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  1. Trump isn't out of the norm in American politics, in fact, he represents an American archetype -- Trump is HYPERNORMAL. His biggest difference from others is that he says the quiet parts out loud, making text out of subtext. Aggressively uncouth, the jester with a crown, his orange business motley jiggling with bells, blowing vuvuzela at you, it offends you to know "this is what power is become." Clown world hegemony led by an actual clown - perverse wrongness in being so right. The crime for many, though they cannot express this, is in being too on the nose. But go back, and see the long line of presidents, see Jackson, TR, Reagan, prior manifestations of Trumpian archetype, each less subtle than the last, God help you if you're alive to see the next.
  2. A prophet comes, his visions and relayed chastisements from God mystify the world, and we interpret what he means til end of time - the Truth being not the writing on the wall, that's just another sign, but the Hand that writes. Here comes the blasphemer, who demystifies heaven and hell, revealing to you the cosmic plan to be a joke, many think it well to burn such man alive. This is the crime of every Krushchev, Gorbachev or Trump, and any fool who mentions Tienamen square outloud. Remove! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! If you shatter the illusion, you'll shatter our whole lives. But he keeps dancing, laughing, immune to pleading and cries, disabusing you of all those beloved and fantastic lies - like the men on top know what's up, and do what's good for us. I warn you, the answer here is laugh along, accept the foot upon the gas is made of led, there is no reverse, no turning back, no untrumping what is trumped, only full speed ahead. Impeachment? Investigation? Be the Manchurian guest and do foreign bidding in the name of undoing foreign bidding. The more you resist, the more friction, the more chaos, the more bruises, the more bleeding. Like trying to wrestle the wheel from a drunk driver - you're not helping yourself get home tonight.
  3. Learn to stop worrying, and love Trump.
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