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  1. <color="red"><size=200%>Rules:
  2. <color="purple"><size=200%>1. No Mic Spam at all. Music is allowed though.
  3. <color="silver"><size=200%>2. Respect everyone on the server.
  4. <color="purple"><size=200%>3. Cooperate with staff if they ask you to do something.
  5. <color="silver"><size=200%>4. Teaming is allowed between SCP's and Chaos Insurgency, D-Class.
  6. <color="purple"><size=200%>5. No excessive profanity. (e.g. if you would get banned from a twitch stream for saying it, it's excessive.)
  7. <color="silver"><size=200%>6. Team Killing is not allowed.
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. Discord:<color="purple"><size=200%><link=""> Mythic Network</link>
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