19:24] <Glacon> Rapid: 5 (6df+5=4-, 4-, 3+, 3+, 3+, 4-)
  40. [19:26] <DrSavage> Rosalind, Lucas and Sverre hear what sounds like a very strange version of Entry of the Gladiators. But only faintly.
  41. 01[19:26] <Halvors> "Oh. Huh."
  42. 01[19:27] <Halvors> "Not at all like weird glowing things and flashback projections."
  43. [19:27] <Rapid> Lucas slowly cocks an eyebrow
  44. [19:28] <padri> "What is it?"
  45. [19:28] <Tara> "Bizzare"
  46. [19:28] <DrSavage> "You are free to depart any time you are ready. And we're not sure what is causing the sound, the instruments won't even pick it up."
  47. [19:28] <&ScanRPs> "I'm not hearing anything." Spencer enters the sub.
  48. 01[19:29] <Halvors> Sverre hops in the sub. "Then get your ears checked."
  49. [19:29] <NAC> Cameron shrugs and gets into the sub.
  50. [19:29] <padri> "Neither will my ears." She flashes a smile at the techie before getting in the sub.
  51. [19:29] <Tara> Rosalind gets into the sub, feeling confused
  52. [19:30] <Rapid> Lucas cringes a bit, but slowly enters the sub.
  53. [19:30] <padri> Ren is a little worried she couldn't hear it. She sits in the sub and buckles her seatbelt before twirling Don's hat.
  54. [19:31] <DrSavage> Once everyone is in, the sub begins its departure. The liquid of the pool encompasses the sub as it descends. Those who heard the music before can hear it growing louder. And those who didn't, now hear it.
  55. [19:31] <&ScanRPs> "Ah... there it is."
  56. [19:32] <Rapid> He straps in, sitting back and furrowing his brow. "...What in the world is this?"
  57. [19:32] <padri> "That's what it was before?"
  58. [19:32] <Tara> "This is...worrisome"
  59. [19:32] <NAC> Cameron hums along softly.
  60. [19:32] <DrSavage> The sub slowly picks up speed...moreso than it should.
  61. [19:32] <padri> She looks terribly concerned. Is there someone at the sensors?
  62. [19:33] <padri> If not, she carefully unbuckles and moves up to them to check. Can she tell what's wrong?
  63. [19:34] <Rapid> Lucas has never been in the sub, and is not aware that it's going faster than it should
  64. [19:34] <DrSavage> It's moving exponentially faster than it should.
  65. [19:34] <Tara> "Now I'm sure it's time to worry"
  66. [19:35] <padri> Can she see anything on the sensors? She holds on tight, not that it'll help.
  67. [19:35] <&ScanRPs> "Oh fuck." Spencer straps himself in.
  68. [19:36] <NAC> Cameron straps in tight to his chair, grumbling something about not liking speeds.
  69. [19:36] <Tara> Rosalind makes sure she's strapped in, and that her bag is secure
  70. [19:37] <Soulless> Stoat's here! She's holding tightly to her chair.
  71. [19:37] <padri> Not Ren! She's being dumb and lookin at sensors.
  72. [19:38] <Tara> "Ren, sit down!"
  73. [19:38] <DrSavage> Nothing seems to make sense on the sensors, it says they're still in the pool!
  74. [19:38] <padri> "I just wanna see. . ." She's so confused and worried.
  75. [19:38] <NAC> Is the music getting louder?
  76. [19:38] <Tara> "And if we crash at this speed?"
  77. [19:39] <padri> "But there has to be something. . . This doesn't make sense. . ." All the worried.
  78. [19:40] <Soulless> "We hope for a painless, instant death."
  79. 01[19:40] <Halvors> Sverre just sits quietly. He gets out an e-cigarette and puffs. It's smokeless, so it shouldn't bother anyone.
  80. [19:41] <DrSavage> Music is /blaring/ now.
  81. [19:42] <Tara> Rosalind braces herself, closing her eyes
  82. [19:42] <&ScanRPs> Spencer covers his ears.
  83. [19:42] <Rapid> Lucas winces, covering his ears and closing his eyes
  84. 01[19:42] <Halvors> Sverre raises his eyebrows.
  85. [19:42] <Soulless> Stoat covers her ears and tries to focus on the situation.
  86. [19:42] <padri> Ren falls back into a seat and fumbles with a seatbelt, trying to get it on.
  87. [19:42] <NAC> Cameron bites down on his lower lip and lets out a groan. "Merry go round from hell." He exclaims, slightly softer than the music
  88. [19:43] <Tara> "Circus of Doom"
  89. 01[19:43] <Halvors> Puff puff. Mmmm, tastes like woodsmoke and crematoriums. He worked hard to get that flavor.
  90. [19:43] <DrSavage> The group can feel the sub suddenly go into free fall, no more liquid if anyone's looknig at the window.
  91. [19:43] <DrSavage> *looking
  92. [19:43] <Tara> Rosalind tucks her knees in
  93. [19:43] <padri> Ren isn't. She's worrying about the sensors. She holds on.
  94. [19:44] <&ScanRPs> Spencer's not looking out the window.
  95. [19:44] <Rapid> "We're falling? Are we /supposed/ to be falling?"
  96. 01[19:44] <Halvors> "Who the fuck cares?"
  97. 01[19:44] <Halvors> "We ain't dead yet."
  98. [19:44] <padri> "We often fall. But this time I'm not sure. . ."
  99. [19:44] <NAC> "Damnit not again." Cameron groans, getting a head ache.
  100. 01[19:45] <Halvors> Sven passes the e-cig. "This might help?"
  101. [19:45] <Tara> Rosalind whimpers
  102. [19:45] <&ScanRPs> "We fall a lot!" Spencer yells over the music. "I'm still alive, so I guess I'm not too concerned!"
  103. 01[19:45] <Halvors> *Sverre
  104. 01[19:45] <Halvors> derp.
  105. [19:46] <DrSavage> But then...a gentle splash? And there is /no/ music.
  106. [19:47] <Tara> Rosalind uncurls and opens her eyes.  "Are we there?"
  107. [19:47] <padri> Ren blinks, /so/ confused. And unsettled. That was much more scary than any kind of crash would have been.
  108. 01[19:47] <Halvors> "Ahh, my ears. Much better."
  109. [19:47] <DrSavage> In fact, all they can hear is themselves.
  110. 01[19:47] <Halvors> Sverre hops up and sees if he can tell if the atmosphere is breathable and all that.
  111. [19:47] <DrSavage> Perception.
  112. 01[19:47] <Halvors> 6df+8
  113. [19:47] <Glacon> Halvors: 11 (6df+8=0, 3+, 3+, 0, 0, 3+)
  114. [19:48] <Soulless> 6df+8 Perception
  115. [19:48] <Glacon> Soulless: Perception: 4 (6df+8=0, 4-, 4-, 4-, 4-, 0)
  116. [19:48] <padri> Ren is /so quiet./
  117. [19:48] <Rapid> Lucas slowly opens his eyes, lowering his hands and unbuckling himself. "...wonder where 'here' is?" he said
  118. [19:48] <Rapid> 6df+5
  119. [19:48] <Glacon> Rapid: 6 (6df+5=3+, 0, 3+, 0, 4-, 0)
  120. [19:48] <NAC> 6df+5 Perceptionating Cameron blinks and unstraps.
  121. [19:48] <Glacon> NAC: Perceptionating Cameron blinks and unstraps.: 8 (6df+5=3+, 3+, 0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
  122. [19:48] <&ScanRPs> 6df+4 >perception
  123. [19:48] <Glacon> ScanRPs: >perception: 3 (6df+4=0, 4-, 4-, 3+, 4-, 3+)
  124. [19:48] <padri> 6df+5 What /is/ this?
  125. [19:48] <Glacon> padri: What /is/ this?: 7 (6df+5=4-, 0, 3+, 3+, 0, 3+)
  126. [19:48] <Tara> 6df+7 wha?
  127. [19:48] <Glacon> Tara: wha?: 8 (6df+7=3+, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  128. [19:49] <DrSavage> Everyone but Spencer, Stoat, and Renee hear a tapping some distance away from the sub.
  129. [19:49] <padri> Not Renee?
  130. [19:49] <padri> Do you mean Lucas?
  131. [19:49] <DrSavage> ..Yes.
  132. [19:50] <padri> She looks up. Can she tell what direction?
  133. [19:50] <DrSavage> Nope.
  134. [19:50] <Soulless> Stoat looks up when Ren does.
  135. 01[19:50] <Halvors> Sverre checks the readings from the sensors to make sure opening the hatch won't cause a TPK from poisonous atmosphere.
  136. [19:50] <Soulless> "Hm?"
  137. [19:50] <padri> She blinks and goes to leave the sub. Maybe she can tell from outside. But she's still quiet.
  138. [19:51] <Tara> "We stick together," Rosalind says.  "The question is whether or not we should head towards the noise"
  139. [19:51] <NAC> Cameron unseats himself from his postion, following after Ren. "I'm good with that, I hope there isn't a circus though."
  140. [19:51] <padri> "We always head to the noises."
  141. [19:51] <DrSavage> Sensors read that the atmosphere outside is breathable and non-harmful.
  142. [19:51] <padri> "Shh." FInger to lips. Can she tell outside where it's from?
  143. [19:51] <Soulless> "...Noise?"
  144. 01[19:51] <Halvors> Sverre pops the hatch and pokes his head out.
  145. 01[19:51] <Halvors> Does he dieded?
  146. [19:51] <Rapid> Lucas stands, heading for the exit. He personally wants out of the sub as fast as possible. but doesn't say as much
  147. [19:52] <DrSavage> When opening the hatch, dim light shines into the sub.
  148. [19:52] <&ScanRPs> Spencer removes his seatbelt and stands up.
  149. [19:52] <DrSavage> And very faintly, there's a red and white striped material far above.
  150. 01[19:52] <Halvors> Sverre tries to percieve what it is. Can he?
  151. [19:52] <Tara> Rosalind collects her things and prepares to exit the sub
  152. [19:52] <padri> She looks up at it. Are they on the ground, or in water?
  153. [19:53] <&ScanRPs> Spencer pokes his head out of the hatch and looks around.
  154. [19:53] <NAC> Cameron stands up and heads out of the sub, expecting to see a shallow cup of water breaking their fall.
  155. [19:53] <DrSavage> The sub is floating on a small, semi-decorated pool.
  156. [19:53] <padri> Decorated with?
  157. 01[19:53] <Halvors> Sverre is uncomfortable. It's not like the hatch is that open.
  158. 01[19:53] <Halvors> Spencer steps on his shoulder as he exits.
  159. 01[19:53] <Halvors> "Goddamnit."
  160. [19:53] <Soulless> Stoat watches everything curiously, looking around and trying to hear the noise.
  161. 01[19:54] <Halvors> He gives up and hops out of the Sub.
  162. [19:54] <Rapid> Lucas follows everyone out, glancing around at their surroundings.
  163. [19:54] <Tara> Rosalind nervously exits the sub
  164. [19:54] <&ScanRPs> Spencer exits shortly afterwards.
  165. [19:54] <Soulless> Stoat exists last, looking around cautiously with her knives out, ready to hit anything.
  166. [19:55] <NAC> Cameron hops out of the pool and looks around, "So, circus..." He grumbles, looking around for lions and tigers and bears. Mostly because he wants to become friends with the bears.
  167. [19:55] <padri> If she can tell where the tapping comes from at any point, she looks that way, looking for, well, anything.
  168. [19:55] <Tara> Rosalind glances around, hoping to see something, anything, that she can learn about where they are from
  169. [19:56] <DrSavage> 20 meters away, a figure stands hunched in the center of a ring. Everything else is too dark to see.
  170. 01[19:56] <Halvors> Sverre gets his monocular out and percieves, if he can.
  171. [19:56] <Soulless> Stoat tries to focus on the figure.
  172. [19:57] <DrSavage> When peering through fogs up?
  173. [19:57] <Soulless> She turns on her flashlight and tries to penetrate the darkness.
  174. [19:57] <Tara> Rosalind freezes, looking at the figure
  175. 01[19:57] <Halvors> Sverre frowns in confusion. [Fuck the devil's mother, this is odd.]
  176. [19:57] <padri> She looks at it, watching. "No point waiting. . ." she whispers.
  177. 01[19:57] <Halvors> He tucks away the monocular.
  178. [19:57] <padri> Can she get over to the figure without swimming?
  179. [19:57] <&ScanRPs> Spencer calls out to it. "Hello?"
  180. [19:57] <DrSavage> She sees what is indeed a circus tent, fairly bare. And abandoned looking, popcorn bags and drink cups in the stands.
  181. [19:57] <Rapid> He nocks an arrow, watching the firgure carefully.
  182. [19:58] <Tara> "Do you think it's hostile?" Rosalind asks Ren
  183. [19:58] <DrSavage> If the group jumps even a bit, they can clear the liquid.
  184. 01[19:58] <Halvors> "Has it started attacking us yet?"
  185. [19:58] <padri> "If it was, it would probably try to attack us." she says gently.
  186. 01[19:58] <Halvors> "I think not. Still, proceed with caution, ja?"
  187. [19:58] <DrSavage> No need to Ath.
  188. [19:58] <padri> "Let's go?"
  189. [19:58] <Rapid> Lucas takes the first leap, uncomfortable standing on the sub, but sticking close to the group.
  190. [19:59] <padri> She jumps to land.
  191. [19:59] <&ScanRPs> Spencer lightly jumps and lands on solid ground.
  192. [19:59] <padri> Ren has grown to hate waiting.
  193. [19:59] <DrSavage> The instant the first of them touches the ground, the figure swivels to face them.
  194. [19:59] <Tara> "Just because we haven't been attacked yet, doesn't mean it isn't hostile"
  195. [19:59] <NAC> Cameron already jumped to the ground. "Hello Mr. Ringmaster." He says, waving.
  196. [20:00] <padri> She turns to rosalind. "Well, it isn't hostile yet, anyway. We can only hope."
  197. [20:00] <padri> She looks to Cameron. "You know him?"
  198. 01[20:00] <Halvors> Sverre cocks his head idly.
  199. [20:00] <NAC> Cameron shakes his head "No, but we are in a circus. I just wanted to be polite." He shrugs.
  200. [20:01] <Soulless> Stoat still has her knives out.
  201. [20:01] <padri> She nods. She starts walking over to the figure. Waiting makes her antsy.
  202. [20:01] <Tara> Rosalind hops down, still wary
  203. [20:01] <Rapid> Lucas narrows his eyes, watching the figure cautiously
  204. [20:01] <Soulless> "...There's no one here but him..."
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  207. [20:01] <&ScanRPs> Spencer approaches the figure.
  208. 02[20:01] * Mactavish (~Nico@58F2DABA.96EFCA78.2EB7FCA2.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  209. [20:01] <Soulless> She says this as she finishes sweeping the view of her surrundings for people with her flashlight.
  210. [20:02] <DrSavage> "And greetings to you, young people! It is so good to see children in my audience again!" The voice is jovial, but sounds distorted.
  211. [20:02] <padri> She smiles. She's not a child, but no need to tell him. "When is the show?"
  212. [20:02] <Tara> Rosalind winces, but tries to catch up to Ren
  213. [20:02] <&ScanRPs> "...children, yes. Who are you? And what is the show?"
  214. [20:02] <Soulless> "..."
  215. [20:03] <Rapid> Lucas doesn't say a word.
  216. [20:03] <Soulless> Stoat remains silent, looking around cautiously for anything to pop up.
  217. [20:03] <Soulless> She obviously doesn't trust this man.
  218. [20:03] <DrSavage> "Oh, it is a grand show indeed! All in good fun! It is a show where the audience may participate. Nobody is close enough to make out what he looks like beyond a Ring Master outfit.
  219. [20:04] <DrSavage> *participate!"
  220. 01[20:04] <Halvors> "Oh. Participate as in be Bear or Lion bait?"
  221. 01[20:04] <Halvors> "Greeaaaaat.
  222. 01[20:04] <Halvors> :
  223. [20:04] <Tara> "Ren, we need to stick together.  Really"
  224. [20:04] <Rapid> "...I have a bad feeling about this..."
  225. 01[20:04] <Halvors> "
  226. [20:04] <padri> Ren's going to be nice anyway. "Yes? It must be a popular show, then. Where's the rest of the audience?"
  227. [20:05] <NAC> Cameron looks down at Sverre and chuckles. He's perfectly fine with this, and is more curious and passive than the rest of the group.
  228. [20:05] <DrSavage> The voice becomes filled with sorrow and a hint of regret. "Nobody has been here in so long...I miss having an audience! Please, won't you help me?"
  229. [20:05] <padri> "How can we help?" She sounds caring.
  230. [20:05] <padri> Ren always wants to help.
  231. [20:06] <Soulless> "..." Stoat looks put off.
  232. [20:06] <Soulless> "Ren, don't be so trusting."
  233. [20:06] <Tara> Rosalind squirms
  234. 01[20:06] <Halvors> "Oh well."
  235. 01[20:06] <Halvors> "I have never killed a lion before."
  236. [20:06] <padri> Ren isn't trusting, she's caring. There's a difference.
  237. [20:06] <Soulless> "What do you want us to do." She asks this to the ringleader.
  238. [20:06] <padri> She hasn't decided what she thinks about the ringmaster yet.
  239. [20:06] <Soulless> Also, Stoat doesn't care about the difference right now, because it results in letting one's guard down.
  240. [20:06] <NAC> "Wait. Before we continue, did you kill your last audience?" Cameron asks, raising an eyebrow.
  241. [20:06] <Soulless> Truth or not, she is constantly cautious.
  242. [20:07] <Tara> "Or rather, what was the last performance like?"
  243. [20:07] <padri> ~There's a /subtler/ way to find out, Cameron. . .~
  244. [20:07] <NAC> "That too."
  245. [20:07] <&ScanRPs> Spencer's just watching. "Okay, you're asking /way/ too many questions."
  246. [20:08] <padri> But she's busy watching the ring master, and despite all her thoughts towards her team, she doesn't stop watching him.
  247. [20:08] <&ScanRPs> "We'll be lucky if it answers /half/ of these. We don't even know for sure it's sapient."
  248. [20:08] <padri> Her guard isn't down. She's busy deciding whether to trust him or not.
  249. 03[20:08] * Sequence is now known as Moviequence
  250. [20:09] <DrSavage> "Please come closer!" He steps back a bit, still illuminated in the dim light.
  251. [20:09] <padri> She does, a little, and cautiously. "How did the last show go?" She sounds kind and caring.
  252. 01[20:09] <Halvors> Sverre sighs and hops the water. "first unto the breach."
  253. [20:10] <Tara> Rosalind sticks close to Ren.  She is /not/ going to let her out of her sight
  254. [20:10] <Soulless> Stoat shines her flashlight on him as she approaches.
  255. [20:10] <Soulless> She can take a hit, so she's approaching more directly.
  256. [20:10] <NAC> Cameron turns to spencer. "Well, as long as he answers whether or not he killed his last audience, I don't mind getting the cold shoulder on the rest of our questions."
  257. [20:10] <NAC> Cameron's hanging back some.
  258. [20:10] <Rapid> Lucas furrows his brow, staring at his team. "...This is the worst idea." he says as he brings up the rear.
  259. [20:11] <padri> Also, her question is asked as if she didn't hear the other questions.
  260. [20:11] <DrSavage> PAUSE
  261. [20:11] <DrSavage> For description, people.
  262. [20:11] <TheRaven> When Stoat shines a light on the figure, it quickly becomes apparent that something about it isn't right. Its skin is porcelain white and entirely featureless. No face, no nails, nothing.
  263. [20:14] <DrSavage> UNPAUSE
  264. [20:14] <padri> Ren doesn't trust that . . . that not-face. All the caution.
  265. 01[20:14] <Halvors> Sverre shrugs. "Mannequin-man."
  266. 01[20:14] <Halvors> "Oh well."
  267. [20:14] <padri> But she'll still be nice.
  268. [20:15] <DrSavage> "I must warn you, the show can become rather intense! But all in good fun!"
  269. [20:15] <Soulless> "...It's not fully human. Be careful."
  270. [20:15] <Tara> Rosalind just hopes that she isn't dealing with living statues again.  "Be careful what you look at"
  271. [20:15] <padri> "What kind of fun?"
  272. [20:15] <Soulless> "What kind of intensity are we talking about."
  273. [20:15] <Soulless> Stoat's got her knives out, holding them tightly.
  274. [20:16] <&ScanRPs> Spencer loads an arrow into his crossbow. "Right, sure."
  275. [20:16] <DrSavage> "Sometimes people don't play right, and they can get hurt!" His tone is still jovial.
  276. [20:16] <NAC> "He totally killed his last audience. I'm calling this now." Cameron says bluntly.
  277. [20:16] <padri> "How do you play right, then?"
  278. 01[20:16] <Halvors> "Ehhh."
  279. [20:16] <padri> "Then we won't get hurt, and we can come back." She sounds happy about that.
  280. 01[20:16] <Halvors> "Slave labor is useful."
  281. [20:16] <Rapid> Lucas narrows his eyes, watching the ringmaster.
  282. [20:16] <&ScanRPs> To Cameron, "Maybe they just didn't 'play right' and got hurt."
  283. 01[20:16] <Halvors> "I get the feeling they might be locked up in the dungeon."
  284. [20:16] <DrSavage> "I can't tell you, that is part of the show!"
  285. 01[20:17] <Halvors> "Cleaning lion shit and sexually pleasuring the acrobats."
  286. [20:17] <padri> ~Not good.~
  287. [20:17] <Soulless> "...I assume we'll have to do the show to finish our mission."
  288. 01[20:17] <Halvors> "I've seen weirder shit."
  289. [20:17] <Tara> "Ren, we're going to need to be incredibly careful"
  290. [20:17] <DrSavage> How far away is everyone from da sub?
  291. [20:17] <padri> She nods. She knows.
  292. [20:17] <Soulless> Stoat's the farthest, since he's the closest to the man.
  293. [20:17] <padri> Ren's not close to the sub.
  294. [20:17] <Soulless> Or, the ringleader.
  295. [20:17] <padri> She's the second farthest.
  296. [20:17] <&ScanRPs> Spencer's wherever Cameron is.
  297. [20:17] <NAC> A fair distance away. Cameron's in the middle of the group.
  298. 01[20:17] <Halvors> Sverre is right behind Cam.
  299. [20:17] <Tara> Rosalind is next to Ren
  300. [20:18] <DrSavage> Perception, audience!
  301. [20:18] <Rapid> Lucas is at the back of the group, so he's probably the closest
  302. [20:18] <Rapid> 6df+5
  303. [20:18] <Glacon> Rapid: 4 (6df+5=0, 0, 4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
  304. 01[20:18] <Halvors> 6df+8 I LOVE MY PERCEPTION
  305. [20:18] <Glacon> Halvors: I LOVE MY PERCEPTION: 8 (6df+8=3+, 0, 0, 3+, 4-, 4-)
  306. [20:18] <padri> 6df+5 What is it?
  307. [20:18] <Glacon> padri: What is it?: 3 (6df+5=0, 4-, 4-, 0, 3+, 4-)
  308. [20:18] <&ScanRPs> 6df+4 come on down
  309. [20:18] <Glacon> ScanRPs: come on down: 4 (6df+4=3+, 0, 3+, 0, 4-, 4-)
  310. [20:18] <NAC> 6df+5 Haha, Cameron sees shit.
  311. [20:18] <Glacon> NAC: Haha, Cameron sees shit.: 6 (6df+5=0, 3+, 0, 3+, 0, 4-)
  312. [20:18] <Tara> 6df+7 oh no
  313. [20:18] <Glacon> Tara: oh no: 4 (6df+7=4-, 0, 0, 4-, 4-, 0)
  314. [20:19] <Soulless> 6df+8 Audiencing
  315. [20:19] <Glacon> Soulless: Audiencing: 4 (6df+8=4-, 4-, 4-, 4-, 3+, 4-)
  316. [20:19] <DrSavage> Sverre and Cameron hear what sounds like roiling water.
  317. 01[20:20] <Halvors> "... flood?"
  318. [20:20] <NAC> Cameron turns around towards the sub, blinking slightly. "Huh. That's odd."
  319. [20:20] <padri> "What is it?"
  320. [20:20] <DrSavage> .../What/ sub?
  321. [20:21] <&ScanRPs> Spencer looks as well. "...oh." He shrugs. "It'll get better."
  322. 01[20:21] <Halvors> Sverre sighs. "And thus we proceed deeper into the rabbithole, nicht wahr?"
  323. [20:21] <Soulless> "..."
  324. [20:21] <NAC> Are you asking that or are you saying that there is no sub?
  325. [20:21] <Soulless> "Rabbit hole." She nods to Sverre.
  326. [20:21] <NAC> "I hear water." Cameron states, rubbing the back of his scalp.
  327. [20:21] <DrSavage> It's more like telling you.
  328. [20:21] <NAC> "Oh. Subs gone."
  329. [20:22] <Tara> "Then we're going to have to get our way out of here by participating"
  330. [20:22] <NAC> He states this matter of factly, warning the rest of the group in his usual monotone droll.
  331. [20:22] <padri> She looks worried. "I guess that means we're probably ready to start this game of yours. . ." She doesn't sound like it's what she's always wanted to do or anything, though. Cause . . .
  332. [20:22] <DrSavage> Not even a ripple on that clear water.
  333. [20:23] <DrSavage> "So, will you play in my show, children?" The Ring Master clasps his hands together.
  334. [20:23] <Rapid> "...I doubt we have a choice."
  335. 01[20:23] <Halvors> "Jawohl."
  336. [20:24] <padri> "Yes. We will." She smiles.
  337. [20:24] <NAC> Cameron sighs and shrugs.
  338. [20:24] <padri> "Do we take turns?"
  339. [20:24] <Tara> "Ren, don't you volunteer for anything"
  340. [20:24] <&ScanRPs> "I'll go first, if we take turns."
  341. [20:25] <DrSavage> "Heavens no!"
  342. [20:26] <DrSavage> The Ring Master sweeps his arms around. "There is far too much room for only person to go at a time, how silly of you to say, child!"
  343. [20:26] <padri> She laughs, but she's forcing it.
  344. [20:26] <Soulless> "So all of us go, or in groups."
  345. [20:27] <DrSavage> "No, no! You must go together!"
  346. [20:27] <padri> "Alright then."
  347. 03[20:27] * Wogglebug (~chatzilla@E6D8D059.F7077C7A.349CBF1A.IP) has joined #redpool
  348. [20:27] <Rapid> "Very well..."
  349. [20:27] <Tara> Rosalind sighs.  "I guess I'm ready"
  350. 03[20:27] * Roget ( has joined #redpool
  351. [20:28] <padri> "Shall we, then?" She smiles, nervously.
  352. [20:28] <&ScanRPs> "As am I."
  353. 01[20:28] <Halvors> "Ready."
  354. [20:28] <padri> She takes a few steps forward.
  355. 01[20:28] <Halvors> Sverre is right behind her.
  356. [20:28] <Rapid> Lucas trots in with the group
  357. [20:29] <DrSavage> "Hooray, caloo, callay!" He raises his hands, as the group feels a rumbling.
  358. [20:29] <padri> She stands still and looks around and down, too.
  359. 02[20:29] * %Moviequence ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  360. [20:29] <Rapid> "Rumbling. That's never good."
  361. [20:29] <Tara> Rosalind looks a little panicked
  362. [20:29] <Soulless> Stoat gets ready for anything.
  363. [20:30] <padri> Ren is nervous.
  364. [20:30] <padri> If it's big, it'll be no good
  365. [20:30] <&ScanRPs> Spencer looks around for a source of the rumbling. Does he die horribly?
  366. [20:30] <NAC> Cameron is calm, although he does brace his legs apart some, trying to stabilize himself.
  367. [20:30] <padri> Renee worries. Does she die horribly?
  368. 01[20:31] <Halvors> Sverre puffs his e-cig. Does he get free money?
  369. [20:31] <DrSavage> "And remember, it's all in good fun!" The Ring Master sounds like he's laughing, as the group finds a wall rising up in front of them! It looks made of old, worn wood in typical circus colors, red, yellows, whites, etc.
  370. [20:31] <padri> She frowns and backs up a little away from the wall.
  371. [20:32] <Tara> Rosalind definitely backs up a bit
  372. [20:32] <NAC> How tall does the wall go?
  373. 01[20:32] <Halvors> Sverre peers closely at the wall.
  374. [20:32] <Rapid> Lucas stares at the wall
  375. [20:33] <&ScanRPs> Spencer observes it. Engineering to determine its structural stability and ease of breaking through-ness?
  376. [20:33] <DrSavage> It rises quickly, seemingly to to the top of the tent. Others raise around them and stretch until they connect. There is plenty of room to maneuver inside the enclosure.
  377. [20:33] <DrSavage> Go ahead, Spencer.
  378. [20:34] <Soulless> Stoat sees if she can climb it. Is it possible to climb?
  379. [20:34] <&ScanRPs> 6df+5
  380. [20:34] <Glacon> ScanRPs: 1 (6df+5=4-, 4-, 0, 4-, 0, 4-)
  381. [20:34] <&ScanRPs> Spencer has no goddamn clue. He doesn't find this worth mentioning, so he just watches.
  382. [20:34] <padri> Ren backs away from it, and thus towards the center. She doesn't like the walls.
  383. [20:35] <DrSavage> Well, golly gee. That's some wood, I reckon.
  384. 01[20:35] <Halvors> Sverre gets his knife out and tries to mark it.
  385. [20:35] <DrSavage> There are no hand or footholds.
  386. [20:35] <Rapid> Lucas stares uncomfortably at the walls
  387. [20:36] <Tara> Rosalind looks for any openings or gaps
  388. 01[20:36] <Halvors> If he can, he etches in a simple little shield symbol.
  389. [20:36] <DrSavage> As the knife touches the wall, there is an ear-splitting shriek!
  390. [20:37] <Soulless> Stoat looks around to see if there's a way around the- nope! She jumps at the shriek and tightens her grip on her knives.
  391. [20:37] <&ScanRPs> Spencer jumps.
  392. 01[20:37] <Halvors> Sverre drops the knife. "OH FUCK."
  393. [20:37] <padri> She screams. Very girlishly.
  394. [20:37] <padri> And not for long.
  395. [20:37] <padri> She was very surprised.
  396. 01[20:37] <Halvors> Sven flinches and picks up the knife. "Well then."
  397. 01[20:37] <Halvors> *SVERRE
  398. [20:38] <Rapid> Lucas snaps his bow up, looking for something to shoot
  399. [20:38] <Tara> Rosalind jumps when she hears the shriek, but then goes back to looking for gaps
  400. [20:38] <padri> She's rather shaken.
  401. [20:38] <padri> She keeps turning around, watching for anything.
  402. [20:38] <DrSavage> Everything is quiet until.../HONK/ /HONK/.
  403. [20:38] <padri> She can't do anything with walls. They listen like, well, walls.
  404. [20:39] <Soulless> Stoat looks for the source of the sound.
  405. [20:39] <Soulless> Can she pinpoint?
  406. [20:39] <Tara> Rosalind jumps at the honking.  She's really jumpy right now
  407. [20:39] <padri> "Ok, so where's the car full of clowns?" she mutters
  408. 01[20:39] <Halvors> Sverre chuckles a bit, gesturing to his funky camo. "I guess I'm wearing a decent clown suit."
  409. [20:39] <NAC> Cameron winces some and slowly turns, looking for the clown car. "And how many are going to come out?"
  410. [20:39] <&ScanRPs> "What in the... oh right, circus."
  411. 01[20:39] <Halvors> "We should get a Polka Panzer in this bitch."
  412. [20:39] <DrSavage> Sound is coming from a wall behind them, far enough way to be shrouded in darkness.
  413. 02[20:39] * @Tox|Laptop ( Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
  414. [20:39] <&ScanRPs> Spencer aims his crossbow at the noise. "Let it come to us."
  415. [20:40] <padri> She looks frightened. It's behind the wall. . . That's not good.
  416. [20:40] <Rapid> Lucas aims at the wall, narrowing his eyes
  417. 01[20:40] <Halvors> Sverre does a stupid little jig. "Po-po-po-polka Panzer, the panzer of FUN!"
  418. [20:41] <Tara> Rosalind heads back to Ren and takes her hand.  "We get the guys with the firearms to surround us until there's somewhere to hide"
  419. [20:41] <DrSavage> "You're about to meet Boggy, our favorite clown! He can be a little silly, but remember, all in good fun!"
  420. [20:41] <Rapid> Lucas stares blankly at Sverre. "...Is this REALLY the best time for... whatever you're doing?"
  421. [20:41] <DrSavage> The Ring Master's voice seems to come from far above.
  422. [20:41] <&ScanRPs> "I never liked clowns."
  423. [20:42] <padri> Ren shies away from Rosalind and looks frightened. No touch!
  424. [20:42] <Soulless> Stoat shines her flashlight, attempting to piece the darkness.
  425. [20:42] <padri> She looks a little panicked at the touch, but she's glad Rosalind is there.
  426. 01[20:42] <Halvors> Sverre shrugs. "Hey, if we are here to be clowns, we best get into it."
  427. [20:42] <Tara> "Sorry."  She drops any attempt at taking Ren's hand
  428. [20:42] <NAC> Cameron groans. "Silly probably means deadly." He mumbles, bringing his palm to his face.
  429. [20:43] <DrSavage> There is a crackling noise, as wood begins to splinter and crack, something coming through...
  430. [20:43] <padri> "Sorry, Rosalind. . ." She sounds like she wishes she could just hold hands. Prolly cause she does.
  431. [20:43] <padri> She watches the wood.
  432. [20:44] <Soulless> Stoat looks for a hiding spot.
  433. [20:44] <Soulless> Is there anywhere she can hide in?
  434. [20:44] <Tara> Rosalind steels herself.  She'll probably be looking for weak spots soon
  435. [20:45] <DrSavage> There is a few stands that perormers could stand on, but otherwise nothing. A tightrope is visible far above.
  436. [20:45] <TheRaven> The clown looks somehow creepier than a normal clown. Its grin is very toothy, and its makeup is darker than you might expect.
  437. 01[20:45] <Halvors> Sverre eyeballs that tightrope. "Ooh."
  438. [20:46] <padri> "Hey!" she calls out. Is it armed with anything? Anything at all?
  439. [20:46] <Soulless> Stoat looks for a way she can get to the tightrope. Is there a way?
  440. [20:46] <Tara> It still looks and moves more or less like a standard human?
  441. [20:46] <Rapid> Lucas stares at the clown, taking aim at the creepy looking thing and backing up, not shooting quite yet.
  442. [20:47] <&ScanRPs> 6df+4 perception to ranged maneuver, aiming with a crossbow.
  443. [20:47] <Glacon> ScanRPs: perception to ranged maneuver, aiming with a crossbow.: 4 (6df+4=4-, 3+, 4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
  444. [20:47] <TheRaven> It moves in a more jerky fashion than a human would, and isn't carrying anything.
  445. [20:47] <&ScanRPs> Spencer does not get the maneuver.
  446. [20:48] <Tara> Rosalind focuses on the clown's motion, looking for weakness
  447. [20:48] <NAC> 6df+8 Athletics to melee, cameron is the strong man in this 3 ring circus.
  448. [20:48] <Glacon> NAC: Athletics to melee, cameron is the strong man in this 3 ring circus.: 8 (6df+8=4-, 0, 0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
  449. [20:48] <padri> "Boggy! Hello!" Don't attack my friends!
  450. [20:48] <Soulless> Stoat looks for a way she can get to the tightrope. Is there a way?
  451. [20:49] <padri> 6df+6 pers Aren't I interesting? Don't you want to talk to me?
  452. [20:49] <Glacon> padri: pers Aren't I interesting? Don't you want to talk to me?: 5 (6df+6=0, 4-, 4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
  453. [20:49] <NAC> Cameron grunts and stretches his shoulder walking to the front of the group and placing himself between them and the clown.
  454. [20:49] <Tara> "Wait, there are rules to this, but we only find out what they are as we play, right?"
  455. [20:49] <DrSavage> "Hee hee! Welcome boys and girls! I'm so glad to meet you! Yuk yuk yuk!" The voice is just.../wrong/.
  456. [20:50] <padri> She shudders.
  457. [20:50] <padri> Is this wrong enough to trigger her prison scars?
  458. [20:50] <DrSavage> The clown turns to Renee! "Hello, little girl! Are you all here to play with Mr. Boggy?!"
  459. [20:50] <Tara> "Can you juggle scarves?" Rosalind asks the clown
  460. [20:50] <Rapid> "...Creepy..."
  461. [20:50] <&ScanRPs> Spencer shakes his head. "Nope."
  462. [20:50] <padri> ". . . Yes. I am." She's scared.
  463. [20:51] <Soulless> Has Stoat's question been answered?
  464. [20:51] <DrSavage> That grin grows wider, and now you can all see those teeth are /all/ sharp.
  465. [20:51] <&ScanRPs> "Guh." Spencer shudders.
  466. [20:51] <DrSavage> There is not one immediately visible, no.
  467. [20:52] <Soulless> Can Stoat roll sneak to go around the clown?
  468. [20:52] <padri> She just squeals almost inaudibly in fear of this clown.
  469. [20:52] <Tara> "And I'm here with her," Rosalind says, staring at the teeth rather spacily
  470. [20:53] <NAC> Cameron moves between Rennee and the Clown. "What kind of a game are you going to play?"
  471. [20:53] <padri> Ren is quiet and kind of shrinks. She can't talk to this thing.
  472. [20:53] <DrSavage> "Time to play Boggy's game, kiddies! Yuk yuk yuk yuk!"
  473. [20:54] <padri> She steps back away from this Boggy thing.
  474. [20:54] <NAC> "And what are the rules to Boggy's game?"
  475. [20:54] <Rapid> Lucas keeps his aim steadily on the clown, not saying a word.
  476. [20:55] <Soulless> Can Stoat roll sneak to go around the clown while it's distracted by Ren and the others?
  477. [20:55] <padri> "What are the penalties in Boggy's game?"
  478. [20:55] <TheRaven> PAUSE FOR DESCRIPTION. There's a bunch of these so wait.
  479. [20:55] <DrSavage> "Only one rule, kiddies! Do you know what RECIPROCATE MEANS?!" The tone grows /far/ deeper.
  480. 01[20:55] <Halvors> "Yes."
  481. [20:55] <DrSavage> HE SAID PAUSE
  482. [20:55] <TheRaven> The clown starts changing.
  483. [20:56] <TheRaven> Ren sees it turn into the Skin Stealer.
  484. [20:56] <TheRaven> Lucas, an iron maiden emblazoned with a creepy grin.
  485. [20:57] <TheRaven> Rosalind, it's a flaming human figure.
  486. [20:57] <TheRaven> Cameron sees the car wreck in which his wife was killed, in vivid detail.
  487. [20:58] <TheRaven> And Sverre...the change is more subtle for you. It retains the lack of a face, with the exception of the toothy grin. The rest of its appearance shifts to what Sverre looked like during the torture event in his past.
  488. 01[20:59] <Halvors> Sverre blinks a few times.
  489. [20:59] <TheRaven> Stoat, it's Halim. But not how he looked alive. How he looked when you saw his body. Crushed and bloody.
  490. [20:59] <TheRaven> Is that everybody?
  491. [21:00] <Soulless> Seems so?
  492. [21:00] <DrSavage> I believe so.
  493. [21:00] <&ScanRPs> Spencer!
  494. [21:00] <TheRaven> Oh!
  495. [21:01] <TheRaven> Spencer sees himself, dressed in rags, with a bottle of cheap liquor in hand.
  496. [21:01] <NAC> So the clown turned into a car wreck for cameron?
  497. [21:01] <NAC> A humanoid car wreck?
  498. [21:01] <NAC> Or just a lump of twisted metal?
  499. [21:02] <TheRaven> Not humanoid. Just the car and any bodies therein.
  500. [21:02] <padri> She screams when she sees that and rushes forwards, pulling out her prison knife. ~I've got to get it right this time! No!~ So many conflicting emotions.
  501. [21:02] <&ScanRPs> Spencer stumbles back. "No..."
  502. 03[21:02] * Wogglebug is now known as WogglePANDA
  503. [21:03] <Tara> Rosalind tenses up, reminded very strongly of the flaming corpse.  "I am ice, I am snow, I am an entire world of cold," she says under her breath
  504. [21:03] <DrSavage> The Skin-Taker lets out an ear-splitting screech only Renee hears, swooping away from her. The other apparitions don't move for anyone else.
  505. 03[21:03] * WogglePANDA is now known as Wogglebug
  506. [21:03] <Rapid> Lucas backs away, his eyes widening and his bow shaking slightly. "...stay away from me..." he growls under his breath.
  507. [21:03] <TheRaven> Oh, and each of the above, with the exception of the car wreck, all feature the same terrifying grin.
  508. [21:03] <&ScanRPs> He looks to Rosalind and gestures to the apparition. "Rosalind, no, that's not me. I promise. I won't be like that."
  509. [21:04] <NAC> Cameron falls to his knees. blinking. Everything was coming back to him, fast, fast, far too fast. His eyes well up, and he remembers the scorching heat on his skin. He lets his arms fall to the side and tears roll down his eyes, mouth a gape.
  510. [21:04] <Soulless> Is there a way for Stoat to sneak around Halim?
  511. [21:04] <padri> She screams again. "No! I won't let you do that again! You promised you'd take me and leave the rest of them!"
  512. [21:04] <Soulless> Stoat's shaking physically.
  513. [21:04] <Tara> "Ren, get behind me.  I know I'm not much of a protector, but get behind me"
  514. 01[21:04] <Halvors> Sverre's eyebrows raise.
  515. [21:04] <DrSavage> Halim turns toward Stoat. Watching her the whole time.
  516. 01[21:05] <Halvors> "You think this makes me give a shit?"
  517. [21:05] <DrSavage> With that /horrible/ grin.
  518. 01[21:05] <Halvors> Sverre sighs and cracks his neck. ~I fuckin' hate myself anyways.~
  519. 01[21:05] <Halvors> He gets his rifle up.
  520. [21:05] <Soulless> "..." Stoat is shaking physically, then grips her knives tighter.
  521. [21:05] <Soulless> Halim is dead. DEAD! He cannot be here right now. He can't!
  522. [21:05] <TheRaven> Bones audibly crack as he turns.
  523. [21:05] <padri> "No Rosalind! I won't let someone else die again!"
  524. 01[21:06] <Halvors> Sverre sighs. "I guess I don't have anything emotionally valuable, hmm? How sad."
  525. 01[21:06] <Halvors> He fires, if he can.
  526. [21:06] <&ScanRPs> Spencer looks back at the figure and closes his eyes. ~That's not me... that's not me... that's not me...~
  527. [21:06] <Soulless> With each crack comes another shiver from Stoat. Her face is pulled back in an almost defensive snark, lips drawn back so you can see the molars and the gums of her teeth.
  528. [21:06] <padri> She looks for the skin taker.
  529. [21:06] <DrSavage> Sverre, Mdef.
  530. [21:06] <Tara> "I'm not interested in you dying, either!"
  531. [21:06] <padri> Can she find it?
  532. 01[21:06] <Halvors> 6df+4 damnit
  533. [21:06] <Glacon> Halvors: damnit: 4 (6df+4=3+, 4-, 4-, 0, 0, 3+)
  534. [21:06] <padri> "No! I /won't/ mess it up again!"
  535. 02[21:06] * @Lurker ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  536. [21:06] <Rapid> Lucas backs all the way to the wall, staring at the device
  537. [21:06] <DrSavage> It is hovering /right/ above her.
  538. 02[21:06] * @Tox ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  539. [21:07] <DrSavage> Sverre, you feel yourself drop the gun.
  540. [21:07] <Soulless> She grabs her knives tightly, in full blown panic mode, and chucks.
  541. [21:07] <Soulless> Does she have to roll MDEF?
  542. 01[21:07] <Halvors> [Fuck the devil's mother, if that ain't a fact.]
  543. [21:07] <DrSavage> She does.
  544. 01[21:07] <Halvors> Sverre grinds his teeth, violently.
  545. [21:07] <padri> She cries, but ignores it. "Go ahead! I'm right here! Remember your promise! It was me and Tiana!"
  546. 01[21:07] <Halvors> He only realizes his lip was between them when it starts bleeding freely.
  547. [21:07] <NAC> Cameron's still on his knees, muttering something about a Sarah, useless apologies to no one, fists clenching the dirt.
  548. [21:07] <&ScanRPs> Spencer just backs up against the wall. He didn't even know he was afraid of that eny more.
  549. 01[21:07] <Halvors> Out comes the pistol. [Fuckin' this.]
  550. [21:07] <Tara> "Reciprocation...reciprocation..."  Rosalind thinks.  ~If this is an illusion, then maybe we get hit with what we do to it?~
  551. [21:08] <DrSavage> "But she isn't here..." the Skin-Taker laughs.
  552. 01[21:09] <Halvors> [Satan's uncle is an ugly sonofafuck, ain't he.]
  553. [21:10] <Soulless> 6df+7 MDEF, Stoat's shivering so bad, she's so scared and panicked she doesn't know what to do, but she sees other people shudder and shake, and talk differently from what she's seeing. She focuses. She has to try to focus, because even if Halim is dead, she cannot let Halim's friends be hurt, even by this horrific disgrace to Halim's corpse and person that she knew and loved like a friend.
  554. [21:10] <Glacon> Soulless: MDEF, Stoat's shivering so bad, she's so scared and panicked she doesn't know what to do, but she sees other people shudder and shake, and talk differently from what she's seeing. She focuses. She has to try to focus, because even if Halim is dead, she cannot let Halim's friends be hurt, even by this horrific disgrace to Halim's corpse and person that she knew and loved like a friend.: 5 (6df+7=4-, 4-, 4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
  555. [21:10] <DrSavage> [You are nothing, and only luck spared you.] The other Sverre sneers.
  556. [21:10] <padri> "Yes! So it's just me! Go ahead!" She throws her arms open, the knife still in her right hand, forgotten momentarily.
  557. 01[21:10] <Halvors> [True. But the shadow of nothing is... oh, fuck. Debate with satan and be lost.]
  558. 01[21:10] <Halvors> He tries to fire, if he can.
  559. [21:11] <Tara> Rosalind steels herself, knowing that this will be bad if she's wrong.  She closes her eyes and rushes toward the flaming beast, and gives it a big hug
  560. [21:11] <&ScanRPs> Spencer slumps down against the wall, sitting. He yells out without looking up: "No! I am NOT that!"
  561. [21:11] <DrSavage> Stoat, you feel almost about to let it fly...and then you falter.
  562. [21:11] <DrSavage> Rosalind, Mdef.
  563. 01[21:11] <Halvors> Sverre thinks twice. [Fighting fire with fire. Bad idea.]
  564. [21:11] <padri> "I'm right here! Take what you want!" ~Try to skin me!~
  565. [21:11] <Tara> 6df+6 ohgodthiswillsuck
  566. [21:11] <Glacon> Tara: ohgodthiswillsuck: 7 (6df+6=3+, 0, 4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
  567. 01[21:11] <Halvors> He tucks the gun away and slowly approaches 'himself'.
  568. [21:12] <DrSavage> Cameron, you can see the car slowly begin burning. And the smell of burning meat...
  569. [21:12] <Soulless> She tries to hold back a sob. This is so horrible. She tries to hold onto her gaze, blurry with her tears of fright, horror, despair, and regret all at once.
  570. [21:12] <&ScanRPs> Spencer peeks out from behind his hands. Does he see drunk!Spencer do anything?
  571. 01[21:12] <Halvors> [And in Wallhalla, we go to feast and drink, for Odin's...] Sverre chants softly to himself. "Brother, let me ease your pain."
  572. [21:12] <DrSavage> Halim walks toward her, still grinning.
  573. [21:12] <padri> Could she reach it if she tried?
  574. [21:13] <DrSavage> Drunk Spencer is now /crouched/ in front of Sepncer.
  575. 01[21:13] <Halvors> He raises his arms to embrace 'himself'. "Let me show you the peace of death. Come. The Valkyries are waiting."
  576. [21:13] <DrSavage> The Skin-Taker smirks and flies down toward her.
  577. [21:13] <Rapid> Lucas simply stays the fuck away from his apparition and tries to shoot it
  578. [21:13] <&ScanRPs> "OHGOD" Spencer throws a punch at the thing. Roll Mdef, or just Melee?
  579. [21:14] <padri> She leaves her arms open, ready for the pain of having her skin torn off. She has to distract it before she tries to attack.
  580. [21:14] <DrSavage> The Iron Maiden floats toward  Lucas, opening and revealing deadly spikes.
  581. [21:14] <Soulless> "..." Stoat cannot even speak. She is too upset to even let herself speak. There is a lump in her throat from the tears, but that doesn't account for the dryness in her throat from the fear.
  582. [21:14] <DrSavage> Mdef.
  583. [21:14] <&ScanRPs> 6df+5 Spencer's mdef
  584. [21:14] <Glacon> ScanRPs: Spencer's mdef: 8 (6df+5=3+, 3+, 3+, 0, 3+, 4-)
  585. [21:14] <padri> Mdef?
  586. 03[21:14] * Lurker ( has joined #redpool
  587. 03[21:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Lurker
  588. 01[21:14] <Halvors> [-And purify in blood and iron! Oh, sons of Odin, conquer the unkown with triumphant feet-]
  589. [21:14] <DrSavage> For Spencer.
  590. [21:14] <NAC> Cameron blinks some and runs towards the wreck, that pungent oder snapping him out of it. He begins screaming, "Sarah! Sarah!" As he runs to the wreck and grabs onto anything that he can, attempting to rip off the door to get to his wife.
  591. [21:14] <Rapid> Lucas takes the damn shot!
  592. [21:14] <Tara> Anything on Rosalind's attempt to hug the fire?
  593. [21:15] <DrSavage> Mdef, Spencer.
  594. [21:15] <padri> She needs to get it distracted before she can attack.
  595. [21:15] <DrSavage> One moment, Rosalind.
  596. [21:15] <&ScanRPs> He already rolled mdef, getting an 8.
  597. [21:15] <&ScanRPs> Should he roll again?
  598. [21:15] <DrSavage> The Skin-Taker falters. "You aren't getting away this time!"
  599. [21:15] <padri> 6df+6 pers Look at me! i'm just a week little victim! What knife in my hand? "Of course not. I only got away before because you let me."
  600. [21:15] <Glacon> padri: pers Look at me! i'm just a week little victim! What knife in my hand? "Of course not. I only got away before because you let me.": 7 (6df+6=0, 4-, 3+, 0, 0, 3+)
  601. [21:15] <DrSavage> The punch connects, roll Melee.
  602. [21:16] <Soulless> Please let us know when our turn comes again so Stoat can go again
  603. 01[21:16] <Halvors> Sverre gets his pistol back out slowly. [Come here! Or are you afraid?]
  604. [21:16] <&ScanRPs> 6df+6 Old Fashioned- Spencer made a promise to stay sober, and he will keep that promise by punching what he assumes is a manifestation of his alcoholism or something
  605. [21:16] <Glacon> ScanRPs: Old Fashioned- Spencer made a promise to stay sober, and he will keep that promise by punching what he assumes is a manifestation of his alcoholism or something: 8 (6df+6=3+, 4-, 0, 3+, 3+, 0)
  606. 03[21:16] * BiggerJ ( has joined #redpool
  607. [21:16] <DrSavage> Rosalind, the creature screeches, and Boggy stumbles backward out of it, causing it to vanish.
  608. [21:17] <Tara> Rosalind smiles, having figured out the trick.  "Ren, it's okay!"
  609. [21:17] <Soulless> Does it disappear for all our illusions?
  610. [21:17] <DrSavage> Spencer, the Other-Spencer groans, before flashing back into Boggy.
  611. [21:17] <padri> "No! Rosalind, stay away!"
  612. [21:17] <DrSavage> No, it does /not/.
  613. [21:17] <Rapid> Shoot and flee! Shoot and flee!
  614. [21:17] <Soulless> When can Stoat go again?
  615. [21:18] <Soulless> Can she go again now?
  616. 01[21:18] <Halvors> Sverre goes and gives himself a big hug, his arms wrapping in a chokehold. [Peace, brother mine.]
  617. [21:18] <padri> What does the skintaker do for ren?
  618. [21:18] <DrSavage> "After I kill you, I'll kill all of them too!" The Skin-Taker cackles.
  619. [21:18] <DrSavage> Stoat's move.
  620. [21:18] <padri> She's just standing there, weak and open to it. "That wasn't your promise."
  621. [21:18] <Tara> "What, is it still there?"  She sounds concerned
  622. [21:18] <DrSavage> Lucas, Mdef.
  623. [21:18] <&ScanRPs> Spencer blinks, then snarls. Let me know when Spencer gets another move.
  624. [21:18] <Rapid> 6df+3
  625. [21:18] <Glacon> Rapid: 6 (6df+3=3+, 0, 3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
  626. [21:19] <padri> "Rosalind, /please/ stay away." She's crying. ~Please.~
  627. [21:19] <DrSavage> "And you broke it, she /isn't/ here!"
  628. [21:19] <Soulless> Stoat hesitates, looking around. She sees Ren panic, and Cameron scramble for nothing, shouting a name. This isn't making any sense. Ren's crying, talking to something, but it isn't Halim, she knows by her voice. She looks back at Halim, her gaze fierce and blurry with tears that have begun to drip from her face.
  629. [21:20] <DrSavage> Spencer, you only see Boggy, sitting against the wall. He doesn't look so good!
  630. [21:20] <padri> "I'm sorry! But I am! I haven't seen her in so long!" So many tears. ~And it's my fault, too.~
  631. [21:20] <Soulless> She grips her knives tight. She must do this. The terror of the others shake her back against what she should be.
  632. [21:20] <Soulless> She throws her knives, more solidly, with her shaking fingers.
  633. [21:20] <Soulless> Roll MDEF?
  634. [21:20] <Tara> She rushes over to Ren.  "I'm serious.  It's okay. It gives back what you give it.  Reciprocation"
  635. [21:20] <DrSavage> Halim reaches out toward her. And Mdef.
  636. [21:21] <padri> "I'm trying to give to it. Stay /away!/ Don't let it get you!"
  637. [21:21] <Soulless> 6df+11 Tagging Heart
  638. [21:21] <Glacon> Soulless: Tagging Heart: 12 (6df+11=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-, 0, 3+)
  639. [21:21] <NAC> Does anything happen with cameron?
  640. [21:21] <DrSavage> Lucas, Ranged.
  641. [21:21] <DrSavage> Stoat, Thrown weapon.
  642. [21:21] <Rapid> 6df+7 Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it!
  643. [21:21] <Glacon> Rapid: Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it!: 10 (6df+7=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
  644. [21:21] <&ScanRPs> Spencer gets up and wipes some dust off of himself. He walks over to Boggy, loading up his crossbow. Does anything stop him Spencer from walking right up to Boggy, crossbow loaded and pointed at his head?
  645. [21:21] <padri> She tosses her knife away. "No ulterior motives. You want one human skin? I'm right here. I've got all of mine."
  646. [21:22] <padri> 6df+6 pers I'm ready. Take me. Then you can go.
  647. [21:22] <Glacon> padri: pers I'm ready. Take me. Then you can go.: 8 (6df+6=3+, 3+, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  648. 03[21:22] * ShockwaveLover ( has joined #redpool
  649. [21:22] <DrSavage> "WHY AREN'T YOU SCARED?!" The Skin-Taker roars.
  650. [21:22] <Soulless> 6df+8 Stoat throws, her gaze fierce and unwavering as she blinks the tears away. She stares face to face with the grin, the teeth, the cracked bones and the crushed corpse that once was her best friend. She throws.
  651. [21:22] <Glacon> Soulless: Stoat throws, her gaze fierce and unwavering as she blinks the tears away. She stares face to face with the grin, the teeth, the cracked bones and the crushed corpse that once was her best friend. She throws.: 11 (6df+8=3+, 0, 0, 0, 3+, 3+)
  652. 03[21:23] * Vol ( has joined #redpool
  653. [21:23] <DrSavage> Halim takes the knife in the eye and screams like he would...and fades into Boggy, who looks a bit out of it.
  654. [21:23] <padri> "I AM!" She's crying. "Please! Just do it!"
  655. [21:23] <DrSavage> Other-Sverre growls, stepping back from Sverre.
  656. [21:23] <DrSavage> Spencer, nobody is around, no.
  657. [21:24] <DrSavage> "Careful, child! You're not supposed to stop the game once it starts!" Spencer hears.
  658. [21:24] <Soulless> Stoat looks to Boggle, her gaze fiercer and more determined as she hears Ren's screaming and Sverre's attempts to come into... contact, with something? She doesn't know what they are seeing, but she knows something that's true now.
  659. [21:25] <&ScanRPs> "Oh go fuck yourself." Ignoring the voice, Spencer attempts to shoot Boggy point-blank in the head with a crossbow.
  660. [21:26] <padri> 6df+6 "Just /do/ it!" Then you can go! She's so open to this thing right now, it's not healthy.
  661. [21:26] <Glacon> padri: "Just /do/ it!" Then you can go! She's so open to this thing right now, it's not healthy.: 5 (6df+6=3+, 4-, 0, 4-, 0, 0)
  662. [21:26] <DrSavage> No need to roll, it hits him in the head...and sinks in. He chuckles, looknig to him. "THat's not how you play!"
  663. [21:26] <Rapid> I shot. Got a 10
  664. [21:26] <DrSavage> The Iron Maiden rusts into nothing, Boggy falling out.
  665. 01[21:26] <Halvors> Sverre steps forward and hugs 'himself'. [Love is a warm flow of blood leading to eternal peace. Accept it. Accept that I love you.]
  666. [21:26] <DrSavage> Other-Halvors erupts into light...Boggy stumbling out of it.
  667. [21:27] <DrSavage> *Sverre
  668. [21:27] <&ScanRPs> Spencer kicks Boggy in the head and looks around at the chaos. What does he see everybody else doing? Just yelling at nothing?
  669. [21:27] <DrSavage> Cameron, your wife reaches for you. "Join us, Cameron..."
  670. [21:27] <Rapid> Lucas snarls, glaring at the clown and nocking another arrow.
  671. [21:27] <padri> "Please." She cries, but she just says it kindly.
  672. 01[21:27] <Halvors> Sverre pats Boggy on the back. [Now fuck off.]
  673. [21:27] <DrSavage> "Why aren't you running or fighting?!" The Skin-Taker howls at her.
  674. [21:28] <NAC> Cameron blinks. "U-us?"
  675. [21:28] <padri> "Because I promised." Same tone of voice. A sort of given-up kindness.
  676. [21:28] <DrSavage> Cameron sees a carseat, rocking slowly, it is slowly being engulfed in flames. "Be with us..."
  677. [21:28] <Soulless> Can Stoat move again?
  678. [21:29] <DrSavage> The Skin-Taker howls, before exploding into pieces, Boggy tumbling onto his face.
  679. [21:29] <DrSavage> Stoat can, yes.
  680. 01[21:29] <Halvors> Sverre sighs, pressing his hands into his face. ~So much fucking noise.~
  681. [21:29] <padri> Ren screams and backs away. She wasn't expecting that.
  682. [21:29] <padri> Her hands go to her face, covering her mouth and wiping away tears.
  683. [21:29] <Tara> "Ren?" Rosalind asks, kindly
  684. [21:29] <&ScanRPs> What does Spencer see everybody else doing? Just yelling at nothing?
  685. [21:30] <Soulless> 6df+8 Stoat grips her knives and chucks them at Boggy himself as she sees him. She aims for what will hurt. The stomach, the throat, the face.
  686. [21:30] <Glacon> Soulless: Stoat grips her knives and chucks them at Boggy himself as she sees him. She aims for what will hurt. The stomach, the throat, the face.: 8 (6df+8=3+, 4-, 4-, 0, 0, 3+)
  687. [21:30] <DrSavage> Everyone be yellin' at nuffin'.
  688. [21:30] <padri> "I . . . I . . ." She nods to Rosalind.
  689. 01[21:30] <Halvors> Sverre looks for a long while at his Luger before trotting over to pick up the Sturmgewehr.
  690. [21:30] <NAC> There's something off about this... Cameron blinks, looking down at his wife, "That's not how you talked..." He mumbles. "You didn't say things like that." He grunts, examining her, grabbing onto the burning car wreck with his free hand. He's been fooled by an illusion once before... he's not going to let it happen again.
  691. [21:30] <&ScanRPs> "Uh... team! I believe we may be hallucinating!"
  692. [21:30] <DrSavage> The knife connects, sinking into Boggy's other side. She now notices he has a bolt in his face too.
  693. [21:30] <Tara> "Do you understand why I said it was okay?"
  694. 01[21:31] <Halvors> "I'm not any more. You guys need to fucking get it over with, huh?"
  695. [21:31] <&ScanRPs> "Or... well, I /was/, and everyone else is!" Spencer calls this out to everyone.
  696. [21:31] <Soulless> "It's an illusion, everyone! Snap out of it! Attack it!"
  697. [21:31] <Rapid> 6df+7 Lucas shoots arrow after arrow at the clown, stepping towards it.
  698. [21:31] <Glacon> Rapid: Lucas shoots arrow after arrow at the clown, stepping towards it.: 7 (6df+7=4-, 0, 0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
  699. 01[21:31] <Halvors> Sverre sighs. "So much pain. I guess I'm just a fucking fleischmaschine."
  700. [21:31] <Soulless> Stoat also shouts this collectively, nodding at Spencer as she does so. Nod Nod.
  701. [21:31] <padri> "I'm not sure I do. But . . ."
  702. [21:31] <DrSavage> The arrow connects, sinking into Boggy's chest. HE only chuckles weakly.
  703. [21:31] <&ScanRPs> Spencer nods back to Stoat.
  704. [21:31] <padri> "Stoat. We have. You don't need to attack."
  705. 01[21:31] <Halvors> Sverre is actually concerned that he didn't feel... well, anything.
  706. 01[21:32] <Halvors> He just fucking killed the thing and moved on.
  707. 01[21:32] <Halvors> Meanwhile, his teammates are showing wide varieties of, well, humanity.
  708. 01[21:32] <Halvors> He feels colder inside than usual as he paces about.
  709. [21:32] <DrSavage> "Why would you say that, Cameron?" She reaches for him still. "Cameron..."
  710. [21:33] <Soulless> Stoat's a little too emotional to think logically.
  711. [21:33] <padri> Renee is totally calm again.
  712. [21:33] <padri> Well, not totally.
  713. 01[21:33] <Halvors> Sverre is fucking so unemotional anyone who gave a fuck would be scared by it.
  714. [21:33] <padri> But vOv
  715. [21:33] <Tara> "Remember, we learn the rules of each 'game' as it happens.  I have a feeling that this is going to be mostly puzzles, with us likely getting hurt only if we react without thinking"
  716. 01[21:33] <Halvors> He paces over to Renee. "Hey."
  717. [21:33] <Soulless> Y'know, as emotional people ought to do when they just killed what looked to be like the crushed corpse of their dead friend and suddenly realizing that it was an illusion.
  718. [21:34] <padri> She looks over to him. She's shaken, but okay again. She didn't get skinned. She's kind of giddy. She starts giggling.
  719. [21:34] <Tara> "I ran to, and hugged, a body made of fire, like the flaming corpse"
  720. [21:34] <NAC> Cameron blinks. He doesn't move an inch as he stares her down. Perception to spot noticeable differences?
  721. 01[21:34] <Halvors> He feels like his heart is a diesel engine and his muscles are gears. He simply stares at Renee for a bit.
  722. 01[21:34] <Halvors> It's fucking creepy.
  723. [21:34] <DrSavage> Roll, Cameron.
  724. 01[21:35] <Halvors> "Calm the fuck down, bitch."
  725. [21:35] <padri> She just giggles at Sverre for a bit.
  726. [21:35] <padri> It's kinda creepy.
  727. [21:35] <&ScanRPs> Spencer shakes his head, clearing his thoughts. "Alright. Alright." He speaks this to himself, primarily.
  728. 01[21:35] <Halvors> Sverre's eyes fucking bore into Renee's until she shuts up.
  729. [21:35] <padri> She tries to swallow it, but starts giggling again. And laughs at the attempt. It might be funny if it weren't annoying/creepy.
  730. 01[21:35] <Halvors> He bears down on her.
  732. [21:35] <Glacon> NAC: CAMERON'S OBLIVIOUSNESS SHOWS TRUE: 9 (6df+5=3+, 0, 3+, 3+, 0, 3+)
  733. [21:35] <NAC> ... or not
  734. [21:36] <padri> She didn't get skinned. She's not gunna shut up. She's happy.
  735. [21:36] <DrSavage> His wife wasn't that old when she died! And the baby wasn't born yet!
  736. [21:36] <Tara> "Hey!  Leave her alone"
  737. 01[21:36] <Halvors> Sverre fucking glares at her some more before stalking off.
  738. [21:36] <DrSavage> It does look exactly how she would though.
  739. [21:37] <padri> She just keeps giggling. Something's really funny.
  740. [21:37] <DrSavage> "Don't you want to see me again, Cameron? don't do this...we can be together again..."
  741. [21:37] <&ScanRPs> Spencer shakes his head. "Okay. Who's still seeing things other than a clown?"
  742. [21:37] <Soulless> Stoat's silent, panting, one-mindedly in her own head, recessing and her consciousness fuzzing back into her mind. There is laughter, from someone, an odd juxtaposition against  the figure now.
  743. [21:38] <Tara> Rosalind smiles warmly at Ren
  744. [21:38] <NAC> Cameron stops, stands up, and walks away. "I'm sorry, but you're not her. I'll see my wife when I'm dead." He grumbles, spitting on the flaming wreck of her car, walking away to let the imposter burn. He takes a deep breath and looks out at his groups struggles.
  745. [21:38] <Soulless> There's someone asking something, someone telling someone else off. It's hard for her to fade back. There are people. Yes, the people she cared for, and not the corpse that she killed.
  746. [21:38] <padri> She grins at Rosalind and starts to calm down. "I did it right this time. No one died."
  747. [21:38] <padri> She's /so/ happy.
  748. [21:38] <padri> Kinda too happy, but eh.
  749. [21:39] <&ScanRPs> Spencer looks to each person in turn. "...Stoat, are you alright? Same for you, Cameron."
  750. [21:39] <padri> Almost hysterically happy, but eh.
  751. [21:39] <DrSavage> The car vanishes, and everyone now sees the injured Boggy. "Yuk...yuk..yuk..kiddies."
  752. [21:39] <Soulless> She carefully takes a step towards them, her legs shaking. Someone's calling her name and she looks at him slowly, backing away from Spencer as if he was alien from her.
  753. [21:39] <DrSavage> Boggy's slumping against the wall.
  754. [21:39] <Soulless> She looks to Boggy, slow to comprehend as her mind tries to work through her trauma.
  755. [21:39] <Tara> "What did you see?"
  756. [21:40] <&ScanRPs> Spencer seems concerned. "Stoat? It's alright. We aren't going to hurt you." Spencer considers approaching, but notes that Stoat could kick his ass without him noticing, and decides not to.
  757. [21:40] <padri> She goes to Boggy. "Are you okay?"
  758. [21:40] <Rapid> Lucas approaches the clown, his bow still trained on it. "...The hell was that?"
  759. [21:40] <Soulless> Stoat looks to Spencer and takes a deeeeeeeeep breath, then exhales just as deeply. It doesn't seem to calm her nerves.
  760. [21:40] <NAC> Cameron walks away from Spencer and heads to the injured clown, spitting on the ground as he examines the crippled thing. "Good. Here's your prize." he grumbles, not caring for the reactions of any of his team mates, instead just simply delivering a kick to the bastard clown's throat.
  761. [21:40] <DrSavage> "My game, kiddies...ooogh...Mr. Boggy feels a little...tired..."
  762. [21:41] <NAC> 6df+7 KICK TO THE THROAT
  763. [21:41] <Glacon> NAC: KICK TO THE THROAT: 5 (6df+7=0, 0, 4-, 3+, 4-, 4-)
  764. [21:41] <padri> "No! Cameron!" ~It all turned out okay!
  765. 03[21:41] * Mr_Wilt is now known as Sleeping_Wilt
  766. [21:41] <padri> ~
  767. [21:41] <DrSavage> Boggy groans loudly, taking a kick in the neck.
  768. [21:41] <Tara> "We won, everyone.  There's no reason to attack"
  769. [21:41] <&ScanRPs> Spencer decides to take a risk and approaches Stoat now.
  770. [21:41] <&ScanRPs> 6df+5 Persuading Stoat to calm down- "It's alright now, Stoat. Just take deep breaths. Deeeeep breaths."
  771. [21:41] <Rapid> "Your game sucks..."
  772. [21:41] <Glacon> ScanRPs: Persuading Stoat to calm down- "It's alright now, Stoat. Just take deep breaths. Deeeeep breaths.": 4 (6df+5=0, 4-, 0, 0, 4-, 3+)
  773. 01[21:42] <Halvors> Sverre snaps out of his reverie and walks over to the others.
  774. [21:42] <Soulless> 6df+7 mdef against (that one time when mdef is working against her)
  775. [21:42] <Glacon> Soulless: mdef against (that one time when mdef is working against her): 4 (6df+7=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
  776. [21:42] <padri> "Boggy. Thank you for the game."
  777. [21:42] <padri> She means it, strangely.
  778. 01[21:42] <Halvors> Sverre goes over to Stoat. "The fuck is her problem?"
  779. [21:42] <Soulless> Stoat seems to slowly shake back out of it, focusing intensely on Spencer as if he was the only thing in her existence for a moment. Her mind has to take things slow as she recovers, coming out of her shock and adrenaline.
  780. 01[21:43] <Halvors> He's in total Totungsmaschine Mensch mode. No human compassion.
  781. [21:43] <Soulless> She seems to ignore Sverre, closing her eyes and trying to come back as normally.
  782. [21:43] <Tara> "I will not take part in this violence against someone we already defeated.  And I agree with Ren."  She turns to the clown.  "Thank you for the game"
  783. [21:43] <&ScanRPs> The intense focus worries Spencer a bit, but he walks up to her and places a hand on her shoulder. He looks over to the others. "I think she just got hit particularly hard."
  784. 01[21:43] <Halvors> Sverre snorts slightly. "I hope you are all combat effective?"
  785. 01[21:44] <Halvors> He checks his rifle. "If so, we should stop pissing about and move."
  786. [21:44] <NAC> 6df+7 Cameron looks down at the clown and tightens his fists, spitting on that man's face, before delivering another kick to his stomach and walking away. "Move where?"
  787. [21:44] <Glacon> NAC: Cameron looks down at the clown and tightens his fists, spitting on that man's face, before delivering another kick to his stomach and walking away. "Move where?": 9 (6df+7=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
  788. 01[21:44] <Halvors> "Wherever the fuck we can. The next
  789. 01[21:44] <Halvors> 'game'."
  790. [21:45] <Soulless> Stoat puts a hand on Spencer's hand and unfocuses her too-focused gaze. She looks around just in time to see Sverre talking about moving and Cameron kicking the clown in the stomach. She sighs and wipes away her tears on her face.
  791. [21:45] <Tara> "Cameron, leave him.  There are other games.  You aren't doing any good"
  792. [21:45] <padri> "Cameron!" She's genuinely upset about this, and grateful to boggy. Maybe she wouldn't be if she realized what shape Stoat was in, but she doesn't.
  793. [21:45] <Soulless> "...Thanks." She says this quietly, swallowing a little as her voice cracks a bit.
  794. 01[21:45] <Halvors> Sverre looks closely at Stoat. "You are good?"
  795. [21:45] <padri> "Do we go through Boggy's entrance now?"
  796. 01[21:45] <Halvors> He's not worried at all about her emotional state. He just wants to make sure she can fight.
  797. [21:45] <&ScanRPs> "Not a problem." Spencer hugs Stoat.
  798. [21:46] <DrSavage> "Ooooh...Mr. Boggy" He slumps a bit more. "Boggy loves help..."
  799. 01[21:46] <Halvors> "Yes, very cute. Go and find Bambi while you are at it."
  800. [21:46] <&ScanRPs> "...and I think I just got it. Boggy. Boggart." Spencer pinches his nosebridge.
  801. [21:46] <DrSavage> Perception, /everyone/.
  802. [21:46] <Soulless> She looks to Sverre. "Yes. I'm functional." Stoat hugs Spencer back briefly, before pushing him away, awkwardly.
  803. [21:46] <Rapid> Lucas slowly lowers his bow and licks his dry lips, seeming to ignore the others.
  804. [21:46] <padri> "Boggy, you did help. You helped me."
  805. [21:46] <padri> She means it.
  806. [21:46] <Soulless> 6df+8
  807. [21:46] <Glacon> Soulless: 9 (6df+8=3+, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  808. [21:46] <Rapid> 6df+5
  809. [21:46] <Glacon> Rapid: 6 (6df+5=3+, 4-, 3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
  810. [21:46] <NAC> 6df+5 Cameron has ragevision
  811. [21:46] <Glacon> NAC: Cameron has ragevision: 4 (6df+5=3+, 0, 4-, 0, 0, 4-)
  812. [21:46] <Tara> 6df+7 looking
  813. [21:46] <Glacon> Tara: looking: 9 (6df+7=3+, 0, 3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
  814. 01[21:46] <Halvors> 6df+8 good thing this guy is Perceptionlovin
  815. [21:46] <Glacon> Halvors: good thing this guy is Perceptionlovin: 10 (6df+8=3+, 0, 0, 3+, 4-, 3+)
  816. [21:46] <&ScanRPs> 6df+4 come with us through the gates of hell
  817. [21:46] <Glacon> ScanRPs: come with us through the gates of hell: 8 (6df+4=3+, 0, 3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
  818. [21:46] <padri> 6df+5 Percieve?
  819. [21:46] <Glacon> padri: Percieve?: 2 (6df+5=0, 0, 4-, 4-, 0, 4-)
  820. [21:47] <padri> She's too busy with Boggy.
  821. [21:47] <DrSavage> "Boggy doesn' be scary...but" He sounds sad. "And sometimes...Boggy...hurts children..."
  822. 01[21:48] <Halvors> Sverre goes over and grabs Boggy by the shirt. "Fuck that noise. Road to hell, good intentions- shut up."
  823. [21:48] <padri> She looks so sad for this clown. "It's okay, Boggy. I think you helped heal me." She sits with Boggy.
  824. [21:48] <Tara> "It's okay, Boggy.  I forgive you"
  825. [21:48] <DrSavage> Everyone but Renee notices...Boggy seems to be melting.
  826. 01[21:48] <Halvors> Sverre drops the melting clown quickly.
  827. [21:48] <NAC> "Shame we aren't children." Cameron grunts, "Have fun in hell."
  828. 01[21:48] <Halvors> "Fuck, I wanted to interrogate him."
  829. [21:48] <&ScanRPs> Spencer releases Stoat from the hug and observes the melting clown.
  830. [21:48] <padri> "Sverre! Leave him alone!" She actually tackles Sverre. Despite her phobia.
  831. [21:49] <padri> 6df+4 ath to tackle
  832. [21:49] <Glacon> padri: ath to tackle: 4 (6df+4=0, 4-, 0, 0, 0, 3+)
  833. [21:49] <Rapid> "...You show people their worst fears, so they can fight them..." he stares at the melting clown.
  834. 01[21:49] <Halvors> Sverre snarls and fights back.
  835. [21:49] <&ScanRPs> "...think I once went to a bar called the Melting Cl- stop fighting!"
  836. 01[21:49] <Halvors> 6df+6 ath to not be tackled
  837. [21:49] <Glacon> Halvors: ath to not be tackled: 5 (6df+6=4-, 0, 3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
  838. [21:49] <padri> She missed it cause she was getting Sverre to stop hurting him
  839. [21:49] <DrSavage> Boggy slumps a bit. "Don't fight...children...Boggy" Whenever part of him drips, it vanishes. He's losing mass quicker and quicker.
  840. [21:50] <Soulless> Stoat kneels to the melting Boggy.
  841. [21:50] <padri> She turns to him and now probably sees it. She smiles a little. "Thank you."
  842. [21:50] <Soulless> "Okay. Smiles."
  843. 01[21:50] <Halvors> Sverre is still snarling. "Fucking pussies. Grow some spine so we don't all die."
  844. [21:50] <Rapid> Lucas stares at the clown, and offers a weak smile.
  845. [21:50] <Tara> Rosalind goes over to the melting clown and smiles at him.  "I forgive you for scaring me, and I thank you for your game"
  846. [21:50] <Soulless> Her face doesn't quite match her words. She doesn't smile. She doesn't forgive boggy. However, she expresses understanding of the sentiment.
  847. [21:50] <padri> She looks so hurt when she looks at Sverre.
  848. 01[21:50] <Halvors> Sverre throws his hands up in the air out of exasperation.
  849. [21:51] <Soulless> Stoat ignores Sverre for now. She knows he is right.
  850. [21:51] <&ScanRPs> Spencer nods to Boggy. That's the most respect he'll show.
  851. 01[21:51] <Halvors> Totungsmaschine Mensch. He's gonna feel awful tomorrow morning.
  852. 01[21:51] <Halvors> But for now...
  853. 01[21:51] <Halvors> "Stop fucking around and move, Princess."
  854. 01[21:51] <Halvors> "And if you fucking touch me again..."
  855. [21:51] <NAC> Cameron glares at Sverre, looming over him. His normally kind eyes are still set in stone. "Inappropriate." he growls.
  856. [21:51] <DrSavage> Boggy smiles, his scary grin is no more. He just looks like a clown now.
  857. [21:51] <Soulless> She pats Boggy's melting figure in a motion of compassion, not forgiveness, but simple compassion.
  858. [21:51] <padri> Reminded of what she did, she panics over having touched someone.
  859. 01[21:52] <Halvors> Sverre whips around at Cam. "And what, if your fucking missy here tells us to go into a burning building to save a puppy, would you fucking put us all at danger?"
  860. [21:52] <DrSavage> "I'm so...sorry...children...Boggy is so sorry..."
  861. 01[21:52] <Halvors> Sverre snorts. "Sorry that you failed to kill us."
  862. 01[21:52] <Halvors> "And nothing else."
  863. [21:52] <DrSavage> Boggy no longer has arms, or even legs, he is rapidly becoming a torso and head.
  864. [21:52] <Rapid> Lucas sets his bow down and joins Cameron in blocking off Sverre. "Cool your shit." he said simply.
  865. [21:52] <Soulless> She then gets up and moves over to Sverre, waiting patiently for the others. As she sees Ren begin to panic, she waves a hand in front of her face (but not too close). "...Celebrate that you managed to do that and move forward instead of panicking about your fears."
  866. 01[21:53] <Halvors> "Fine. We move."
  867. [21:53] <NAC> "Shut up boggy." Cameron snaps, glaring down at Sverre. "It probably depends on how nice she said it, but that's not what I'm talking about."
  868. [21:53] <padri> Stoat manages to keep Renee from collapsing in on herself.
  869. 01[21:53] <Halvors> "Ach?"
  870. [21:53] <padri> She nods, but she still looks on the verge of panic.
  871. [21:53] <&ScanRPs> Spencer looks to Sverre. "Renee is a valuable team member who contributes significantly. You have more to prove than she does, so I suggest you prove your worth through actions rather than putting down others."
  872. 01[21:53] <Halvors> Sverre folds his arms and glares back up at Cam.
  873. [21:53] <&ScanRPs> He says this calmly, but firmly
  874. 01[21:54] <Halvors> "I am trying to get her to fucking *move* and not be in *danger*, do you understand?"
  875. [21:54] <Soulless> She says this to her as she moves forward. It seems her fear has changed her behavior a bit, emotions running high for her means she's more expressive.  Right now, people can see her slowly regressing back to her typical, no-nonsense serious business state.
  876. [21:54] <DrSavage> "" He's disappearing up to his chest now.
  877. [21:54] <Tara> Rosalind goes to tend to Renee, glaring at Cameron and Sverre
  878. 01[21:54] <Halvors> Sverre clenches his teeth. "Boggy is right for once."
  879. 01[21:54] <Halvors> He goes and hugs Boggy, only to whisper in his ear
  880. [21:54] <Soulless> She keeps out of the disagreement between Sverre and the others, instead occupying her time with looking around, trying to get a good handle on their situation.
  881. 01[21:54] <Halvors> "Say hello to the Devil for me."
  882. 01[21:55] <Halvors> "And be at peace... comrade."
  883. [21:55] <padri> Renee goes to Boggy's side, too.
  884. [21:55] <&ScanRPs> Spencer is at least ten feet away from Boggy.
  885. [21:55] <padri> Ren's right next to him.
  886. 01[21:55] <Halvors> Sverre looks up, hoping Renee didn't pick up on his whispers to Boggy. He quickly stands and walks away.
  887. [21:55] <padri> She didn't.
  888. [21:56] <Tara> Since Rosalind is sticking near Ren, she's close to Boggy now too
  889. [21:56] <NAC> Cameron gives up rolling his shoulders and moving to the center stage, waiting to go punch something. He'd Punch Boggy again, but he's melting and Cameron thinks it might upset his group.
  890. [21:56] <Soulless> She shines her flashlight into the darkness around them, seeking out their surroundings, looking for spots for strategic positions, where to move now and what may come next.
  891. [21:56] <Rapid> Lucas stares at the clown and slowly crouches next to him, setting a hand on the melting shoulder
  892. 01[21:56] <Halvors> ~Peas in a pod. The skinstealer who meant well and the Totungsmaschine Mensch as well.~
  893. 01[21:56] <Halvors> Sverre is slightly shaken for the briefest of moments.
  894. [21:56] <Soulless> Once she's done her examination, she moves to be by Cameron's side.
  895. [21:57] <padri> Ren just waits where Boggy melts.
  896. [21:57] <padri> Whatever's going to come will come.
  897. 01[21:57] <Halvors> Sverre finds himself grinding his teeth again. [Fuck.]
  898. [21:57] <DrSavage> The walls are slowly lowering. Boggy smiles weakly at them. "Don'" There's only his head now, which dissolves top down now.
  899. 01[21:57] <Halvors> He spits, remembering that he fucked up his lower lip.
  900. [21:57] <Tara> "Goodbye, Boggy.  May you find a place where you can play with children without frightening them"
  901. [21:57] <Soulless> She can probably guess what Cameron was watching. She looks over the group paying attention to Boggy, covering their backs.
  902. [21:57] <padri> "No fighting. Smiles."
  903. [21:58] <NAC> Cameron flips Boggy off as he dies.
  904. 01[21:58] <Halvors> Sverre glares at Cam briefly.
  905. [21:58] <padri> Ren doesn't see, thankfully.
  906. [21:58] <&ScanRPs> Spencer is, for the most part, not affected by this sentimentality. He huffs in a Stoatesque manner.
  907. [21:58] <Tara> Rosalind keeps smiling until Boggy is gone
  908. [21:58] <DrSavage> "" The face smiles, no longer having much but the mouth now.
  909. [21:58] <Soulless> Stoat watches Cameron's movements, silent and slowly regressing back to her typical state.
  910. [21:58] <padri> "Yes. I love you boggy."
  911. [21:59] <padri> ~Be happy.~
  912. [21:59] <NAC> Cameron lowers his finger as the mouth shuts up, before looking at Stoat. "So." He said simply. "I'm probably going to kill the ringmaster."
  913. [21:59] <&ScanRPs> Spencer rolls his eyes. "Weren't we trying to kill this thing not twenty minutes ago?"
  914. 01[22:00] <Halvors> Sverre tears up a bit at these last words. ~I feel you, friend.~
  915. 01[22:00] <Halvors> He immediately blinks it off and turns stony-faced to the others.
  916. [22:00] <DrSavage> The mouth smiles more at Renee, before vanishing.
  917. [22:00] <Soulless> Stoat looks to Cameron. "...Just do what's necessary to finishing the mission."
  918. [22:00] <Tara> "I was never trying to kill it"
  919. [22:00] <Soulless> RECACT
  920. [22:00] <Soulless> Stoat looks to Cameron. "...Only if it doesn't get in the way of the mission."
  921. [22:00] <DrSavage> The walls are gone, everything is back as it was before he Boggy encounter.
  922. [22:01] <padri> Ren sits there and listens for the next attack.
  923. 03[22:01] * Roget is now known as Roget_Slumbers
  924. [22:01] <Rapid> Lucas stands, picking up his bow. "...So you think that was it?"
  925. [22:01] <Soulless> Stoat looks around with her flashlight.
  926. 01[22:01] <Halvors> Sverre puffs on his e-cig silently.
  927. [22:01] <padri> ~Or 'game,' I should say.~
  928. [22:01] <Soulless> "I'm sure there is more. It's never that easy."
  929. 01[22:01] <Halvors> Steam escapes as he huffs it out his nose.
  930. [22:01] <DrSavage> "Did you children like Boggy? He really did love you...and it's good to see some of you loved him too..."
  931. [22:01] <Tara> "We should really think about how trigger happy this group is," Rosalind says to Ren
  932. [22:01] <NAC> "I'll show you how much I loved him." Cameron mutters.
  933. 01[22:01] <Halvors> "I liked him because he was fun to destroy."
  934. [22:02] <Soulless> Stoat looks for the source of the voice. Is the ringmaster back again?
  935. [22:02] <padri> She nods to Rosalind. "I've always thought so."
  936. 01[22:02] <Halvors> "It was a fun exercise. The Totungsmaschine hasn't been able to get out and play in so long."
  937. [22:02] <padri> "Shall we have the next game now?"
  938. 01[22:02] <Halvors> Sverre takes one long puff before the atomizer shits out and almost burns his lip. He chucks it.
  939. [22:03] <&ScanRPs> "It's not even remotely difficult to fake remorse and sorrow. Sociopaths do it all the time."
  940. 01[22:03] <Halvors> Another puff of steam escapes his nostrils before he snaps his neck.
  941. 01[22:03] <Halvors> "Ja, ja. Get to the point."
  942. 02[22:03] * Roget_Slumbers ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  943. [22:03] <DrSavage> "I know Boggy scared you, but remember, it's all in good fun!"
  944. [22:03] <padri> "Yes! It is!"
  945. 01[22:03] <Halvors> "I'm already bored. Fuckin' move on."
  946. [22:04] <Rapid> "I'm reallt starting to hate that phrase..."
  947. [22:04] <Soulless> Stoat looks to the Ringleader, tense but ready for what's next.
  948. [22:04] <NAC> Where is the ringleader?
  949. 01[22:04] <Halvors> Sverre quietly fishes out another e-cig. This one is flavored like brandy. It even might have the faintest booze-tinge to it.
  950. 01[22:04] <Halvors> Puff puff.
  951. [22:04] <NAC> Or is it just a disembodied voice?
  952. [22:04] <&ScanRPs> Spencer faces the ringleader.
  953. 01[22:04] <Halvors> The electronic cigarette glows a pale orange as he takes a drag.
  954. [22:05] <Tara> Rosalind, although not excited about the next game, prepares to figure out the next puzzle of what the rules are
  955. [22:05] <DrSavage> The Ring Master is nowhere in sight.
  956. 01[22:05] <Halvors> "The show must go on. Come on, your audience grows weary and bored."
  957. [22:05] <Soulless> Stoat looks for the Ring Master.
  958. [22:05] <&ScanRPs> In which case Spencer slowly turns in a circle, looking for the ringmaster.
  959. [22:05] <padri> Ren gets ready to actually think about the next puzzle.
  960. [22:05] <Soulless> with her flashlight.
  961. [22:05] <DrSavage> Nothing is seen on ground level.
  962. [22:05] <Soulless> Actually, no she hands her flashlight to Spencer so she can focus on what's going on.
  963. 01[22:05] <Halvors> Sverre doesn't even bother to look for the ringmaster, instead exhaling and inhaling the brandy-steam.
  964. [22:06] <Soulless> It would probably help him.
  965. 01[22:06] <Halvors> He idly makes steam-rings.
  966. [22:06] <DrSavage> When looking, Stoat notices something where Boggy vanished.
  967. [22:06] <padri> Ren's sitting next to it. Does she notice too?
  968. 01[22:06] <Halvors> [Idle hands are the devils' playthings.] Long drag, orange glow, exhale through nose.
  969. [22:06] <Soulless> Stoat looks down.
  970. [22:06] <Soulless> What is it?
  971. 01[22:06] <Halvors> Sverre's face looks hard and cold through the haze.
  972. [22:07] <Soulless> Or rather, Stoat walks back to it and looks at it.
  973. [22:07] <Rapid> Lucas glances at Stoat, wondering what she's looking at.
  974. [22:09] <padri> Ren's been looking at it.
  975. 03[22:10] * Sleeping_Wilt is now known as mostetr_wultt
  976. [22:11] <DrSavage> It looks like an old photo, black and white. A figure is on the front of it.
  977. [22:11] <padri> She looks at it. The ringmaster figure? or someone else?
  978. [22:11] <Soulless> Stoat looks at the figure. What is it?
  979. [22:12] <DrSavage> It's Boggy. And when she looks at it, Boggy waves and smiles at her. No creepy grin.
  980. [22:12] <&ScanRPs> Spencer takes a gander.
  981. [22:12] <padri> She picks it up.
  982. [22:12] <padri> She smiles so much.
  983. [22:12] <Soulless> Hey now!
  984. [22:12] <Rapid> Lucas joins in the looking.
  985. 03[22:12] * mostetr_wultt is now known as Mr_Wilt
  986. [22:12] <padri> "Hey Boggy." She's calm.
  987. 01[22:12] <Halvors> Sverre takes of his cap and runs his hand through his hair. "What the fuck are you all looking at?"
  988. [22:12] <Soulless> Stoat lets Ren take it.
  989. [22:12] <padri> "It's Boggy."
  990. [22:12] <Soulless> She looks to Sverre. "Picture of the clown. It smiles and waves."
  991. [22:13] <Soulless> She nods in acknowledgement to Boggy.
  992. [22:13] <padri> She looks up at Stoat, holding the picture close. ~Will you mind if I keep it?~
  993. [22:13] <Tara> Rosalind peeks at it.  "Put it somewhere safe, before it gets destroyed.  I'm glad you have it"
  994. [22:13] <DrSavage> Boggy keeps waving, still smiling. "Oh, Boggy left you a prize! You're such a good audience!"
  995. [22:13] <padri> She doesn't want Cameron or Sverre to get it.
  996. [22:13] <DrSavage> The Ring Master's voice rings out. "Are you ready for the next act?"
  997. 01[22:14] <Halvors> "Jawohl!"
  998. [22:14] <Soulless> Stoat looks to Ren. "...Let me take care of it. I'll hold it safely until this finishes, then pass it back to you once this is over if you want it."
  999. [22:14] <Tara> "Yes"
  1000. [22:14] <Rapid> "Sure..."
  1001. [22:14] <padri> "Please."
  1002. 01[22:14] <Halvors> [Let's get this fucking thing over with, hmm?] (Czech.)
  1003. [22:14] <padri> She hands it to Stoat. "I just don't want it to get hurt."
  1004. [22:14] <NAC> Cameron says nothing.
  1005. [22:14] <padri> ~Don't let Cameron or Sverre at it.~
  1006. [22:15] <&ScanRPs> "I suppose we are."
  1007. 03[22:15] * Mr_Wilt is now known as Sleeping_Wilt
  1008. 01[22:15] <Halvors> "Give it to Research when we get back. And don't... just be careful with it."
  1009. [22:15] <Soulless> "Will do. It won't be harmed." Stoat takes the photo and puts it in one of her many hidden spots, probably one that used to hold the knife that she threw beforehand.
  1010. [22:15] <Tara> "If it ends up in research, I'll make sure you have unfettered access to it, Ren"
  1011. [22:15] <Soulless> Stoat knows Sverre is right. She'll have to give it to Research when this is over.
  1012. [22:16] <padri> "Thank you, Rosalind."
  1013. [22:16] <Soulless> However, out of compassion, she doesn't mention it to Ren at first, though it looks like Rosalind's got itcovered, so she doesn't worry too much about it.
  1014. [22:16] <Soulless> She looks around for the 'next act'.
  1015. [22:16] <Soulless> Her body is tense and she is ready.
  1016. [22:16] <DrSavage> "Alright then!" The group can hear something being wheeled in.
  1017. 01[22:16] <Halvors> Looong drag.
  1018. [22:16] <padri> Ren's glad she doesn't know.
  1019. [22:16] <DrSavage> Perception for direction.
  1020. [22:17] <Tara> 6df+7 where?
  1021. [22:17] <Glacon> Tara: where?: 5 (6df+7=4-, 4-, 4-, 3+, 4-, 3+)
  1022. [22:17] <padri> 6df+5 Where's it?
  1023. [22:17] <Glacon> padri: Where's it?: 6 (6df+5=0, 0, 4-, 3+, 3+, 0)
  1024. 01[22:17] <Halvors> 6df+8 I LOVE MY HIGH PERCEPTION STAT
  1025. [22:17] <Glacon> Halvors: I LOVE MY HIGH PERCEPTION STAT: 8 (6df+8=0, 0, 3+, 4-, 0, 0)
  1026. [22:17] <&ScanRPs> 6df+4 wheels
  1027. [22:17] <Glacon> ScanRPs: wheels: 6 (6df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
  1028. [22:17] <NAC> 6df+5 Perceptionating
  1029. [22:17] <Glacon> NAC: Perceptionating: 3 (6df+5=4-, 0, 0, 4-, 0, 0)
  1030. [22:17] <Rapid> 6df+5 wheels? Where?
  1031. [22:17] <Glacon> Rapid: wheels? Where?: 3 (6df+5=3+, 0, 0, 4-, 4-, 4-)
  1032. [22:17] <DrSavage> Everyone but Lucas and Cameron hear it coming from 20 meters to the group's right, near the stands!
  1033. [22:18] <&ScanRPs> Spencer turns to face it.
  1034. 01[22:18] <Halvors> Sverre gets his StG-44 up and switches off the safety. "Get ready."
  1035. 01[22:18] <Halvors> He aims it towards the sound.
  1036. [22:18] <padri> She looks that way and stands up.
  1037. [22:18] <Soulless> 6df+8 hnng was getting juice
  1038. [22:18] <Glacon> Soulless: hnng was getting juice: 11 (6df+8=0, 3+, 3+, 0, 3+, 0)
  1039. [22:18] <Soulless> Stoat looks for the sound!
  1040. [22:19] <Tara> Rosalind looks at the stands, ready
  1041. [22:19] <NAC> Cameron follows the group line of sight.
  1042. [22:19] <DrSavage> There are three animal cages on a large cart. Two of the cages are big, one is moderately sized. "Oh no, some animals have escaped, we need your help, audience!"
  1043. 03[22:19] * Sleeping_Wilt is now known as Mr_Wilt
  1044. [22:20] <Soulless> "..." Stoat suddenly has an idea.
  1045. [22:20] <Tara> "No killing," Rosalind says, firmly
  1046. [22:20] <Soulless> Does the tightrope look like she can aim for it?
  1047. [22:20] <NAC> "Was your mother the one in the big cage?" Cameron calls out to the ringleader.
  1048. [22:20] <Soulless> With her knives, can she aim for the tightrope?
  1049. [22:21] <padri> Ren stands up. "What animals?"
  1050. [22:21] <Tara> "What animals were they?"  Rosalind asks the ringmaster
  1051. [22:21] <DrSavage> It'll be a feat, but maybe, Stoat.
  1052. 01[22:21] <Halvors> Sverre clucks his tongue. "Mama, I'm gonna kill you an elephant-man!" Exaggerated messed up (Texan?) drawl.
  1053. [22:21] <Rapid> "Animals? I can handle animals." he said, looking around,
  1054. [22:21] <Soulless> Can I roll once to shoot two knives?
  1055. [22:21] <Soulless> *shoot two knives at once
  1056. [22:22] <DrSavage> "I don't want to ruin the surprise! But don't kill them! Trust the Ring Master on that, you don't want to kill them for /your/ sake!"
  1057. [22:22] <DrSavage> ..Sure, Stoat.
  1058. [22:22] <Soulless> 6df+8 Stoat does a perception maneuver on the rope. Let me know when her next turn comes up, please.
  1059. [22:22] <Glacon> Soulless: Stoat does a perception maneuver on the rope. Let me know when her next turn comes up, please.: 8 (6df+8=4-, 3+, 3+, 4-, 0, 0)
  1060. [22:22] <padri> "Alright, then. We won't."
  1061. 01[22:22] <Halvors> Sverre slings his rifle. "Well."
  1062. [22:22] <TheRaven> A sound is heard from behind the group. Sounds like...footsteps.
  1063. [22:22] <NAC> 6df+8 Pdef to Athletics. Cameron's going to have to wrassle some bears. "No promises."
  1064. [22:22] <&ScanRPs> "I've read some books on animal taming..." Spencer looks behind him.
  1065. [22:22] <Glacon> NAC: Pdef to Athletics. Cameron's going to have to wrassle some bears. "No promises.": 9 (6df+8=3+, 0, 3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
  1066. [22:23] <Rapid> Lucas looks back at the sound of footsteps. Isn't worried about wrestling nothing.
  1067. [22:23] <padri> "Please try, Cameron. I don't want anything to happen to us."
  1068. [22:23] <Tara> "Look, I can tell you where to hit them to disable them, but no killing, okay?"
  1069. [22:24] <TheRaven> Three beings come into sight. Pause a minute for descriptions.
  1070. 03[22:24] * ScanRPs is now known as Scansleeps
  1071. 02[22:25] * Vol ( Quit (Quit: )
  1072. [22:25] <TheRaven> One is definitely some kind of primate. Larger than a chimp, but smaller than a gorilla. It's also completely hairless. And appears to have very sharp nails.
  1073. [22:26] <TheRaven> The next is an immense lion. Or something like one. It's easily eight feet at the shoulder, and striped similar to a tiger.
  1074. [22:28] <TheRaven> And finally, a rather large shell resembling that of a snapping turtle. However, it's split around the periphery. The creature is walking on a number of gelatinous tentacles sprouting from the gap between top and bottom. Its head hangs low in front, eyeless.
  1075. [22:29] <TheRaven> And go.
  1076. [22:29] <padri> She steps towards the primate. She can do this.
  1077. [22:29] <NAC> Cameron shrugs. As angry as he is, he knows that those animals weren't responsible for taking his wife from him again. However, looking at those things, he's not quite sure that those things were meant to be alive.
  1078. [22:29] <Tara> Rosalind looks at each one in turn, trying to determine the best way to disable them with as little permanent damage as possible
  1079. 01[22:29] <Halvors> Sverre raises an eyebrow or two.
  1080. [22:29] <NAC> How close are they to each other?
  1081. 01[22:29] <Halvors> "We don't kill them."
  1082. [22:29] <Soulless> Can Stoat roll her next turn?
  1083. 01[22:30] <Halvors> [Oh shit this is gonna be hard.] (Rus)
  1084. [22:30] <padri> 6df+6 pers "Hey there, you." she coos. Look at Renee! Isn't she nice and not threatening? Don't you just want to let her pet you?
  1085. [22:30] <Glacon> padri: pers "Hey there, you." she coos. Look at Renee! Isn't she nice and not threatening? Don't you just want to let her pet you?: 5 (6df+6=0, 3+, 4-, 4-, 4-, 3+)
  1086. [22:30] <Rapid> "I can handle this." he said, stepping forward
  1087. [22:30] <TheRaven> With the exception of the tentacle turtle, they actually seem quite docile. Scared, even.
  1088. [22:31] <Soulless> Can Stoat roll her next turn?
  1089. [22:31] <NAC> Cameron pulls out a syringe and holds it in his hand, slowly circling the lion.
  1090. [22:31] <TheRaven> She can.
  1091. [22:31] <Rapid> 6df+10 Lucas is just the friendliest person there, isn't he nice? Tagging Animal Empathy.
  1092. [22:31] <Glacon> Rapid: Lucas is just the friendliest person there, isn't he nice? Tagging Animal Empathy.: 11 (6df+10=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
  1093. [22:31] <padri> Does she woo the primate?
  1094. 01[22:31] <Halvors> Sverre quietly tries to be one with the wall. He then tries to see what if anything he can Percieve about the animals... weakspots, specific fears, whatever.
  1095. 01[22:31] <Halvors> Can he?
  1096. [22:32] <Soulless> 6df+12 Stoat throws her knives at the rope, intending to cut a chunk of rope for herself.
  1097. [22:32] <Glacon> Soulless: Stoat throws her knives at the rope, intending to cut a chunk of rope for herself.: 15 (6df+12=0, 3+, 4-, 3+, 3+, 3+)
  1098. 03[22:32] * ShockwaveLover is now known as Wigglebug
  1099. [22:32] <Tara> The gelatinous tentacle turtle really catches Rosalind's attention.  Roll Science to learn anything about it?
  1100. [22:32] <TheRaven> The lion and ape both seem to relax somewhat, approaching Renee and Lucas. The turtle remains where it was, proving to quite difficult to read.
  1101. [22:32] <TheRaven> Sure, Rosaling.
  1102. [22:32] <TheRaven> *d
  1103. [22:33] <Tara> 6df+8 I love Biology
  1104. [22:33] <Glacon> Tara: I love Biology: 5 (6df+8=4-, 4-, 4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
  1105. [22:33] <padri> She reaches out and still coos at the primate, slowly reaching to pet it.
  1106. [22:33] <Rapid> Lucas offers his hand to the lion, letting it sniff him and trying to lead it back to the cage.
  1107. [22:34] <TheRaven> That would probably require a science or survival roll, Sverre. No dice on the turtle, Rosalind.
  1108. [22:34] <DrSavage> Stoat, you hit.
  1109. [22:34] <Soulless> Stoat runs to gather the rope!
  1110. [22:34] <Soulless> "Guys, I got rope to restrain if it"
  1111. [22:34] <Soulless> *if it becomes necessary
  1112. [22:35] <TheRaven> The ape allows Ren to pet it. The lion shies away from the cage, looking nervous.
  1113. [22:35] <Tara> "I have no idea what to do with that one," she says, indicating the turtle.  "Its biology is too different"
  1114. [22:35] <padri> She calmly, slowly, picks it up, petting it.
  1115. 01[22:35] <Halvors> Should I roll perception?
  1116. [22:35] <Rapid> Lucas looks at the cage, then back at the lion, petting it slowly, trying to calm it.
  1117. [22:36] <padri> 6df+10 bu I'm going to distract you as I walk slowly to the cage to put you in it by petting you. Aren't I a nice person? Aren't I soothing?
  1118. [22:36] <Glacon> padri: bu I'm going to distract you as I walk slowly to the cage to put you in it by petting you. Aren't I a nice person? Aren't I soothing?: 9 (6df+10=3+, 4-, 4-, 4-, 3+, 0)
  1119. [22:36] <TheRaven> The lion stays away from the cage. The ape is put in, but as Ren lets go of it, it seems more agitated.
  1120. [22:36] <Rapid> "They're afraid of the cages..."
  1121. [22:37] <Soulless> Stoat gathers the rope and runs back, watching Ren and Lucas. She moves to close the cage on the ape.
  1122. [22:37] <padri> She looks worried. "This can't be right. Putting them in and scaring them."
  1123. 01[22:37] <Halvors> Sverre just clings to that wall. ~I should have brought that WASP knife.~
  1124. [22:37] <padri> She picks it up and takes it out again.
  1125. [22:37] <Tara> "Maybe they're abused here?"
  1126. [22:37] <Soulless> Or not.
  1127. [22:37] <padri> "Did he say we had to cage them? What did he say?"
  1128. [22:37] <Soulless> "Ren what're you doing."
  1129. 03[22:37] * Lurker is now known as Amon
  1130. 03[22:38] * Amon is now known as Lurker
  1131. [22:38] <Soulless> "It said animals have escaped. We're un-escaping them."
  1132. [22:38] <padri> "He only said that they'd escaped and he needed help."
  1133. [22:38] <Soulless> Stoat isn't here for nonsense.
  1134. [22:38] <NAC> Cameron shrugs. "He said we need your help audience, no killing."
  1135. 01[22:38] <Halvors> "Escaped? They seem perfectly restrained."
  1136. [22:38] <Soulless> She obviously doesn't see Ren's point.
  1137. [22:38] <padri> "He didn't say we had to cage them. And caging them seems to be bad."
  1138. 01[22:38] <Halvors> "Perhaps we're supposed to amuse them?
  1139. 01[22:38] <Halvors> Sverre sighs and approaches one of the cages.
  1140. [22:39] <Rapid> "Or calm them."
  1141. [22:39] <Tara> "Maybe soothe them?"
  1142. 01[22:39] <Halvors> "Ahem."
  1143. [22:39] <padri> She keeps petting the monkey-thing, cooing at it happily.
  1144. [22:39] <NAC> Seeing no one taking care of the cthulu turtle, Cameron takes upon himself to walk towards that thing.
  1145. 01[22:39] <Halvors> He starts to sing a sweet lullaby.
  1146. 03[22:39] * Etherealize ( has joined #redpool
  1147. 01[22:39] <Halvors> It's actually nice.
  1148. [22:39] <Soulless> "Fine. Let's calm down the tentacle turtle."
  1149. 01[22:39] <Halvors> He does this while pacing about, sticking closest to the turtle.
  1150. 01[22:39] <Halvors> Those tentacles are... intruiging.
  1151. [22:39] <padri> "Here, Stoat. Take this baby?" she coos to the monkey thing
  1152. [22:40] <TheRaven> The turtle slowly looks up, listening to Sverre.
  1153. [22:40] <TheRaven> Well, its head moves towards him, since it doesn't have eyes.
  1154. [22:40] <Soulless> Stoat sighs and nods. She moves slowly to the monkey, trying to appear nonthreatening.
  1155. 01[22:40] <Halvors> Sverre approaches closer, slowly. He continues singing.
  1156. 01[22:40] <Halvors> ~Such a beautiful creature.~
  1157. [22:40] <Tara> Rosalind heads over to the lion and gives it a few scratches where she can reach
  1158. [22:40] <padri> She gently gives it to Stoat. "Just be kind."
  1159. [22:40] <Soulless> She tries to empathize with it, trying to be nice and calm.
  1160. [22:40] <padri> She goes to the tentacle thing.
  1161. [22:40] <Soulless> She looks to Ren like 'I don't know how to deal with this' and attempts to kindly pet the ape.
  1162. [22:41] <Rapid> Lucas is still petting the lion, now examining it for wounds.
  1163. 01[22:41] <Halvors> Sverre licks his lips idly before reaching out a hand, offering it to the tentaturtle.
  1164. [22:41] <padri> 6df+10 bu Aren't I nice? Don't you want to be calm and let me safely approach?
  1165. [22:41] <Glacon> padri: bu Aren't I nice? Don't you want to be calm and let me safely approach?: 12 (6df+10=0, 0, 3+, 3+, 0, 0)
  1166. [22:41] <TheRaven> Stoat is successful.
  1167. [22:41] <padri> She does walk towards it, slowly.
  1168. [22:41] <TheRaven> Ren can approach the turtle. Lucas, there's no obvious signs. You'd need to roll...medical or science to look more closely.
  1169. [22:42] <NAC> Cameron just shrugs and leans against a cage, everyone seems to be handling themselves.
  1170. [22:42] <padri> She is just as calm and keeps cooing as she reaches out to pat it.
  1171. [22:42] <Rapid> 6df+3 Medical
  1172. [22:42] <Glacon> Rapid: Medical: 1 (6df+3=0, 3+, 4-, 4-, 0, 4-)
  1173. 01[22:42] <Halvors> Sverre has always loved creatures of the sea. He remembers when he was little, seeing the local octopus at the aquarium.
  1174. 01[22:42] <Halvors> How odd, such a small memory that would stay for so long.
  1175. [22:43] <TheRaven> Lucas doesn't notice anything too unusual. The lion does appear slightly underfed, however.
  1176. [22:43] <padri> She pets it, if it lets her.
  1177. [22:43] <padri> How does it react to her?
  1178. [22:43] <TheRaven> The turtle allows Ren to pet it.
  1179. [22:43] <padri> Favorably? Ignoring her? What?
  1180. [22:43] <Rapid> "...This one looks like it hasn't eaten in a while.
  1181. [22:44] <Tara> "Maybe we should find some food for it"
  1182. 01[22:44] <Halvors> Sverre goes up and strokes one of the tentacles.
  1183. [22:44] <padri> Does it seem to react to Renee at all?
  1184. 01[22:44] <Halvors> He gives it a snuggle.
  1185. 01[22:44] <Halvors> "What do you eat, big guy?"
  1186. [22:44] <padri> Lucas has the lion.
  1187. [22:44] <NAC> "Sverre what the hell are you doing with that appendage?" Cameron asks out, raising an eyebrow.
  1188. [22:45] <padri> Not the Turtle
  1189. [22:45] <TheRaven> Not ignoring her, but not particularly interested either. The tentacle Sverre touches jerks before relaxing.
  1190. 01[22:45] <Halvors> Sverre snuggles up against the tentacles hesitantly, only if the Turtle lets him.
  1191. 01[22:45] <Halvors> He tries to coo soothingly.
  1192. [22:45] <padri> Ren strokes the tentacles. She does coo soothingly. She's really good at it.
  1193. 01[22:45] <Halvors> ~I like this guy.~
  1194. [22:46] <NAC> Cameron just grumbles and rubs his face. He walks up to the lion, can he check for obvious signs of abuse?
  1195. [22:46] <Soulless> Stoat just pats the ape, watching with her rope, ready for anything.
  1196. [22:46] <Rapid> Lucas is still giving the lion soothing strokes, and glances back at the cages, looking for some form of food for the creature.
  1197. [22:46] <Tara> "Does it make sense that, if we were supposed to find escaped animals, that they would show up together, all at once?"
  1198. 01[22:46] <Halvors> Sverre purrs softly, vibrating through his chest. He actually really loves this cuddly little sea critter.
  1199. [22:46] <padri> She looks to Sverre and lets him handle the turtle and goes back to take the monkey. "I don't know. Does any of this make sense?"
  1200. [22:47] <TheRaven> Pause for a moment.
  1201. [22:50] <DrSavage> Unpauses
  1202. 02[22:51] * TheRaven (~Ravinoff@C678ED34.88D04C18.3EBEA5DF.IP) Quit (Quit: Sail away where no ball and chain can keep us from the roarin' waves, together undivided but forever we'll be free!)
  1203. [22:51] <Tara> "I'm not sure these three docile animals are the escaped ones"
  1204. 03[22:52] * Mr_Wilt is now known as Sleeping_Wilt
  1205. [22:52] <DrSavage> The tenturcle  remains in place, its tentacles moving slowly.
  1206. 01[22:52] <Halvors> Sverre snuggles in, sighing happily. "You don't mind me, do you big fella?"
  1207. [22:52] <padri> "Well, where could they be, then?" She looks around.
  1208. [22:52] <padri> Perception?
  1209. [22:52] <Rapid> "....That sounds like it might be accurate."
  1210. 03[22:53] * Etherealize is now known as Etherzzz
  1211. [22:53] <DrSavage> The monkey grips at her, much like a chimp. It makes soft noises.
  1212. 02[22:53] * Etherzzz ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 13.0.1/20120614114901])
  1213. [22:53] <padri> ~I hope these aren't food . . .~
  1214. [22:53] <padri> She pets it and smiles at it and coos at it.
  1215. [22:54] <DrSavage> The lion stands in place as it is petted. "Well, what're you waiting for, children? Put them in their cages!"
  1216. [22:54] <padri> "They don't like the cages!"
  1217. 06[22:54] * Halvors snuggles happily into the bed of tentacles.
  1218. [22:55] <Tara> "This is where the danger will come in.  And, I bet each one has a specific cage"
  1219. [22:55] <Soulless> Stoat watches everyone.
  1220. 01[22:55] <Halvors> derp -/me +Sverre
  1221. [22:55] <Soulless> "...Okay, let's lead to see what cage they're okay with."
  1222. [22:55] <Soulless> Stoat keeps her rope in case she needs it in the future.
  1223. 01[22:55] <Halvors> Sverre burbles happily. Totunsmaschine Mensch is gone.
  1224. [22:56] <DrSavage> Tenturcle stands where it is, tentacles waving a slwoly, softly, like tall grass in a gentle breeze.
  1225. [22:57] <DrSavage> Ape-thing grips at Stoat and Renee, making them noises.
  1226. [22:57] <padri> "Alright." She takes the monkey toward the cages. Is it more comfortable near one cage than the other?
  1227. [22:57] <Soulless> Stoat doesn't know how to deal with this and goes with Ren, ready to force them if need be.
  1228. [22:58] <Tara> Rosalind looks at the cages, seeing if there's any indication which animal goes in which cage
  1229. [22:58] <Rapid> Lucas gently urges the lion back to his cage, furrowing his brow. "Where's their food? I imagine this would be easier if we had bait." he said, leading the creature to one of the larger cages.
  1230. 01[22:58] <Halvors> Sverre is so fucking cozy and happy right now. "I love you big ol' Tenturtle."
  1231. [22:58] <DrSavage> There is no indication. The animals grow agitated near the cages.
  1232. [22:58] <padri> Not calm near any of them?
  1233. [22:59] <padri> "They don't like the cages!"
  1234. [22:59] <padri> to the ringmaster
  1235. [22:59] <Soulless> "Just put them in if they need to be put in."
  1236. [22:59] <padri> "It can't be that simple.
  1237. [22:59] <padri> "
  1238. [22:59] <NAC> "Why not?"
  1239. [22:59] <Soulless> "So we're going to sit here doing nothing while Sverre makes out with a tentacle turtle."
  1240. 01[22:59] <Halvors> "Oh tenturcle buddy. You don't need a cage. You're so fucking sweet."
  1241. [22:59] <DrSavage> "Of course they don't! Who would, children? But they can't just run around!"
  1242. [22:59] <Soulless> "Is that your solution."
  1243. 01[23:00] <Halvors> Sverre pouts at Stoat. "Have a heart."
  1244. [23:00] <padri> "Why can't they?" she asks the ringmaster
  1245. 01[23:00] <Halvors> "oh!"
  1246. 01[23:00] <Halvors> "What if we made free-range pastures?
  1247. 01[23:00] <Halvors> "
  1248. 01[23:00] <Halvors> "Complete with fences. They wouldn't run free, but they'd also be able to feel at home."
  1249. 01[23:01] <Halvors> Sverre buries his face in tentacles. "Would you like that, buddy?"
  1250. [23:01] <Soulless> Stoat unfortunately does not have as much compassion now that she's so emotionally exhausted from before! She remains unable to empathize with the animals (for now, as she's still recovering from her shock, those things take a while).
  1251. [23:01] <NAC> "Renne, I know you want the best, but they are circus animals. Lets just put them in the cages so we can get back home." Cameron trys to reason.
  1252. [23:01] <DrSavage> Tenturcle doesn't respond much.
  1253. [23:01] <Soulless> She nods to Cameron.
  1254. [23:01] <Tara> "The feasibility of that depends on whether or not this is an itinerant circus"
  1255. [23:01] <Soulless> "Let's go."
  1256. [23:02] <padri> "It doesn't feel right. . ."
  1257. [23:02] <Soulless> "Would you rather we do nothing."
  1258. [23:02] <padri> She sets the monkey in the small cage, but doesn't close it, sitting with the monkey and still cooing and petting it.
  1259. [23:02] <Rapid> 6df+6 Calm down big lion guy, get in the cage and don't bite my face plz!
  1260. [23:02] <Glacon> Rapid: Calm down big lion guy, get in the cage and don't bite my face plz!: 4 (6df+6=0, 4-, 0, 0, 4-, 0)
  1261. [23:02] <padri> ~Please be calm.~
  1262. 01[23:02] <Halvors> Sverre looks mildly scared as he snuggles further into the tenturtles appendages. "Why?"
  1263. 03[23:02] * Lurker is now known as Lurk_Sleeps
  1264. [23:02] <NAC> "It didn't feel right watching my wife die again. Lets just put them in the cages." Cameron grunts, finishing off the argument.
  1265. [23:03] <DrSavage> The monkey begins making noises of alarm, trying to get back out.
  1266. [23:03] <DrSavage> The lion doesn't budge much, almost dragging its paw.
  1267. 01[23:03] <Halvors> Sverre doesn't move the Tentaturtle.
  1268. [23:03] <padri> "Shh, shh, shh." Can she see any reason for it to be alarmed?
  1269. 01[23:03] <Halvors> "Fella?"
  1270. 01[23:04] <Halvors> He furiously tries to think of another solution.
  1271. 01[23:04] <Halvors> "What if we chain them to the wall?"
  1272. 01[23:04] <Halvors> "Give them some range of motion?"
  1273. [23:04] <DrSavage> It avoids touching the cage.
  1274. 01[23:04] <Halvors> "GUYS!"
  1275. 01[23:04] <Halvors> Sverre sounds frightened almost.
  1276. 01[23:04] <Halvors> "Stop!"
  1277. [23:04] <padri> She puts her hand in the cage.
  1278. [23:04] <padri> Touches it.
  1279. 01[23:05] <Halvors> "Before you get them afraid and they start freaking out! Please!"
  1280. [23:05] <padri> Is something wrong with it?
  1281. [23:05] <Soulless> "Sverre, calm down. Just move your turtle over so we can go home." Stoat's too mentally exhausted to empathize with his pleas.
  1282. [23:05] <Soulless> It's obvious in her expression.
  1283. 01[23:05] <Halvors> He strokes a nice soft tentacle to reassure himself. He coos to the Tentaturtle.
  1284. [23:05] <DrSavage> "No, no! IF you don't put them in the cage, you need to do something!" THe Ring Master calls out. Renee feels nothing.
  1285. 01[23:05] <Halvors> "What if we chain them to the wall?"
  1286. [23:05] <padri> "So we can do something else?"
  1287. 01[23:05] <Halvors> "Will that appease you, ringmaster?"
  1288. [23:06] <DrSavage> "What will you do?" If Renee doesn't stop it, the ape-thing clings to her again.
  1289. [23:06] <padri> She doesn't.
  1290. [23:06] <DrSavage> The lion moves away from the cage quietly.
  1291. 01[23:06] <Halvors> "Chain them to the wall. They can move to some extent, but they will be retrained."
  1292. [23:06] <padri> "They don't want to touch the cages. What if we cover the insides so they don't have to?"
  1293. [23:06] <DrSavage> Tenturcle is quiet and only reacts minimally to Sverre. That's how tenturcle is.
  1294. [23:07] <NAC> "Fine!" Cameron calls out, grabbing sedatives from his nursing supplies. "I have three of these, and there are three animals. We either knock them out or lock them in.
  1295. 01[23:07] <Halvors> Sverre lurves Tenturcle because of this.
  1296. 01[23:07] <Halvors> "Wait!"
  1297. [23:07] <padri> "What will we chain them with?"
  1298. 01[23:07] <Halvors> "The tightrope..."
  1299. 01[23:07] <Halvors> "I think I can shoot it off."
  1300. 01[23:07] <Halvors> ~I hope I can.~
  1301. [23:07] <NAC> Stoat already took care of the tightrope
  1302. [23:07] <Tara> "Stoat already has it, I think"
  1303. [23:07] <padri> She nods. "Stoat has some already."
  1304. [23:07] <padri> "That's a good idea."
  1305. [23:08] <padri> She walks to Stoat with the monkey. "Tie him up?"
  1306. 01[23:08] <Halvors> "Just be gentle. Don't immobilize them, just... like leashing a dog. A *big* dog."
  1307. [23:08] <Soulless> "Yes. I'll be fine."
  1308. [23:08] <Soulless> Stoat's words are a bit... off this time. It doesn't fully apply to the situation.
  1309. [23:09] <Soulless> She clearly still has a few mental kinks to work out, but she's functional right now and that's what matters.
  1310. [23:09] <Soulless> Does she have to roll anything to tie a loose knot to the Ape?
  1311. [23:09] <padri> Ren picks up on it. "Are you sure, Stoat?" She's caring on Stoat now, not the monkey.
  1312. [23:09] <NAC> Cameron just gives up and sits next to the cages. He's tired and miserable, he wants to get back to his room, he drags his palm against his face.
  1313. [23:09] <Soulless> "I'm fine."
  1314. [23:11] <padri> She doesn't believe her, but it'll do for now. But when they get back. . .
  1315. [23:11] <DrSavage> Nope.
  1316. [23:12] <DrSavage> Knots tied fine.
  1317. [23:12] <Rapid> Lucas follows the lion back, looking at the cages, then at the creature. It was too big to simply pick up, and Lucas doubted he could overpower it. He left the lion alone for a moment, stepping over to the cages and examining them, looking for anything odd.
  1318. [23:12] <Soulless> Stoat attempts to tie the ape, then the turtle, then the lion.
  1319. [23:13] <padri> Once a length is tied to the ape, she ties the other end to . . . Is there anything to tie it to?
  1320. [23:13] <DrSavage> Tying goes fine. The ape tugs at its rope curiously. Tenturcle probes at the rope with a tentacle. The lion  moves it neck a bit.
  1321. [23:14] <padri> "Oh, shhh." She soothes it. This rope is a good thing, Mr.Monkey
  1322. [23:14] <DrSavage> There are metal loops on some nearby poles.
  1323. [23:14] <Tara> "Tie the ropes to the poles"
  1324. [23:14] <padri> She walks to the poles. Do they frighten the monkey?
  1325. [23:15] <Soulless> Stoat leads the train of anomalous animals to the pole and begins to tie the end.
  1326. [23:15] <Rapid> Lucas goes back to the lion, leading it to the poles instead and helping tie the ropes to them
  1327. [23:15] <padri> then redact, i suppose.
  1328. [23:16] <Soulless> Her hands are just barely trembling. Not enough to keep her from being able to tie the knot, but enough to show she's shaken.
  1329. [23:16] <padri> Ren watches that, concerned.
  1330. 01[23:16] <Halvors> Sverre soothes the great Tenturcle while Stoat is tying it up. He murmurs softly when Stoat's nearby.
  1331. 01[23:16] <Halvors> "You okay?"
  1332. 01[23:16] <Halvors> He playfully pecks one of the Tenturcles tentacles. "This is comfy, c'mere and relax with me. Shoot the shit a bit."
  1333. [23:16] <Soulless> "I'm functional. Focus on the mission."
  1334. [23:17] <Soulless> Stoat chastises Severre.
  1335. 01[23:17] <Halvors> "But I am... Tenturcle here needs to stay fucking calm before he rips me to shreds, aight?"
  1336. 01[23:17] <Halvors> Sverre does slowly move out of the mass of warm, wriggly, cuddly tentacles though.
  1337. [23:17] <DrSavage> They don't frighten them
  1338. [23:18] <Tara> How many are tied to the poles now?
  1339. [23:18] <padri> "There! How's that, Mr. Ringmaster?"
  1340. [23:18] <NAC> "It wouldn't rip you to shreds if you stayed out of them." Cameron states, hand still over his face.
  1341. [23:19] <DrSavage> "I suppose that'll do! Such clever children! I know they seem sad, but the animals will be fine! All in good fun!"
  1342. [23:20] <Soulless> "..."
  1343. 01[23:20] <Halvors> Sverre takes one of the tenturcle's tentacles and kisses it softly as he leaves. "I'll miss you, big fella."
  1344. [23:20] <padri> Ren backs away from the monkey.
  1345. 01[23:21] <Halvors> He seems genuinely sad to have to leave the mighty Tenturcle.
  1346. [23:21] <padri> "So? What next, Ringmaster?"
  1347. [23:21] <Soulless> Stoat looks back up to try and discern the voice. She moves to Cameron, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Just a little more, then they can go home. She tries to state this without words, but with a gentle squeeze from one of her slightly trembling hands.
  1348. [23:21] <Soulless> *hand
  1349. [23:22] <DrSavage> Perception, group.
  1350. [23:22] <Soulless> err.... *with a gentle squeeze from her slightly trembling hand
  1351. [23:22] <NAC> Cameron pushes himself up and nods in appreciation to stoat, cracking his neck left and right to get out some kinks. He really just needs to get out of this place, looking around lazily.
  1352. [23:22] <NAC> 6df+5 perception
  1353. [23:22] <Soulless> 6df+8 perception
  1354. [23:22] <Glacon> NAC: perception: 2 (6df+5=4-, 4-, 0, 0, 0, 4-)
  1355. [23:22] <Glacon> Soulless: perception: 11 (6df+8=3+, 0, 0, 3+, 0, 3+)
  1356. [23:22] <padri> 6df+5 i see
  1357. [23:22] <Glacon> padri: i see: 5 (6df+5=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-, 3+, 4-)
  1358. [23:22] <Tara> 6df+7 perc
  1359. [23:22] <Glacon> Tara: perc: 8 (6df+7=0, 0, 4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
  1360. [23:22] <Rapid> 6df+5 what do I see?
  1361. [23:22] <Glacon> Rapid: what do I see?: 2 (6df+5=4-, 0, 4-, 0, 4-, 0)
  1362. [23:22] <NAC> 6df+8 Athletics to melee
  1363. [23:22] <Glacon> NAC: Athletics to melee: 6 (6df+8=4-, 3+, 0, 4-, 4-, 0)
  1364. [23:22] <NAC> Cameron limbers up after sitting for so long.
  1365. 01[23:22] <Halvors> 6df+8 PERCIEEEEEEEEEVE
  1366. [23:22] <Glacon> Halvors: PERCIEEEEEEEEEVE: 8 (6df+8=0, 4-, 4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
  1367. [23:23] <DrSavage> Everyone but Cameron and Lucas see the animals gravitating toward each other.
  1368. [23:23] <Soulless> "The animals are... moving to each other."
  1369. [23:23] <NAC> Cameron doesn't care about this.
  1370. [23:24] <padri> Do they look upset about it?
  1371. [23:24] <Tara> Rosalind watches, wondering what is happening
  1372. [23:24] <Soulless> Stoat doesn't seem to move away from Cameron despite noting this, her mental psyche is still recovering from the previous flipthrough she had to deal with.
  1373. [23:24] <DrSavage> And when they touch, their flesh seems to meld together. On the contrary, they make happy sounds.
  1374. 03[23:24] * Mr_Wilt (~Mr_Wilt@1CFB672A.6EDD83FF.239D7442.IP) has joined #redpool
  1375. 03[23:24] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo Mr_Wilt Mr_Wilt
  1376. 01[23:24] <Halvors> Sverre smiles a bit. "Aww."
  1377. 01[23:25] <Halvors> "If they turn into a fleischbeast, we had best be ready to kill it."
  1378. 01[23:25] <Halvors> He's still smiling as he gets his rifle up and ready.
  1379. [23:25] <Rapid> Lucas blinks as the animals meld into eachother. "...That's new."
  1380. [23:25] <NAC> "You were rubbing your face in it." Cameron grunts, looking at sverre.
  1381. [23:25] <Tara> Now Rosalind is completely fascinated
  1382. 01[23:25] <Halvors> "Anyone got a flammenwerfer?" He ignores Cam for now.
  1383. [23:25] <padri> "A what?"
  1384. [23:25] <Soulless> Stoat watches, cautious but only that.
  1385. [23:26] <NAC> "I think he had a seizure mid flamethrower."
  1386. 01[23:26] <Halvors> "Flammenwerfer, Arschloch."
  1387. [23:26] <DrSavage> They fuse together into what seemed to be a creature that possessed qualities of all of them. An ape like creature with tiger like stripes on its flesh and a large shell on its back, tentacles emerging from it. Its mouth has the sharp teeth of the lion-tiger. And it's legs are squat like the tenturcle's.
  1388. 01[23:27] <Halvors> Sven's eyes widen. "Oh fuck."
  1389. [23:27] <Tara> "Huh"
  1390. [23:27] <padri> "I'm sorry, I don't speak German."
  1391. [23:27] <NAC> "And I wanted to kill them. This is what we get."
  1392. [23:27] <padri> Is it still tied?
  1393. [23:27] <Rapid> "...Well. That's an interesting animal.
  1394. [23:27] <DrSavage> "Oh, that's interesting! Children, that is our beast's true appearance! It must like you lots!"
  1395. [23:27] <Soulless> Stoat regards this silently, her knives out. She prepares to kill, if she has to. Her mind is focused on the mission, and only that. Her emotions have, for the time being, taking a break.
  1396. [23:27] <DrSavage> It is still tied.
  1397. 01[23:28] <Halvors> [Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit fuckthedevilsentirefuckingfamilyupthehairyass.]
  1398. [23:28] <padri> "We didn't cage it. Of course it's happy."
  1399. [23:28] <NAC> "And they're not in cages. And all that's holding them back is a piece of rope." Cameron groans, rubbing his face. Despite his monotone, there is still a hint that he's enjoying being right in his voice. Despite the fact he think's they're about to die.
  1400. [23:28] <DrSavage> There seem indents below the eyes.
  1401. [23:29] <Rapid> Lucas steps up to the creature and looks up at the indents
  1402. [23:29] <Tara> Rosalind looks for any signs of hostility from the creature.  She's pretty sure it's safe
  1403. [23:29] <DrSavage> They look about the size of a smaller set of eyes. But only flesh is in them.
  1404. [23:29] <padri> "Is it attacking yet? No. Cameron, not all big things want to kill us, I promise."
  1405. 01[23:29] <Halvors> Sverre grunts under his breath in german. "Wir werden alle sterben, nicht wahr? Und ich verdammt noch mal, dass tentaturcle so sehr geliebt, auch."
  1406. 01[23:30] <Halvors> The words aren't important, he's just talking to himself.
  1407. [23:30] <padri> "Sverre! English, please!" she snaps.
  1408. [23:30] <NAC> If Rennee is listening to him, she can catch him muttering something about watching his wife die in a car crash and how that's oh so much better than being attacked by something bigger than him.
  1409. [23:30] <NAC> But he says this quietly.
  1410. [23:30] <Rapid> He smiles at it, looking at the flesh-eye things. "What kind of organ is that?" he wondered outloud.
  1411. 01[23:31] <Halvors> Sverre shrugs. "sorry."
  1412. [23:31] <Tara> "Hmm?" Rosalind approaches to take a better look at the indents herself.  Science?
  1413. [23:31] <DrSavage> "Maybe if you're good children, you can see Beast later!"
  1414. [23:31] <Soulless> Stoat pats Cameron quietly, for she picks up on such things.
  1415. [23:31] <Soulless> She looks strangely weak.
  1416. [23:31] <padri> "What's next, Ringmaster?"
  1417. [23:31] <Soulless> Functional but.. ngrh.
  1418. [23:31] <padri> "Is this game over?"
  1419. [23:32] <DrSavage> "Next is an easy game, children! I know you can do it!"
  1420. [23:32] <padri> "Alright. Let us at it!" She sounds confident.
  1421. [23:32] <Soulless> She says nothing, waiting for things to continue.
  1422. [23:32] <Tara> "We went through the last two safely"
  1423. [23:33] <padri> "And the last one was easy."
  1424. 03[23:33] * Retrieving #redpool modes...
  1425. 01[23:34] <Halvors> Sverre remembers that the stuck his e-cig up in his ear. He brings it back down. "Anyone want a puff of steam? All the nicotine, none of the smoke."
  1426. 01[23:34] <Halvors> He takes a drag himself.
  1427. [23:34] <Rapid> "Alright." he said simply, turning from the animal
  1428. [23:34] <Soulless> Stoat doesn't smoke, so she shakes her head at Sverre.
  1429. [23:35] <DrSavage> Spotlights begin appearing all over, until they all focus on one spot in a side-ring.
  1430. 01[23:35] <Halvors> Sverre shrugs and takes one last puff before he tucks it away again. It glows orange and fades as he exhales. "And here comes the show."
  1431. [23:35] <padri> She looks at that spot.
  1432. [23:35] <Soulless> Stoat focuses on that spot, gazing intensely.
  1433. [23:35] <padri> She watches, and walks partway over to it.
  1434. [23:35] <padri> She feels confident.
  1435. [23:36] <DrSavage> There are two people standing there...juggling?
  1436. [23:36] <Tara> Time to look at a spotlight.  Rosalind follows Ren, but is feeling more confident about her getting to do things
  1437. 01[23:36] <Halvors> "Čas se pobavit!" Sverre gets his monocular out and tries to get a closer look.
  1438. 01[23:36] <Halvors> Can he roll perception?
  1439. [23:36] <padri> What are they juggling?
  1440. [23:36] <Soulless> Stoat is watching closely, trying to see what they look like and what're they juggling.
  1441. [23:37] <DrSavage> Perception can be rolled if wanted, yes.
  1442. [23:37] <padri> 6df+5 I spy. . . .
  1443. [23:37] <Glacon> padri: I spy. . . .: 6 (6df+5=0, 0, 0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
  1444. [23:37] <NAC> 6df+5
  1445. [23:37] <Glacon> NAC: 2 (6df+5=0, 4-, 0, 4-, 0, 4-)
  1446. [23:37] <NAC> Cameron sneezes
  1447. 01[23:38] <Halvors> 6df+8 PERCIEVE UP IN THIS BIATCH
  1448. [23:38] <Glacon> Halvors: PERCIEVE UP IN THIS BIATCH: 10 (6df+8=3+, 4-, 0, 3+, 3+, 0)
  1449. [23:38] <Rapid> 6df+5 perception plz
  1450. [23:38] <Glacon> Rapid: perception plz: 6 (6df+5=0, 3+, 4-, 0, 3+, 0)
  1451. [23:38] <Soulless> 6df+8 percep
  1452. [23:38] <Glacon> Soulless: percep: 6 (6df+8=4-, 0, 0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
  1453. [23:39] <DrSavage> Cameron spots a sneeze.
  1454. [23:39] <Tara> 6df+7 jugglers?
  1455. [23:39] <Glacon> Tara: jugglers?: 9 (6df+7=0, 0, 3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
  1456. [23:40] <DrSavage> Everyone else sees thw two figures wearing porcelain masks, hiding their faces. "Your goal is to take those things they're juggling!" The bundles they are juggling are dripping a liquid, you're not close enough to see what.
  1457. [23:40] <padri> Ren walks closer. "Hello?" ~This one's easy, so maybe if I just ask. . .~
  1458. [23:41] <padri> She walks right up to the edge of the light.
  1459. [23:41] <NAC> Cameron walks over to them slowly, trying to see what liquid they're dripping.
  1460. [23:41] <padri> Can she see?
  1461. 01[23:41] <Halvors> Sverre hops over the fence and moves towards them, rifle waving back and forth. "Achtung!"
  1462. 01[23:41] <Halvors> "Gib sie mir! Jetzt!"
  1463. [23:41] <Soulless> Stoat watches closely, slowly getting closer to see what it is and if she with her quickness can snatch a few.
  1464. [23:42] <padri> "Sverre! Please and thank you!" She sounds like a mother.
  1465. 01[23:42] <Halvors> Sverre sighs.
  1466. [23:43] <padri> Can she see what it is?
  1467. [23:43] <DrSavage> The two keep juggling. The liquid is red.
  1468. [23:44] <padri> She walks into the circle of light. Can she tell what they're juggling?
  1469. [23:44] <Soulless> Can Stoat also tell, as she's quick on Ren's heels?
  1470. [23:44] <NAC> Medical to tell if that's blood?
  1471. 01[23:44] <Halvors> Sverre gives up on using force. He might end up breaking the things.
  1472. [23:45] <Tara> "Is anyone here dextrous?  Maybe we should try grabbing them out of the air..."
  1473. [23:45] <padri> "I'm not. . ."
  1474. [23:45] <padri> She walks up to one. "Excuse me, can I try juggling, please?"
  1475. [23:45] <DrSavage> The bundles are slightly oblong. They continue dripping as they are brought into the air.
  1476. [23:45] <padri> Nice and polite.
  1477. [23:45] <DrSavage> The jugglers do not respond.
  1478. [23:46] <Tara> "I'm not really either.  But I can try..."
  1479. [23:46] <padri> Medical to tell if it's blood?
  1480. 01[23:46] <Halvors> Sverre sighs. "We should get a matress. So that the vials don't break."
  1481. [23:46] <DrSavage> Medical, yes. Feel free, people.
  1482. 01[23:46] <Halvors> "And then..."
  1483. [23:46] <padri> 6df+5 What's that blood from?
  1484. 01[23:46] <Halvors> Sverre mimes a bullet into each of the juggler's skulls.
  1485. [23:46] <Glacon> padri: What's that blood from?: 4 (6df+5=4-, 0, 4-, 3+, 4-, 3+)
  1486. [23:46] <Tara> Rosalind gets closer and watches the pattern for a bit before trying to grab one
  1487. 01[23:46] <Halvors> "It'll get the job done.
  1488. 01[23:46] <Halvors> "
  1489. [23:46] <NAC> 6df+8 Cameron is doctorman
  1490. [23:46] <Glacon> NAC: Cameron is doctorman: 6 (6df+8=4-, 4-, 0, 0, 3+, 4-)
  1491. [23:47] <padri> "Sverre, /no./"
  1492. [23:47] <Soulless> 6df+8 Perception maneuver, stoat aims to grab. Let me know when next turn comes.
  1493. [23:47] <Glacon> Soulless: Perception maneuver, stoat aims to grab. Let me know when next turn comes.: 3 (6df+8=4-, 0, 4-, 4-, 4-, 4-)
  1494. [23:47] <Soulless> Oh, well, Stoat can't aim.
  1495. 01[23:47] <Halvors> Sverre shrugs. "If you insist."
  1496. 01[23:48] <Halvors> "We should still get that matt."
  1497. 01[23:48] <Halvors> "Or trampoline?"
  1498. 01[23:48] <Halvors> Sverre looks for one.
  1499. [23:48] <padri> "I do. I would like to get through at least /one/ op without actilvely killing something."
  1500. [23:48] <DrSavage> Cameron, the blood is /not/ coming from the bundles directly.
  1501. [23:48] <Tara> 6df+7 perception maneuver to grab a bag
  1502. [23:48] <Glacon> Tara: perception maneuver to grab a bag: 4 (6df+7=4-, 0, 0, 4-, 0, 4-)
  1503. [23:49] <NAC> Are the jugglers arms bleeding?
  1504. [23:49] <Tara> Rosalind apparent;y can't perceive either
  1505. 01[23:49] <Halvors> Sverre sighs. "We should really calm down before we fucking break a vial. What if it's fucking, I don't know, nerve gas?"
  1506. [23:49] <DrSavage> Not their arms.
  1507. 01[23:49] <Halvors> Sverre shrugs. "Or not."
  1508. 01[23:49] <Halvors> 6df+8 I am the perception king. Gimme a fucking vial.
  1509. [23:49] <Glacon> Halvors: I am the perception king. Gimme a fucking vial.: 10 (6df+8=0, 0, 3+, 3+, 0, 0)
  1510. [23:49] <Rapid> Ranged maneuver to shoot one of the bags away from the jugglers?
  1511. [23:50] <NAC> "Blood's not coming from the vials." Cameron grunts.
  1512. 01[23:50] <Halvors> Sverre is pretty good for patterns and tries to dart in to grab a vial...
  1513. 01[23:50] <Halvors> and...
  1514. [23:50] <DrSavage> Roll Ath
  1515. 01[23:50] <Halvors> ffffff, percep won't work?
  1516. 01[23:50] <Halvors> k.
  1517. 01[23:50] <Halvors> 6df+6 not as good.
  1518. [23:50] <Glacon> Halvors: not as good.: 6 (6df+6=3+, 0, 0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
  1519. [23:50] <NAC> 6df+8 Cameron puts on a glove and doesn't give a fuck, going to grab one of the vials with sverre.
  1520. [23:50] <Glacon> NAC: Cameron puts on a glove and doesn't give a fuck, going to grab one of the vials with sverre.: 6 (6df+8=4-, 0, 3+, 0, 4-, 4-)
  1521. [23:50] <DrSavage> (You add +4 because of maneuver
  1522. 01[23:51] <Halvors> me?
  1523. [23:51] <padri> so sverre got 10
  1524. [23:51] <DrSavage> (Yes, Halvors)
  1525. [23:51] <Tara> 6df+5 grab a bag? (ath)
  1526. [23:51] <Glacon> Tara: grab a bag? (ath): 10 (6df+5=3+, 3+, 0, 3+, 3+, 3+)
  1527. 01[23:51] <Halvors> huh
  1528. 01[23:51] <Halvors> sure then, I got a 10.
  1529. 01[23:51] <Halvors> And -1 AP.
  1530. [23:51] <padri> Renee doesn't want to grab mysteriously bloody things.
  1531. [23:51] <DrSavage> Cameron misses, the other two grab a bundle.
  1532. [23:51] <Soulless> Can Stoat move to grab?
  1533. [23:51] <padri> No, Halvors. You lose no ap
  1534. 01[23:52] <Halvors> oh really?
  1535. [23:52] <Rapid> (Range to shoot one of the bundles with an arrow and knock it away from the jugglers?
  1536. 01[23:52] <Halvors> Anyhow, Sverre peeks at the bundle. Academia to figure it out?
  1537. [23:52] <padri> "How many do we need, ringmaster?"
  1538. [23:54] <Soulless> Can Stoat move to grab?
  1539. [23:54] <DrSavage> It's simply wrapped in paper.
  1540. 01[23:55] <Halvors> Sverre unwraps it...
  1541. [23:55] <DrSavage> Stoat can move to grab, anyone can. One juggler only has one bundle now, and is juggling it slowly. Perception.
  1542. [23:55] <NAC> 6df+5 Perceping
  1543. [23:55] <Glacon> NAC: Perceping: 7 (6df+5=3+, 0, 3+, 4-, 0, 3+)
  1544. 01[23:55] <Halvors> 6df+8 PERCIEVE VERTOTEN GERMAN STYLE THING
  1545. [23:55] <Glacon> Halvors: PERCIEVE VERTOTEN GERMAN STYLE THING: 9 (6df+8=3+, 3+, 0, 0, 4-, 0)
  1546. [23:55] <padri> 6df+5 i spy!
  1547. [23:55] <Glacon> padri: i spy!: 6 (6df+5=0, 3+, 0, 0, 4-, 3+)
  1548. [23:55] <Tara> 6df+7 perceiving
  1549. [23:55] <Glacon> Tara: perceiving: 8 (6df+7=0, 3+, 3+, 0, 4-, 0)
  1550. [23:55] <Rapid> 6df+5 Percieving
  1551. [23:55] <Glacon> Rapid: Percieving: 5 (6df+5=4-, 3+, 3+, 4-, 0, 0)
  1552. [23:57] <Soulless> 6df+8 percep
  1553. [23:57] <Glacon> Soulless: percep: 7 (6df+8=3+, 0, 4-, 4-, 3+, 4-)
  1554. [23:58] <DrSavage> Everyone can now see where the blood came from. Oozing, pus-leaking sores on the hands of the slightly deprived juggler.
  1555. 02[23:58] * ~Mr_Wilt (~Mr_Wilt@1CFB672A.6EDD83FF.239D7442.IP) Quit (Client exited)
  1556. [23:58] <padri> Oh no!
  1557. [23:59] <padri> Ren tries to grab the last package.
  1558. [23:59] <padri> 6df+4 grab!
  1559. [23:59] <Glacon> padri: grab!: 7 (6df+4=0, 0, 3+, 3+, 3+, 0)
  1560. 01[23:59] <Halvors> Sverre pities the poor bastard. "Let us relieve your burden, friend."
  1561. [23:59] <Tara> "Not by killing him"
  1562. [23:59] <NAC> "Huh, bet you guy's been juggling for a while." Cameron shrugs, looking at those hands.
  1563. [23:59] <padri> Does it hurt Renee's hands?
  1564. 01[23:59] <Halvors> "No, by taking his juggling shit."
  1565. Session Time: Fri Jun 29 00:00:00 2012
  1566. 01[00:00] <Halvors> "I'll honor Renee's request."
  1567. [00:00] <DrSavage> She grabs it fine. The bundle isn't all that heavy or all that hard.
  1568. [00:00] <padri> "Thank you, Sverre."
  1569. [00:00] <Soulless> Stoat lets them, looking around.
  1570. [00:00] <Soulless> "We're done."
  1571. [00:00] <padri> She pulls off the paper to see what's in it.
  1572. [00:00] <DrSavage> As the last bundle is taken from one of the jugglers, the figure collapses to the ground in a heap.
  1573. 01[00:01] <Halvors> Sverre goes and checks for vitals.
  1574. [00:01] <padri> ~!!!~
  1575. [00:01] <Soulless> Stoat checks, but she knows no medical ability and thus lets the professionals do their work.
  1576. [00:01] <padri> "No! That isn't fair!"
  1577. [00:01] <Tara> "We don't know how long he's been doing that"
  1578. [00:02] <Soulless> "Ren, calm down. Just be glad we relieved him of the juggling."
  1579. [00:02] <NAC> Cameron prods the collapsed person with his foot before sighing and kneeling down, pushing Sverre out of the way. He's not in the mood for being gentle, but he did swear an oath.
  1580. [00:02] <padri> "We relieved him of his life!"
  1581. 01[00:02] <Halvors> Sverre eases out of the way. He understands the roughness.
  1582. 01[00:02] <Halvors> "Renee..."
  1583. 01[00:02] <Halvors> "That was torture. Not life."
  1584. [00:02] <padri> Concerned Renee.
  1585. [00:02] <padri> "But there has to be something better . . ."
  1586. 01[00:03] <Halvors> "To eternally labor until you are no more than a shriveled husk?"
  1587. 01[00:03] <Halvors> "I say we did him a great justice."
  1588. 01[00:03] <Halvors> "Though I do hope he still lives."
  1589. [00:03] <Soulless> Stoat nodsto Sverre in agreement.
  1590. [00:03] <DrSavage> Vitals are checked. The skin feels cold. But vaguely human. No pulse.
  1591. [00:03] <Soulless> She, however, is mute.
  1592. [00:03] <padri> She's still upset anyway.
  1593. [00:03] <Soulless> "Stop being irrational."
  1594. [00:03] <Soulless> She chastises.
  1595. 01[00:04] <Halvors> Sverre looks sadly on the Juggler. "Cameron..."
  1596. [00:04] <NAC> "Nope. Dead." Cameron says bluntly in return to Sverre. "Feels like he's been dead for some time."
  1597. 01[00:04] <Halvors> He's already guessed.
  1598. 01[00:04] <Halvors> He reaches over to take the mask off.
  1599. [00:04] <padri> "I'm not being irrational. Someone just /died./" She's almost offended.
  1600. 01[00:04] <Halvors> "We should lay him to rest. Somehow."
  1601. [00:05] <NAC> "The pool will do that." Cameron says, looking up to the top of the big tent. "Next challange! Hurry up!" He calls out, clenching his fists.
  1602. [00:05] <DrSavage> The mask comes off, this being only has a mouth, and large, blunt teeth, perfectly symmentrical.
  1603. [00:05] <Tara> "Ren, think of it this way.  Yes, someone just died, but he was likely in a lot of pain and very fatigued.  It may have even been a relief"
  1604. [00:05] <DrSavage> The other figure continues juggling.
  1605. 01[00:05] <Halvors> Sven blinks and puts it back on. [Rest, comrade.]
  1606. [00:05] <DrSavage> "Your challenge isn't over, children!"
  1607. 01[00:05] <Halvors> Sverre turns back to the package.
  1608. [00:05] <padri> "It's death. Death is death."
  1609. 01[00:05] <Halvors> He unwrapped it...
  1610. 01[00:05] <Halvors> what is it?
  1611. [00:05] <padri> Ren unwrapped hers, too.
  1612. [00:05] <padri> What was in it?
  1613. [00:06] <Tara> "We have three more packages"
  1614. [00:06] <DrSavage> Sverre, there is something near the bundle you have.
  1615. [00:06] <NAC> 6df+8 Cameron goes to grab another vial.
  1616. [00:06] <Glacon> NAC: Cameron goes to grab another vial.: 5 (6df+8=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
  1617. 01[00:06] <Halvors> Sverre picks it up and looks at it...
  1618. [00:06] <padri> What's in Renee's package? Under the paper?
  1619. [00:06] <DrSavage> The package has a fish in it. Seems fresh, but dead. And slightly cold.
  1620. [00:06] <DrSavage> It is a plushy, one that looks similar to the Beast.
  1621. 01[00:07] <Halvors> Sverre breaks out into a d'aww face.
  1622. 01[00:07] <Halvors> He clutches it close to himself.
  1623. [00:07] <Soulless> 6df+12 Tagging Heart. Stoat attempts to reach out as her compassion returns. She attempts to snatch the rest as best she can, gentle, trying to relieve the suffering of these masked humanoids.
  1624. [00:07] <padri> She frowns. "It's just a fish. Why do we need a fish that badly? Badly enough to kill someone?"
  1625. [00:07] <Glacon> Soulless: Tagging Heart. Stoat attempts to reach out as her compassion returns. She attempts to snatch the rest as best she can, gentle, trying to relieve the suffering of these masked humanoids.: 12 (6df+12=3+, 3+, 0, 0, 4-, 4-)
  1626. [00:07] <Tara> Rosalind opens her package, wondering what could be in it.  Another fish?
  1627. 01[00:07] <Halvors> Sverre tucks the plushy into his pack. ~Be happy, Tenturcle.~
  1628. [00:08] <DrSavage> Rosalind, that body catches your eye. Except for the face, this creature seems superficially human. Compelling Morbid Fascination. Accept or Resist?
  1629. [00:08] <Tara> Accept
  1630. [00:09] <DrSavage> Rosalind is too interested in the body to assist at the moment.
  1631. [00:09] <Tara> Rosalind goes over to the body and begins to examine it, looking at every detail
  1632. [00:09] <DrSavage> It is pale, but not like the Ring Master, and the teeth seem perfectly clean.
  1633. [00:10] <Tara> She even reaches into her bag, pulling out a wooden box.  She removes one of her scalpels from the box, a strange smile tugging at her lips
  1634. [00:10] <DrSavage> The other packages are both fish.
  1635. [00:10] <padri> "We're killing your jugglers for some dead fish?!" she calls to the ringmaster.
  1636. [00:10] <Soulless> redact the taking, assuming there aren't any more things to take from the jugglers
  1637. [00:11] <padri> No, Stoat was the one who took the last of them.
  1638. [00:11] <Soulless> oh okay then!
  1639. [00:11] <DrSavage> The other juggler also collapses, quiet.
  1640. 01[00:11] <Halvors> Sverre goes over to Rosa. ".... is that really necessary?"
  1641. [00:11] <Soulless> Stoat opens the packages she optains.
  1642. [00:11] <Soulless> *obtains
  1643. 01[00:11] <Halvors> ~I'm no muslim, but... desecrating corpses...~
  1644. [00:12] <Tara> Rosalind takes a good look at the hands and face before pulling the top of the shirt open
  1645. [00:12] <padri> "Alright. Let's get the next one started, alright?"
  1646. 01[00:12] <Halvors> Sverre blinks. He reaches down to gently grab Rosa's hand and stop her.
  1647. 01[00:12] <Halvors> ""
  1648. [00:12] <DrSavage> Smooth skin, no sign of anything, no belly button, or nipples.
  1649. [00:12] <NAC> "Sverre, what the hell are you doing?" Cameron growls, grabbing his hand and yanking it away.
  1650. 01[00:12] <Halvors> Sverre looks.... scared.
  1651. 01[00:12] <Halvors> Knives.
  1652. 01[00:12] <Halvors> Cutting.
  1653. 01[00:13] <Halvors> Pain...
  1654. 01[00:13] <Halvors> PAIN.
  1655. 01[00:13] <Halvors> Sverre goes back and places his hand on Rosa's shoulder. He begs... "Please, no."
  1656. [00:13] <DrSavage> "Are you ready for the next task, clever children? You're doing so very well!"
  1657. [00:13] <NAC> "Just let the professionals work." Cameron grunts, leading him away from the researcher.
  1658. [00:13] <padri> "Please. Let's get it over with."
  1659. [00:14] <Tara> "I may never get a chance to examine a specimen like this again.  Besides, by opening up the chest cavity, we can also determine what the cause of death is.  Assuming the body has normal tetrapoidal internals"
  1660. [00:14] <Soulless> Stoat goes to cover Sverre's eyes to see if it helps him.
  1661. [00:14] <DrSavage> "What are you doing, my wonderful audience? This is not part of the show!"
  1662. 01[00:14] <Halvors> Sverre is desperate and irrational now. "No, no! Just... just... take it back to the base."
  1663. [00:14] <Tara> She then slices the body from sternum to belly, very precicely
  1664. 01[00:14] <Halvors> "Just not...."
  1665. 01[00:14] <Halvors> He hears the cut and flips.
  1666. [00:15] <Tara> She's humming
  1667. [00:15] <NAC> "Screw your show!" Cameron yells out.
  1668. [00:15] <NAC> He's fuming.
  1669. 01[00:15] <Halvors> He jabs Stoat in the gut. [NO! NO, OSCAR!]
  1670. [00:15] <Soulless> Stoat is jabbed in the gut.
  1671. [00:15] <padri> She watches, backing away from the mess.
  1672. 01[00:15] <Halvors> He scrabbles to pry Rosa off of the corpse. [DON'T... NO!]
  1673. [00:15] <NAC> Cameoron's holding Sverre
  1674. [00:15] <Tara> "Let's see what you have in this body"
  1675. [00:15] <NAC> 6df+8 "Ypu
  1676. [00:15] <Glacon> NAC: "Ypu: 9 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 3+)
  1677. 01[00:15] <Halvors> He *tries* to scrabble to pry Rosa off.
  1678. [00:15] <NAC> "You're irrational" Athletics to pin the idiot.
  1679. [00:16] <NAC> Athletics to not be pinned sverre.
  1680. [00:16] <DrSavage> Roll
  1681. [00:16] <Rapid> Lucas arches an eyebrow. "Hey, uh, guys. We have other things to do if we want out of here."
  1682. 01[00:16] <Halvors> 6df+6 Flippin'
  1683. [00:16] <Glacon> Halvors: Flippin': 7 (6df+6=0, 3+, 3+, 0, 4-, 0)
  1684. [00:16] <padri> "Please. What's the next game?"
  1685. [00:16] <padri> ~I just want to get home.~
  1686. [00:16] <DrSavage> "I'll have to ask you to stop and continue, children!" The Ring Master calls out, seemingly from above.
  1687. [00:16] <NAC> Cameron successfully holds that crazy European.
  1688. 01[00:16] <Halvors> Sverre is crying now. "Please..."
  1689. 01[00:17] <Halvors> He can't fucking avert his eyes as Rosa... a woman he respected... fucking butchers that corpse.
  1690. 01[00:17] <Halvors> For a second he could almost swear it looked just like...
  1691. [00:17] <Tara> Rosalind is in her own world; she doesn't even hear the ringmaster.  She's too busy looking for a heart, lungs, stomach...
  1692. [00:17] <DrSavage> The body cavity seems to have similarities very much to humans.
  1693. 01[00:18] <Halvors> Sverre abruptly stops crying. Totungsmaschine mensch is out to play. His expression turns from franticness to... ice. Stone-cold emotionless ice.
  1694. 01[00:18] <Halvors> "Fucking get your hands off of me."
  1695. [00:18] <Soulless> Stoat tries to calm down Sverre, then stops when she sees his facial expression. She lets him have his way.
  1696. [00:18] <DrSavage> "Children! Now! The show will be over soon!"
  1697. [00:18] <NAC> Cameron doesn't do shit. He continues holding Sverre still.
  1698. 01[00:19] <Halvors> "Fuck you too."
  1699. 01[00:19] <Halvors> Sverre patiently waits, idly watching the dissection.
  1700. [00:19] <padri> "What's next!"
  1701. [00:19] <NAC> "Are you calm now?" He asks.
  1702. [00:19] <padri> She has no interest in dissections anymore. Not since school.
  1703. 01[00:19] <Halvors> "Does it sound like I'm fuckin' not, shithead?"
  1704. [00:19] <DrSavage> The Ring Master sounds not so much agitated as he does impatiently talking to a child.
  1705. [00:19] <Soulless> "Just show the next act already." Stoat's largely recovered from her mental shock now, and is becoming more and more 'into' what's going on.
  1706. [00:20] <DrSavage> They hear a splash from the pool from before.
  1707. [00:20] <padri> Ren turns to look at it.
  1708. [00:20] <DrSavage> Something is swimming in the water.
  1709. [00:20] <Tara> Rosalind tries to see if the death may have been heart failure before she turns her attention to the skull.  With only a mouth, the skull should be fascinating!
  1710. [00:20] <padri> She walks over to see what it is.
  1711. [00:20] <NAC> Cameron knows how to deal with this, because prisoners tend to do things like that. "No, it is my professional opinion that you are not calm."
  1712. 01[00:21] <Halvors> Sverre shrugs idly. "Rosa, don't forget about any genitalia."
  1713. [00:21] <DrSavage> The heart seems in fine shape. The head is intact.
  1714. 01[00:21] <Halvors> "No belly button or nipples would imply no reproductive organs."
  1715. 01[00:21] <Halvors> "Also, check the pelvic structure."
  1716. [00:21] <DrSavage> It's a seal!
  1717. 01[00:21] <Halvors> "That will tell you whether the skeletal structure as a whole is male or female... or neither."
  1718. [00:22] <padri> "Hello seal. What do we do with the seal?"
  1719. [00:22] <NAC> "Let her work." Cameron hisses, glaring at his mentally unstable patient. He rolls his eyes and lets him go, walking up to the seal.
  1720. [00:22] <Tara> It isn't the intactness she's curious about.  It's whether or not there are any vestigial eyes, or if the skull is solid where there would usually be occular an nasal cavities
  1721. 01[00:23] <Halvors> Sverre leans over and peers at the corpse. He needs to affirm to himself that it's just some poor bastard, and not, well...
  1722. 01[00:23] <Halvors> After a second he spits to the side and watches Rosa closely.
  1723. [00:23] <Rapid> Lucas decides to ignore the two psychos and trots over to the seal, looking at it.
  1724. 01[00:23] <Halvors> She reminds him of someone else. Someone who used a knife on people who were still living.
  1725. [00:23] <DrSavage> "figure it out, little girl!"
  1726. 01[00:23] <Halvors> Someone who enjoyed it just like she is.
  1727. 01[00:23] <Halvors> And it sickens him.
  1728. [00:24] <padri> "Does he want fish?" She tosses the fish at the seal.
  1729. [00:24] <DrSavage> It is indeed solid, Rosalind.
  1730. [00:24] <padri> the one fish that she has.
  1731. [00:24] <DrSavage> The seal swims up and gobbles the fish up, making happy seal-noises.
  1732. 01[00:24] <Halvors> He continues to stare intently at Rosa's face, seeing if she even notices anything other than her butcher's work.
  1733. [00:24] <padri> "C'mere, seal. What do I do with you?" she coos.
  1734. [00:25] <Soulless> Stoat watches closely.
  1735. [00:25] <Tara> She's humming while she works.  She's very meticulous.  This is a scientist learning about a body.  "The skull is almost completely fused together; there's no cavities for eyes or a nose.  It only has the jawbone"
  1736. [00:25] <Soulless> "Maybe we are to make it perform. Is there a ball anywhere."
  1737. [00:25] <NAC> "Throw it the fish." Cameron grunts.
  1738. 01[00:25] <Halvors> Sverre clicks his tongue idly. "You sound like my torturer almost."
  1739. 01[00:26] <Halvors> "He told me exactly what nerves he was agitating."
  1740. 01[00:26] <Halvors> "What arteries he was avoiding to make me last longer."
  1741. [00:26] <padri> "I don't think I saw one . . ." She looks around for any clue as to what to do with the seal.
  1742. [00:26] <Tara> She explores the lower abdominal cavity.  Lack of uterus and ovaries are expected
  1743. [00:26] <NAC> "Sverre. Team building does not include comparisons to torture." Cameron calls out. "Focus!"
  1744. [00:26] <padri> She already threw it a fish.
  1745. [00:26] <Rapid> Lucas hands a fish over to the seal, smiling lightly. Animals. Animals didn't dissect other creatures for the morbid fascination of it. Animals didn't switch from tearful to psychotic. They were stable. Natural. Humans were... strange and uncomfortable.
  1746. [00:26] <DrSavage> It has slightly feminine hips, but no reproductive organs.
  1747. [00:27] <DrSavage> The seal eats another fish, clapping its fins together.
  1748. [00:27] <Tara> None, male or female?
  1749. [00:27] <DrSavage> Not either one.
  1750. [00:28] <padri> Any clues lying around about what to do with the seal? A ball, for instance?
  1751. [00:28] <Tara> "It's a full neuter.  No sexual organs"
  1752. [00:28] <Soulless> Stoat opens he hand. "Pass me a fish, maybe."
  1753. [00:28] <Soulless> *her
  1754. [00:28] <padri> Two people have already thrown fish.
  1755. 01[00:28] <Halvors> Sverre cocks his head to one side, still watching Rosa. "You don't even hear me, do you?"
  1756. [00:28] <DrSavage> Nothing, just the fish.
  1757. 01[00:28] <Halvors> "Would you if I was screaming in pain?"
  1758. [00:29] <Soulless> Stoat takes a fish and walks up to the seal. "Clap." She shows the fish, then sees if the seal is capable of understanding her.
  1759. [00:29] <padri> "Maybe we should just give it all the fish." She goes back for another fish.
  1760. [00:29] <NAC> "Sverre! If you do not play nice I will sedate you!" Cameron roars at him, at the edge of his rope.
  1761. [00:29] <DrSavage> The seal seems to be waiting. It then claps, opening its mouth.
  1762. [00:30] <Soulless> She ignores Sverre and the others, trying to figure this out.
  1763. 01[00:30] <Halvors> Sverre looks over. He's perfectly calm. Just making conversation. Rosa has neither noticed nor apparently minded this.
  1764. [00:30] <Tara> Has Rosalind learned pretty much all she can here?
  1765. [00:30] <DrSavage> Indeed, Rosalind.
  1766. [00:30] <padri> She returns with another fish or two. "What else can we get it to do? Can you fetch? Fetch the sub?"
  1767. [00:30] <DrSavage> It only claps.
  1768. [00:30] <Rapid> Lucas furrows his brow, looking around for any clue as to what they do next.
  1769. [00:31] <padri> ~That's cheating, I'm sure, but if it'll do it . . .~
  1770. [00:31] <Rapid> Perception for clues?
  1771. [00:31] <DrSavage> Roll.
  1772. [00:31] <padri> 6df+5 i spy?
  1773. [00:31] <Glacon> padri: i spy?: 4 (6df+5=4-, 4-, 0, 3+, 0, 0)
  1774. [00:31] <Tara> She takes a few samples of blood and tissue, and then wipes the gore off her hands and scalpel before returning the scalpel to the box
  1775. 01[00:32] <Halvors> Sverre raises his eyebrows at her. "Did you even hear me at all?..."
  1776. 01[00:32] <Halvors> He continues under his breath: 'Verdamme Metzger.'
  1777. [00:32] <Tara> She stretches and looks around.  "I've learned to block things out pretty well when I'm working"
  1778. [00:33] <Soulless> She feeds the seal a fish and gets another fish.
  1779. [00:33] <Rapid> 6df+5
  1780. [00:33] <Glacon> Rapid: 5 (6df+5=4-, 3+, 4-, 0, 3+, 0)
  1781. 01[00:33] <Halvors> "Ah."
  1782. 01[00:33] <Halvors> Sverre taps his missing nipple. "So did he."
  1783. [00:33] <Soulless> She holds it above the seal's head. "Jump."
  1784. 01[00:33] <Halvors> "I swear, you could have a dozen screaming children in the room with him when he was cutting me."
  1785. 01[00:33] <Halvors> "Didn't even notice."
  1786. 01[00:33] <Halvors> Sverre stands and walks off towards the seal.
  1787. [00:34] <padri> Does she notice anything?
  1788. [00:34] <Tara> Rosalind looks horrified.  "What are you implying?"
  1789. [00:34] <NAC> "Sverre!" Cameron yells out again.
  1790. 01[00:34] <Halvors> Sverre looks back. His face is cold.
  1791. 01[00:34] <Halvors> "Nothing."
  1792. 01[00:34] <Halvors> He turns and keeps on walking.
  1793. 01[00:35] <Halvors> [Nothing at all. Cunt.] (Muttered softly under his breath in russian.)
  1794. 01[00:35] <Halvors> When he reaches the seal, he takes in what's been happening.
  1795. [00:35] <DrSavage> Lucas spots something near the last fish.
  1796. [00:35] <padri> Ren hears Rosalind's upsetness and dislikes sverre even more.
  1797. [00:35] <Tara> "I doubt that is was an Oncologist removing cancer from him that he was describing."  She still looks disturbed
  1798. 01[00:36] <Halvors> Sverre peels off his shirt and tucks it away, preparing to get wet.
  1799. 01[00:36] <Halvors> This should also display his assortment of scars to Rosa.
  1800. 01[00:36] <Halvors> In fact, they look very methodically placed.
  1801. 01[00:36] <Halvors> In a lot of places with few major arteries but major nerve centers... stuff like that.
  1802. 01[00:37] <Halvors> He tucks the shirt away somewhere. "So what's with the seal?"
  1803. [00:37] <NAC> "Hey, Ring Master, what if we just kill the seal?" Cameron calls out.
  1804. 01[00:37] <Halvors> "Hey, less violence, aight?"
  1805. [00:37] <Tara> "I assume those aren't medical scars?"
  1806. 01[00:38] <Halvors> Sverre looks back for a brief second. "Try torture."
  1807. 01[00:38] <Halvors> He turns back to the matter at hand.
  1808. [00:38] <DrSavage> "That would be cruel, child!"
  1809. [00:38] <padri> "Then what is it?"
  1810. [00:39] <Tara> Now she's really horrified.  "I don't torture!  I dissect, autopsy, and experiment, but that's just sick"
  1811. [00:39] <Rapid> Lucas trots over to it and takes a look
  1812. [00:39] <DrSavage> It is a red sphere.
  1813. 01[00:39] <Halvors> Sverre sighs and turns to face Rosa. "I asked you to stop and wait. You didn't even hear me. You weren't even able to tear yourself away."
  1814. 01[00:39] <Halvors> He steps closer.
  1815. [00:40] <Rapid> Lucas picks it up and looks it over, then gets an idea. "Oh... I get it." he said.
  1816. 01[00:40] <Halvors> "What if you had the autopsy of a lifetime... but there was a catch."
  1817. [00:40] <Soulless> "What is it."
  1818. 01[00:40] <Halvors> "Do it on a living subject."
  1819. [00:40] <padri> Ren looks. "Toss it here?"
  1820. [00:40] <Soulless> She asks this to Lucas.
  1821. [00:40] <DrSavage> It doesn't look big enough for the seal, however.
  1822. [00:40] <DrSavage> There is one fish left.
  1823. 01[00:40] <Halvors> "You would do it, wouldn't you."
  1824. 01[00:40] <Halvors> This sounds like a statement of assued fact.
  1825. [00:40] <NAC> "You know all about that!" Cameron calls back, he looks down at the seal and grumbles, not having the heart to hurt the innocent thing. But as Sverre continues bothering Rosalind, he steps in between the two and places his hand on Sverres shoulder. "Last warning." he grumbles, squeezing strongly.
  1826. [00:41] <Soulless> "Do you mind Sverre. You're getting sidetracked from our mission. You can discuss ethics later."
  1827. [00:41] <padri> ~Thank you, Cameron.~
  1828. [00:41] <Soulless> Stoat says this with the same coldness as Sverre does right now.
  1829. [00:41] <Rapid> He takes the sphere, and the last fish, and trots over to the seal. "What do seals do at the circus?" he asked. "Somehow, we need to get the seal to do a trick with the ball."
  1830. 01[00:41] <Halvors> Sverre shrugs slightly. "She was the one who kept bringing it up."
  1831. 01[00:41] <Halvors> He turns and gets back to work.
  1832. [00:41] <NAC> "No she wasn't you dumbass." Cameron grunts.
  1833. 01[00:42] <Halvors> The scar where his left nipple should be glistens slightly.
  1834. 01[00:42] <Halvors> "Whatever."
  1835. [00:42] <padri> "Give it to it. It was more than willing to do all the other tricks."
  1836. [00:42] <padri> to lucas
  1837. [00:42] <Tara> Rosalind is very upset.  She goes over to the seal, looking as though she's about to cry
  1838. [00:43] <DrSavage> The seal looks to her, barking happily.
  1839. 01[00:43] <Halvors> Sverre notices this.... and softens slightly.
  1840. [00:43] <Soulless> Stoat grabs the ball and tosses it to the seal, not wanting to waste any time.
  1841. 01[00:43] <Halvors> "You feel sorrow. And that's what makes you different from /him/."
  1842. [00:43] <Soulless> "Sverre do you mind."
  1843. 01[00:43] <Halvors> "I just... I'm sorry. I had to be sure."
  1844. [00:43] <padri> Renee walks over to Rosalind. "Rosalind, you're one of the sweetest people I know. I can't believe you would ever do something like that."
  1845. 01[00:43] <Halvors> Sverre shuts up and gets back to the task at hand.
  1846. [00:43] <Rapid> Lucas smiles at the seal and tosses the ball to it. "It may be small, but maybe the seal will get the idea?"
  1847. [00:44] <DrSavage> The seal bops it back then opens its mouth.
  1848. 01[00:45] <Halvors> Sverre watches with interest.
  1849. 01[00:45] <Halvors> He pulls his camo cap down low over his eyes to keep the water from splashing too much into them.
  1850. [00:45] <DrSavage> The seal waits, before clapping.
  1851. [00:46] <Soulless> Stoat bops the ball back, wondering what to do now.
  1852. [00:46] <Soulless> "Give it the fish, I guess."
  1853. [00:46] <Rapid> "Shit. We need more fish..." He thought out loud. He suddenly smiled, and tossed the fish high into the air above the seal.
  1854. [00:46] <DrSavage> It bops the ball back, heading right into the nearest person's hands. Odd.
  1855. [00:46] <padri> Ren pats the seal.
  1856. [00:46] <DrSavage> The seal dives under, before launching out and catching the fish and gobbling it.
  1857. [00:47] <Soulless> "Are we done."
  1858. [00:47] <Tara> "Tricks for fish?  Do we need a certain trick?"
  1859. 01[00:47] <Halvors> Sverre, the Totungsmaschine Mensch, would usually be amused. For now though he just watches, waiting for the next task.
  1860. [00:47] <DrSavage> The seal nudges something onto the edge of the pool.
  1861. [00:47] <padri> Ren looks at it.
  1862. [00:47] <padri> What is it?
  1863. [00:48] <Soulless> Stoat looks over, taking it to check what it is.
  1864. [00:48] <Rapid> Lucas takes a look as well
  1865. [00:48] <DrSavage> It's a pair of swimming goggles. Unknown brand.
  1866. [00:48] <NAC> "Who's going swimming?" Cameron grunts, looking at the things.
  1867. 01[00:48] <Halvors> Sverre pops a pair on. "I am."
  1868. 01[00:49] <Halvors> "I need to stretch my legs."
  1869. [00:49] <Rapid> Lucas takes them and slips them on, tossing his quiver off. "I will"
  1870. [00:49] <padri> One pair.
  1871. 01[00:49] <Halvors> *the
  1872. [00:49] <padri> Not two.
  1873. [00:49] <padri> And Stoat had it.
  1874. 01[00:49] <Halvors> ... redact.
  1875. [00:49] <DrSavage> "No, no, children, you've finished the challenge!
  1876. [00:49] <DrSavage> One left!"
  1877. [00:49] <Soulless> Stoat looks. "...Oh. I see."
  1878. [00:49] <DrSavage> They can hear clapping.
  1879. [00:50] <DrSavage> Which grows louder...and from all around them.
  1880. [00:50] <Rapid> Lucas furrows his brow, looking around.
  1881. [00:50] <Soulless> She pockets the goggles again, possibly in another hidden place. She'll hand that and the picture to research when this is done.
  1882. [00:50] <padri> Ren looks all around.
  1883. [00:50] <padri> "I thought /we/ were the audience."
  1884. [00:50] <Soulless> She seems to grow wary of the clapping, since there sin't supposed to be any people here.
  1885. [00:50] <Soulless> She made sure of that when she initially looked through.
  1886. [00:50] <DrSavage> Nobody is in the stands.
  1887. [00:51] <Tara> "Huh"
  1888. [00:51] <Rapid> "Strange
  1889. [00:51] <DrSavage> "This last challenge is the most dangerous I'm afraid, children! Sometimes...not all of the beautiful audience makes it through this challenge..."
  1890. [00:51] <Rapid> "What is it?"
  1891. [00:51] <Soulless> "..."
  1892. [00:52] <Soulless> Stoat seems even /more/ put off now.
  1893. [00:52] <Soulless> She gets her knives out, cautious.
  1894. [00:52] <NAC> "I told you he killed them all." Cameron exclaims, noting his prophesy.
  1895. [00:52] <padri> Renee looks unsettled.
  1896. [00:52] <Tara> Now, Rosalind feels worried
  1897. [00:52] <Rapid> Lucas retrieves his bow and quiver, ready for anything.
  1898. [00:52] <padri> "More dangerous than the first one?"
  1899. [00:52] <DrSavage> "Are you ready, children?"
  1900. [00:53] <Rapid> "Ready as ever.
  1901. [00:53] <padri> "Yes. Let's get it over with."
  1902. [00:53] <DrSavage> "And before we begin, remember, it's all in good fun!"
  1903. [00:53] <Tara> "As ready as I'm going to be"
  1904. 01[00:53] <Halvors> Sverre taps idly on the stock of his gun.
  1905. [00:53] <NAC> "Shove it up your ass." Cameron grunts.
  1906. [00:55] <DrSavage> Suddenly, entry of the Gladiators plays again, still quite melancholy sounding. Around the center of the tent, they see...a bear on a motorcycle?
  1907. [00:55] <Tara> "I have a feeling this is going to get ugly"
  1908. [00:55] <padri> Ren frowns. What is this?
  1909. [00:55] <NAC> "Shoot it."
  1910. [00:55] <DrSavage> The motorcycle seems a real one, not a novelty one or pocket bike.
  1911. [00:56] <padri> "No."
  1912. [00:56] <padri> "That was a bad idea every time before, so why would it be good now?"
  1913. [00:56] <DrSavage> The bear is riding in a moderately sized circle.
  1914. [00:56] <Soulless> Can Stoat roll aiming Maneuver for the wheels of the morotcycle?
  1915. [00:56] <NAC> "We don't know that it was a bad idea every time before." Cameron retorts.
  1916. [00:56] <padri> "Can we have a clue?" She looks around for a clue.
  1917. [00:56] <NAC> "We never shot anything."
  1918. [00:57] <DrSavage> "You must stop the bear, as the show is closing!"
  1919. [00:57] <padri> "We didn't need to. In my book, that makes shooting things a Bad Idea." She pronounces the capital letters.
  1920. 01[00:57] <Halvors> Sverre sighs. He gets his rifle up.
  1921. [00:57] <padri> "Sverre! Just the wheels!"
  1922. 01[00:57] <Halvors> "Ja!"
  1923. 01[00:58] <Halvors> 6df+6 Obeying Renee and shooting wheels
  1924. [00:58] <Glacon> Halvors: Obeying Renee and shooting wheels: 6 (6df+6=0, 3+, 4-, 4-, 3+, 0)
  1925. [00:58] <Soulless> Can Stoat roll aiming Maneuver for the wheels of the morotcycle?
  1926. [00:58] <Soulless> Or well, whatever.
  1927. [00:58] <Tara> Rosalind looks around for any potential barriers
  1928. [00:58] <Soulless> 6df+8 Stoat shucks knives at the wheels of the bear's motorbikey.
  1929. [00:58] <Glacon> Soulless: Stoat shucks knives at the wheels of the bear's motorbikey.: 8 (6df+8=4-, 4-, 3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
  1930. [00:58] <Rapid> Can Lucas take a shot at the wheel and pop it?
  1931. [00:58] <NAC> Cameron glares at the wheels.
  1932. [00:59] <DrSavage> Yes, maneuvers
  1933. [00:59] <Soulless> oh, psh, redact the tossing
  1934. [00:59] <DrSavage> The shots and throws collide with the bike...and there is that earsplitting shriek from before.
  1935. [00:59] <DrSavage> Nah, it's cool, Soul.
  1936. [01:00] <Soulless> oh okay, all good then
  1937. [01:00] <padri> She grips her ears.
  1938. [01:00] <Rapid> 6df+7 Pop the wheels!
  1939. [01:00] <Glacon> Rapid: Pop the wheels!: 5 (6df+7=4-, 3+, 0, 4-, 4-, 0)
  1940. 01[01:00] <Halvors> Sverre flinches. "Fuck."
  1941. [01:00] <Soulless> Stoat shakes at the shrieking.
  1942. [01:00] <padri> "This is why I said no /shooting./"
  1943. [01:00] <Soulless> She checks to see if the bear is stopped.
  1944. [01:00] <Rapid> Lucas winces at the noise
  1945. [01:00] <Soulless> "We didn't kill it, Ren. Calm down."
  1946. [01:00] <Tara> "Oww!  Not a good idea!"  She goes back to looking for barriers
  1947. [01:00] <DrSavage> The bike stops...and rears up, before there is the sound of rending metal. The bear seems limp.
  1948. [01:00] <NAC> "We made it angry."
  1949. [01:00] <NAC> "Or it was already dead."
  1950. [01:01] <Tara> "The juggler was already dead"
  1951. [01:02] <padri> "I think it's one entity. Or could be."
  1952. [01:02] <Rapid> Lucas furrows a brow, nocking another arrow and cricling around the vehicle with the limp bear.
  1953. [01:02] <DrSavage> The bike begins twisting and contorting, intertwining with the bear. waht results is a hissing and growling creature half-bear, half motorcycle. It revs loudly.
  1954. [01:02] <DrSavage> Ath for initiative.
  1955. [01:03] <Soulless> 6df+8 ath
  1956. [01:03] <Glacon> Soulless: ath: 8 (6df+8=4-, 0, 0, 0, 3+, 0)
  1957. [01:03] <Tara> 6df+5 I'd rather scramble
  1958. [01:03] <Glacon> Tara: I'd rather scramble: 7 (6df+5=0, 0, 4-, 3+, 3+, 3+)
  1959. 01[01:03] <Halvors> 6df+6 ohshit
  1960. [01:03] <Glacon> Halvors: ohshit: 7 (6df+6=4-, 3+, 0, 0, 3+, 0)
  1961. 03[01:03] * Wigglebug is now known as SWL|eatingthingstime
  1962. [01:03] <padri> 6df+4 Don't get me!
  1963. [01:03] <Glacon> padri: Don't get me!: 5 (6df+4=0, 3+, 4-, 4-, 3+, 3+)
  1964. [01:04] <NAC> 6df+8
  1965. [01:04] <Glacon> NAC: 6 (6df+8=4-, 4-, 4-, 0, 0, 3+)
  1966. [01:05] <Rapid> 6df+6
  1967. [01:05] <Glacon> Rapid: 8 (6df+6=0, 3+, 3+, 4-, 0, 3+)
  1968. [01:05] <DrSavage> Soul, Rapid, your moves!
  1969. [01:07] <Soulless> 6df+8 Stoat Aiming to Throwing maneuver. Stoat attempts to aim for a nonvital spot that will stop the bear. During this time, she has a idea! However, she doesn't know how well it would work, due to her lack of medical knowledge. "Cameron, can you pass me a sedative." She asks this while aiming.
  1970. [01:07] <Glacon> Soulless: Stoat Aiming to Throwing maneuver. Stoat attempts to aim for a nonvital spot that will stop the bear. During this time, she has a idea! However, she doesn't know how well it would work, due to her lack of medical knowledge. "Cameron, can you pass me a sedative." She asks this while aiming.: 8 (6df+8=0, 3+, 3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
  1971. [01:07] <Rapid> Are there still the ropes we used to tie the animals around?
  1972. [01:08] <DrSavage> No.
  1973. [01:08] <DrSavage> Alright, +4 when you're up again, Stoat.
  1974. [01:10] <Rapid> 6df+5 to aim for the legs, looking to disable the creature.
  1975. [01:10] <Glacon> Rapid: to aim for the legs, looking to disable the creature.: 4 (6df+5=4-, 4-, 3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
  1976. [01:13] <DrSavage> Halvors, Tara, you're up!
  1977. [01:15] <Tara> 6df+12 Science tagging Physiologist looking for the best way to disable/stop the bear as a general maneuver for the group
  1978. [01:15] <Glacon> Tara: Science tagging Physiologist looking for the best way to disable/stop the bear as a general maneuver for the group: 13 (6df+12=3+, 4-, 0, 0, 0, 3+)
  1979. 01[01:15] <Halvors> Sverre licks his lips. He tries to notice if the bear has any preexisting wounds, or any kind of weakness that can be used as an advantage.
  1980. 01[01:15] <Halvors> 6df+8 pro percept. sauce
  1981. [01:15] <Glacon> Halvors: pro percept. sauce: 10 (6df+8=0, 3+, 3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
  1982. [01:17] <DrSavage> There seems to be a fuel line with a bit too much tension in it, Sverre. And Rosalind, there seems a cable hooked into the bear's head.
  1983. 01[01:17] <Halvors> Sverre blinks. "Hmmm...."
  1984. [01:18] <Tara> "There's a cable hooked into the bear's head.  We may want to sever it."  Now others can get a +4 bonus to aim for that spot when spending an AP
  1985. 01[01:19] <Halvors> "One of the fuel lines in the mechanical bits. There, by that shiny part, you see it? It's got something wrong with it. Might be a weak point."
  1986. 01[01:20] <Halvors> Sverre loads a clip of sabot rounds. "I'm going for the fuel line. Rest of you, your call what to go for."
  1987. 01[01:20] <Halvors> He also gets his luger loaded with +P FMJ rounds, just in case.
  1988. [01:20] <DrSavage> Cameron's move!
  1989. [01:20] <padri> "I'm not shooting."
  1990. [01:21] <NAC> Cameron nods, opening his pack and tossing Stoat a sedative as he walks by, the large, angry man cracking his neck left and right stomping forward. "Don't hit me with it." He grunts, slowly bending forward into a run, arms outstretched as runs to the bear. "You and me you little REDACTED" He mutters, throwing himself to the bear and throwing his rock of a  fist down on that cable oh so...
  1991. [01:21] <NAC> ...diligently pointed out by Rosa.
  1992. [01:21] <DrSavage> Spend the AP then.
  1993. [01:21] <Tara> First tag gets it free!
  1994. [01:21] <padri> No ap for first tagger, i thought?
  1995. [01:22] <DrSavage> Redact, no AP spent.
  1996. [01:22] <NAC> 6df+19 Melee (Tagging Manuver, Hulk of a nurse, and weakspot, 1 AP spent)
  1997. [01:22] <Glacon> NAC: Melee (Tagging Manuver, Hulk of a nurse, and weakspot, 1 AP spent): 17 (6df+19=3+, 4-, 4-, 4-, 0, 0)
  1998. [01:22] <DrSavage> Cameron's fist collides with the cable and knocks it free, and the bear-cycle slows down a great deal.
  1999. [01:23] <NAC> Not going to roll pdef?
  2000. 02[01:24] * Wogglebug (~chatzilla@E6D8D059.F7077C7A.349CBF1A.IP) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 10.0/20120129021758])
  2001. [01:24] <DrSavage> Agh, redact
  2002. [01:24] <DrSavage> 6df+6 I'm a bear-cycle, screw you.
  2003. [01:24] <Glacon> DrSavage: I'm a bear-cycle, screw you.: 3 (6df+6=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
  2004. [01:24] <DrSavage> Cameron's fist collides with the cable and knocks it free, and the bear-cycle slows down a great deal.
  2005. [01:25] <DrSavage> Was Cameron pulling his blow for non-lethal?
  2006. [01:25] <NAC> Nooooo
  2007. [01:25] <padri> Cameron you ass.
  2008. [01:26] <DrSavage> Bear-cycle is within an inch of its life, twitching.
  2009. [01:27] <DrSavage> It growls pathetically, swiping at Cameron.
  2010. [01:27] <DrSavage> 6df+5 That really hurt, jerk.
  2011. [01:27] <Glacon> DrSavage: That really hurt, jerk.: 6 (6df+5=4-, 4-, 3+, 3+, 3+, 0)
  2012. [01:28] <NAC> 6df+8 Cameron is a bear as well. Look at his pdef!
  2013. [01:28] <Glacon> NAC: Cameron is a bear as well. Look at his pdef!: 7 (6df+8=4-, 0, 3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
  2014. [01:28] <DrSavage> Pdef, Cameron
  2015. [01:28] <padri> Ren's turn?
  2016. [01:28] <DrSavage> Bear tears at shirt, nothing of value is lost.
  2017. [01:28] <DrSavage> Ren's turn.
  2018. [01:28] <padri> Ren walks up to the dying bearcycle and kneels next to it, being soothing and cooinc.
  2019. [01:28] <padri> *cooing.
  2020. [01:29] <DrSavage> It looks over to her, growling and hissing pathetically.
  2021. [01:29] <padri> 6df+10 bu pers "Sshhhh. Just quiet now. It's over. The show is over."
  2022. [01:29] <Glacon> padri: bu pers "Sshhhh. Just quiet now. It's over. The show is over.": 10 (6df+10=0, 4-, 3+, 0, 0, 0)
  2023. [01:29] <DrSavage> Bear is distracted by cooing and soothing talk.
  2024. 01[01:29] <Halvors> Sverre leans on a railing and sighs.
  2025. [01:30] <DrSavage> Stoat and Lucas's turn.
  2026. [01:30] <padri> "Now can we be done? He's stopped!"
  2027. [01:31] <Rapid> 6df+10 Lucas steps up and tries to help calm the bear. Hasn't fired a shot at it. (Tagging Animal Empathy)
  2028. [01:31] <Glacon> Rapid: Lucas steps up and tries to help calm the bear. Hasn't fired a shot at it. (Tagging Animal Empathy): 10 (6df+10=0, 3+, 3+, 0, 4-, 4-)
  2029. [01:31] <Soulless> 6df+16 (non lethal, tag Maneuver + Heart) Stoat drugs her knives with the sedative with little knowledge on how it's going to work, but she  doesn't want the bear to be too hurt. She aims for a non-vital spot with her knives while people keep it calm so it can go to sleep.
  2030. [01:31] <Glacon> Soulless: (non lethal, tag Maneuver + Heart) Stoat drugs her knives with the sedative with little knowledge on how it's going to work, but she  doesn't want the bear to be too hurt. She aims for a non-vital spot with her knives while people keep it calm so it can go to sleep.: 17 (6df+16=3+, 0, 4-, 4-, 3+, 3+)
  2031. [01:31] <DrSavage> Bear is sleeping now, no more revving.
  2032. [01:32] <Soulless> She sighs a bit. It should be done!
  2033. [01:32] <DrSavage> "I am /shocked/, children! This is the first time anyone has made it through my acts! I am proud of you!" The Ring Master seems to be floating down on an umbrella, near the platform on the center ring.
  2034. [01:32] <DrSavage> Perception.
  2035. 01[01:32] <Halvors> 6df+8 I'm good at this
  2036. [01:32] <Glacon> Halvors: I'm good at this: 6 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, 4-, 4-, 0)
  2037. [01:32] <Rapid> 6df+5 Peceptive I am not
  2038. [01:32] <Glacon> Rapid: Peceptive I am not: 5 (6df+5=0, 4-, 3+, 3+, 0, 4-)
  2039. [01:32] <Tara> 6df+7 perception
  2040. [01:32] <Glacon> Tara: perception: 9 (6df+7=0, 3+, 3+, 4-, 0, 3+)
  2041. [01:32] <padri> 6df+5 I perceive!
  2042. [01:32] <Glacon> padri: I perceive!: 8 (6df+5=4-, 3+, 0, 3+, 3+, 3+)
  2043. [01:32] <Soulless> 6df+8 Perception
  2044. [01:32] <Glacon> Soulless: Perception: 7 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, 0, 4-, 0)
  2045. [01:33] <NAC> 6df+5
  2046. [01:33] <Glacon> NAC: 7 (6df+5=0, 4-, 3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
  2047. [01:34] <DrSavage> You notice three things, all of you. First, there is a pair of gloves near the bear. They are brown in color.
  2048. [01:35] <padri> Renee picks them up.
  2049. [01:36] <DrSavage> There is a tag on them! "MB Gloves! Keeps hands both cool and warm! You'll /bearly/ feel you're wearing them!"
  2050. [01:36] <padri> She grimaces at the pun, and pulls one on to see if it's like it says.
  2051. [01:37] <NAC> Cameron gets of the bear and begins walking towards the Ring Master. He's not waiting for any discussion on the next topic or course of action.
  2052. [01:37] <NAC> Also, what are the other two things?
  2053. [01:37] <DrSavage> It indeed feels very comfortable, as if she is wearing nothing. And her hand feels it is at her ideal temperature.
  2054. [01:38] <padri> she wears the other one, too, and wiggles her fingers. ~So weird.~
  2055. [01:38] <DrSavage> The other two things are that the middle platform now seems dark red in color, with clothing on it, tattered and apparently in 50's American style. The Ring Master runs his pale fingers on it.
  2056. [01:39] <DrSavage> The final thing is that the top of the tent is falling, and there appears to be no exit.
  2057. [01:39] <padri> !!!
  2058. [01:39] <Soulless> Stoat approaches it cautiously, watching the Ring Master, panicked at the falling tent.
  2059. [01:39] <Soulless> "Explain."
  2060. [01:40] <Rapid> Lucas approaches with her, looking at the clothes and falling tent. How bad could it be? It's just cloth...
  2061. [01:40] <padri> ~Well, if the tent falls on me, at least my hands will be comfy.~
  2062. 01[01:40] <Halvors> Sverre thunks his dead down on the nearest surface.
  2063. 01[01:40] <Halvors> [Fucking A.]
  2064. [01:40] <DrSavage> "The show is over, and  must bid you farewell, beautiful, clever children! I am so proud of you! I do hope we meet again..."
  2065. [01:40] <NAC> Cameron doesn't wait to go back to the pool, he lunges at the Ringmaster as the circus falls around him. "Damn you for making her die again!" He yells out, throwing his fist at the ring master.
  2066. [01:40] <padri> "Cameron!"
  2067. [01:40] <NAC> 6df+15 Melee! Cameron wants vengance!
  2068. [01:40] <Glacon> NAC: Melee! Cameron wants vengance!: 14 (6df+15=4-, 0, 4-, 3+, 0, 0)
  2069. [01:41] <Soulless> Stoat panics a bit, ducking under Cameron. Can she grab the clothes?
  2070. [01:41] <Rapid> Lucas will help with that
  2071. [01:41] <padri> It's rather half-hearted. She doesn't expect a response or acknowledgement or anything.
  2072. 01[01:41] <Halvors> Sverre goes and grabs some clothes idly.
  2073. 01[01:41] <Halvors> He whistles as things apparently go to shit.
  2074. [01:41] <NAC> tagging the manuver and hulk of a nurse btw, using both ap
  2075. [01:42] <DrSavage> The Ring Master is hit but then..appears in front of them again. He raises his index finger and traces something onto his featureless head.
  2076. [01:42] <Rapid> Lucas snatches up some clothes, looking up at the ringmaster, tilting his head curiously
  2077. [01:42] <padri> Ren watches intently.
  2078. [01:42] <Tara> If there's any clothes left, Rosalind takes some before ducking under the platform to watch the ringmaster
  2079. [01:43] <Soulless> Well assuming everyone already took clothes, my question was moot so redact it
  2080. [01:44] <DrSavage> He has drawn a macabre smiley face on his empty head, and they hear that otherworldy voice chuckle from him. "I know it was hard, children. But know that the Ring Master is your friend...and it was all in good fun...."
  2081. [01:44] <DrSavage> The tent collapses on top of you all...and you are back in FR.
  2082. [01:44] <padri> She frowns.
  2083. 02[01:49] * NAC ( Quit (Client exited)
  2084. 02[01:51] * SWL|eatingthingstime ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
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