The Dreamer and the Khan

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  1. Well, this was interesting. Quiet as she was, Verna was surprised to find that her Servant's summoning ritual didn't actually require a chant to work 100% of the time. Or maybe, not a verbal one. She did think about it, after all. Well, not like it matters much in the end, but it was fun to think about. Regardless, there  was perhaps a more important topic to deal with.
  3. More specifically, that topic would be the tall, scarred figure staring down at her. Even more specifically, the red Command Seals on her hand. Out of curiosity, she extends said limb towards the bearded man, giving him full view of the tattoo-like symbols. Immediately, his expression changes from proud disinterest to pure disgust. "Those symbols," He hatefully utters, "Are they supposed to make you my 'Master'?"
  5. Humming pleasantly in thought, Verna eventually gives him a nod, recollecting what she had read about the Holy Grail War. "It would seem so, yes." She finds it strangely easy to begin speaking to her Servant telepathically. Not that it was ever difficult for her, but this is an even greater improvement. Curious.
  7. "And exactly which royal line do you descend from?" Verna simply blinks at this question for a moment, cocking her head to the side while thinking how to phrase here answer. "None," She simply states. "Or, well, I don't really know. I don't anything about my family, so I suppose they could be some sort of royals, but it's quite unlikely."
  9. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife, as the newly summoned Servant's fist tightened, his knuckles turning white and his face turning red from sheer rage. Verna lowers her posture, preparing to make a swift turn and run away from the man who seems ready to murder her. Then, suddenly, he exhales. The Servant's grip loosens and his posture relaxes. Looking back up at his scarred face, the Magus Killer is surprised to find that he's smiling, if only slightly.
  11. "I see. Well, worry not, young one. Though you were misguided by the conspirators," His voice seethes with anger once more at that word, before returning to normal. "You will not be punished, for I see you have the good sense to bow before a king." Huh? When did she ever do that? Looking down at herself, Verna realizes what the Servant means, and allows herself a tiny, near invisible smile.
  13. Did he mistake her pose for an actual bow? Hah, that's certainly new. All's well that ends well, though, and Verna isn't one to bite the hand that feeds her. "Thank you, your majesty." That's what he wants to hear, right? What an interesting Servant. He looks positively deranged, from the horrific state of his clothes and the multitude of talismans hanging from them, down to the paranoid look in his eyes. And yet, he fancies himself to be a king. His uniform is surprisingly recent, maybe around the 19th or 20th century? Verna wonders just which of the many tyrants of history she summoned.
  15. Her thoughts are dispelled by the man's pleasant nod, motioning for the Master to rise and walking past her without even sparing her a glance. "As I stated, it is alright, but do take care to remember your place, vassal. You may refer to me as 'Your Majesty' or 'My Khan' in private, but only as 'Rider' when in public. As glorious and great as I am, it would befit us to remain hidden away from the eyes of the conspirators while we're still unprepared."
  17. Nodding like she was paying attention, Verna follows Rider curiously. Exiting the basement of the suburban home she had "rented", she can feel that the Servant is positively disgusted at what he sees. "And is this supposed to be our residence during this War, vassal?" The shorter woman nods, extending her arm and snapping her fingers.
  19. []
  21. A man and a woman, both young adults, stumble out of the next room over. Their skin is shallow, their complexion pale. They seem almost...empty. Like they're just puppets being strung along. The man, spotting Verna, abruptly rises from his hunched stance to his full height within a single second, his messy, uncut hair that covered his eyes now parting to reveal them. Empty. There is no person behind those eyes. No soul to see through those windows. The thing gives Verna a hollow, disturbing smile, full of teeth, as if it didn't remember how humans were supposed to smile. "Hey, Verna, how's it go-" It abruptly stops once it spots Rider crossing his arms behind Verna.
  23. Before the thing can react, the Master grabs onto her Angelicall Stone and begins using some sort of Magecraft on the both it and it's companion. "Oh my, did I forget to tell you about him?" Rider watched her suspiciously, unable to hear her words. "This is the man you'll be...'serving'. Please, introduce yourselves to him." A shame she used telepathy to give the order out of instinct. Rider's reaction would have been pretty amusing. Speaking of amusing, the 'servants' stumble back for a moment, shaking their head in some attempt to clear it, before abruptly pausing and slowly shifting their gaze towards Rider. "Ah." Says the woman, her tone purely monotone. "I didn't know he'd be coming so soon. Happy to meet you, Mr-"
  25. Before the woman can finish her sentence, Rider swiftly walks around her, then batters her head with the pommel of his saber, quickly moving to do the same to the man, knocking the both of them out. Verna snorts, turning to look at Rider with an amused expression. "Well, Mr. Khan, forgive me for asking, but what was that about?" Rider huffs, and Verna senses the annoyance he feels at his apparent title, but doesn't seem to react beyond that, instead simply sheathing his weapon again and summarily turning to walk out the door. "It is good to know you took preparations to ensure these creatures knew their place as commoners below me, but they are completely and utterly inadequate. Take care to find better fodder next time. In fact, even if they were good enough for their khan, this house is cramped and filthy. I require more appropriate lodgings."
  27. Well, now that she considers it, two random people with a semi-decent house in the suburbs probably wouldn't be enough for a King, huh? Verna brings her right hand to her lips, biting onto her index finger rather cutely and trying to find a solution. She could go where all the mansions were, but she had a feeling some of the more fortunate members of the community would certainly be missed more than her current targets. The slums obviously wouldn't do, even if they were a great source of 'Mana' that nobody would miss, and she already was in the more middle-class district. Absentmindedly pacing over the unconscious bodies of the unconscious bodies the of the owners of the house, like they were mere furniture, Verna finally snaps her fingers, as if having a revelation.
  29. "We could go to the Chevalier. Real fancy five star hotel, looks pretty great. I can get us a penthouse suite pretty easily. What do you think, Mr. Khan?" Rider seems to consider the thought for a few seconds, before nodding and motioning for Verna to lead the way. "Very well, vassal. Let's hope your suggestion isn't as bad as this one, lest next tine, you face real consequences..." The Magus-Killer runs a hand over her Command Seals instinctively, fully understanding the depths of Rider's paranoia. And's fine. She's not concerned about it. In fact, she enjoys the thought of it! Think of all the fun stuff that could lead to!
  31. Having reaffirmed her confidence, the girl almost walks out the door before abruptly stopping just a step away from exiting the home. She turns to look at her Servant, the scarce, warmly coloured light of dusk illuminating her innocent features. "Hey, Mr. Khan, if we're going to leave them and their Mana here anyways..." Her monotone, dulcet voice echoes in Rider's mind.
  33. Sporting an expression of simple, entirely innocent curiosity, Verna points at the collapsed couple, leading Rider's sight to them.
  35. []
  37. "Aren't you going to finish your meal?"
  39. Rider feels brief confusion, his eyes turning back and forth from his Master and the two bodies before him. Verna can see it, the moment he actually considers it, his sight solidly attaching itself to the husks. Oh, how he considers it. Verna can't wait for the Servant's answer. One second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, five sec-"Very well, vassal. It would be a waste to allow even the tiniest resource to slip through our fingers."
  41. How wonderful. How absolutely wonderful! Verna can really tell, as Rider draws his blade once more and turns his back to her, this War will be so fun! So utterly hilarious and interesting! Easily, the best thing she'll have ever experienced, the greatest show of them all! It'll be...what's that sound? That high pitched, rising and repetitive noise, even louder than the sounds of Rider butchering his meal? Verna swears there's no one else in the house, so-
  43. Oh.
  45. That's just the sound of her giggling.
  47. Incredible! Rider, so easily, even managed to break her ever-present telepathic communication, in less than an hour!
  49. COOL!
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