[TLH/SinKid] Toby x Panther in the Closet (NSFW)

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  1. "So wait, you just had your birthday?"
  3. Panther nodded. "Yup. Just turned 18."
  5. "Not old enough to drink, but old enough to do practically everything else." Toby smiled. "So whatcha get?"
  7. "Not much at all. A few gift cards, something from my mom, a day off from work..."
  9. Toby started scanning the racks and shelves of miniatures. "Well, I can get you something if you'd like."
  11. "It's fine, dude. Still trying to work out if I wanna collect that stuff."
  13. "Fair call." He said. "Still, I wanna give you something."
  15. "Today's lunch'll be good enough." She smiled. "Or maybe dinner and a movie."
  17. Toby stammered for a second. "I-I think dinner and movie sounds good idea- I mean, I think that's a good idea."
  19. Panther chuckled. "God, you're such a dork."
  21. "I get that from my dad."
  23. A brief second of content silence passed. "Oh, that reminds me, I got something out back to show you."
  25. Toby perked up. "Oh?"
  27. After putting up a 'gone to lunch' sign (really just a piece of paper stuck to the door) Panther beckoned him to follow, which he did. She opened a door, labelled as a closet, and stepped inside the remarkably spacious room to search for something.
  29. "What are you doing...?"
  31. "Looking for a knife to open the box with." She replied with a groan of frustration. "Hey Flasher, you've got working eyes, mind helping me look?"
  33. "Alright." Toby shrugged and stepped inside as well, there being just enough room for the two of them, though it felt tighter as he tried not to let his body touch hers.
  35. As much as he might want to.
  37. As he searched one of the shelves, he heard the door latch shut. "Uh, Pan...?"
  39. "Hm?" She replied, a subtle hint of knowing in her hum.
  41. "Why... did you shut and lock the door?"
  43. "Well, you said that you wanted to give me something for my birthday." She replied with a smirk, gently snaking her arms around his body.
  45. "Is this just an elaborate trap to... er... how do I phrase this... have sex with me?"
  47. Panther blinked. "Yes."
  49. Toby went bright red. "O-oh, I wasn't expecting you to be so upfront about that, I thought you'd just say you'd want to make out at the most."
  51. "Well, that too."
  53. "And, lemme guess, there's nothing out back to show me?"
  55. "Oh, no, there is, I just wanted to see if this'd work first."
  57. "That's a surpri-"
  59. "Just shut up and kiss me." Panther said, before moving in herself and planting her lips on his - a little bit of a challenge, seeing as he was nearly a head taller than her.
  61. After the initial shock, Toby quickly responded in kind, pushing himself deeper in. Panther pulled their bodies closer, ever-so-slightly grinding against him.
  63. As they continued, Toby clumsily slid his coat off his shoulders, and it fell with considerable weight. Panther lifted his shirt up as he did hers, and Toby pulled back to admire. "Nice bra."
  65. "Thanks." Panther replied, still a little short of breath, looking down at the black sports bra she was wearing. "I'm sure you'd like what's underneat it more." She slid a hand under it and lifted it up, exposing her somewhat small but well-shaped and perky breasts.
  67. "Well, you're not wrong." He replied, cupping one in his hands and eliciting a soft moan from Panther.
  69. "E-easy there, Tobs." She spoke softly. "We don't wanna get too loud."
  71. "Sorry." He reluctantly moved his hand back to her side. "We should probably try to keep some of our clothes on too, just in case someone walks in."
  73. "Smart thinking." Pan smiled. "There'll be plenty of time later for... exploration."
  75. "Wait, so this-" Toby went to reply, but was cut off by another make-out session.
  77. It didn't last long, as Panther pulled back after a few seconds. Wordlessly she grabbed the hem of her pants and pulled them down, taking her spats with them. Toby noticed the glint of metal where her right knee was, and Panther caught him looking. "Oh yeah, I, uh... I have a prosthetic leg." She looked up at him. "That's... not gonna turn you off, is it?"
  79. "Nah, I think it's cool." He smiled, warmly.
  81. She smiled in reply. "Aww, thanks, man. Now, let's get those pants down, it must be getting tight there."
  83. Toby clumsily pulled his pants down, freeing his rock-solid member. Panther adjusted her glasses and looked down in surprise. "Huh. Not bad, Flasher."
  85. "Why do you keep calling me that?" Toby raised an eyebrow. His question remained unanswered, as Pan grabbed his member and gave him a few test pumps, earning her a quiet moan. "S-so, how do you wanna go about this?"
  87. "I was just gonna jam it in. Cool with you?"
  89. "I'd suggest oral or habd stuff to start with but we're not exactly doing this as a slow venture, so whatever's g-gaAAAHhaah...!" Toby felt a soft, wet and warm feeling around his member, as Panther pulled herself up just enough to slip him into her waiting entrance, and as deep as she could go. "Jesus, Pan, some warning next time...!"
  91. "S-sorry, dude...!" She replied, biting back a moan. "Oh jeez, that's deep..." She shifted herself so that she was leaning back, resting her weight on one of the shelves and holding herself upright with her arms around his neck. Toby meanwhile positioned himself to hold her up with ease, one of her legs on its toes while the other, her prosthetic one, was held up by him. His other hand moved to her hips to help support her weight.
  93. "Ready?"
  95. Panther nodded. Slowly, they pulled back, and then crashed their hips together, Panther biting back another moan. And again, and again, the two of them quickly building up a steady and fast-paced rhythm.
  97. In the cramped confines of the storage closet it was easy to hear the squishes and slaps of skin and flesh, and the air became warm and heavy with the smell of sex. It quickly got to their heads, Panther no longer hiding her noises of pleasure and Toby only caring about pleasing himself and her, keeping his steady speed up. His somewhat-free hand moved from her hips to her chest, sliding under her shirt and groping her, only making her moans louder.
  99. As he started to feel the very start of his approaching orgasm, Panther pushed herself into him, Toby leaning back on one of the shelves and fully supporting her body as she leaned forwards and planted her lips on his, moaning through their sloppy kiss. Her hips kept slamming against his at a speed he barely thought possible and bringing him to the brink, then she stopped, his member sliding out as she muffled her screams against his chest.
  101. "D-did you just...?"
  103. "Y-yeah..." She panted, still twitching. After a moment she slid off him and knelt in front of him, grabbing his still-solid member and placing its tip in her mouth, rapidly jacking him off.
  105. It didn't take him long to reach orgasm, and he gripped the shelves tight as the waves of climax hit him, each load kept behind the tight seal of her lips. The moment he was done, his knees gave out on him, and he slumped on the ground in front of her.
  107. Panther spent a moment showing off his load before swallowing it. "Hm, not bad."
  109. "Really?" He panted.
  111. "I'm one of those weird girls that kind of likes the taste." She shrugged.
  113. "Fair enough then." He sighed. "Well, I hoped you enjoyed yourself, cuz I sure as hell did."
  115. "Dude, that was great. Next time, let's do it somewhere private and comfortable, and when we both have some free time." She replied, grabbing a roll of paper towels and wiping herself down.
  117. "Wait, what do you mean next time?"
  119. "Well, what else are we gonna do after that movie date?" Panther smiled.
  121. "I am so lost right now."
  123. "Dude, I like you a lot, and I wanna go out with you. I assume that because you were on board with what we just did, you like me too and wanted to go out with me."
  125. "I do, I do, it's just that I wasn't sure that's what was going on."
  127. "Pfft, you're such a dork." Panther said, leaning in to kiss him again, this time more lovingly than passionately. "Now put your pants back on, I've got that thing to show you."
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