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  1. <align="center"><size=24>Rules</size></align>
  2. 01. <color=purple>[LISTEN TO MODS]</color> Moderators are in the server to make your gaming experience better. If you don't listen to them punishment will be twice as severe.
  3. 02. <color=silver>[NO HACKING]</color> Hacking the server will result in an instant, unappealable ban from all SCP:SL servers including ours.
  4. 03. <color=purple>[NO DISRESPECT]</color> No disrespecting other players on the server. Swears, racial slurs, and homophobic slurs are allowed. Saying a slur is not bannable; calling someone a slur is bannable.
  5. 04. <color=silver>[NO BULLYING]</color> Do not gang up on other players, target players to be killed by a group, or make fun of kids or women for their voices.
  6. 05. <color=purple>[NO EAR RAPE]</color> Ear rape is an instant ban. Micspamming is allowed if it isn't high-pitched. Playing music and voicechangers are examples of micspam that are allowed.
  7. 06. <color=silver>[NO TEAMKILLING]</color> Mass teamkilling or throwing grenades in elevators with no enemies is grounds for an instant ban. Single teamkills will be given warnings.
  8. 07. <color=purple>[NO SCP SUICIDE]</color> Intentionally killing yourself as an SCP will result in punishment.
  9. 08. <color=silver>[NO GRIEFING]</color> NTF cannot grief Scientists from escaping. Chaos Insurgency cannot grief D-Class from escaping. This includes closing doors and allowing SCPs/enemies to get to them. SCP-079 also cannot teamkill SCPs.
  10. 09. <color=purple>[TEAMING]</color> Anyone can team with anyone else, even if it delays the round.
  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. Discord:<b><color=purple><size=24><link=""> click here</link></size></color></b>
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