My Birds Kain't Be This Angry

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  1. [13:05:11] <Kain> OKAY
  2. [13:05:46] <Kain> LAST TIME the group agreed to sell their dignity and help a Qu prepare a meal for an unspecified amount of monies.
  3. [13:06:09] <Kain> PLANS were made to split the party
  4. [13:06:19] <Kain> One group looking for wild radishes
  5. [13:06:25] <Kain> one buying mog cheese at the store
  6. [13:06:38] <Kain> and Ammy staying behind to help cook until roc eggs were gathered
  7. [13:06:42] <Kain> WHERE DO WE START FIRST
  8. [13:07:38] <Natalie> T-They can go first
  9. [13:08:06] <Celina> sure thing
  10. [13:08:16] <Celina> me an' theta an' lenny right
  11. [13:08:20] <Kain> WADISHES
  12. [13:09:12] <Celina> WADISH SEASON
  13. [13:09:33] * @Lenore is hunting wadishes, be wewy wewy quiet!
  14. [13:09:41] * Celina sets off, glad to have a break from dealing with tiny and obnoxious for a while.
  15. [13:09:45] <Kain> Celina, Theta, and Lenore, you may use Awareness, Nature, Inquiry, or Thievery for this challenge
  16. [13:10:35] <Kain> the latter two involve not leaving town yet, but hey, whatever you guys decide.
  17. [13:10:40] <Celina> 2d6+2 awareness
  18. [13:10:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, awareness: 12 [2d6=5,5]
  19. [13:10:47] <Celina> woo
  20. [13:10:56] <Theta> Theta's got a pretty good grip on nature and wildlife!  He looks around for what he'd recognize as a wild radish.
  21. [13:10:59] <Theta> 2d6+3
  22. [13:10:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+3: 6 [2d6=1,2]
  23. [13:11:02] <Theta> (pht. :<)
  24. [13:11:08] <@Lenore> 2d6+4 Awareness
  25. [13:11:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Awareness: 12 [2d6=5,3]
  26. [13:12:54] <Natalie> (Wow, I don't know why but I read Theta's as "He'll disguise himself as a wild radish")
  27. [13:13:01] <Kain> Lenore and Celina quickly spot a huge patch of radishes only a stone's throw from the town, growing in a nice, sunlit patch of land sheltered from wind by the canyon walls.. Theta thinks they look a bit bigger than he'd expect, but that's a bonus, right? The leafy sprouts blow gently in the breeze that does manage to make it.
  28. [13:13:35] * Celina attempts to pull one.
  29. [13:13:54] * @Lenore quickly looks around to make sure this isn't anyone's farm land
  30. [13:14:17] <Kain> No, no fences or signs or anything, and the land isn't plowed or anything.
  31. [13:14:23] <Kain> Seems to just be a convenient spot.
  32. [13:14:44] <Kain> There's a few of various sizes. You pluck out a few small radishes and work your way up to a rather large spout.
  33. [13:14:47] * @Lenore runs right in and tries to pull one out, then~
  34. [13:14:57] <Kain> Tug.... this big one seems to be a bit more rooted.
  35. [13:15:07] <Theta> "Strange..."
  36. [13:15:13] <Kain> Tuuuuuuug
  37. [13:15:14] <Celina> "Let's work together for it."
  38. [13:15:24] * Celina moves so someoe else can help tuuuuuug
  39. [13:15:25] <@Lenore> "Okay!"
  40. [13:15:41] <Celina> "You as well, Sir Theta."
  41. [13:15:45] <Kain> (or anything or anything, redundancy alert)
  42. [13:15:58] <Theta> He takes out his sword, pokes the ground with the tip, and leans on it a bit.  "Well, first let's see if the land itself would be willing to assist us."
  43. [13:16:14] <Kain> A little intuitive magic, hm?
  44. [13:16:21] <Theta> (indeed.)
  45. [13:16:22] * @Lenore positions herself next to Celina and starts puuuuulling.
  46. [13:16:51] <Kain> Lenore and Celina tuuug while Theta moves the earth beneath them. Hurr durr horp dorp
  47. [13:17:01] <Kain> And after a moment....
  48. [13:17:19] <Kain> The radish pops out and goes flying up! ...Wait a second, radishes don't have arms and legs....
  49. [13:17:27] <@Lenore> (A radish monster!)
  50. [13:17:34] <Celina> (:O)
  51. [13:17:35] <Kain> The mandragora tumbles through the air and faceplants into the ground.
  52. [13:17:40] <Celina> "Oh."
  53. [13:17:43] <Celina> "Oh my."
  54. [13:17:46] <@Lenore> "Hm? Oh I'm sorry!"
  55. [13:18:01] <Theta> "Oh, explains the size difference," He puts the sword away.
  56. [13:18:06] <@Lenore> "Are you okay?"  She runs up to it all ;_; that she pulled it out.
  57. [13:18:07] <Amaryllis> (befriend it and we can start a whole menagerie of plant monster pets!)
  58. [13:18:19] <Kain> It picks itself up, shaking its head and looking a bit groggy and cranky. You probably just interrupted a nice nap for it.
  59. [13:18:40] <Kain> It stares at the three of you for a moment, not responding.
  60. [13:18:48] <Celina> (it's going to be hard not to. ;_; anise olev mandragora)
  61. [13:18:49] <@Lenore> "I'm soooooo sorry!  I-is there something we can do to make it up for you?"
  62. [13:19:18] <Celina> "Please forgive us, we thought you were a radish."
  63. [13:19:46] * Celina starts inching away, not knowing if this is a harmless like Sir Prickles or a nasty like the shoopuf.
  64. [13:19:50] <Kain> It tilts its head a moment, a bit confused. Maybe it doesn't understand it.
  65. [13:20:05] <@Lenore> 2d6 LANGUAGE ATTEMPT
  66. [13:20:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, LANGUAGE ATTEMPT: 5 [2d6=3,2]
  67. [13:20:11] <Theta> " is a radish."
  68. [13:20:15] <Theta> "In a way."
  69. [13:20:15] <@Lenore> (;_;)
  70. [13:20:18] <Celina> 2d6 LANGUAGES
  71. [13:20:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, LANGUAGES: 3 [2d6=2,1]
  72. [13:20:23] <Kain> The mandragora does indeed resemble a radish, or at least its head.
  73. [13:20:28] <Celina> (dicemaid haet celina)
  74. [13:20:35] * @Lenore tries to think what Mandragora radish would speak...
  75. [13:20:46] * @Lenore tries earnestly, and spends a point of destiny to try again!
  76. [13:20:52] <@Lenore> 2d6 I'M SO SILLY
  77. [13:20:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, I'M SO SILLY: 8 [2d6=4,4]
  78. [13:21:03] <Kain> (Oh dear)
  79. [13:21:25] <@Lenore> (Alpha you try too)
  80. [13:21:46] <Theta> 2d6 lol language skill
  81. [13:21:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, lol language skill: 4 [2d6=1,3]
  82. [13:22:35] <@Lenore> (N-next level up I'm picking up language.  But that's forever away.)
  83. [13:22:50] <Kain> You try and wing it by putting an accent on your cactuar speak, and it seems the Mandragora gets the general gist but doesn't seem too pleased. It chatters away in some other series of noises you can't quite understand, then hops at Lenore!
  84. [13:23:13] <Kain> Is it attacking?! ...Wait no, it's... trying to pull her hair.
  85. [13:23:26] <Theta> "Oh dear."
  86. [13:23:33] <Theta> "I think it's trying to mimic what we did to it."
  87. [13:23:35] * @Lenore ;_;'s and lets it. "That's how it felt, isn't it?"
  88. [13:23:51] * Celina is privately glad she's taller than Lenore V:
  89. [13:24:06] <Kain> The mandragora hops down and makes some unintelligible comment.
  90. [13:24:23] <Celina> "We'll..."
  91. [13:24:27] <Celina> "Just be on our way."
  92. [13:24:39] <Kain> You only have a couple of radishes at the moment, by the way.
  93. [13:25:06] * Celina isn't going to pull radishes in front of this guy, so we'll have to find another patch V:
  94. [13:25:07] <Theta> "I suppose we should head deeper in, to find more of these..."
  95. [13:25:11] <Kain> The mandragora looks over at you, Celina, seeming less irritated than before now that it got some revenge at least.
  96. [13:26:00] <Kain> Alright, what do? Acquired Radish x3
  97. [13:26:03] <Celina> "Again, please forgive us, we had no intention of disturbing your nap." Squeak squeak squibble
  98. [13:26:50] <Kain> Grumble grumble grumble. The mandragora seemingly shrugs and doesn't seem hostile.
  99. 01[13:27:11] <Natalie> (make this one a ninja when it joins)
  100. [13:27:34] <Theta> "I do not suppose it thinks ill of us for picking radishes just because...well. It's head, from the looks of things."
  101. [13:27:46] <Kain> It thinks a moment, though and then waves its arms, then poses on one leg with its arms and legs bent, like a cactuar, then stands normally again, looking inquisitive.
  102. [13:27:56] <Celina> (hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn)
  103. [13:28:11] <Celina> "We have a cactuar companion." Squeak squbbity squeak squeak
  104. [13:28:13] <Amaryllis> (oh my god)
  105. [13:28:17] <Amaryllis> (this thing is the best)
  106. [13:28:26] <Celina> "His name is Sir Prickles." squeek squeek Sir Prickles
  107. [13:29:03] <Kain> The radish mandragora seems to find this interesting, what little he can make out of it. Monster languages do differ but this is in a similar vein, like spanish and italian.
  108. [13:29:23] <Theta> "An interesting route to communication."
  109. [13:29:41] <Celina> (but all plants look the same to me [/racist])
  110. [13:30:20] <Celina> "I hope it's working."
  111. [13:30:30] <Kain> After a moment, the mandragora waves lazily and begins to walk off.
  112. [13:30:32] <Celina> "And that we didn't accidentally insult it."
  113. [13:30:34] * Celina waves back.
  114. [13:30:41] <@Lenore> "Maybe we should bring him along sometime to talk to you!"  Squeak squeak squeak!
  115. [13:30:44] <Amaryllis> (w-we don't get to keep him?)
  116. [13:31:01] <Celina> (clearly he's the NPC that saves us when Beatrix kicks our asses)
  117. [13:31:12] <@Lenore> (^^)
  118. [13:31:29] <@Lenore> (And he'll do it)
  119. [13:31:33] <@Lenore> (By pulling her hair.)
  120. [13:31:39] <Celina> (yesss)
  121. [13:31:42] <Kain> Did he catch that? Maybe he did. Either way, he's heading out to find a new napping spot.
  122. [13:32:00] <Theta> "You don't suppose going to rest by more radishes?"
  123. [13:32:10] * Celina waits until he's out of sight and starts pullng radishes again.
  124. [13:32:18] <Celina> "As long as he's not here, it's not a problem."
  125. [13:32:41] <Natalie> (How Kain I Pick All These Radishes?)
  126. [13:32:56] <@Lenore> "S-shall we get back to harvesting, then?"
  127. [13:33:01] <Kain> You acquire more radishes, until you think you have more than enough for Quoda's purposes.
  128. [13:33:22] <Kain> You even get enough to store some away for later (those x3 radishes :V)
  129. [13:33:42] <Kain> Wild vegetables do tend to taste better than domesticated ones
  130. [13:33:51] <@Lenore> (Man, at the rate we're spending destiny we're going to not have enough to do the REALLY awesome things.)
  131. [13:34:09] <Celina> (>implying not awesome)
  132. [13:34:29] <@Lenore> (...then again talking to plants is awesome)
  133. [13:35:01] <Kain> That wasn't as involved as I originally thought! But I couldn't think of how to incorporate a minigame where you'd have to pick radishes while avoiding mandragoras.
  134. [13:35:33] <Kain> Moving to Natalie...
  135. [13:35:40] <@Lenore> (Just do waittess minigame later and we'll be cool)
  136. [13:35:51] <Natalie> (I feel I'm the only one saving mine, but that just means I'll eventually kick things so hard that they like, shatter space like glass or something)
  137. [13:37:28] <Kain> NATALIE
  138. [13:37:35] <Natalie> SUP
  139. [13:38:01] <Kain> Did Prickles stay with Ammy? I forget
  140. [13:38:14] <Natalie> Actually did we EVER decide who Prickles went with?
  141. [13:38:23] <Celina> probably since he didn't go with Celina and Lenore
  142. [13:38:25] <Natalie> HMMMMMMMMMMMM that'd be up to Ammy then!
  143. [13:38:46] <@Lenore> Prickles sews his own path together.
  144. [13:38:58] <Amaryllis> Ammy would ask if Mr. Prickles knew how to cook! Though probably would have sent him off to take care of Nat and make sure she doesn't cause ALL THE TROUBLE.
  145. [13:39:07] <Natalie> ;~;
  146. [13:39:22] <Kain> You and Ricard enter the grocery store together. It's a sleepy sort of store with... lots of greenery, you notice. They don't seem to be selling a lot of meat. But cabbages, turnips, potatoes, corn all show up in spades. And various other things, of course. Dairy products like milk and cheese, oh hey, there's some fish...
  147. [13:40:21] <Kain> A moogle in a tuxedo is browsing the cheeses, leaning on a well polished cane and adjusting his monocle with a white gloved hand.
  148. [13:40:24] * Natalie stops carrying herself like a spoiled princess as soon as the others depart, anyway, and starts purveying the store curiously and almost in a childlike manner, wearing this big smile.
  149. [13:41:05] <Natalie> "Nnnn... not that one, not that one, maybe that one over there...?"
  150. [13:41:57] <Kain> His pompom... stalk? Antenna? seems to be slicked down and curled in a sort of spiral, with the actual pompom resting in the middle.
  151. [13:42:18] <Kain> Ricard: "Hm? What are you looking at?" the Burmecian asks curiously.
  152. [13:42:19] * Natalie stares at each selection individually and moves on, not even looking at the moogle in the midst of all her mumbling.
  153. [13:43:12] <Natalie> "Oh ah!  These are the cheeses, aren't they, Mr. Highwind?"
  154. [13:43:15] <Kain> He leans over you, peering over your shoulder and trying to figure out exactly what it is that's piqued your curiosity.
  155. [13:43:35] <Natalie> Seems she can't tell the difference between them at all.  Other than that they... might be cheese.
  156. [13:44:30] <Natalie> And is waaaaay too focused to notice the attitude-change.
  157. [13:44:35] <Kain> Ricard: "Well, yeah.... you've eaten cheese before haven't you?" he raises an eyebrow. "We have a few different kinds around, though it's actually kind of a bad stereotype about our people and cheese..."
  158. [13:45:25] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnn."  Loopily she stands straight up again and spins to face the ratman.  "Really?  Is shopping different here, then?"
  159. [13:45:56] <Kain> Ricard: "Burmecian Sharp is pretty good, but... huh? Different how?"
  160. [13:46:31] <Kain> Ricard: "What are you used to?"
  161. [13:46:44] <Natalie> "Well," she nods matter-of-factly, "in other cities you shop like... uh... one way, and here it's like.." ...
  162. [13:47:06] * Natalie slinks down, "... actually my servant's always done it for me."
  163. [13:47:11] <Amaryllis> (silly Nat can't into shopping because servants do it for her)
  164. [13:47:22] <Amaryllis> (bah beat me by a few seconds)
  165. [13:47:45] <Celina> (poor nat, so useless)
  166. [13:48:01] <Kain> Ricard: "Weeeelll... you just take things up to the counter and pay for them. Not very involved, really..."
  167. [13:48:22] <Kain> Ricard: "You DID remember to bring your money, right? You didn't leave it with your, uh, servant?"
  168. [13:48:31] <Natalie> "Well I knew that!  But... nnnnn...."  Nat has a staring contest with all the aisles of cleeses.
  169. [13:48:38] <Kain> Ricard: "Or rather, the money that Qu gave up."
  170. [13:48:51] * Natalie whips out the bag she made sure to catch when it was tossed. "It's here!"
  171. [13:49:18] <Natalie> "So, we'll just take all of this here and carry it over there..."
  172. [13:49:46] <Natalie> ... Cleeses.  Cheeses.
  173. [13:50:04] <Kain> Ricard: "No, no, no, not ALL of it. Look, that's Mog Cheese."
  174. [13:50:24] <Kain> He points to a package of whiteish cheese with nuts that has a picture of a cheerful moogle on the wrapper.
  175. [13:50:52] <Natalie> "Mhm!  Why, does the store not have enough?"
  176. [13:50:54] * Natalie headtilts.
  177. [13:51:18] <Kain> It's the only package of the stuff you see, though, and that rich-looking moogle seems to be very interested in this cheese, and begins to reach for it.
  178. [13:51:46] * Natalie is still ignoring the moogle, already leaping like a beast for the thing.
  179. [13:51:48] <Kain> Ricard: "Well, you don't need all of it, for one... You really don't know how these things work?"
  180. [13:52:03] <Kain> Your hands touch the package at the same time.
  181. [13:52:10] <Kain> The moogle frowns and clears his throat.
  182. [13:52:21] <Kain> "Excuse me, kupo. I do believe I had my eyes on that first, kupo."
  183. [13:53:07] <Natalie> "Oh he-"  The cheerful little girl's face turns to face his, but then her eyes quickly narrow.  Instead, facing him is a super haughty rich one.  "EXCUSE me?  I do believe I'd come here to purchase this first."
  184. [13:54:15] <Kain> Moogle: "No, no, I was certainly here before you. This won't do at all, miss."
  185. [13:54:32] <Kain> Moogle: "I'm afraid I must insist I take this cheese, kupo."
  186. [13:54:49] <Natalie> "Indeed it will not.  My advice is that you simply leave and search for cheese elsewhere, and we'll have no quarrel."
  187. [13:55:00] <Natalie> "I must insist that I take it instead."  Hmph.
  188. [13:56:58] * Natalie doesn't let go.
  189. [13:58:03] <Kain> Moogle: "No, no, I'm afraid this is unacceptable. Very well, so be it, kupo. Certainly a lady like you would not object to a gentleman's way of deciding this, kupo?"
  190. [13:58:40] <Kain> Moogle: "For the right to this delicious cheese, kupo, I challenge you to fisticuffs!"
  191. [13:58:49] <Natalie> "I most certainly will not!  Do please state your- ... oh."
  192. [13:58:58] <Celina> (OH MAN)
  193. [13:59:04] <Celina> (/me popcorns so hard)
  194. [13:59:40] * Natalie starts idly getting into stance while still holding the cheese. "I'd strongly advise you reconsider."
  195. [14:00:08] <Kain> Moogle: "I shall not. Gentleman's rules, of course. No low blows or coarse language."
  196. [14:00:17] <Kain> Moogle: "Shall we take this outside, kupo?"
  197. [14:00:49] <Natalie> "Nnnnnn," though her eyes HUNGER FOR BATTLE Nat wears a :<, nodding lightly.  "T-Then we shall."
  198. [14:01:46] <Natalie> "Come!  Sir Highwind, do see to it that nobody takes the reward from us before we finish, if you would."
  199. [14:02:57] <Kain> Ricard: "Sure, sure. I got it." he takes the cheese and then takes it to the counter. "Hold on to this for us, would you? I gotta make sure this doesn't get ugly."
  200. [14:03:11] <Kain> Ricard then follows you two outside, watching with interest.
  202. [14:03:41] <Natalie> (..... naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)
  203. [14:04:11] <Celina> (you'd roll nothing but ones)
  204. [14:04:26] <Natalie> (no I mean, to switch to monk and like double my HP you silly)
  205. [14:04:34] <Natalie> (that's cheesier than the prize we're fighting for though)
  206. [14:04:44] <Amaryllis> (but then you'd only roll 1s in the battle)
  207. [14:04:51] <Amaryllis> (tis the rules of spending destiny in this campaign)
  208. [14:04:57] <Natalie> (DOESN'T MATTER I'D TANK SHIT)
  209. [14:05:08] <Theta> (well then do it fgt)
  210. [14:05:11] <Natalie> (NO)
  211. [14:05:15] * Natalie prances out~
  212. [14:05:55] <Kain> The gentlemanly moogle follows and once outside on the catwalk, brandishes his gloved fists.
  213. [14:06:00] <Kain> Moogle: "En garde!"
  214. [14:06:34] <Natalie> "Please don't bore me."  And Natalie is... oh, hope kicking isn't banned.  Because that's exactly what's getting prepped.
  215. [14:07:11] <Amaryllis> (kicking in a skirt is lewd and ungentlemanly)
  216. [14:07:25] <Natalie> (it's okay when you look cool doing it!)
  217. [14:07:43] <Kain> NAT'S TURN
  218. [14:07:49] * Natalie gets in stance and takes a deep breath.
  219. [14:08:03] <Natalie> 2d6+1 oh cool I actually DO have +1 acc now
  220. [14:08:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, oh cool I actually DO have +1 acc now: 8 [2d6=6,1]
  221. [14:08:37] * Natalie starts off with a... uh, a roundhouse if he's in the air. If not man that's pretty awkward to aim.
  222. [14:09:20] <Natalie> That's only like 15 if it works though.
  223. [14:10:12] <Kain> That hits!
  224. [14:10:27] <Natalie> Fiddeen!  Doing real damage is for WIMPS.
  225. [14:11:18] <Kain> The moogle takes the kick with both arms crossed in an x block, and then attempts to strike you in your exposed side!
  226. [14:11:53] <Kain> 2d6+2
  227. [14:11:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+2: 13 [2d6=6,5]
  228. [14:11:58] <Natalie> hahaha oh god that hits
  229. [14:12:20] <Kain> 19 damage
  230. [14:12:37] <Natalie> Oh, that's a thing
  231. [14:13:13] <Natalie> "Ha!"  Nat spins back and centers herself, muttering... and then pausing to remember, what ARE gentlemen's rules anyway?
  232. [14:13:47] <Natalie> ... Nah nevermind spellcasting, KNEE TO THE FACE
  233. [14:13:49] <Natalie> 2d6+1 LIKE THIS
  234. [14:13:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, LIKE THIS: 11 [2d6=6,4]
  235. [14:13:58] <Natalie> BOOM 18
  236. [14:14:11] <Kain> He reels from the blow, and Counterattacks!
  237. [14:14:14] <Kain> 2d6+2
  238. [14:14:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+2: 6 [2d6=3,1]
  239. [14:14:19] <Natalie> NOPE
  240. [14:14:31] <Kain> And then attacks normally
  241. [14:14:33] <Kain> 2d6+2
  242. [14:14:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+2: 10 [2d6=5,3]
  243. [14:14:49] <Natalie> "Nnn!  Too slow!"  She says with a grin and then coughs, "I-I mean, you'll certainly need to try harder than that."
  244. [14:15:04] <Kain> That one misses too?
  245. [14:15:06] <Natalie> And then gets left totally open again after landing.
  246. [14:15:08] <Natalie> Nah, THAT hits
  247. [14:15:47] <Kain> A strike across the face lands hard for 16 damage!
  248. [14:16:38] <Natalie> "Ooh, how dare you!"  A glare forms across said face as eyes of PURE FURY glare at the moogle.  Still up by the way.
  249. [14:16:51] <Natalie> 2d6+1 "Finishing Strike!"
  250. [14:16:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, "Finishing Strike!": 12 [2d6=5,6]
  251. [14:17:02] <Kain> Wham!
  252. [14:17:13] * Natalie KNEES HIM IN THE STOMACH. "Full Force!!"
  253. [14:17:20] <Natalie> 19 btw
  254. [14:18:31] * Natalie also, for the record, has that kingdom hearts siren blaring now
  255. [14:18:37] <Natalie> oh my god how can anyone stand listening to that just shut up
  256. [14:18:58] <Natalie> you know, the 'LOW HP GET SOME HEALING' one
  257. [14:19:48] <Kain> (Sorry)
  258. [14:19:51] <Kain> Let's see
  259. [14:19:56] <Kain> No, he's still up.
  260. [14:20:14] <Kain> "i say, insufficient! And now to end this!"
  261. [14:20:17] <Natalie> nnnnnn too bad unarmed doesn't grant counterattack
  262. [14:20:21] <Kain> 2d6+2
  263. [14:20:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+2: 12 [2d6=6,4]
  264. [14:20:29] <Natalie> "That will never work!"
  265. [14:20:32] <Kain> 18!
  266. [14:20:32] <Natalie> "... Probably!"
  267. [14:20:44] * Natalie winces a little. "... Maybe."
  268. [14:20:46] <Kain> He flies up into the air and delivers a spinning kick!
  269. [14:20:57] <Natalie> that's uhhh... -4
  270. [14:21:20] <Kain> You collapse to the ground, barely conscious.
  271. [14:21:37] <Kain> Moogle: "Excellent." he dusts his hands off.
  272. [14:21:38] * Natalie tries to make it look intentional.
  273. [14:21:50] <Natalie> "Nnnnnmph!"
  274. [14:21:53] <Kain> Moogle: "It appears I will be enjoying delicious mog cheese tonight."
  275. [14:22:03] <Kain> ...huh, where did Ricard go?
  276. [14:22:17] <Kain> Oh wait, there he is. He's walking back out of the store with the cheese.
  277. [14:22:32] * Natalie wiggles on the ground.
  278. [14:22:54] <Kain> Ricard: "Oh, hey. You lost? Rough luck. Let's go, I bought the cheese while you two were busy. You can just pay me back with the Qu's money."
  279. [14:23:05] <Kain> Moogle: "You -what-?" he looks stricken.
  280. [14:23:29] <Natalie> "Nnnn!  Great going, Mr. Highwind!"  The cheerful little girl who leaps up shouts, hanging him the bag.
  281. [14:23:52] <Kain> Ricard: "I wasn't in your wager, and the cheese was still up for sale, so I thought 'why not'?"
  282. [14:24:16] <Kain> Moogle: "Grr... you won't hear the end of this, kupo! I am going to lodge a formal complaint with the city guard for this!"
  283. [14:24:16] <Natalie> "You!"  A finger to the moogle.  "G-Good duel, you were a worthy adversary.  We'll have a rematch some other time."
  284. [14:24:50] <Natalie> "With much higher wagers next time!  We simply couldn't afford to lose this one."
  285. [14:24:55] <Kain> Moogle: "Hmph. You weren't bad either, but I cannot say I favor this outcome."
  286. [14:25:16] <Kain> Moogle: "Very well. I suppose I will have to acquire my cheese elsewhere for now."
  287. [14:25:30] * Natalie counterhmphs and extends a hand. "Then it's a promise for when we meet next time, whoever you may be."
  288. [14:25:49] <Kain> Moogle: "We -will- meet again, kupo." He extends his hand and shakes yours. "My name is Mogantz, kupo."
  289. [14:26:30] <Kain> Ricard pockets the money, chuckling to himself while the moogle glares.
  290. [14:26:37] <Kain> Mogantz: "Simply not gentlemanly..."
  291. [14:26:38] <Natalie> "Natalie Ellis Floruna Lazuli Annette-Maria Cynthia Cathaoir Aitchison III.  However, as I've come to be known lately you can call me..."  She grins, "Azure.  The Great Azure."
  292. [14:27:34] <Kain> Mogantz: "Very well, Lady Azure. Good day to you, kupo. And rubbish to you, sir." he half-growls at Ricard, before flying away.
  293. [14:28:11] <Kain> Ricard: "Some people just can't stand being shown up..."
  294. [14:28:24] <Natalie> "Phew!  That was fun, wasn't it?  Okay, let's head back..."
  295. [14:28:30] * Natalie marches cheerfully~
  296. [14:28:48] <Kain> Ricard: " alright? Well, okay. Let's go."
  297. [14:28:50] <Kain> AMMY
  299. [14:29:42] <Amaryllis> (I remembered~)
  300. [14:30:27] <Natalie> (k~)
  301. [14:34:11] * Amaryllis starts doing the prep work for her dishes! (Kain, still typing setup or...?)
  302. [14:34:45] <Kain> (Sorry, got distracted)
  303. [14:35:14] <Kain> Quoda is actually having you do about five things at once at the moment. "Is wellington being done? Hm, check bouillabaisse! Season more!"
  304. [14:36:50] * Amaryllis is not used to working in the kitchen under someone with this kind of pace and multitasking, but she tries her best, shuffling from station to station with an occasional "Yes chef." directed at Quoda.
  305. [14:37:01] <Kain> The qu shimself is moving around the kitchen at breakneck speeds, sniffing, tasting, stirring...
  306. [14:37:14] <Kain> Roll me three Cooking checks
  307. [14:37:24] <Amaryllis> (hrm, faith only applies to the first of those, right?)(
  308. [14:37:43] <Kain> Eh, let it apply to all three this time
  309. [14:37:51] <Amaryllis> 3#2d6+6
  310. [14:37:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 3#2d6+6: 10 [2d6=2,2], 17 [2d6=6,5], 10 [2d6=1,3]
  311. [14:38:10] <Amaryllis> (hrmmm not sure if I should sprinkle some destiny around)
  312. [14:38:46] <Amaryllis> 1d6 let's toss one at one of the 10s I guess
  313. [14:38:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, let's toss one at one of the 10s I guess: 1 [1d6=1]
  314. [14:38:50] <Amaryllis> (FIGURES)
  315. [14:39:20] <Kain> Quoda: "What you doing? That beginning to burn, turn oven off! Oh yes, that thing look very very good!  No! No oregano in the bouillabaisse!"
  316. [14:40:39] <Kain> After a moment, things begin to get done, and the pace slows down somewhat.
  317. [14:41:23] <Kain> Quoda: "Hm, hmm, will have to do, should have had more stay, too much work for two. Good skills, just much work."
  318. [14:41:25] * Amaryllis fumbles for the oven switch, frantically tries to scoop out the oregano, and generally tries to fix things D: "Apologies chef, I am accustomed to a slower pace."
  319. [14:41:55] * Amaryllis wipes the sweat from her brow then looks over the completed dishes.
  320. [14:43:18] <Kain> Quoda: "Is fine, most important thing about cooking is heart." s/he says, while dumping a large, meaty heart into a stew pot. "Still need radishes, mog cheese, and eggs, hopefully they be back soon. You can leave and go help if you like, I take care of this from here."
  321. [14:44:31] <Celina> (can we show up)
  322. [14:44:35] <Kain> (Sure)
  323. [14:44:45] <Amaryllis> "I promised them I would help retrieve the eggs. It does no good if we are all carried off by the rocs instead." Ammy bows.
  324. [14:44:47] * Celina chooses that moment to show up with RADISHES.
  325. [14:44:53] <Celina> "Success!"
  326. [14:45:13] <Kain> Quoda: "Timing of excellence! Please to be putting radishes on cutting board."
  327. [14:45:19] * @Lenore walks in, holding nothing, then takes off her hat and 20 radishes fall out.
  328. [14:45:35] <Kain> Quoda: "Big haul, will have many left over for later, good good."
  329. [14:45:39] * Celina catches most of them before they hit the ground. Most.
  330. [14:46:03] <Kain> Quoda: "Actually, put in sink, I wash first."
  331. [14:46:30] <Celina> "Right, right."
  332. [14:46:36] * Celina dumps them.
  333. [14:46:54] <Natalie> (C-Can the ratman and I show up too?)
  334. [14:47:01] <Kain> Quoda directs you over to the sink and begins scrubbing. "No trouble Quoda assumes?"
  335. [14:47:03] <Kain> (Sure)
  336. [14:47:35] <Kain> Mr. Prickles has been helping however he could, but a cactuar really isn't suited for kitchen work.
  337. [14:47:38] * Natalie leaps in wearing a huge smile! Which... immediately fades upon seeing the others, giving way to a much smaller, smugger grin. "Ahem. We've finished our task."
  338. [14:47:47] <Natalie> Hardly any signs of injuries either, white magic is a fuckin' miracle.
  339. [14:49:08] <Celina> "I'm so glad you were able to do it."
  340. [14:49:24] <Celina> "Thank you for giving Miss Natalie so much help, Sir Highwind."
  341. [14:49:27] <Amaryllis> "Then just the eggs remain." Ammy nods to herself. "We shall make this a meal worthy of legends yet." Even the grandiose proclamation is delivered in a flat quiet voice.
  342. [14:49:29] <Kain> Ricard plops the cheese on the counter. "Little princess here got in a tussle with some fop moogle on the way." he says with a hint of relish and amusement.
  343. [14:49:41] <Amaryllis> "Milady...?" Ammy gives Nat a look.
  344. 06[14:49:48] * Celina tries hard not to look smug.
  345. [14:50:25] <Kain> Ricard: "Honestly I haven't ever seen one of the little guys hit that hard... missed the end of it, though. Anyway, sure, sure."
  346. [14:50:58] <Natalie> "Ahem.  It wasn't an issue.  It was an entertaining challenge, and he did his best to be gentlemanly about it."
  347. [14:51:16] <Natalie> "Either way we have our cheese, that's enough."
  348. [14:51:58] * Amaryllis turns to Ricard. "Who was the victor?"
  349. [14:52:04] <Kain> Ricard: "Moogle."
  350. [14:52:11] * Amaryllis pats Nat on the head.
  351. [14:52:20] * Natalie armfolds with a pout. "I-I threw the match so he'd feel better about himself!"
  352. [14:52:25] <Kain> Quoda: "Yes, yes, you go get roc eggs now, time short!"
  353. [14:52:35] <Kain> Quoda: "Talk about fights on own time. Shoo shoo."
  354. [14:52:44] * @Lenore antsily jumps in place a little. "Okay!"
  355. [14:52:45] <Celina> "Right. Of course."
  356. [14:52:49] <Kain> Quoda: "More better."
  357. [14:52:50] <Celina> "We most certainly will."
  358. [14:52:56] * Celina eyes Natalie before heading off.
  359. [14:53:02] <Natalie> "Yes, let's be on our way."
  360. [14:53:03] <Amaryllis> "Yes chef." Ammy moves toward the door with a nod, giving Nat a last pat on the head.
  361. [14:53:13] * @Lenore skip skip skip~
  362. [14:53:16] * Natalie smirks when the rat looks, but not otherwise.
  363. [14:53:45] <Amaryllis> "Petty pugilism is beneath the good lady." She chides the noble.
  364. [14:53:45] <Kain> Ricard: "
  365. [14:53:58] <Kain> Ricard: "I'll escort you to the gates, then."
  366. [14:54:14] <Kain> Ricard tips his hat to the Qu and heads with you guys.
  367. [14:54:31] <Kain> Anyone wanna try Inquiry on roc nests before you leave town?
  368. [14:54:50] <Theta> (I have no such skill investments here.)
  369. [14:55:29] <Celina> 2d6 SURE
  370. [14:55:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, SURE: 4 [2d6=1,3]
  371. [14:55:33] <Celina> :I
  372. [14:55:36] <Amaryllis> 2d6 why not
  373. [14:55:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, why not: 12 [2d6=6,6]
  374. [14:55:37] <Natalie> 2d6 oh lemme do that too
  375. [14:55:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, oh lemme do that too: 7 [2d6=4,3]
  376. [14:55:59] <Theta> 2d6 hm
  377. [14:55:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, hm: 7 [2d6=4,3]
  378. [14:56:09] * Amaryllis interrogates the town people. TELL ME THE STORIES OF YOUR ROCS.
  379. [14:56:34] <@Lenore> 2d6+2 Inquiry
  380. [14:56:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Inquiry: 12 [2d6=5,5]
  381. [14:57:36] <Kain> Ammy and Lenore ask around on the way out, and a few bystanders tell you that the rocs like to hang out on rock formations a bit to the east. Theta, wanna roll some monster lore?
  382. [14:57:56] * Celina gets too distracted by swapping stories about the old country to be very helpful
  383. [14:58:03] <Theta> 2d6+3 sure
  384. [14:58:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, sure: 14 [2d6=5,6]
  385. [14:58:13] <Theta> ROCK FORMATIONS, HUH.
  386. [14:58:16] <Theta> THAT SOUNDS INTERESTING.
  387. [14:58:19] <Kain> You even run into an old friend or two from your childhood, Celina, it's certainly distracting.
  388. [14:58:25] <Kain> THETA
  389. [14:58:59] * Natalie totally just follows Ammy around and tries to be helpful but doesn't.
  390. [14:59:33] <Kain> You know that Rocs are extremely protective of their eggs and defend their nests in large groups. They usually nest on tall rock spires, and climbing will probably be required to take the eggs, but roc eggs are very prized for their flavor and nutrition.
  391. [15:00:13] <Kain> Probably better to lure out parent rocs before attempting the climb, if they're present.
  392. [15:01:15] <Theta> "It's likely we will be swarmed if we simply approach without caution.  And considering there will be a climb to the nest would be in our interest to settle potential threats before attempting to claim the eggs,"he relays to the others.
  393. [15:02:27] <Celina> "Well, the climb itself won't be a problem for Miss Lenore and myself, but what plan do you have to lure the beasts off?"
  394. [15:02:37] <Amaryllis> "The eggs could be damaged if we engage threats near the nest." Ammy nods along to Theta's warning.
  395. [15:03:16] <Natalie> "So we fight them all and THEN take the eggs?  That doesn't sound difficult."
  396. [15:03:33] <Theta> "Well, we'll have to lure out the flock."
  397. [15:03:33] <@Lenore> "Mmmm~"
  398. [15:03:43] <Theta> "That might be more dificult than it sounds, I guess we shall see."
  399. [15:04:18] <Amaryllis> "Do rocs eat crab or oyster?"
  400. [15:04:40] <@Lenore> (Mr. Monster Lore?)
  401. [15:04:52] <Theta> (I dunno do they? :O)
  402. [15:05:00] <Theta> "Worth a shot, I suppose."
  403. [15:08:46] <@Lenore> "Then let's gooooo~"
  404. [15:08:51] <Amaryllis> "Shall we?" Ammy pulls her cloak around her as she slowly begins to walk toward the city gates.
  405. [15:09:26] <Natalie> "Let's.  If that doesn't work we could probably come up with alternative plans."  She whirls a little wisp of light magic on a finger while walking.
  406. [15:09:37] <Kain> Hmmm
  407. [15:09:46] * Celina finally disengages from her childhood friends and hurries to catch up.
  408. [15:09:46] <Kain> Fish are usually out of their scope.
  409. [15:09:56] <Kain> But an oyster miiight work.
  410. [15:12:26] * Amaryllis makes sure to bring the oyster along then as they approach the rock formations!
  411. [15:12:33] <Kain> Ricard: "Good luck, you guys."
  412. [15:12:43] <Kain> Ricard sees you off as you leave the canyon and head east.
  413. [15:16:36] <Kain> You end up taking quite a bit of a longer walk than you expected, heading towards the rock formations in the east. You pass by a large forest, and you can alllmost see the ocean cliffs from here when you reach the spires.
  414. [15:16:47] <Kain> (Really sorry, my friend is distracting me like hell >:/)
  415. [15:17:53] * Celina stretches, making sure she's limber for all the JUMPING that's going to be happening.
  416. [15:18:30] * Natalie does the same while nobody's looking, making sure to look as bored as possible whenever they are.
  417. [15:18:51] <@Lenore> 2d6+4 awareness for giggles
  418. [15:18:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, awareness for giggles: 8 [2d6=1,3]
  419. [15:19:05] * Theta seems hypnotised by the scenary some, not really paying attention to the route at the moment.
  420. [15:19:41] * @Lenore doesn't notice Azure's stretching, instead she's too busy walking all goofy and paying attention to the path and the scenery~
  421. [15:20:49] <Natalie> Oh, Azure notices THAT though.  Somewhere along the trip Lenore gets tickled by some mysterious force every now and then.  Of course she'd never admit to it.
  422. [15:21:19] <Celina> "So, the plan is to lure it out with food, defeat it, and then gather the eggs?"
  423. [15:21:28] <@Lenore> "Heeheeehee~"
  424. [15:21:34] <Amaryllis> "A common story isn't it? The heroes seek a treasure atop a tower, guarded by ferocious beasts. It is a must in any epic tale." Ammy muses to herself, stopping when she realizes everyone else is daydreaming about scenery or otherwise occupying themselves.
  425. [15:22:20] * Amaryllis occasionally shoots Nat the 'that behavior is not befitting of a noble' look, but it is weary and half-resigned.
  426. [15:22:27] * Natalie walks by looking the opposite direction~ "Only I doubt they'll actually be a challenge."
  427. [15:22:58] <Kain> Overhead a few birds flap by, slowly... before a massive black bird with tiny wings and white feathers around its head dives down and snatches the poor thing up, choking it down whole.
  428. [15:23:33] <Natalie> "... Maybe just a little challenge."
  429. [15:23:37] <Kain> It screeches after finishing the meal and flaps back up with its impossibly tiny wings, before perching on one of the rock spires, glaring down.
  430. [15:23:51] <Kain> Three more Rocs peer down from the nests above as well.
  431. [15:24:17] <Theta> "I imagine those are the doting parents."
  432. [15:24:22] <Kain>
  433. [15:24:27] * Celina reaches for her lashknife.
  434. [15:24:46] * @Lenore tries to talk to the Rocs, but she's not going to spend destiny this time. "Hi there! Nice day, isn't it~?"
  435. [15:24:53] <@Lenore> 2d6 language watch my double 1s
  436. [15:24:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, language watch my double 1s: 7 [2d6=1,6]
  437. [15:25:06] * Natalie slinks to the back, mumbling. "Poor things."
  438. [15:25:20] <Celina> "Lenore what are you doing" Celina whispers.
  439. [15:25:31] <Amaryllis> "If the townsfolk are correct we will be hardpressed to find a smaller gathering of the creatures than this." Amaryllis pulls out the oyster from her pack and tosses it out on the ground, stepping back.
  440. [15:25:45] <@Lenore> "Every monster we've talked to has been nice to us, haven't they?"
  441. [15:26:13] <Celina> "More because they've been indifferent, not because we talked to them."
  442. [15:26:14] <Natalie> Nacchan notices Celina's discontent and leans over to Lenore's other side, "Ask if we can borrow their eggs!"
  443. [15:26:17] <Kain> squawksquawkmotherfucker
  444. [15:26:36] <Kain> The Roc who snatched a meal opens its beak, as if to respond...
  445. [15:26:43] <Kain> and horks up bird bones at Lenore.
  446. [15:26:48] <Natalie> Do they really say 'motherfucker' out loud?
  447. [15:26:50] <Natalie> That's SO LEWD
  448. [15:27:08] <Amaryllis> "I do not believe they think much of us."
  449. [15:27:13] <Theta> "I don't believe that's a welcoming gift."
  450. [15:27:19] * @Lenore is covered in bird bones, falls off. "Kyaaaa~. I guess they don't like being talked to."
  451. [15:27:27] <Natalie> "Oh well!  It was worth a try."
  452. [15:27:30] <@Lenore> (*over, not off.(
  453. [15:27:31] * Natalie BATTLESTANCE.
  454. [15:27:37] <@Lenore> (*) not ()
  455. [15:27:51] <Natalie> (looks like you're trying to do botherface)
  456. [15:29:12] <@Lenore> (Maybe I was)
  457. [15:29:35] <Kain> They stare down, and one raises its wings, flapping them threateningly.
  458. [15:29:58] * Celina stares back defiantly. BATTLESTANCE.
  459. [15:31:04] <Theta> "They seem skeptical of the bait."
  460. [15:31:06] <Theta> "Hrm."
  461. [15:31:20] <Theta> He taps the scabbard of his sword, waiting paitently.
  462. [15:31:43] <Celina> "Perhaps we could use Miss Natalie as bait."
  463. [15:31:50] <Celina> "Go on, attract their ire."
  464. [15:31:52] <Amaryllis> "The weapons do not make our bait very convincing."
  465. [15:32:05] <@Lenore> "...we don't have the element of surprise..."  She gets up, getting some birdslobber  off of her.
  466. [15:32:34] <Natalie> "Actually, they ARE known for eating rodents... aren't they?"
  467. [15:32:44] * Natalie pauses and looks up. "If they aren't, they should be."
  468. [15:33:55] <Theta> "Unfortionately there's not much I can do with the enviornment here, considering their aivery nature, to get their attention."
  469. [15:34:07] <Theta> "Perhaps some provocation to the nest from a distance might win it, however."
  470. [15:34:25] <@Lenore> "Is this a job for me?"
  471. [15:34:26] <Amaryllis> "Lightning perhaps?"
  472. [15:35:05] <Celina> "I shall assist, then."
  473. [15:35:09] * Celina takes a deep breath.
  474. [15:35:11] <Natalie> "I could use Dia from a distance, just as easily."
  475. [15:35:36] <Kain> One of the rocs notices the oyster, but your presence seems to be threatening.
  476. [15:35:51] <Kain> After a few squawks and cheeps at each other, suddenly the lot dives down at once!
  477. [15:35:53] <Kain> Combat!
  478. [15:35:57] * Amaryllis backs up further from the oyster, shuffling away.
  479. [15:36:04] <Kain> Roc x4!
  480. [15:36:09] <Theta> "Oh - nevermind then," he draws his sword.
  481. [15:36:13] * @Lenore pulls her staff out of her hat. "Figures!"
  482. [15:36:13] <Kain> Party goes first!
  483. [15:36:17] <Natalie> Le sigh.  "One at a time, yes?"
  484. [15:36:55] * Amaryllis doesn't reach for her knife yet, instead opening her storybook and slowly mumbling the start of one of the more BORING tales. Probably some dumb fairy tales. Castan
  485. [15:37:03] * Theta closes his eyes, seems to be meditating on something.
  486. [15:37:07] <@Lenore> "Mr. Prickles, could you cover me?"  She starts up a chant.
  487. [15:37:14] * Natalie starts chanting too~
  488. [15:37:16] * Celina lashes out at one of the rocs with her awesome new weapon!
  489. [15:37:24] <Celina> 2d6+3 acc
  490. [15:37:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, acc: 10 [2d6=1,6]
  491. [15:37:37] <Theta> "Spirits of the mountain, grant us your boon!" He stabs at the ground.  Stone Wall!
  492. [15:37:45] <Theta> (You all get +6 ARM.)
  493. [15:38:05] <Celina> does a ten hit, kain?
  494. [15:38:17] <Kain> hmm
  495. [15:38:33] <Kain> does it count as short range? Fuck, I should have looked this up before
  496. [15:38:52] <Celina> yeah, the lashknife is reach/concealed so it's melee range
  497. [15:39:05] <Celina> if it were ranged it could hit at a medium distance
  498. [15:39:25] <Kain> Unfortunately it misses due to Flight
  499. [15:40:03] <Celina> stupid ass birds
  500. [15:40:11] <Theta> As he stabs the ground, dust kicks up and sorta coats all the party members a little.  It's sorta clingy!
  501. [15:40:13] <@Lenore> Stupid assbirds
  502. [15:40:22] <Natalie> Stupidassbi rds.
  503. [15:40:25] <Theta> *Cough cough* "Many thanks!"
  504. [15:40:34] * Amaryllis coughs from the dust but continues her chanting.
  505. [15:41:04] * Natalie just closes her eyes and keeps mumbling.
  506. [15:41:43] * Celina grumbles a little. That dust will never every completely come out.
  507. [15:42:56] <Kain> The thing flies above the reach of your lashknife...
  508. [15:42:59] <Kain> Who next?
  509. [15:43:09] <Theta> (The Rocs.)
  510. [15:43:14] <Amaryllis> (I think we've all gone now.)
  511. [15:43:14] <@Lenore> (Mr. Prickles.)
  512. [15:43:18] <Natalie> (^, should be all of u- oh yeah mr. prickles)
  513. [15:43:26] <Kain> Mr. Prickles stands defiantly in front of Lenore, as good as he can do.
  514. [15:43:33] <Celina> (nooo we don't want Mr. Prickles to get hurt ;_;)
  515. [15:43:44] <Theta> (His death will be for a good cause.)
  516. [15:43:45] <Theta> (OURS.)
  517. [15:44:26] <Kain> 2d6+4 on Ammy
  518. [15:44:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, on Ammy: 7 [2d6=1,2]
  519. [15:44:39] <Amaryllis> lol what am EVA?
  520. [15:44:45] <Amaryllis> (hits)
  521. [15:44:56] <Theta> (good thing she has like 20 ARM V:)
  522. [15:45:15] <Amaryllis> (18 with the buff, but yeah close)
  523. [15:46:32] <Theta> (Good thing the defensive geotraces I can do in these enviornment are really good cause offensively I sorta suck atm :B)
  524. [15:46:49] <Isabella> <Kain> 9 damage then, Ammy.
  525. [15:46:49] <Isabella> <Kain> The next Roc kicks up a wind storm!
  526. [15:47:02] <Isabella> 2d6+4 against group
  527. [15:47:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella, against group: 11 [2d6=5,2]
  528. [15:47:09] <Natalie> (ow)
  529. [15:47:25] <Isabella> 11 wind damage against m.arm
  530. [15:47:38] <Isabella> The third Roc goes after Lenore!
  531. [15:47:40] <Natalie> (... oh)
  532. [15:47:48] <Isabella> 2d6+4 Gliding Spike
  533. [15:47:48] * @Lenore doesn't feel that at all!
  534. [15:47:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella, Gliding Spike: 11 [2d6=5,2]
  535. [15:48:00] * Natalie wonders if there WAS any wind.
  536. [15:48:02] <Isabella> Mr. Prickles can't do shit and is knocked aside.
  537. [15:48:20] * Celina gets hit. medium armorrrr
  538. [15:48:38] <Isabella> 19 arm damage and knockback from Gliding Spike
  539. [15:48:43] * Amaryllis winces and takes the brunt of the roc's blow with her arm, shifting so she doesn't bleed over her book.
  540. [15:48:51] <Isabella> It rams into Lenore with its chest and squawks!
  541. [15:49:08] <@Lenore> (...knockback cancels spells, right?)
  542. [15:49:13] <Theta> Theta seems only midly annoyed by the wind, grabbing at his hat.
  543. [15:49:13] <Amaryllis> (indeed)
  544. [15:49:13] <Kain> yyyep
  545. [15:49:23] <Kain> The last one kicks up another windstorm at Ammy, this time!
  546. [15:49:28] <Kain> 2d6+4 Blind Vortex
  547. [15:49:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Blind Vortex: 14 [2d6=5,5]
  548. [15:49:35] <@Lenore> (Can't I like, roll Force to resist?  Probably not.)
  549. [15:49:50] <Amaryllis> (hits ofc)
  550. [15:49:53] <Natalie> (from what I remember in the pdf knockback is just "nope you're fucked")
  551. [15:50:07] * @Lenore is knocked over, dropping her staff and completely losing her concentration @_@
  552. [15:50:37] <Kain> 16 arm damage and opposed force please Ammy
  553. [15:50:45] <Kain> 2d6+3
  554. [15:50:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=4,6]
  555. [15:50:47] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5
  556. [15:50:47] <Natalie> "Really, again?"  Nat mixes a sigh in with the mumbling and starts changing up the chants a little.
  557. [15:50:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+5: 16 [2d6=6,5]
  558. [15:51:09] <Amaryllis> (is there a minimum of 1 damage from any given hit in FFD6, or does 18 ARM cancel ALL of that?)
  559. [15:51:30] <Kain> Cancels
  560. [15:51:49] <Kain> And you resist the Blind.
  561. [15:51:52] <Kain> Players!
  562. [15:52:02] <Celina> (one sec, checking something)
  563. [15:52:02] <Natalie> (oh crapnozzle I forgot to include the earth wall in my healan chart)
  564. [15:52:24] <Theta> (It's 6 ARM.)
  565. [15:52:35] <Theta> Theta moves to intercept the bird that just tackled Mr. Prickles and Lenore!
  566. [15:52:39] <Natalie> (yeah I know, I just had lenny down at 21 but hwoop no it's 27)
  567. [15:52:49] <Celina> (...oh hey)
  568. [15:52:56] <Theta> He slashes at it. "Over here, you brutish fiend!"
  569. [15:53:01] <Amaryllis> The first gust of wind irritates the eyes all over Ammy's armor and she flinches a bit, but the second she shrugs off entirely, focusing on her casting. She turns toward one of the birds and continues her low drone of her intentionally snore-inducing storytelling. Annnnd, sreepy sreep on one of the rocs that someone isn't attacking.
  570. [15:53:01] <@Lenore> (Yep, 27)
  571. [15:53:16] <Celina> (statustouch just says it procs on an attack)
  572. [15:53:25] <Celina> (doesn't specify what sort)
  573. [15:53:33] <Theta> 2d6+2 versus that Roc.
  574. [15:53:34] <Celina> (could I use it with lightning breath or is that murderworthy)
  575. [15:53:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, versus that Roc.: 6 [2d6=1,3]
  576. [15:53:38] <Theta> (pht. :<)
  577. [15:53:50] <Natalie> (psst ammy want to do teamwork as the standard action after slow actions finish or nay?)
  578. [15:54:02] <Natalie> (figuring probably not because their goofy eva but hey, worth a try)
  579. [15:54:07] <Amaryllis> (no, with your ACC we'd never hit if a 10 on short range can't hit them)
  580. [15:54:19] <Kain> Missssssss
  581. [15:54:21] * @Lenore gets back up and tries chanting again. This time in cactuar! Squibble squibble squeak~
  582. [15:54:28] <Celina> (kain)
  583. [15:54:28] <Natalie> (hnn okay)
  584. [15:54:33] <Celina> (question answer plz)
  585. [15:54:39] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 Ammy tries to stab the same bird Theta's going after
  586. [15:54:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, Ammy tries to stab the same bird Theta's going after: 10 [2d6=4,3]
  587. [15:54:40] <Kain> (Hm?)
  588. [15:54:47] <Amaryllis> And misses. :<
  589. [15:54:54] <Kain> (Status touch and lightning breath?)
  590. [15:54:56] <Kain> (Hm)
  591. [15:55:08] <Kain> (Go ahead I guess ;_;)
  592. [15:55:18] <Celina> 2d6+3 not like I'm gonna hit or anything though
  593. [15:55:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, not like I'm gonna hit or anything though: 8 [2d6=2,3]
  594. [15:55:55] <Natalie> What's that?  Is it DIATIME?
  595. [15:56:39] <Natalie> 2d6+16 Sounds like it's DIATIME... uhh, let's slap this on Roc A, gonna call them like that- or whichever one has the lowest alphabetical value and hasn't been slept yet.  This is one of those systems where getting hit while sleeping wakes you up, right?  Yeah okay, thought so.
  596. [15:56:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, Sounds like it's DIATIME... uhh, let's slap this on Roc A, gonna call them like that- or whichever one has the lowest alphabetical value and hasn't been slept yet.  This is one of those systems where getting hit while sleeping wakes you up, right?  Yeah okay, thought so.: 22 [2d6=1,5]
  597. [15:57:29] * Natalie yawns out a lightbomb and goes back to chanting!
  598. [15:57:31] * Amaryllis waves an arm at Nat, a flow of shadow energy zipping from it and mixing into the spell!
  599. [15:57:34] <Amaryllis> Multiply that damage by 1.5
  600. [15:57:59] <Natalie> (ooh, I guess that's worth doing to knock them out early)
  601. [15:58:16] <Natalie> (was about to say save it for a good roll but fair enough!)
  602. [15:58:29] <Kain> Wham!
  603. [15:59:27] <Kain> The light sears the roc but doesn't take it down.
  604. [15:59:40] <Kain> Next?
  605. [15:59:41] <@Lenore> (I'm probably going to be smacked with knockback every round, won't stop me from trying to murderize them with Thunder :/)
  606. [15:59:50] <Natalie> (ganbatte)
  607. [16:00:01] <Natalie> (Also think that's everyone but prickles, kainy)
  608. [16:00:07] <@Lenore> (I'm chanting in cactuar, so it's prickles)
  609. [16:00:22] <@Lenore> (...)
  610. [16:00:28] <@Lenore> (...)
  611. [16:00:30] <@Lenore> (Hey Kain?)
  612. [16:00:40] <Kain> (what's up)
  613. [16:00:57] <@Lenore> (As long as you remain at 100% Hit Points, your spell casts cannot be interrupted (due to knockback effects, critical hits, etc) and all magical damage you deal is increased by one step.)
  614. [16:01:05] <@Lenore> (So my spell from first round goes off)
  615. [16:01:10] <Natalie> (oh man)
  616. [16:01:37] <Kain> Oh okay
  617. [16:01:37] <@Lenore> (Although not with Focus damage, of course)
  618. [16:01:42] <Kain> DO IT
  619. [16:02:28] <@Lenore> 2d6+55 Hitting the one Azure hit, multitarget would hit the sleeping one.
  620. [16:02:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Hitting the one Azure hit, multitarget would hit the sleeping one.: 59 [2d6=3,1]
  621. [16:02:49] <Natalie> (4OVER ATTACK!)
  622. [16:03:05] <Kain> AND DEAD
  623. [16:03:11] <Kain> Not weak to lightning actually
  624. [16:03:11] <Natalie> (damn I'm good)
  625. [16:03:22] <Kain> And you got it at 0 hp exactly
  626. [16:03:33] <Kain> The roc is fried and collapses to the ground, screeching!
  627. [16:03:37] <Natalie> (damn I'm bad)
  628. [16:04:17] <Kain> Rocs!
  629. [16:04:23] <@Lenore> "More where that came from~"  She begins the chant for the next spell in cactuar, now.  Squibble~
  630. [16:04:31] <Kain> Prickles flails ineffectually at one of the birds, trying his damndest.
  631. [16:04:52] <Kain> 2d6+4 Stormwind again
  632. [16:04:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Stormwind again: 12 [2d6=3,5]
  633. [16:05:04] <Kain> 14 m.arm damage to the group again
  634. [16:05:13] * Natalie yawns again.
  635. [16:05:15] <Kain> Another one tries to peck Celina!
  636. [16:05:17] <Celina> 30/44
  637. [16:05:17] <Kain> 2d6+4
  638. [16:05:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=3,3]
  639. [16:05:19] <Celina> hits
  640. [16:05:20] * @Lenore takes 2 damage. Oh no!
  641. [16:05:24] <Theta> (The ARM, it did nothing ;-;)
  642. [16:05:38] <Kain> 12 arm damage, Celina
  643. [16:05:57] <@Lenore> (Zoof: It saved me from having half my health knocked off by one hit)
  644. [16:05:59] <Kain> The last begins casting!
  645. [16:06:04] * Celina takes 4. DINK
  646. [16:06:10] * Amaryllis is unsteadied by the winds as they cut into the gaps in her armor.
  647. [16:06:22] <Celina> player turns?
  648. [16:06:27] <Natalie> (hmmm)
  649. [16:06:32] <Amaryllis> (oh god tree are you casting again now?)
  650. [16:06:36] <Natalie> (yeah)
  651. [16:06:40] <Amaryllis> (because yes teamwork on the one that's casting)
  652. [16:07:02] <@Lenore> (I'd ask for a heal, but it's only a measly 11 damage)
  653. [16:07:12] <Natalie> (okay, I'm waffling now on whether 18 is worth using a cure on... HMMM)
  654. [16:07:13] <@Lenore> (That I'd be adding)
  655. [16:07:45] <Natalie> (yeah considering they're +22, I... I dunno, rat-chan you think you need it?)
  656. [16:07:48] <Theta> Theta swings at the one Mr. Prickles is trying to put a dent in. "Ha!"
  657. [16:07:51] <Theta> 2d6+2
  658. [16:07:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 7 [2d6=3,2]
  659. [16:07:56] <Theta> (and nope.)
  660. [16:08:24] <Natalie> (if you'll be jumping I'll dia some more)
  661. [16:08:47] * @Lenore lets it rip on the one that's casting. "I'll show you I'm the best there is! I won't tolerate another mage trying to show me they're better~"
  662. [16:08:51] <Natalie> (Lenny is ACTUALLY probably going to be okay if we can stop this one and take the other out)
  663. [16:08:59] <Celina> (I'll be okay, do the knockback)
  664. [16:09:03] <Celina> (it's more important)
  665. [16:09:11] <Natalie> (no I mean, that's happening after the spell ANYWAY)
  666. [16:09:16] <Celina> 2d6+3 EVENTUALLY I'LL DO THIS
  667. [16:09:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, EVENTUALLY I'LL DO THIS: 14 [2d6=6,5]
  668. [16:09:17] <@Lenore> 2d6+55
  669. [16:09:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+55: 64 [2d6=6,3]
  670. [16:09:25] <Celina> c-c-c-CRITICAL HIT
  671. [16:09:28] <Kain> HIT
  672. [16:09:30] <Natalie> (It's just what happens before the knockback is between- oh that works)
  673. [16:09:33] <Celina> half damage due to status touch though
  674. [16:09:37] <Kain> and indeed a critical hit
  675. [16:09:43] <Amaryllis> ( so we still teamworking tree?)
  676. [16:09:50] <Natalie> (depends if those two take it out)
  677. [16:09:57] <Celina> 22 lightning damage to every enemy in a short range
  678. [16:10:01] <Celina> and
  679. [16:10:22] <Celina> 2d6+2 opposed force for blind; 2d6+4 opposed finesse for confuse
  680. [16:10:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, opposed force for blind: 9 [2d6=3,4]; opposed finesse for confuse: 11 [2d6=3,4]
  681. [16:10:25] <@Lenore> 64 M.Arm Lighting to the one casting~
  682. [16:10:38] <Kain> Got it, Lenore. That one seems really weak!
  683. [16:10:52] <Kain> 3#2d6+4 opposed finesse
  684. [16:10:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, opposed finesse: 12 [2d6=2,6], 8 [2d6=1,3], 10 [2d6=2,4]
  685. [16:11:00] <Kain> One saves
  686. [16:11:08] <Celina> and force?
  687. [16:11:17] <Kain> 2d6+3
  688. [16:11:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=2,5]
  689. [16:11:21] <Kain> 2#2d6+3
  690. [16:11:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2#2d6+3: 14 [2d6=6,5], 7 [2d6=2,2]
  691. [16:11:31] <Celina> 3: oh well
  692. [16:11:32] <Amaryllis> (ehhh wanna teamwork the unconfused one anyway?)
  693. [16:11:36] <Celina> one's blinded and two are confused
  694. [16:11:58] <Natalie> (yeah why not, actually I think I'll dia instead so we can go for fast taking-out)
  695. [16:12:06] * @Lenore goes back to casting in normaltongue now, giving a big smile to the birdies~
  696. [16:12:12] <Natalie> (since with confuse/blind/etc it's unlikely they'll be a threat)
  697. [16:12:24] * Amaryllis nods to Nat and raises her knife to point at the roc that still has its bearings, wincing as shadow energy rips through her arm. Darkside! Nightsword!
  698. [16:12:33] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 and this acts as a long range attack now
  699. [16:12:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, and this acts as a long range attack now: 11 [2d6=4,4]
  700. [16:12:52] <Natalie> (oh wait, actually, do the team attack WITH my dia)
  701. [16:12:53] <Theta> (Man you guys got all the good rolls today :C)
  702. [16:12:55] <Natalie> 2d6+16 LIGHTBOMB
  703. [16:12:55] <Kain> that'll hit, IF Nat manages...
  704. [16:12:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, LIGHTBOMB: 27 [2d6=6,5]
  705. [16:13:03] <Amaryllis> 1d6 reliable hit
  706. [16:13:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, reliable hit: 4 [1d6=4]
  707. [16:13:12] <Amaryllis> 1d6 teamwork reroll
  708. [16:13:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, teamwork reroll: 3 [1d6=3]
  709. [16:13:12] <Natalie> (take the other re- or should I actually)
  710. [16:13:16] <Natalie> (goddamnit)
  711. [16:13:24] <Amaryllis> 1d6 destiny for a match?
  712. [16:13:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, destiny for a match?: 5 [1d6=5]
  713. [16:13:28] <Amaryllis> there we go
  714. [16:13:34] <Kain> WHAM
  715. [16:13:36] <Natalie> (WELL that's okay too!)
  716. [16:14:03] <Amaryllis> 44+8+5 shadow damage, heals half of what it deals
  717. [16:14:18] <Amaryllis> that's...57. Yeah I can math.
  718. [16:14:22] <Amaryllis> (ignores ARM btw)
  719. [16:14:37] * Natalie slings the bomb in range for Ammy to hit like a baseball bat or something similarly crazy! Or... not.
  720. [16:14:50] <Natalie> Either way 27 M.ARM, yeah.
  721. [16:15:01] <Natalie> Aaaaaaand then back to chanting.
  722. [16:15:29] * Amaryllis calls up a long blade of shadow in the air and swats the bomb toward the bird before the blade itself impales it.
  723. [16:16:18] <Kain> Shadow and light explode, tearing the Roc apart!
  724. [16:16:23] <Kain> Twoooo left
  725. [16:16:52] <Natalie> "Didn't I say this was going to be easy?"
  726. [16:17:42] <Kain> Did I miss anyone's turns?
  727. [16:17:52] <@Lenore> (Everyone went~)
  728. [16:17:55] <Natalie> (Prix?)
  729. [16:18:04] <@Lenore> (^)
  730. [16:18:12] <Amaryllis> "They hardly seem content to let their story end like this, milady." Ammy grips her bleeding arm with a pained look on her face until a flow of shadow energy rushes in and patches it up, sighing in relief.
  731. [16:18:14] <Kain> 1d100
  732. [16:18:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 25 [1d100=25]
  733. [16:20:18] <Kain> Prickles tosses a rock!
  734. [16:20:36] <Kain> 1d6
  735. [16:20:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  736. [16:20:40] <Natalie> "Well, that's why their story continues with... you know, adding another chapter to our story.  I think they could be trying a little harder than they are, personally."
  737. [16:20:47] <Kain> And that Roc is stunned
  738. [16:20:53] * Natalie yawns and makes smalltalk mid-chant like it ain't no thang.
  739. [16:21:03] <Kain> 1d4 confusion?
  740. [16:21:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, confusion?: 3 [1d4=3]
  741. [16:21:21] <Kain> er
  742. [16:21:24] <Kain> 1d6 rather
  743. [16:21:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, rather: 5 [1d6=5]
  744. [16:22:09] <Kain> shit I've lost track, one second
  745. [16:22:29] <Kain> this Roc tries to attack Natalie!
  746. [16:22:34] <Kain> 1d6+2 and misses, duh
  747. [16:22:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, and misses, duh: 6 [1d6=4]
  748. [16:22:42] <Natalie> CORRECT.
  749. [16:22:47] <Kain> players?
  750. [16:23:03] * Natalie opens an eye, then closes it.
  751. [16:23:06] <Kain> We have one fairly healthy looking but angry roc and a poisoned/confused one
  752. [16:23:13] <Kain> er
  753. [16:23:15] <Kain> not poisoned
  754. [16:23:17] <Kain> blinded
  755. [16:23:24] <Theta> Theta goes for the angry one!
  756. [16:23:26] <Theta> 2d6+2
  757. [16:23:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 11 [2d6=3,6]
  758. [16:23:45] <Kain> Let's just say that's a hit because I shouldn't have given them flight
  759. [16:23:52] <Theta> 31 ARM damage.
  760. [16:23:59] * @Lenore winks, sparks coming off of her eyelid as she does so, then points her staff at the healthy Roc, a stream of electricity bursting forth! "Feel my mighty Thunder!"
  761. [16:24:09] <Kain> About half HP left! The roc screeches angrily!
  762. [16:24:14] <@Lenore> 2d6+55 M.Arm damage
  763. [16:24:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, M.Arm damage: 58 [2d6=1,2]
  764. [16:24:27] <Kain> And it's shocked to death midscreech by Lenore!
  765. [16:24:31] <Kain> One roc left and it's not looking good.
  766. [16:24:37] * Celina flicks her lashknife at it.
  767. [16:24:40] <Celina> 2d6+3
  768. [16:24:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+3: 11 [2d6=3,5]
  769. [16:24:46] <Celina> hit?
  770. [16:25:08] * Amaryllis pauses a second to assess the dazzled blinded roc, then decides it's worth risking. She draws on the shadow energy again and stabs.
  771. [16:25:17] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 darkside
  772. [16:25:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside: 11 [2d6=3,5]
  773. [16:25:29] <Celina> if so, 30 arm damage
  774. [16:25:48] <Amaryllis> 52 shadow arm damage on hit
  775. [16:26:20] <Kain> Kill description, Celina?
  776. [16:26:36] <Kain> Darkside doesn't go off, keep your HP :V
  777. [16:26:53] <Natalie> (>implying not body & soul anyway)
  778. [16:26:56] <Natalie> (treeeeeeee heeeeeeee)
  779. [16:27:17] * Celina manages to wrap the chain around the beast's neck and yanks it sharply to the ground, cutting off its air supply before it has a chance to scream for reinforcements!
  780. [16:27:59] * Natalie swirls the light magic wisp that finished forming on a finger, opens her eyes, and blows it out with a sigh. In a way-too-dramatic way.
  781. [16:28:01] <Kain> The last of the rocs goes down, and the nests are clear! The fearsome beasts lay dead before you.
  782. [16:28:19] * Celina checks for LOOT or COMPONENTS
  783. [16:28:23] <Natalie> "That's that, yes?  Let's continue."
  784. [16:28:38] <@Lenore> "Celly, shall we get the eggs?"
  785. [16:28:48] <Amaryllis> (I swear, someone has points in scavenge)
  786. [16:28:49] <Natalie> (... oh yeah, you know, I never asked if it mattered in this campaign, but could I do that with Scavenge?)
  787. [16:28:55] <Natalie> (yeah I do)
  788. [16:29:02] <Amaryllis> (so does Theta, just checked)
  789. [16:29:21] <Theta> (I do, yeah.)
  790. [16:30:20] <Theta> Theta goes to seeing if any of the Roc's have noticable parts that could prove useful, then!
  791. [16:30:37] <Theta> 2d6+3 feathers, talons, those sorta things I guess. I mean they ARE birds.
  792. [16:30:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, feathers, talons, those sorta things I guess. I mean they ARE birds.: 7 [2d6=3,1]
  793. [16:30:40] * Amaryllis sheathes her knife and shakes off the wisps of black smoke. She looks up toward the spires. "...Climbing does not often come up in the service of a noble house."
  794. [16:30:44] <Theta> (god dommit :C)
  795. [16:30:55] <Kain> Scavenge checks are go yes
  796. [16:30:59] * Natalie still doesn't quite get why Lenore was the one chosen to go get them, quirking a brow. "Are you certain you'll be okay up there?"
  797. [16:31:03] <Natalie> 2d6+2 lessee....
  798. [16:31:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, lessee....: 8 [2d6=3,3]
  799. [16:31:05] <Celina> 2d6 scavengin'
  800. [16:31:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, scavengin': 5 [2d6=4,1]
  801. [16:31:12] <@Lenore> 2d6 scavenge~
  802. [16:31:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, scavenge~: 7 [2d6=1,6]
  803. [16:31:15] <Celina> (nat: because she has a hat)
  804. [16:31:20] <Amaryllis> 2d6
  805. [16:31:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  806. [16:31:22] <Kain> Feel free to use it on anything you think appropriate, not just notorious+ monsters
  807. [16:31:28] <Amaryllis> HOW DO WE BIRD?
  808. [16:31:45] <Kain> you guys don't find much of use on the birds
  809. [16:31:52] <@Lenore> (Quick someone spend Destiny!)
  810. [16:32:01] <Kain> (Please don't)
  812. [16:32:01] <Celina> (what destiny)
  813. [16:32:16] <@Lenore> (Kidding.)
  814. [16:32:18] <Kain> (I really dunno what to give off their bodies anyway :3c)
  815. [16:32:23] <Amaryllis> (I've spent two this session. Gonna need to bank the remaining one if I want to USE my limit abilities later on)
  816. [16:32:26] <Natalie> (BIRD...)
  817. [16:32:28] <@Lenore> (FIERCE TALONS)
  818. [16:32:28] <Natalie> (...)
  819. [16:32:33] <Natalie> (BEAKS)
  820. [16:32:36] * Celina at least takes a wing feather for her hat. SWANKY.
  821. [16:32:37] <@Lenore> (And pretty feathers)
  822. [16:32:41] <Theta> (Don't have any destiny.)
  823. [16:32:45] <Theta> (I'd just roll a 1 anyway.)
  824. [16:32:45] <Kain> pimprat
  825. [16:32:48] <Theta> (My rolls have sucked today.)
  826. [16:32:51] * Amaryllis takes a feather to press into her storybook later.
  827. [16:32:56] <Kain> Celina has improved her swag by 250%
  828. [16:33:03] <Kain> Okay, who goes collecting eggs?
  829. [16:33:05] * Natalie does the same, everyone knows roc feathers lets you do badass jumps. Roc capes do too.
  830. [16:33:18] * @Lenore also puts a feather on her hat~
  831. [16:33:32] <Celina> I think it's Celina jumping Lenore up there and Lenore putting eggs in her storage space
  832. [16:33:36] * @Lenore then taptaps Celina and points to eggs. "Can we get 'em?"
  833. [16:33:38] <Celina> also everyone copying me 3:
  834. [16:33:47] <Celina> "Right. Take my hand and hold on tight."
  835. [16:33:54] * Natalie doesn't put the feather on her ribbon or anything, don't worry. Where it goes is a secret~
  836. [16:34:09] <Natalie> "... Wait."
  837. [16:34:26] * Natalie walks up to Lenny and taps her on the nose, sparkling a little. "If you screw up you'll doom us all."
  838. [16:34:38] <Natalie> Let's waste that last 10 MP on another faith, huh?
  839. [16:34:55] <Theta> (Oh god what is she doing with that feather.)
  840. [16:35:01] <Celina> (not going to ask)
  841. [16:35:02] <Kain> Prickles turns to you all. "Is everyone uninjured? seems I'm not really that helpful at the moment, I apologize." he says in squibble squibble
  842. [16:35:02] * @Lenore holds on extraextra tight. Hope ratgirl doesn't mind. She smiles at Natty. "Thank you."
  843. [16:35:05] <Theta> Theta has no interesting in bird feathres. Specially not ROC FEATHERS.
  844. [16:35:09] <@Lenore> (My thoughts exactly.)
  845. [16:35:14] * Celina TAKES OFF with high jumping.
  846. [16:35:16] <Natalie> (yeah, you better not 1,1because I have no clue what she's doing with it either)
  847. [16:35:19] <Kain> ZOOM
  848. [16:35:31] * Celina lands by the next a couple of rounds later!
  849. [16:35:32] <Theta> He just wipes off his blade and puts it away, waiting on the others.
  850. [16:35:58] <Kain> You land in one of the nests, narrowly avoiding crushing some eggs beneath your huge ratfeet.
  851. [16:36:11] <Natalie> "Not necessarily," Prickles gets a pat on the head too assuming his pricks are retracted.  Even if the player can't unsee him in a catboy headband.  "At least you aren't boring!"
  852. [16:36:13] <Kain> Sure are eggs! And there seem to be other things here in the nest as well.
  853. [16:36:22] <Kain> When did nat learn squibble
  854. [16:36:54] <Amaryllis> squibblesquab "Your company is appreciated nonetheless Sir Prickles."
  855. [16:36:59] <@Lenore> "Okay, I'll hold the hat, you put the eggs in, and be careful!  Even if it's a safe compartment, if you just dump them in they'll crack!"
  856. [16:36:59] <Kain> because I remember she wasn't paying attention :V
  857. [16:37:05] * Celina checks the other things while Lenore grabs the oh okay that works.
  858. [16:37:12] * Celina carefully eggs and then checks for other things.
  859. [16:37:38] <Kain> Shinies in the nest include around 1200 gil
  860. [16:37:42] * @Lenore makes sure all the eggs are in the hat okay before putting it on, and checks the nest for junk. Do we have to scavenge?
  861. [16:37:49] <Kain> aaaaand
  862. [16:38:02] <Natalie> (>implying she said it in squibble)
  863. [16:38:18] <Natalie> (oh, right, you mean the- no she was definitely paying attention)
  864. [16:38:43] <@Lenore> (She was just pretending not to, because >Nat >admitting to putting effort into anything)
  865. [16:38:47] <Natalie> (^)
  866. [16:38:50] <Natalie> (you're good at this)
  867. [16:39:06] <Kain> A sparkly blade of some kind! It's not fancy, but it's well polished and looks fairly sturdy.
  868. [16:39:21] * Celina swings it around a bit to test it.
  869. [16:39:27] <@Lenore> "Think Theta would like this?"  She looks at the sparklesparkle blade.
  870. [16:39:32] <Kain> You feel a bit stronger when you hold it.
  871. [16:39:37] <Celina> "Didn't he just get a new sword?"
  872. [16:39:41] <Natalie> (inb4 it's cursed)
  873. [16:39:48] <Kain> It's a Brute Sword, +2 Power
  874. [16:39:50] <@Lenore> (Can I Lore (Magic) it to find out any enchantments or anything on it?)
  875. [16:39:51] <Kain> Tier 2 and all
  876. [16:39:55] <@Lenore> (...or you could just tell us.)
  877. [16:39:59] <Celina> (no you can't V:)
  878. [16:40:04] <Kain> We'll assume you found that out, Lenore
  879. [16:40:34] <@Lenore> "Did he? ...I guess he did~"
  880. [16:40:36] <Celina> "I'm sure someone will have a use for it - or we can sell it."
  881. [16:40:54] <Celina> "Doubtless the person who used it last has no further use for it."
  882. [16:41:02] <@Lenore> "Ammy could use it instead..."
  883. [16:41:18] <Celina> "Perhaps. Are the eggs secured?"
  884. [16:41:31] <@Lenore> "Yes!  I double checked to make sure!"
  885. [16:41:32] <Kain> The end of the sword seems wider and more triangular than the part that meets the hilt...
  886. [16:42:01] <@Lenore> (Izzat a hueg?)
  887. [16:42:55] <Celina> (if it's a sword with an ability, it's just a sword)
  888. [16:43:29] <Natalie> (I miss the old ffd6 where white mages could use huge)
  889. [16:43:48] * Celina grabs Lenore and jumps back down again!
  890. [16:44:12] <@Lenore> (Because hammers :3)
  891. [16:44:26] <Natalie> ('xactly)
  892. [16:44:46] <Kain> Got Roc Eggs!
  893. [16:44:53] <Theta> (Everyone just wanted dirty elf porno mags for their weapons anyway.)
  894. [16:44:56] * @Lenore squeals a little at suddenly being grabbed and jumped but seems okay.
  895. [16:45:25] <Celina> "There we go. We'd best get back before our employer loses its patience."
  896. [16:46:01] <Kain> You land safely enough, and Prickles hops up into one of Lenore's pockets. ...if she even has pockets in those robes considering her hat. If not, he'll find a place on Celina or Nat.
  897. [16:46:10] * Natalie barely stifles a grin at Lenny being so... what's the word for that? Squeamish? "Ahem. Did you get enough?"
  898. [16:46:12] <Amaryllis> "Will the eggs of one nest be enough? We would not want to have to make a second trip." Ammy seems about ready to head back.
  899. [16:46:23] * @Lenore doesn't know what these pocke things are
  900. [16:46:26] <Natalie> Nat is totally content with holding onto him.
  901. [16:46:31] <Kain> You've got a clutch of about eight eggs at the moment.
  902. [16:46:34] <@Lenore> (*pocket)
  903. [16:46:49] <@Lenore> "Let's hurry!  Eggs are best as fresh as possible~"
  904. [16:47:29] <Amaryllis> "But the eggs have laid there for weeks already likely." Ammy is confused about how you can have fresh eggs unless you plucked them straight out of the bird.
  905. [16:47:41] <Natalie> (lenny so moe)
  906. [16:47:45] <Natalie> (so moe)
  907. [16:48:03] <@Lenore> " mom always was big about cooking eggs as soon sa you got them..."
  908. [16:48:08] <Celina> "Then let's get them to the Qu before they hatch."
  909. [16:48:15] <Celina> "Either way, time is of the essence."
  910. [16:48:17] <@Lenore> "Y-yes!  Let's."
  911. [16:48:25] <Natalie> Another giggle.  "Let's hurry."
  912. [16:48:37] <Theta> "It's not like the - oh nevermind." He just follows along.
  913. [16:48:45] <Kain> DOO DOO DOO and soon you're back at Quoda's hut. Man that grass is unsettling, did something slither past your leg?
  914. [16:48:57] <Kain> You get back into the kitchen and the Qu turns.
  915. [16:49:01] <Natalie> (better not be one of those phallic BR snakes)
  916. [16:49:15] <Kain> Quoda: "Finally! You get eggs?"
  917. [16:49:28] * @Lenore hands the hat to Celina. "Hold it up for me!" She carefully pulls out the eggs and hands them to Quoda!
  918. [16:49:36] <Natalie> "Well, of COURSE.  I hope you didn't doubt us."
  919. [16:49:57] * Celina helpfully holds the hat.
  920. [16:50:06] * Celina is THE MOST HELPFUL
  921. [16:50:13] * Natalie is still the cutest.
  922. [16:50:37] <@Lenore> "Is there anything else you need?  I hope we got you everything fast enough!"
  923. [16:53:04] <Kain> Quoda: "Decent quickness... let's see... this meal... probably B+ once done." the Qu takes the eggs, cracking them into a bowl. "You stay if you want join meal, I think there some extra. Not best work, but better than could do alone on short notice."
  924. [16:53:17] <Kain> Quoda: "One moment, I fetch gils."
  925. [16:53:35] <Kain> The qu leaves the mixing bowl to head back into the living room and wades through the grass.
  926. [16:54:22] <Amaryllis> "I am curious who this esteemed guest may be. Shall we stay?"
  927. [16:54:47] <@Lenore> "I'm really hungry, so sure!"
  928. [16:54:48] * Amaryllis twitches a little at B+, but seems satisfied enough regardless.
  929. [16:55:22] <Theta> "I see no reason to refuse, myself."
  930. [16:55:22] * Natalie nods along, stepping on Ammy's foot as an 'it's okay' or 'ignore it' gesture of some kind. "Indeed. Let's at least see how they take it."
  931. [16:55:24] * Celina is totally okay with free food, even if it's Qu food. She makes a note to make sure she doesn't end up eating cactuar though.
  932. [16:56:34] <Kain> Quoda comes back into the kitchen with a bulging bag. "Who take money?"
  933. [16:56:46] <Celina> "I've got it."
  934. [16:56:59] * Celina passes Lenore's hat back and reaches out with giant rat hands.
  935. [16:57:00] <Kain> The bag of gil is shoved into Celina's arms, then, and Quoda gets back to work.
  936. [16:57:19] * @Lenore puts it back on, making sure it goes on snugly.
  937. [16:57:23] <Kain> As you unstring the purse, about 5000 gil glitters from within its depths.
  938. [16:58:09] <@Lenore> "So we got the money from the Roc's nest and this,so that totals to about...6200 gil?  Oooh."
  939. [16:58:10] <Celina> (oh my)
  940. [16:58:17] * Celina peers in and gasps.
  941. [16:58:18] * Natalie peers over to look at it, nodding.
  942. [16:58:27] <Natalie> "Still pocket change, but this will do for now."
  943. [16:58:45] <@Lenore> "So everyone should get 1240 each!"
  944. [16:59:17] <Celina> "Thank you for your generosity."
  945. [16:59:29] <Amaryllis> "What use have rocs for gil? Must be left from an adventurer seeking much what we did."
  946. [16:59:45] <Natalie> "Perhaps they were trying to eat it."
  947. [17:00:05] <@Lenore> "I was just thinking that birds like shiny things..."
  948. [17:00:11] <Kain> Quoda: "Rocs like shinies, yes? Fine to keep what else you found."
  949. [17:00:15] <Amaryllis> "Thank you." Ammy nods toward Quoda. "If there are any last tasks in the kitchen you require help with...?"
  950. [17:00:22] <@Lenore> "Also, Celly, Celly!"  She elbows her gently.  "The sword?"
  951. [17:00:28] * Theta nods to the Qu. "I was about to suggest that. That it was just a shiny material to them."
  952. [17:00:50] <Celina> "Oh!. Right."
  953. [17:00:51] <Natalie> "I think the guests would be pleased by the elegance I radiate with just by being in the same room, anyway."
  954. [17:00:54] * Natalie flicks her hair.
  955. [17:00:54] <Kain> Quoda turns and shis tongue flicks around, as if licking the air. "No, is okay. I got this from here. Many thanks for helping."
  956. [17:01:11] * Celina draws the sword and 'accidentally' nicks with one Nat's hair ribbons with it.
  957. [17:01:18] <Celina> "We found this, as well."
  958. [17:01:30] * Natalie suddenly freezes up.
  959. [17:01:39] <@Lenore> "A-ah!"
  960. [17:01:54] <Kain> Quoda: "Heavy looking sword, but you lift it fine? Magic maybe? Prefer forks anyway."
  961. [17:01:59] <@Lenore> "C-celly, you..."
  962. [17:02:06] * Natalie reaaaaches up to check the state of her favorite. "Did you..."
  963. [17:02:12] <@Lenore> "You shouldn't have done that."
  964. [17:02:19] <Natalie> "... Just kidding, I have plenty~"
  965. [17:02:49] <Celina> "Hm? Oh my."
  966. [17:02:49] * Natalie still wears one of those yangire smiles. "I hope you don't do something like that on purpose again, though! Please do be more careful, would you?"
  967. [17:02:54] <Celina> "Do forgive me."
  968. [17:03:02] <Celina> "I'm so unused to swords~"
  969. [17:03:25] * Amaryllis nods again at Quoda and gets out of the way. She looks between the Burmecian and noble with a weary expression carved into her face.
  970. [17:03:41] <@Lenore> "Yes, yes, A-ammy, t-this would be good for you, yes?"  She's scared that Natty is going to explode.
  971. [17:04:03] <Natalie> Just a horrific warning smile!  "This is a time for celebration anyway, isn't it?"
  972. [17:04:13] * Theta backs off sloooowly, not wanting to be standing next to that powder keg.
  973. [17:04:22] * Amaryllis scribbles in her storybook. "Perhaps I should get into scriptwriting. a tale of two fools will always attract a crowd in Lindblum."
  974. [17:04:35] <Kain> The qu gets back to work.
  975. [17:04:39] * @Lenore grabs Natty's hand. "C-c'mon, let's go find seating!"
  976. [17:04:46] <Natalie> "Yes, yes, let's."
  977. [17:04:56] <Kain> Ricard scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. "Guess I'll have to join you... feel kinda bad about it when I didn't even really help..."
  978. [17:04:57] * Celina is not intimidated by little yandere girls at all! "Oh, right. Miss Amaryllis, could you find a use for this?"
  979. [17:05:00] <Natalie> Yangire.
  980. [17:05:09] <Amaryllis> Then she looks at the sword, just kinda staring for a few seconds, before carefully taking it, holding it as one would a knife. It almost slips from the sloppy grip. She attempts a stabby motion and then a chop like cutting vegetables.
  981. [17:05:15] <Celina> "And you've been more than helpful, Sir High-"
  982. [17:05:24] * Celina gets out of Ammy's way
  983. [17:05:47] * Amaryllis made sure no one was in the way before stabbing! :D
  984. [17:06:05] <Natalie> (isn't it so weird that only one moogle has called us scary thus far?)
  985. [17:06:09] * Celina still gives her a wide berth
  986. [17:06:20] * @Lenore hurriedly (but gently!) takes Natty to the table and sits down with her.
  987. [17:06:54] * Celina plops down on Lenore's other side. :3
  988. [17:06:55] <Amaryllis> It looks kinda awkward, like she's trying to use the sword as a knife. "Perhaps. I will have to adjust."
  989. [17:06:59] * Natalie looks around to see if the guest is there yet, wearing a much more normal smile. Actually once separated from the others she laughs a li- oh, rat's back, nevermind.
  990. [17:08:03] * Theta just slips on over to the table and takes a seat, waiting paitently.
  991. [17:08:17] * @Lenore gives Celina the most nervous smile. "M-miss Celina, glad to have you join us."
  992. [17:08:38] * Natalie peeks out from behind Lenore, from perspective, and nods along with a :D.
  993. [17:09:16] * @Lenore shivers a little. Not that it's cold, but the atmosphere sure is.
  994. [17:09:23] <Celina> "Of course. Everything went well, didn't it?"
  995. [17:09:29] <Natalie> Know what else is cold?
  996. [17:09:31] <Natalie> DEAD RATS
  997. [17:09:33] * Celina is mostly ignoring the atmosphere and/or Nat
  998. [17:09:55] * Amaryllis moves toward the table but then stops, making sure everyone else has fully settled down before taking whatever seat remains.
  999. [17:10:18] * @Lenore s-shakeshakeshiver. She can just FEEL Nat's icy glare from the other side of her. "Y-yes, almost perfectly. Almost."
  1000. [17:10:27] * Theta just preps to duck under the table if things escalate. Or something.
  1001. [17:10:36] <Natalie> Oh, but it's pleasant!
  1002. [17:10:55] <Natalie> In... a weird way.
  1003. [17:11:07] <@Lenore> (Is it, say...)
  1004. [17:11:24] <@Lenore> (The yan sort of pleasant? '_')
  1005. [17:11:28] <Natalie> (correct)
  1006. [17:12:05] <Natalie> (It's like... you know that anime thing where yangire/deres have that blackness around their eyes?  Portray it like it's that, and whenever somebody besides Celina looks it's a totally normal smile.  And then it goes back.)
  1007. [17:12:53] <@Lenore> (I was thinking the "Yukki, I told you not to look in there. :D" expression)
  1008. [17:13:00] <Natalie> (yeah, it's that one)
  1009. [17:13:56] <Kain> You find your way to the dining room easily enough despite all the grass you have to wade through to get there. The table is finely polished mahogany and seats about twelve. Nice lace doilies cover the table, with golden candlesticks and other such table decorations sitting there.
  1010. [17:13:59] <Celina> (ANYWAY)
  1011. [17:14:04] <Celina> (oh nice save kain)
  1012. [17:14:13] <Celina> "Hmm."
  1013. [17:14:21] <Natalie> (gonna need to shitscribble this later)
  1014. [17:14:26] * Celina isn't really sure how to into fancy dining etiquette :C
  1015. [17:14:38] * Natalie is! And is totally prepared to await the guest and etc.
  1016. [17:15:03] * @Lenore is seated with surprisingly perfect posture.
  1017. [17:15:19] * Theta looks equally lost.
  1018. [17:15:26] <Theta> Tablecloths what is this.
  1019. [17:15:49] * Amaryllis looks pretty used to this sort of thing.
  1020. [17:16:15] <Kain> You all have a seat, and after a few minutes, Quoda starts bringing in covered dishes. "You wait for guest arrive, no touching until then!"
  1021. [17:16:25] <Celina> "Mmm."
  1022. [17:16:43] * Natalie makes sure Ammy is on the other side of her, anyway, relaxing being scary and all that. Just a little.
  1023. [17:16:54] * Celina looks to Sir Highwind for any sort of idea of what she should be doing with her hands/feet/tail/napkin/silverware
  1024. [17:17:02] <Natalie> "Yes yes, patience is one of the qualities of nobility."
  1025. [17:17:57] * @Lenore nudges Celina and demonstrates how to napkin and sit, pointing. Also trying to make sure Natty doesn't see Celina looking in her general direction by being discreet. Probably fails at that, though!
  1026. [17:18:46] <Kain> Quoda: "Eggs still need getting done, I be back in minute. Guest might arrive in meantime."
  1027. [17:18:55] <Kain> Quoda heads back out.
  1028. [17:19:09] * Natalie relaxes after having been there a while, anyway.
  1029. [17:19:11] <Theta> 2d6+3 hrm
  1030. [17:19:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, hrm: 9 [2d6=2,4]
  1031. [17:19:19] <Natalie> Sitting like a TOTALLY ELEGANT OJOUSAMA
  1032. [17:19:19] <Amaryllis> "How shall we greet..." Ammy is cut off by Quoda's departure and settles back down.
  1033. [17:19:29] <Kain> Ricard seems to just be resting his head on his hand, elbow on table and yawning. He notices Celina looking at him. ""
  1034. [17:19:36] <Theta> Theta slowly watches what the others do and sorta mimics it, not doing a very good job of playing it cool.
  1035. [17:20:10] * @Lenore is sitting pretty nicely too, although her nervousness is showing.
  1036. [17:20:14] * Celina takes Lenore's advice, though she's still figety. And shredding her nice napkin into little bits of cloth confetti.
  1037. [17:20:19] <Celina> *fidgety
  1038. [17:20:39] <@Lenore> (That feel.  I know it.)
  1039. [17:20:58] * Natalie cracks an eye open to see only Lenore's nervousness. And the tickling begins, in very very tiny increments.
  1040. [17:21:10] <@Lenore> (The "oh god I'm shredding my napkin" feel)
  1041. [17:21:17] <Amaryllis> "Lady Celina." Ammy looks over with a blank expression, staring at the napkin.
  1042. [17:21:46] * @Lenore does her best not to squeal. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long and an "Eeeeep!" comes out of her.
  1043. [17:21:55] <Natalie> Teehee.
  1044. [17:22:05] <Kain> Ricard: "...oh, right." Ricard straightens up and tries not to look like an embarassment to the guards.
  1045. [17:22:08] <Kain> Or the dragoons.
  1046. [17:22:14] * Natalie pulls back and makes like it was a ghost that did it.
  1047. [17:22:44] <Celina> "Hm?"
  1048. [17:22:52] <@Lenore> "Azure that's..."  She suddenly grins a bit.  "Nnnnnot nnnnice."
  1049. [17:23:08] * Celina absently dumps the napkin bits in her lap before she meets Ammy's gaze.
  1050. [17:23:35] * Natalie pales a little. "A-Are you possessed? Y-You sound like you're freezing. And it's fairly temperate in here."
  1051. [17:23:39] * Theta just raises an eyebrow, confused on whatever the hell sorta shenanigans is going on over therre what is this
  1052. [17:23:47] <Kain> The door to the dining room opens again, and someone walks in, but it isn't Quoda.
  1053. [17:23:52] * Amaryllis shrugs and tries to ignore the tickling going on just a seat or two down.
  1054. [17:24:09] <Natalie> (By the way the tickling 1,1was what she took the feather for)
  1055. [17:24:13] <Kain> Sure could have fooled you, though. All Qus seem to look identical, don't they? This one's wearing a big pink coat and a white chef's hat, though.
  1056. [17:24:14] * @Lenore nods, smiling, before turning to face the guest.
  1057. [17:24:25] <Kain> Qu: "Oh? Who you guys?"
  1058. [17:24:57] <Amaryllis> (did someone call it being Quina? I think someone did)
  1059. [17:25:05] <@Lenore> "We're Quoda's little assistants!"
  1060. [17:25:25] <Celina> (I was just hoping it wasn't the qu mafia guy)
  1061. [17:25:27] <Kain> The qu waddles over and plops down on the other side of Celina. "Oh! Good, Quoda not have very many friends, is good s/he meet more people!"
  1062. [17:25:29] <Theta> "Good day," polite nod.
  1063. [17:25:42] <Amaryllis> "Welcome. We assisted chef Quoda with the meal." Ammy nods.
  1064. [17:25:46] <Celina> "Quoda was kind enough to allow us to partake of the meal in exchange for assistance gathering ingredients."
  1065. [17:25:59] <Natalie> "Yes, much of this was prepared by us.  And of course, it's only the finest.  I DO hope it'll be to your liking."
  1066. [17:26:03] <Kain> Qu: "I Quina Quen, nice to meet you. I looking forward to tasting!"
  1067. [17:26:03] <Amaryllis> "And assistance cooking." Ammy adds.
  1068. [17:26:38] * Natalie is just a step away from that ojou-sama OHOHOHOHO laugh. Fortunately she resists.
  1069. [17:26:54] <Kain> The qu leans over and sniffs the covered dishes. "Does smell good!"
  1070. [17:29:07] <Kain> Quoda comes back in with a big cake and sets it down. "Quina! Good see you. Everyone, this important guest from Mist Continent." The qu sits down, fairly pleased.
  1071. [17:29:25] * @Lenore nods. "It's good to meet you!"
  1072. [17:29:28] <Amaryllis> "I'm Amaryllis Middleton, servant to House Aitchison." Ammy gets up after a bit of staring at the other party members and offers a hand to Quina, feeling someone should start the introductions.
  1073. [17:29:35] <Celina> "A pleasure to meet you, Miss-" Hmm, that name sounds familiar.
  1074. [17:30:13] * @Lenore discreetly takes her feather from her hat and waits for Natalie to introduce herself. Revenge.
  1075. [17:30:15] <Kain> Quoda: "Quina legendary among qu! Catch more frogs in two weeks than anyone! Taste food from all around world! Know how to taste without tasting, too. Know all blue magic too."
  1076. [17:30:31] <Theta> "Oh, yes, of course!" He stands quickly, removing his hat.  "I, am Theta."
  1077. [17:30:40] <Kain> Quoda begins uncovering the dishes and begins serving various foods. Notably more food goes to the Qus than the rest of you, but it's still enough.
  1078. [17:31:05] <Natalie> Clueless Nat stands up after Ammy and extends a hand as well.  "And I, here with my servant, am Natalie Ellis Floruna Lazuli Annette-Maria Cynthia Cathaoir Aitchison III.  It's a great pleasure."
  1079. [17:31:23] <Celina> "Celina Mirach, formerly of Cleyra."
  1080. [17:31:25] * @Lenore tickles with feather as Natty stands up~
  1081. [17:31:34] <Kain> Quina: "Oh, I remember Cleyra. Sand not taste good."
  1082. [17:31:39] <Amaryllis> "It is an honor to dine in the presence of a legend."
  1083. [17:31:42] * @Lenore stands up, then. "I'm Lenore! Nice to meet you!"
  1084. [17:31:46] <Kain> Quina: "Very tasty foods though."
  1085. [17:32:00] * Natalie wiggles a little and sits back down, wearing a scrunchy 'huh what' face.
  1086. [17:32:36] * @Lenore sits down, and bides her time for another opportunity.
  1087. [17:32:45] <Kain> The Qus eat pretty sloppily, sweeping their tongues across their dishes and practically shoveling food into their mouth.
  1088. [17:32:52] <Natalie> Oh it totally worked!  But there was just... very little reaction.
  1089. [17:33:16] <Kain> Quina makes sure not to talk with its mouthful though. "Too long name." s/he comments at Natalie.
  1090. [17:33:42] <Kain> Quina: "You say itchyson? I call you Itchy."
  1091. [17:33:50] <Natalie> "There's a certain elegance in memorizing all of it!"  She does the same, scooping a mouthful in afterward.
  1092. [17:33:58] <@Lenore> (oh yes)
  1093. [17:34:00] <Natalie> ChompchompGULPGLUG.
  1094. [17:34:10] <Natalie> Or whatever sound choking makes.
  1095. [17:34:13] * @Lenore tickletickles while she's glugging.
  1096. [17:34:19] * Theta watches this, slightly horrified
  1097. [17:34:23] * Amaryllis waits for an appropriate time and chimes up. "Quina if I may ask, what became of the others who fought Kuja? Everyone knows the king and queen of Alexandria, and Freya herself passed through town just this day, but I have heard nary a word of the others. Your story is fascinating to read."
  1098. [17:34:27] <Theta> and just eats...normally, no longer really caring.
  1099. [17:34:40] <Kain> Ricard keeps quiet, eating as politely as he can, though he's not refined.
  1100. [17:34:46] * Natalie snorts after that one, bursting into laughter at the table. OH BOY.
  1101. [17:35:00] <Kain> Quina: "You know about that? I surprise. No one usually remember Quina."
  1102. [17:35:42] <Natalie> And of course Natty - goddamnit now I'm in that habit too - coughs afterward and pretends nothing happened.
  1103. [17:35:43] * @Lenore then quickly hides the feather and begins eating, carefully chewing everything nice and long and holding the fork and everything correctly.
  1104. [17:36:18] * Amaryllis stabs at a chunk of food with her knife, as if using it as a fork, then stops, puts down everything and starts over, eating normally and politely with the utensils as intended.
  1105. [17:36:52] * Amaryllis nods. "I was the House's storykeeper, so I cannot allow even a single character's tale in such a story be lost to the winds of time."
  1106. [17:37:03] <Kain> Quina: "King and Queen of Alexandria, with Rusty guarding them, yes, I see Freya on way here. Little Vivi... long dead. Red hair in summoner's city, girl with horn live in Lindblum now."
  1107. [17:37:09] * @Lenore can be surprisingly ladylike~
  1108. [17:37:24] * Natalie freezes mid-chomp.
  1109. [17:37:39] <Natalie> ... And then resumes again without making eye contact with anyone.
  1110. [17:37:52] <Kain> Quina: "Been long time since cooked for them all." s/he says sort of sadly.
  1111. [17:38:12] <Kain> Quina: "Quoda, you make good meal, but I think you misunderstand what I say about heart."
  1112. [17:38:27] <Kain> Quoda: "Griffon heart stew not good?"
  1113. [17:38:29] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps you could make that happen again if you spoke to the king and queen. A happy ending for all."
  1114. [17:38:37] <Natalie> TWITCH.
  1115. [17:38:39] <@Lenore> (I lost it)
  1116. [17:38:58] * @Lenore does her best not to giggle at this, continuing to eat her food.
  1117. [17:39:09] * Celina eats neatly and delicately, more because she's trying REALLY HARD than anything else
  1118. [17:39:11] * Amaryllis pauses for a fraction of a second to look at what she's eating, then slowly continues.
  1119. [17:39:13] <Kain> Quina: "Stew fine, but you forgot most important seasoning. Will teach later."
  1120. [17:39:30] <Kain> It's all actually pretty delicious if you ignore most of it is monster flesh.
  1121. [17:39:44] * Natalie takes each bite shakily and red-faced.
  1122. [17:39:54] * @Lenore just eats around the monster flesh. Carefully.
  1123. [17:40:09] * Theta doesn't seem to see the big deal
  1124. [17:40:20] * @Lenore pauses a bit. Wait. Griffon is just...well, sort of bird. She just decides to eat it anyway~
  1125. [17:40:31] <Natalie> ALL CREATURES ARE MONSTERS
  1126. [17:40:37] <Kain> Mmm, delicious.
  1127. [17:40:52] <@Lenore> (Kain lemme' know when we have to Force save or die~)
  1128. [17:40:55] * Amaryllis doesn't seem to care much beyond the initial surprise.
  1129. [17:41:32] * Natalie clears a plate or two and stands up probably long before anybody's finished, pushing her seat in. "Excuse me."
  1130. [17:41:45] <Natalie> Aaaaand starts to walk off.
  1131. [17:42:18] <Kain> Quoda frowns at Nat just up and leaving but continues conversing with Quina.
  1132. [17:42:24] <Kain> Anyone else want to make dinner conversation?
  1133. [17:42:41] * Natalie gives everyone a polite bow before disappearing, but looks obviously upset about something.
  1134. [17:42:50] * @Lenore frowns at Natty leaving, but continues to eat anyway~
  1135. [17:43:13] <@Lenore> "So Quina, you know all Blue Magics, right?"
  1136. [17:43:31] <Amaryllis> "Milady...?" Ammy meets Nat's eyes as the noble gets up.
  1137. [17:44:51] <Natalie> "I wasn't very hungry, but it was wonderful," to Ammy.  She's still kind of fuming silently but disappears right after.
  1138. [17:45:07] * Celina raises an eyebrow at Nat's departure. What's she pissy about this time?
  1139. [17:45:10] <Kain> Quina: "I eat many many monster, learn all blue magic, yes."
  1140. [17:45:48] <Amaryllis> "Has a Qu ever eaten an Eidolon?" Ammy recalls what almost happened with Leviathan.
  1141. [17:46:18] * @Lenore decides to let Ammy finish her question first~
  1142. [17:46:30] <Kain> Quina and Quoda drop their forks at this question.
  1143. [17:46:45] <Kain> Quina: "Eidolon...? That bad idea. Very, very bad idea."
  1144. [17:47:06] <Celina> "Unimaginably so."
  1145. [17:47:22] <Amaryllis> "My apologies. I was curious." Ammy freezes, wondering if she offended them badly.
  1146. [17:47:52] <Kain> Quina: "Where you get idea like that? Is taboo among all Qu. Even hungriest forbidden from it. Not religious, but closest word is... blasphemous."
  1147. [17:48:15] * @Lenore isn't sure at all how to react to this. Just...oh man.
  1148. [17:48:53] * Amaryllis pauses to think then figures it would have become news anyway since others were present at Daguerreo. "We watched one try to eat Leviathan, I believe."
  1149. [17:49:04] * Theta nods. "Indeed, we were witness to an attempt."
  1150. [17:49:14] <Kain> Quina: "....I see. This bad. Very bad."
  1151. [17:49:20] <Kain> Quina and Quoda exchange looks.
  1152. [17:49:30] <Kain> Quina: "Know you name of this Qu?"
  1153. [17:50:33] <Celina> "I...did he ever give his name? He was accompanied by two..puppeteers of a sort."
  1154. [17:50:35] <Amaryllis> "No, but he was larger than any I've seen. Two clowns stood at his side, disguised as Qu themselves, and his word commanded a small army carried to Daguerreo by airship."
  1155. [17:51:15] <Celina> "Goblins, that is."
  1156. [17:51:24] * Amaryllis nods at Celina's clarification.
  1157. [17:51:26] <Kain> Quina: "...Only one Qu have that much power."
  1158. [17:51:31] <Kain> Quoda: "Glutton...."
  1159. [17:52:29] <Kain> Quina nods. "Quosis Quar. He calls himself Glutton as sign of status."
  1160. [17:52:45] <Kain> *S/he
  1161. [17:53:43] <Celina> "Would you mind telling us more about this Quar?"
  1162. [17:57:58] <Kain> Quina: "Well... Quar leader of tribe up north. They aggressive, intergrated with Alexandrian colony called Durandal. They not just interested in yummies, but money, power. Are shame of entire Qu, but no one powerful enough to stop him at moment. I would, but suicide by myself."
  1163. [17:58:38] <Celina> "Alexandrians, hm."
  1164. [17:58:40] * Celina scowls.
  1165. [17:59:52] <Amaryllis> "Sponsored by Alexandria itself?"
  1166. [17:59:53] <Kain> Quina shakes s/his head. "Not of their will, Quar's tribe control all money in and out of city. That mean they control yummies, trade of goods, mercenaries...."
  1167. [18:00:08] <Kain> Quina: "Not know why Dagger not do anything yet."
  1168. [18:00:30] <@Lenore> "Could be eating her informants."
  1169. [18:00:54] <Kain> Quoda: "Who Dagger?"
  1170. [18:01:06] <Kain> Quina: "...Oh! Dagger nickname of Queen Garnet."
  1171. [18:01:35] <Celina> "A strange nickname."
  1172. [18:02:24] <Amaryllis> "That is indeed curious."
  1173. [18:02:30] <Theta> "How so?"
  1174. [18:03:19] <Kain> Quina: "I not know why, apparently something to do with Zidane."
  1175. [18:03:47] <Kain> Quina slurps down more food.
  1176. [18:04:45] <Kain> Quina: "Glutton trying to eat eidolons... I need talk with my master, Quan. Might need to unite other tribes..."
  1177. [18:04:55] <Kain> Quoda: "You try to take on Glutton? Quina..."
  1178. [18:06:34] <Celina> "To be sure, we will offer our assistance, though I am not sure it will mean much when compared to the strength of the Qu - and your own."
  1179. [18:06:57] <Kain> Quina contemplates.
  1180. [18:08:19] <Amaryllis> "I believe we should try to grow stronger before taking on such a daunting task." Ammy finishes eating her portion and sets down her utensils.
  1181. [18:09:01] <Kain> Quina: "No... can't ask your help. I can tell, you not too strong yet. No shame in that, just truth. But you grow strong, I happy to fight alongside."
  1182. [18:09:13] <@Lenore> "Yeah, we have other things we need to do the crystals and...n-nonmagic."
  1183. [18:09:23] <Amaryllis> "As the Qu make their preparations, we should make our own." Ammy pauses. "Without losing sight of our journey of course. One must not stray too far from the crux of a story in its telling."
  1184. [18:09:23] <Kain> Quina: "Go, experience world! Not your fight, not yet."
  1185. [18:10:21] <Kain> Quina: "Quoda, you and helpers make good meal, I really happy I got to eat with you again. But now is time for me to go."
  1186. [18:10:37] <Kain> Quina wipes s/himself with a napkin and stands.
  1187. [18:10:40] <Celina> "I assume that organizing the attack would take some time, as well. Remember our names, and feel free to call upon us."
  1188. [18:10:44] * Celina nods politely to Quina.
  1189. [18:11:36] * Amaryllis looks to Quoda. "I am sorry, for bringing this tale to your meal." After a moment's hesitance, she stands to bow apologetically.
  1190. [18:11:40] <@Lenore> "Mmm."  She pushes her food forward, having finished, a few scraps on the plates and bowls left.  She sure knows how to clean her plate~.  "I'm going to go check on Azure now, if you all don't mind."  She wipes her face with her napkin, gets up, nods politely to the two Qu, then walks out in the direction Natty went~
  1191. [18:11:50] <Kain> Quoda: "No, is good thing. Thing needed to be known."
  1192. [18:11:56] * Natalie is directly against the wall on the other side of the doorway and just... waves.
  1193. [18:11:58] <Natalie> WHOOPS.
  1194. [18:11:59] <Kain> The qu seems to be fairly troubled though.
  1195. [18:12:20] * Natalie totally brings a finger to her lips though.
  1196. [18:12:25] * @Lenore scowls at Natty upon finding her, but doesn't say anything.
  1197. [18:13:03] <Amaryllis> "I should look in on the good lady myself. Thank you again for your hospitality." Ammy dons her cloak with a sigh and tries to flash the two Qu a small smile.
  1198. [18:13:07] <Kain> Quina: "Goodbye! Thanks again for yummies. Time to prepare biggest meal yet. And hope Quar choke on it."
  1199. [18:13:42] * Celina grins.
  1200. [18:13:43] <Kain> Quina nods at Quoda, and the two take a moment to say goodbye to each other, and Quina then runs out of the building.
  1201. [18:16:21] <Kain> Quoda: "You all... good assistants, good dinner talk. not happiest talk, but important. ...thank you."
  1202. [18:16:28] * Natalie pretends like the eavesdropping wasn't even a thing and greets the others in the... swamp... room.
  1203. [18:16:36] <Kain> Quoda: "Hope you enjoyed meal. Comeback anytime!"
  1204. [18:16:49] <Kain> Quoda stands and begins to clear the dishes.
  1205. [18:17:21] <Celina> "Perhaps our next meal together will be more pleasant."
  1206. [18:17:32] * Celina goes to wipe her face but OH WHOOPS WHERE NAPKIN WENT
  1207. [18:17:42] * Celina reaches over Lenore to steal Nat's
  1208. [18:18:49] * Theta just finishes his meal quietly and gets up, starting to help clear the table.
  1209. [18:19:24] * @Lenore isn't at the table anymore, so Celina could get hers~.
  1210. [18:19:26] * Celina then gets up to go, trailing bits of napkin everywhere.
  1211. [18:19:33] <Amaryllis> (Seems like we're about wrapped up, so I'm gonna go answer my parents' calls to help prepare dinner. Thanks for game Kain)
  1212. [18:19:49] <Celina> (I haven't eaten today so I probably should too :3c)
  1213. [18:20:25] <Natalie> (Well let's get some more closure in case we go back to the inn or somesuch)
  1214. [18:20:45] <Celina> (okay)
  1215. [18:21:08] <@Lenore> "So Azure, did you enjoy your meal~?"
  1216. [18:21:34] <Natalie> "Well of course!  It was prepared by only the best."
  1217. [18:21:44] * Natalie nervouses a little and heads out.
  1218. [18:22:40] <Kain> (Sure, that seems to be it, if anyone wants to talk with an NPC or something lemme know)
  1219. [18:23:05] <Natalie> (Nah I just wanna know if we go back to the inn or something else happens before then 1,1so I can kidnap lenore)
  1220. [18:23:36] <@Lenore> (ohboy)
  1221. [18:23:43] <Natalie> (did you think I wasn't serious?)
  1222. [18:23:48] <Natalie> (DID YOU THINK I WAS FUCKING AROUND)
  1223. [18:23:51] <Natalie> (I DON'T FUCK AROUND)
  1224. [18:24:00] * Theta helps with the dishes before making his own depature, thanking Quoda for welcoming them to the meal before returning to the inn.
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