Electro Legion Group Notifier for Roblox Change Log

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  1. Change Log:
  2. ---------------------------
  3. 2.2.2
  4. -Fixed an error where if there was no shout things would error out and break.
  6. 2.2.1
  7. -Fixed group ID, was set to Orglock Empire for testing and forgot to switch it back.
  9. 2.2.0
  10. -Added who shouted
  11. -Added the rank of the person who shouted
  12. -Fixed some bugs
  14. 2.1.5:
  15. -Added error exemption for AJAX call which prevents an error occurring when internet shuts off during AJAX call among other things.
  16. -Added a try function to the process (may remove later as it may cause doubling of calls.)
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