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  1. Many people have the fantasy of meeting the shy girl that disappeared over the Summer only to return as an overly matured bombshell. Grace is that fantasy brought to life and turned up to a million. She was the last person anyone would have expected to turn out this way. Just three months ago who she was the tiny albeit cute wallflower. She didn't have very many friends because of how shy she was. Many people speculated that the little blonde's home life was to blame for her shyness. She always had an air about her that made it seem as though she was in the shadow of someone and as a result she would often go unnoticed. In the present, however.. everyone had already forgotten about that unremarkable little Grace.
  3. The person that had returned with her name during freshman year couldn't possibly be Grace. She probably couldn't even be human. Every head turned at the sound of a giant commotion in the hallways on the first day of school. Rushing into the main hallway, she's impossible to miss, even over the crowd. A woman standing at least a couple inches taller than the tallest person who had ever lived towered over all the people that were crowding around in disbelief. "Hey everyone," she said, ridiculously plump, slutty lips turning up into an aroused, haughty smirk, "Who wants to show me to class?" The crowd of students went wild. A barrage of questions were answered as strut down the central hallway, her newly born fan club comprised mostly of upper classmen not leaving a single inch of space in her wake...
  5. "You're really a student!?"
  7. "Yes, I'm a freshman!"
  9. "No way! You're the biggest girl ever! Oh my god!"
  11. "Well.. Maybe not the biggest, yet. Mmm, I really just began my growth spurt like.. a month ago!"
  13. Most of the students couldn't even see her face because of what was often up to four feet differences in height and also.. the pair of giant, obscene, ridiculous pair of [b]BLIMPS[/b] that were practically exploding off of her chest. This girl's boobs completed dominated her torso, and projected so far out in front of her chest that a person could [b]EASILY[/b] ride comfortably in the incredibly deep cleavage that was accentuated by her plain baby blue tank top. Her breasts had an impossible roundness that should only be able to come from plastic, but they bounced with such an unnatural heft and perkiness that was impossible for fakes. The questions couldn't go without asking long,
  15. "Are those seriously real!? They look like exercise balls! Tits can't get that big! Your butt too!"
  17. The towering freshman would just laugh in response, her giggles so ridiculously horny that anyone that heard them would blush. "Are you making fun of me? Of course they're real!" She stopped stopped suddenly and turned back, facing the crowd of students that had followed along for the school tour. "Do these really look fake?" She rose her hands and kneaded her hands slowly into the bulging blimps. No plastic boobs would swell so softly through a pair of hands. "I'm currently a sextuple Z cup. That's Z.. Z.. Z.. Z.. Z.. Z!" She drawled out each letter, kneading her boobs as arching her back more and more with each letter before finally slapping the right one roughly and loosing a booming giggle. "I'm gonna get way bigger though! Also yes, before you ask again, [b]this[/b] is real too." She turned herself around and spanked her left asscheek so hard that the giant city school hallway trembled from the crack. The entire crowd of raving student-fans went silent and wide-eyed at the colossal sound. "Proportionally, I'd say its even bigger than my boobs. It's been growing so quickly that I'm unsure of the measurement right now, but it's totally one hundred percent real! And just so none of you can doubt it.." She bends her knees slowly, lowering her ass towards the ground and causing many students to back away. With little warning, the towering amazon bounces her hips and twerks with such explosive energy that the sound of her spank suddenly seems tiny in comparison to the booming clap of her giant asscheeks. She was wearing a pair of jeans that were so tight they clung to every inch of her and left nothing to the imagination, but that tightness couldn't restrain her bouncing twerking assclaps.
  19. "Umph, mphf! Gosh, that's starting to become a workout. That's the only free show you're gonna get so I hope you liked it!"
  21. The entire hallway went silent as she stopped and stood back up to her full height. Teachers and administration stood at the back of the crowd slack-jawed. "Hey, isn't first period supposed to start soon? Hurry up and bring me to class. I'm not gonna be tardy on my first day!" The girl then found extreme delight in the fact that she had to squeeze her giant curves through the classroom doorways. By the end of the day, Grace had been moved to all honors-level twelfth grade classes. She immediately showed an intelligence far beyond any freshman students and.. the school decided it would be best to separate her from the younger students while they tried to work with her extreme, outstandingly sexual presence.
  23. Whether they liked it or not, Grace was going to become the center of all their lives. As the first day ended and the next began, the giant blonde returned to the school [b]noticeably[/b] bigger. Even this giant city school wouldn't keep up with her for long. Her plump, eager smirk only grew wider as her fan club grew every day. Soon she wouldn't fit through doorways at all. Some students began to gossip and swear that they could [b]see[/b] her curves bulging slowly larger.
  25. She wasn't going to stop. As you stared at her idly from across the class one day as her hand moved quietly underneath her desk, you accidentally made contact as her big blue eyes met yours. Huge hearts beat in her giant blue eyes as she mouthed the word.. "Bigger."
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