What's That? You Kain't Just Fuck Already? WELP

May 5th, 2013
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  1. [12:05:29] <@Kain> LAST TIME ON KAINGAME
  2. [12:08:01] <@Kain> Secrets were revealed and distrust was sewn amidst the party. However, despite everything, they've reached out to each other, overcoming their differences and being willing to try again at the whole friendship gig. It's just after noon, the day after the submarine abduction and the tonberry fight. Where -are- the lot of you at the moment, all things considered?
  3. [12:09:57] <Amaryllis> Ammy's probably either wandering town for groceries for dinner and a robe she wanted to have tailored, or she's back at the inn making preparations. (is this after any and all crafting got done?)
  4. [12:10:34] <LenaRena> Lounging in a seat and sifting through books.
  5. [12:10:35] <Carbuncle> (time for silly)
  6. [12:11:37] <@Kain> Prooobably, cast.
  7. [12:11:53] * Carbuncle followed Ammy into town after porting on some WACKY shopping trips. However, not only is she in Carbuncle form, but she took the ultimate lazy route and used some nonsense intuitive reflectery to dye her fur white just to ride along on her friend or otherwise masquerade as a normal cat.
  8. [12:12:00] <Carbuncle> As normal as a cat in a tiara gets anyway.
  9. [12:12:28] <Amaryllis> (Snowflaaaaake)
  10. [12:12:47] <LenaRena> And maybe scrutinizing those glyphs a bit because why not.
  11. [12:12:50] <Carbuncle> (<3)
  12. [12:13:20] * Theta is putting the finishing touches on a new crossbow after going full shut in after a day in the life of a homeless geomancer
  13. [12:13:29] <LenaRena> 2d6 truth spell type; 2d6 Truth spell level Tree pick for me I don't have the PDF on my phone
  14. [12:13:30] <DiceMaid-9001> LenaRena, truth spell type: 6 [2d6=4,2]; Truth spell level Tree pick for me I don't have the PDF on my phone: 4 [2d6=2,2]
  15. [12:13:34] <@Kain> Alright then, let's say Ammy and Nat are just now getting back from that then for Ammy to make her preparations.
  16. [12:14:04] <Carbuncle> (oh sure make ME do it, I don't even have the scholar paste on hand!)
  17. [12:14:17] <@Kain> It's just one 2d6 roll goofy
  18. [12:14:33] <@Kain> Anyway you got blue magic but rolled an invalid tier.
  19. [12:14:35] <@Kain> 1d6
  20. [12:14:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  21. [12:14:42] <@Kain> Okay, a superior blue magic spell
  22. [12:14:42] <LenaRena> (wait I goofed)
  23. [12:15:34] <LenaRena> (Nigga wat)
  24. [12:15:45] <Amaryllis> (nice)
  25. [12:16:13] <Carbuncle> (TAKE 1,000 NEEDLES, SHOW UP MR. PRICKLES)
  26. [12:16:14] <@Kain> Let's review the whole deal with the Magus Sister glyphs...
  27. [12:18:34] <@Kain> You've collected three out of three. All that's left is inscribing them together, somewhere, and then giving the prerequisite 'offerings' in a ritual to call them forth.
  28. [12:19:00] <@Kain> The offerings are... an Elixir, as well as casting Cura and any Superior Black Magic.
  29. [12:19:12] <@Kain> The last two are easy enough, but Elixirs aren't that easy to come by.
  30. [12:19:25] <Theta> (look in the clock)
  31. [12:22:17] <@Kain> In any case... I'm going to try doing what I absolutely hate and run in two rooms I suppose.
  32. [12:22:41] <@Kain> #foreveragenome
  33. [12:23:07] <@Kain> anyone should feel free to slip in there
  34. [12:23:29] <Amaryllis> (alright, is that for just Theta or Theta and Lenore or what? LAtter might be easier here idk)
  35. [12:23:37] <Carbuncle> (I'll log it anyway)
  36. [12:23:44] <@Kain> Just Theta since I think s/he's in a different inn room
  37. [12:23:51] <Theta> oh still ina
  38. [12:23:53] * Theta is now known as Thetina
  39. [12:23:58] <LenaRena> Upon Nammy's return she turns to Ammy and asks "Hey, do you know a good place to get Elixirs~?"
  40. [12:24:02] <@Kain> Right then. When Ammy and Nat return, they see Lenore pouring over her notes.
  41. [12:24:19] <Carbuncle> "3To get whatters?" From on top of Ammy's head.
  42. [12:24:36] * Carbuncle dispels the fur coloring.
  43. [12:24:50] <Amaryllis> "In this town? Let me think on it."
  44. [12:24:57] <Amaryllis> (mercantile~?)
  45. [12:25:03] <@Kain> You can -try- it.
  46. [12:25:20] <Amaryllis> 2d6+9 I'll a faith and borrow the tantalus thingy
  47. [12:25:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, I'll a faith and borrow the tantalus thingy: 15 [2d6=1,5]
  48. [12:25:24] <@Kain> But Elixirs are a notorious sort of cure-all that aren't usually buyable.
  49. [12:25:37] <LenaRena> (Lore: Magic or alc synth also work?)
  50. [12:25:44] <Carbuncle> TODAY'S FAITH COST: You must go into town with a cat on your head!
  51. [12:25:48] <@Kain> Try it!
  52. [12:27:36] <LenaRena> 2d6+6+2 faith alc synth?
  53. [12:27:37] <DiceMaid-9001> LenaRena, faith alc synth?: 13 [2d6=3,2]
  54. [12:27:39] <Amaryllis> Silly Nat we already did that for grocery shopping.
  55. [12:27:44] <LenaRena> Boo
  56. [12:27:50] <@Kain> Hmmmm... naaaaah you're not quite sure.
  57. [12:27:50] <Carbuncle> TWO trips catheaded then!
  58. [12:28:10] <@Kain> ???: "Elixirs? Ye could try makin' one yerself, lass." a familiar voice yawns from atop a clock in the room.
  59. [12:28:28] <@Kain> A black tail swings back and forth in front of the clock face.
  60. [12:28:54] <Carbuncle> "3Yeah! You could always try- ... Ammy, your voice sounds really weird all of a sudden."
  61. [12:29:38] <LenaRena> "I plan to eventually.. wait..." She snaps around and OH GOD KITTY! Squeal. Assault. Cuddle. Roll?
  62. [12:29:39] <Amaryllis> "...Cait?" Ammy whips her head around. If Nat's still perched she'll have to try hard to hang on.
  63. [12:30:04] <Carbuncle> 2d6+11 fuck that I'm gonna athletics to hang on
  64. [12:30:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Carbuncle, fuck that I'm gonna athletics to hang on: 16 [2d6=2,3]
  65. [12:30:06] <@Kain> Cait snickers to himself and leans over the edge of the clock. "Top of the mornin'."
  66. [12:30:17] * Carbuncle jumps onto her shoulder anyway.
  67. [12:30:24] <@Kain> The crowned black cat yawns again.
  68. [12:30:32] <@Kain> Wait, which kitty?
  69. [12:30:34] <Carbuncle> ^
  70. [12:30:40] <LenaRena> Stray
  71. [12:30:48] <Carbuncle> Yeah sure it's always the NEW kitty everyone loves. HMPH
  72. [12:31:39] <Carbuncle> "3Huh? Who's- waiiiiiitasec I think I heard that name before."
  73. [12:31:44] * Carbuncle sits up and SQUINT.
  74. [12:32:29] <Amaryllis> "Ah, you and Noah have arrived in town then. Nat, you should check your diary." Ammy snickers on the inside.
  75. [12:32:40] <@Kain> BONG! The clock is probably shaken and he falls off onto Lenore, then!
  76. [12:32:46] <@Kain> THUMP
  77. [12:33:02] <Carbuncle> "3Aw boo, I kept it in my other form."
  78. [12:33:14] <LenaRena> Snuggle snuggle scratch behind ears~
  79. [12:34:05] <@Kain> Cait lands in Lenore's arms, belly up, and just sort of shrugs and puts his arms behind his head. "It's been a while, Natalie. And just as usual, ye don't remember yer ol' pal Cait Sith. Ah, just as well, ye know I've never minded. " he purrs in Lenore's arms, then looks at Ammy. "Ah, right, thaaaat's what I was forgetting."
  80. [12:34:36] <@Kain> Cait: "Noah asked me tae come tell ye all, but I found the nicest windowsill to nap on~"
  81. [12:34:51] <@Kain> Yaaaaawn.
  82. [12:34:52] <Carbuncle> "3Nonono wait! That's-" Her tails both jolt up and flail around before drooping back down. She catpouts too. "3... Sorry."
  83. [12:34:59] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell, how long have you kept him waiting then?"
  84. [12:34:59] <LenaRena> And after a bit of that she sets him on the ground gently~
  85. [12:35:30] <@Kain> Cait: "What time is it?" he looks up at the clock. "Ahh, just a few hours, the big baby can stand tae wait a little longer, even."
  86. [12:35:36] * Carbuncle hops off Ammy and onto the ground too. ... How does the Buncle match up with Cait height-wise, anyway?
  87. [12:35:39] <@Kain> He stands on his hind legs and stretches.
  88. [12:35:49] * Carbuncle ... does the same next to him.
  89. [12:36:03] <@Kain> Cait has a good look at you, squinting. You're only a few inches shorter than him when he's standing on his hind legs.
  90. [12:36:24] <@Kain> You try to stand up, but your current body doesn't really allow for it and you tumble over.
  91. [12:36:38] <Carbuncle> Oh that is super hnnng.
  92. [12:36:48] * Carbuncle rolls backwards~ "3Nnnf!"
  93. [12:37:50] <Amaryllis> "Well, what are you waiting for? Take us over to the airship, Cait." Ammy sighs. "I think I still have some steak and ale pie..."
  94. [12:37:52] <@Kain> Cait: "Hubba hubba, where did ye pick up that slick form? I haven't ever seen one like that... I guess this means ye remembered some important things! ...or made up enough new ones. Congratulations." yaaaawn.
  95. [12:37:55] * Amaryllis goes to retrieve that.
  96. [12:39:28] <Carbuncle> "3Made up? Hehe... I know someone who did that, but these are all real! ... Pretty sure! At least, I haven't forgot stuff in a while, but I guess I'm still missing some important things..." The Bunc pouts some more, looking him over. She actually DOES remember Ammy's drawing, little does the latter know, and... doesn't really see it in him.
  97. [12:41:28] * LenaRena watches kitties from the couch!
  98. [12:42:00] <@Kain> Cait reaches over and scratches at your stomach while you're still rolled over.
  99. [12:42:06] * Amaryllis heats up the remainder of the meat pie with intuitive melt as she goes back to the others. "Shall we go then?"
  100. [12:42:29] * Carbuncle purrs a little. Still has a hint of '3nnn' to it.
  101. [12:42:33] <LenaRena> Nod, ready to follow Am-Am
  102. [12:42:49] <@Kain> Cait: "Aye, I suppose so. Where's the goofball with tae bow with no sense of humor?"
  103. [12:42:52] <Carbuncle> "3Ahaha, that tick- ... er, oh, right."
  104. [12:42:56] <@Kain> *and no
  105. [12:43:57] <Amaryllis> "Probably on the beach somewhere making inappropriate statues out of sand."
  106. [12:44:28] <LenaRena> "It's his new hobby!"
  107. [12:45:22] <Carbuncle> "3Oh, you mean θ? ... Guess we should go look, huh."
  108. [12:45:40] * Carbuncle whumps her tails on the ground a couple times and hops up.
  109. [12:46:23] <@Kain> Cait: "Ye might wanna leave... nah, what am I sayin', I don't give a hoot~ I'm the irresponsible one, after all." he winks. "Now then, we might as well get on our way, we're in a big hurry tae see these two blush and stutter at each other for a few hours, right?"
  110. [12:46:55] * Amaryllis is already scribbling a note in case Theta does come around.
  111. [12:47:01] <LenaRena> "yes! I"
  112. [12:47:03] <Carbuncle> "3These two... OH! This is the guy Ammy is ~weird~ around, isn't it?"
  113. [12:47:09] <Amaryllis> "Piss off, Cait." Ammy turns rose and :<s
  114. [12:47:10] <LenaRena> "..."
  115. [12:47:27] * Carbuncle watches Ammy and chucklefits.
  116. [12:47:28] <LenaRena> "No, I mean Yes!"
  117. [12:47:39] <Amaryllis> "Let's...just go." Ammy shuffles out the door in a huff.
  118. [12:47:53] <@Kain> Cait: "Oh, Nat, ye don't even kin the start of it. (Nice hat, by tae way)."
  119. [12:48:17] <Carbuncle> "3(Thanks, it's really useful, y'know!)"
  120. [12:48:21] <@Kain> Cait: "Yer jewelry's almost as shiny as mine~" He tips his crown.
  121. [12:48:39] <LenaRena> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  122. [12:48:43] <@Kain> The cat just walks out on his hind legs, not really giving a fuck.
  123. [12:48:48] <Thetina> (these aren't words)
  124. [12:48:52] <Thetina> (They are tildesss)
  125. [12:49:27] <LenaRena> (shut up I hate phone typing)
  126. [12:49:41] * Carbuncle walks on four legs, apparently giving more of a fuck than he does. Because let's not try that hind leg thing again. "3Can you tell me about the stuff I forgot on the way there? I -think- I can hold onto it!" :D
  127. [12:50:22] <LenaRena> "my dad helped her memory!" Skip~
  128. [12:52:09] * Amaryllis starts to get a sinking feeling in her stomach about what Cait might tell Nat about when refreshing her memory, but she knows there's little she can do to stop it.
  129. [12:52:14] <@Kain> Cait: "Is that what that does? Clever~ Alrigh', then!"
  130. [12:52:52] <LenaRena> (Ammy can see the barbs approach)
  131. [12:53:06] <Thetina> (what)
  132. [12:53:13] <Carbuncle> (whoa)
  133. [12:53:21] <@Kain> Cait tells stories to Natalie all along the way to the airship port, some of which Ammy recognizes as having happened, others she can't quite verify the authenticity of, but nor can she really deny them either since he's talking about times the two ran off to have adventures on their own.
  134. [12:53:46] <@Kain> One of them is apparently about having ridden a cart of food through Lindblum Palace while firing laser beams at guards.
  135. [12:53:49] <LenaRena> (kay I'm home gonna move stuff out of the van and dc a whole bunch)
  136. [12:55:56] * Carbuncle totally believes it because that's what she does every day ANYWAY. And doesn't hesitate to let him know this.
  137. [12:56:15] <Carbuncle> Well at least the firing laser beams part.
  138. [12:56:27] * Amaryllis just waits all tensed up for the teasing that thankfully doesn't come on the way to the airship port.
  139. [12:56:39] <@Kain> Oh, no. Cait's saving that.
  140. [12:57:37] <@Kain> You arrive at the airship port a little bit later, and the Athenaeum Stray is docked at one of the smaller fields. Noah is waiting a bit impatiently on the deck, pacing back and forth with a worried expression.
  141. [12:57:41] <Amaryllis> But she's sort of wound herself up a little anyhow by the time they get there, and remembering the last tear-stained letters she sent Noah doesn't help that.
  142. [12:58:52] * Carbuncle is impatient too~ Bounding along the whole way. But then again since Lenny is apparently skipping she's just as energetic as one would be expected to be, really.
  143. [12:59:30] * Amaryllis is certainly not skipping and is instead just shuffling along in her usual way.
  144. [12:59:56] <@Kain> You hear Noah call down from the ship as you get close. "Amaryllis!" He heads inside, and after a moment he's coming out of the boarding hatch to see you all.
  145. [13:00:12] <@Kain> Noah: "Finally, Cait. Did you fall asleep before you went to tell them?" he scowls.
  146. [13:00:20] <Amaryllis> "He did."
  147. [13:00:29] <Carbuncle> The greencat's tails stick up. "3Yup, he did!"
  148. [13:00:34] <Amaryllis> "Hello Noah." She smiles nervously.
  149. [13:00:47] <Carbuncle> "3Hi! Nice to meet- ... er, sorry."
  150. [13:00:49] * Snail is now known as Anise
  151. [13:01:41] <@Kain> Noah sighs. "Typical." but he smiles again. "Hello, Amaryllis. I feel we have a great many things to discuss this time around. And it's nice to meet you again as well, Natalie." he doubletakes as he looks for the source of the voice, and crouches, squinting.
  152. [13:01:50] <@Kain> Noah: "You... regained your form!"
  153. [13:02:04] <@Kain> Noah: "Or A form."
  154. [13:02:08] <Carbuncle> Her tails wave. "3Uh-huh! I just got it a few days ago!"
  155. [13:02:18] <Carbuncle> "3It's all thanks to Ammy's help~"
  156. [13:02:23] <Amaryllis> "I painted her a new one, fitting for a new chapter in her tales." Ammy nods.
  157. [13:02:24] <Carbuncle> "3Well, and a few others."
  158. [13:03:41] <@Kain> Noah: "Oh, and... Lenore, was it?"
  159. [13:04:07] <Amaryllis> (aori pinged out you silly)
  160. [13:04:21] <Carbuncle> (I'll post it if/when he gets back though)
  161. [13:06:00] <@Kain> At this point, Cait is riding lazily on Natalie's back.
  162. [13:06:47] <Carbuncle> BEING A BIG CAT SURE FEELS WEIRD
  163. [13:06:51] <@Kain> Cait: "Well? Are ye gonna tell her or what?" he asks Noah. The librarian just scowls.
  164. [13:07:18] <Amaryllis> "Did something happen?" Ammy asks with concern.
  165. [13:07:32] <Carbuncle> "3Huh? It's... not something bad, is it?"
  166. [13:07:50] <Amaryllis> "Shall we go inside? I brought lunch." Ammy lifts the half of the meat pie, all wrapped up.
  167. [13:07:54] <@Kain> Noah: "No, it's just... as I said, we probably have a lot we need to discuss. Everything in due time, Cait is just taking every opportunity he can to fluster me."
  168. [13:08:11] <Amaryllis> "I see." Ammy fidgets.
  169. [13:08:40] * Carbuncle tilts her cathead and begins to walk in, tails sticking straight up. "3... I dunno how I could ever forget you guys."
  170. [13:10:05] <@Kain> Hm, you know, I really am having trouble imagining Cait as that much smaller.
  171. [13:10:12] <@Kain> How big had we decided Nat was again?
  172. [13:10:29] <Carbuncle> Exactly half the size of her human form sitting up, so, 2'5".
  173. [13:11:03] <Carbuncle> (... Though I'm still imagining her as a pretty small cat too, like, small enough to sit on heads)
  174. [13:11:22] <@Kain> Okay so he's actually like almost a foot taller than you.
  175. [13:11:28] <@Kain> But he's riding lazily on your back anyway.
  176. [13:11:31] <Carbuncle> Does that mean I ride him inst-
  177. [13:11:32] <Carbuncle> ...
  178. [13:11:34] <Carbuncle> I'LL TAKE IT
  179. [13:12:50] <@Kain> Noah: "But... there's no sense in having us all stand out here, is there? Come on in. I had coffee put on, but I had to take it off again and now it's likely cold. I could fetch something else, perhaps."
  180. [13:13:03] <@Kain> He gestures for you to come inside.
  181. [13:13:34] * Carbuncle tilts her head up and muses to herself, "3Wonder what 'coffy' is..."
  182. [13:13:36] <Amaryllis> "Tea perhaps? Do not worry about it so." Ammy shuffles on in and finds the dining table to set down the rest of the meat pie.
  183. [13:17:11] <@Kain> Noah: "That smells delicious by the way, Amaryllis." he goes in and starts making a pot of tea. He glances at Lenore a moment/
  184. [13:17:35] <Carbuncle> (lol, houry says his router's broken or something)
  185. [13:18:07] <Thetina> (noah smells the taco juices.)
  186. [13:18:31] <Carbuncle> "3Weird..." The Bunc scrunches up her face a little, affirming herself that she kinda gets what she meant. Kinda.
  187. [13:18:40] <Amaryllis> "Thank you. So," Ammy sits down, "how have your travels been? Find anything of note in those tunnels?" She carefully dances around the other topics she'd brought up in her letters.
  188. [13:25:22] <@Kain> Noah: "Unfortunately, there was extensive damage by Terrato..."
  189. [13:25:36] <@Kain> Noah: "I have no idea why that serpent would have been present, but..."
  190. [13:26:09] <Carbuncle> "3Huh, that name sounds familiar." If Cait's off her back she leaps on someone's shoulder. Otherwise just kinda sits down.
  191. [13:26:22] <Amaryllis> "Ah, that..." Ammy rubs her temples. "I should have known."
  192. [13:26:31] <@Kain> He's rolled off by now, slinking onto the table to look at the pie.
  193. [13:27:18] * Carbuncle hops on Ammy then unless the 'meat' in the pie is FISH.
  194. [13:27:38] <@Kain> Noah: "So, that tiara, is that the device you mentioned?"
  195. [13:27:44] <Amaryllis> "Nevermind then. It's alright - I found quite enough information from Mt. Gulug."
  196. [13:27:47] <Amaryllis> "Why yes, it is."
  197. [13:27:55] <Carbuncle> "3It helps my memories!" She chimes in. :D
  198. [13:28:01] * Amaryllis starts unwrapping the pie. Silly Nat, it's steak. She got her fish earlier today.
  199. [13:28:07] <@Kain> Noah: "I thought as much, it looks especially designed for her."
  200. [13:28:15] <Carbuncle> YOU NEVER HAVE ENOUGH FISH
  201. [13:28:25] <@Kain> Cait is drooling anyway. He loves all kinds of meat.
  202. [13:28:49] <@Kain> Cait: "Why are ye all dancin' 'round the subjects? Get to the meat already!" ...You're unsure if he means the pie or the conversation.
  203. [13:28:51] <Carbuncle> "3Uh-huh. It fits no matter what form I'm in. I just hope it doesn't make my Ruby dirty..."
  204. [13:29:08] * Carbuncle hops down to the pie anyway, sniffing it.
  205. [13:30:08] <Amaryllis> "Did you hear the news in town in the past two days?" Ammy asks nervously, beginning to cut the pie and distribute it.
  206. [13:31:14] <@Kain> Noah: "Not yet. What has happened?"
  207. [13:32:07] * Amaryllis cringes and passes Noah a slice of pie.
  208. [13:32:19] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath.
  209. [13:32:21] <@Kain> Cait: "These kids, Nat. They're infuriating sometimes."
  210. [13:32:35] <Carbuncle> "3Oh, they're weird alright."
  211. [13:32:54] <Amaryllis> (hmm, this will probably take a looong time to explain if Ammy goes over the Kalissa thing and the Dark Eidolon thing)
  212. [13:33:05] * @Kain handwave timepass?
  213. [13:33:22] <Carbuncle> (You could also be like 'that's plenty of time for aori to finish watching a bad movie and get back')
  214. [13:34:04] * Amaryllis begins to explain the events of the last two days in her usual way, with her theatrics and all, though a bit more anxiously than usual, considering the topic matter.
  215. [13:34:26] <Amaryllis> (well, honestly, might be easiest to say Lenore is just in the library now or something? If he's gonna be gone for a movie + his router's broken)
  216. [13:34:38] <Carbuncle> (if y'say so)
  217. [13:35:19] * Carbuncle lazes around and becomes the teasing cat brigade during the less serious parts of this, but helps Ammy with lighting as she's accustomed to. While nibbling pie.
  218. [13:37:45] <@Kain> Noah has a seat, passing out cups of tea and begins to dig into the meat pie.
  219. [13:38:24] <@Kain> Cait helps out by...
  220. [13:38:26] <@Kain> 3d6
  221. [13:38:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 3d6: 8 [3d6=3,1,4]
  222. [13:38:35] <@Kain> 1d6 reroll 3
  223. [13:38:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, reroll 3: 1 [1d6=1]
  224. [13:38:39] <@Kain> 1d6 reroll 4
  225. [13:38:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, reroll 4: 1 [1d6=1]
  226. [13:38:43] <Carbuncle> god damn
  227. [13:39:05] <NoreNore> (haha what have I come back into)
  228. [13:39:35] <@Kain> You're sitting at the dinner table in the Athenaeum Stray while Ammy is explaining yesterday to Noah.
  229. [13:39:39] <@Kain> You're all eating a nice meat pie.
  230. [13:39:41] * Amaryllis finishes explaining it all. "So I suppose that is all then. My companions know what I am, my predicament is perhaps more urgent than I thought, and I brought Nat to the Architect and discovered a troubling matter there."
  231. [13:40:17] * Carbuncle briefly switched forms sometime in the middle to try drinking tea like Mary did, extended pinky and all, but looks silly doing it. And doesn't like tea all that much anyway. So after scarfing the pie down she's back2cat.
  232. [13:40:32] <@Kain> Cait helps out by actually re-enacting Ammy's story while she talks, with inexplicably animated action figures of the cast. He substitutes a Mini-Tonberry for Kalissa.
  233. [13:40:54] <@Kain> Though you don't see any actual strings, he seems to be manipulating them like a marionnette.
  234. [13:41:02] <Thetina> (>not miniture lewdberries)
  235. [13:41:03] <Carbuncle> Marionette.
  236. [13:41:14] <@Kain> marrionnettee
  237. [13:41:19] * Carbuncle intuits spotlights for them th- aaaaaaaaaa
  238. [13:41:59] * NoreNore nomf nomf nomf meat pie is gooood.
  239. [13:43:05] <@Kain> Noah: "Well, this certainly isn't... what I expected to arrive to." he says, concerned. "This whole thing with Kalissa... explains a lot I was confused about, at least. The fact that you should never have been acting against your will to begin with."
  240. [13:43:30] <@Kain> Noah: "The Architect, is he still here?"
  241. [13:43:41] <Amaryllis> "I thought it was simple dissonance between myself and the narratives I was bound to."
  242. [13:43:53] <Carbuncle> "3Well uh, I kinda told him there were some amnesiacs like me in Lindblum, so I dunno if he left yet or not..."
  243. [13:43:54] <Amaryllis> "Ralul is still here, yes. He is watching over Kalissa."
  244. [13:47:12] <@Kain> Noah is silent for a moment, thinking.
  245. [13:48:13] <Amaryllis> "So, I suppose this means I shall have to find ways of differentiating my tale from Kalissa's. For one, we look far too much alike." Ammy begins to unpack her various souvenirs from the trip to Mt. Gulug. "But that aside, there is also the matter of the Tonberry civilization and their traditions which she has abandoned."
  246. [13:49:31] <Carbuncle> "3Ohh, I think you looked a LITTLE different," she nods, recalling Kalissa wearing twintails. Ammy in twintails ever? No WAY.
  247. [13:50:22] <NoreNore> "I personally want to ask my mom more about when she met her, if she really did!"
  248. [13:51:48] <Thetina> (ammy in glasses and twin tails)
  249. [13:51:50] <Thetina> (fund it)
  250. [13:52:08] <Carbuncle> (^)
  251. [13:52:32] <NoreNore> (Also taking Thrust Kick as my Truth spell if Tree wasn't actually joking about 1000 Needles)
  252. [13:52:58] <Carbuncle> (so if I WAS joking you'd take 1000 needles?)
  253. [13:53:10] <Carbuncle> ((Lv. ? Death is the best btw))
  254. [13:53:22] <NoreNore> (Er, other way around, if you were actually joking, my bad)
  255. [13:53:32] <Carbuncle> (oh, good call, because I was)
  256. [13:53:40] <Carbuncle> (... not about lv. ? death though that shit is boss)
  257. [13:53:42] <NoreNore> (It's cool, yeah, but it'd kill all of us on a 1, 2, or 5, so 50% chance of killing us all)
  258. [13:53:50] <Carbuncle> (Shhh~)
  259. [13:54:17] <NoreNore> (Rather cast it when our level's prime)
  260. [13:54:39] <Carbuncle> (yeah if you rolled that when we were at 11 that'd be neato)
  261. [13:55:12] <NoreNore> (And even if our enemy is immune to death Pwr X 20 damage. Anyway)
  262. [13:55:37] * NoreNore finishes her pie~. "I'll be looking through your library, okay Noah~?"
  263. [13:55:38] <@Kain> Noah: "Well... I suppose I could put my own concerns on the backburner since you're already rather occupi-"
  264. [13:55:47] <@Kain> Cait: "Don't ye DARE, lad."
  265. [13:55:58] <Carbuncle> "3^"
  266. [13:55:58] <@Kain> Noah: "Er...." he winces at Cait's tone, but nods to Lenore.
  267. [13:56:32] <NoreNore> "...yeah, worrying about Ammy is totally okay, besides, we're actually the most unoccupied we've ever been right now!" She gives Noah a 'good luck!' wink and runs off to LIBRARY
  268. [13:56:36] <Amaryllis> "Pardon, but what is the matter?" Ammy looks quizzically between the two.
  269. [13:57:10] * Carbuncle gives Cait a 'what IS up anyway?' glance unless he already happened to mention it during offscreen time.
  270. [13:58:04] * Amaryllis shifts around the stuff she's brought back and slides some of the transcriptions of stone tablets toward Noah, flipping through her notes. "If you wish to see some of what I learned..."
  271. [13:58:48] <@Kain> Cait: "Oh, he's just beating around tae bush about telling ye he-"
  272. [13:59:09] <@Kain> Noah grabs the cat and shakes him. "This is my part to tell!"
  273. [14:00:10] * Carbuncle pffs. "3You two."
  274. [14:00:21] * NoreNore goes looking for books on crafting of Elixirs. And anything on the Manafont, as well~! Rolls?
  275. [14:00:22] <Amaryllis> "Oh, um." Ammy freezes up, now getting the idea of what's about to happen. She takes a quick desperate glance around for some distraction and then just digs into her pie, taking slow, deliberate bites.
  276. [14:01:04] <NoreNore> (y'all here for boyfriends, Lenny's here on professional business)
  277. [14:01:35] <@Kain> Noah sighs and puts Cait down.
  278. [14:01:40] <Thetina> (too bad you encounter a moe moe elixer girl and dokidoki her)
  279. [14:01:43] <Amaryllis> (>implying Dark Eidolon and Tonberry stuff can't be professional business)
  280. [14:01:59] <Carbuncle> (whoa don't give kain ideas)
  281. [14:02:18] <@Kain> Roll me one Alchemy and one Lore: Magic check, Lenore, and you get a +4 bonus.
  282. [14:02:35] <@Kain> Noah: "There is... a story I know." he begins, standing up and pushing his empty plate away.
  283. [14:02:39] <NoreNore> Can I has Faiths?
  284. [14:02:43] <Carbuncle> Take 'em~
  285. [14:02:56] <NoreNore> 2d6+6+4+2 Alchemy; 2d6+5+4+2 Magic~
  286. [14:02:57] <DiceMaid-9001> NoreNore, Alchemy: 18 [2d6=3,3]; Magic~: 18 [2d6=5,2]
  287. [14:03:10] * Carbuncle pulls Cait to a better vantage point to tease these two, and looks for popcorn while they're at it. ... Not that she has any clue what popcorn is right now.
  288. [14:05:03] <@Kain> Noah hms and haws a moment, actually making this one up on the spot. It's a bit unlike his usual self. "A boy gazed upon the night sky. Within the sky, there were millions of stars, each a beautiful, gleaming jewel."
  289. [14:05:27] <@Kain> Cait produces a bowl of popcorn!
  290. [14:06:08] <Carbuncle> EXCELLE- whoa how'd he do that
  291. [14:06:20] * Carbuncle stops thinking about this after about 0.5 seconds and starts MUNCHing.
  292. [14:06:27] <NoreNore> Pretty sure Popcorn is party fo Stray's domain as an Eidolon
  293. [14:06:36] <Carbuncle> 100% acceptable
  295. [14:07:14] <Thetina> (you should curse your creator and destroy which wrought you.)
  296. [14:07:21] <Thetina> (oh wait you're trying to save it. gay.)
  297. [14:07:47] * Amaryllis listens, though with an 'oh-god-I-see-where-you're-going-do-we-HAVE-to-have-this-conversation' sort of panicked look in her eyes. She continues eating slowly.
  298. [14:10:06] * Carbuncle begins considering trolling options.
  299. [14:10:43] * NoreNore pretends to not be hearing a word of this while she researches, but is having a hard time not giggling a little.
  300. [14:11:30] <@Kain> Noah: "Each star was unique unto itself, a beauty. There were many of them, and many tried to turn his gaze towards their light. But it was a singular star, hanging alone within the sky, that finally took the boy's interest. He gazed upon her light, and her light alone each night, longing to join her, in her lonely patch of darkness. But the star was afraid she would burn the boy if he dared
  301. [14:11:30] <@Kain> to touch her, and the boy did not know if he could leap the distance to reach his lofty goal, far above."
  302. [14:12:37] * Carbuncle pokes Cait with one of her tails lightly, making a mock-gag motion off to the side.
  303. [14:12:45] <Carbuncle> Munch munch.
  304. [14:12:58] <@Kain> Cait snickers and laughs.
  305. [14:13:07] * Amaryllis swallows and desperately mouthes 'can we at least find more privacy first?'.
  306. [14:15:59] <@Kain> Noah: "...this story has not yet been finished." He nods at you, glancing at Cait and Nat, and starts to leave the room.
  307. [14:16:52] <@Kain> Cait: "Booooo!"
  308. [14:17:00] * Carbuncle frowns and nods understandingly.
  309. [14:17:11] <@Kain> Cait just scowls.
  310. [14:17:12] <Carbuncle> ... Then when they're gone turns to Cait with a whisper. "3I got this."
  311. [14:17:20] <Carbuncle> "15Diamond Light~"
  312. [14:17:44] <@Kain> Cait grins, and the two of you vanish.
  313. [14:18:02] * Carbuncle SNEAKYSNEAKS after them. ... Not with the popcorn though.
  314. [14:18:52] <@Kain> Noah lets Ammy choose the place they retreat to, to talk about this.
  315. [14:19:47] * Amaryllis hesitates a moment, then slowly stands up to follow Noah. Let's say to Noah's study or something, where she slips an opus'd lock on the door the moment she slips in.
  316. [14:20:22] * Carbuncle makes sure they both scurry in first, being invis and all. Duh.
  317. [14:21:06] <@Kain> Roll stealth~
  318. [14:21:29] <Carbuncle> 2d6+6 YO BET MUTHAFUCKA
  319. [14:21:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Carbuncle, YO BET MUTHAFUCKA: 9 [2d6=2,1]
  320. [14:21:35] <Carbuncle> oh dicemaid
  321. [14:21:54] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 awareness I guess?
  322. [14:21:54] <@Kain> +3 for invisible
  323. [14:21:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, awareness I guess?: 11 [2d6=2,6]
  324. [14:22:03] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 chocoroll
  325. [14:22:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, chocoroll: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  326. [14:22:04] <Carbuncle> Oh you're right, always forget that
  327. [14:22:10] <@Kain> HM
  328. [14:22:12] <Carbuncle> That's a tie for 12 then treehee~
  329. [14:22:14] <@Kain> 12 v 12
  330. [14:22:19] <@Kain> FUCK IF I KNOW
  331. [14:22:24] <Carbuncle> ... Reroll for both?
  332. [14:22:35] <Carbuncle> or we could do it PTA-style and 1d10-off
  333. [14:22:38] <Carbuncle> Was it PTA that did that?
  334. [14:22:39] <Amaryllis> (Does Golden Gaze see through invis anyway? or is it just the illusion spell?)
  335. [14:22:46] <@Kain> Just illusions
  336. [14:22:49] <@Kain> 1d2 Nat or Ammy
  337. [14:22:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Nat or Ammy: 2 [1d2=2]
  338. [14:23:20] <@Kain> Ammy feels something hit her leg as it clumsily tries to get inside before she does and fails. >:C
  339. [14:23:26] <Carbuncle> :<
  340. [14:23:30] <@Kain> Click.
  341. [14:23:50] <@Kain> Cait: "(We can just listen at the lock anyway.)" he whispers.
  342. [14:24:05] <Carbuncle> "4(Yeah, I'll go get the bucket.)"
  343. [14:24:09] <Carbuncle> 3aaaaaaaa
  344. [14:24:16] <Carbuncle> 3why are both colors so close to each other
  345. [14:24:34] * Carbuncle drags the popcorn bucket over.
  346. [14:25:55] * Amaryllis frowns at the door and sighs as she takes a seat, still looking nervous and wringing her hands. She glances up at Noah.
  347. [14:26:54] <@Kain> Noah is still standing, looking rather nervous, himself.
  348. [14:29:58] <@Kain> Noah: "...As I said, this story is still unfinished. And as the years have passed, it has become more and more difficult to try and pen an ending. ...but I believe it better if the boy and the star were to cast off their fears and reach out to each other." he starts to pace a little bit. "....I'm mucking this whole thing up, aren't I. I..." he shakes his head and goes to sit down at his desk,
  349. [14:29:58] <@Kain> at a sudden loss for words.
  350. [14:30:52] <Carbuncle> "3(Poor guy.)" Munch munch.
  351. [14:31:03] <Amaryllis> After a moment's pause. "There are some stories," Ammy starts very quietly, "that one simply knows, without ever being told in words. They have to them a remarkable quality. That one may at once recognize them yet pretend they are not there. For these are fragile stories, and one worries what may happen when they are brought into the open, shown to a perilous and unpredictable world."
  352. [14:31:06] <@Kain> Cait: "(He's gotten further than I expected at least.)"
  353. [14:33:01] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath and continues wringing her hands, looking very nervous and pink now.
  354. [14:33:53] <Carbuncle> "3(I just found out like yesterday what happens when you screw this kinda thing up; good thing this is Ammy.)"
  355. [14:34:15] <Amaryllis> (>she thinks Ammy won't screw this up)
  356. [14:34:34] <Carbuncle> (considering Lenore's overreaction, she knows Ammy at least won't freak out THAT hard)
  357. [14:34:42] <Carbuncle> (... or at least hopes)
  358. [14:35:12] <Amaryllis> "So, um..." Ammy struggles to find words for a moment.
  359. [14:35:23] <@Kain> Noah nods after a moment, and starts to speak.
  360. [14:43:12] <@Kain> Noah: "And yet there is something to be said about the bravery to bring these stories forth despite the risks. Amaryllis... I care for you quite a bit. For over ten years we've known each other, though you do not remember the earliest of them. Together we've endured our share of hardships... and you have relied on me in your times of need... just like I've relied on you. And you may not have
  361. [14:43:12] <@Kain> realized... just how much I -have- needed you. You said in your letter you've been unable to repay me but... that's hardly true at all. You've done more for me than you know. And... Amaryllis, I love you." he says, finally, looking you in the eyes. "There are so many concerns, but... I wish to talk them out, if you're ready."
  362. [14:47:41] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath. oh god he used the L word. The panic in her eyes reaches a crescendo before settling down again enough for her to start speaking. "Well, um...I..." She closes her eyes, shakes her head, and takes another deep breath. When she speaks again it's with more conviction but still with hints of nervousness. "I love you too, Noah. I think we have both known this for a long time, and...yes there is so much to tal
  363. [14:50:00] <Amaryllis> k through. I just..." Words fail her again.
  364. [14:50:09] <Amaryllis> (usually my client auto-splits. Not sure why it didn't this time)
  365. [14:51:29] * Carbuncle dispels the invisibility and raises a paw for a paw-five. Might as well, they're outside the door anyway.
  366. [14:51:35] <@Kain> Noah: "Relax." he says in a soothing voice, though you can tell he's doing everything he can not to panic as well. He's trying to put on a brave face for both of you.
  367. [14:51:55] <@Kain> Cait: *paw-five, up high, down low, too slow OOPS JUST KIDDING*
  368. [14:52:34] * Carbuncle has no idea where she even got the idea of paw-fiving from in the FIRST place so goes through the ritual like a total dork.
  369. [14:52:38] <Carbuncle> But not as dorky as those two.
  370. [14:55:43] <Amaryllis> "...Where to start?" Ammy looks to Noah nervously. "If the events of the past two days had gone differently...well, I have no doubt I would have been able to make an escape, but I would have been a fugitive. And if we were known to be...together, then you would have fallen under suspicion as well."
  371. [14:57:13] <Carbuncle> "3(Oh, here we go.)"
  372. [14:57:30] <Carbuncle> "3(I mean, she's right, but geez even I know when I'm being too mushy.)"
  373. [14:57:34] * Carbuncle goes back to the popcorn.
  374. [14:59:40] <@Kain> Noah: "You say that as if I would not be glad to join you."
  375. [15:00:03] * Amaryllis laughs nervously. "Is that not such a ridiculous thing to ask of you?"
  376. [15:01:10] <@Kain> Noah: "Amaryllis, you must understand. I value my freedom of travel highly, but there are not many things I would not give up for your sake. You ask if it's ridiculous to ask of you, but would you have trouble doing the same for me? If things had gone differently, I would no doubt have aided you in your escape, without question."
  377. [15:02:16] <Amaryllis> "I would do the same for you, Noah." Ammy admits. "I suppose we are both fools that way."
  378. [15:05:49] <@Kain> Noah smiles, a bit weakly.
  379. [15:08:11] <@Kain> Cait: "(Maybe now they'll just fuck already.)"
  380. [15:08:41] <Carbuncle> "3(I kinda just wanna burst in and yell that at 'em. Is this what they're ALWAYS like?)"
  381. [15:09:05] <@Kain> Cait: "(All tae time.)"
  382. [15:09:49] <Carbuncle> "3(Ohhh, I never thought I'd be happy to be missing memories)," the poor kitty looks disgusted. ... Then munches some more popcorn.
  383. [15:09:59] <Amaryllis> "I suppose I have always said to Nat that 'history is but a tale of great fools'." She sighs.
  384. [15:11:06] <@Kain> Noah: "I also want to clear the air a bit about my own concerns. ...I realize the deal with being unable to control your actions all of the time concerns you. But... I'm willing to stick by your side, Amaryllis, no matter what happens. I just want you to know that. ...there's... also the matter of our lifespans. As an eidolon... you're certain to outlive me. ...and the last thing I wish to
  385. [15:11:06] <@Kain> leave you with is a broken heart..." he kind of looks away.
  386. [15:13:26] <Amaryllis> "Yes, that." Ammy takes a deep breath and sorta slumps a little. "Perhaps you could become one as well?" It's supposed to come off like a nervous joke, but there's a glimmer of desperation in Ammy's eyes which suggests she's serious too. "Or...some other path to a longer lifespan..." she trails off.
  387. [15:14:35] * Carbuncle 1,1facepawlms.
  388. [15:17:33] <@Kain> Noah: "...Hah. hah... Amaryllis, you have no idea how much I wish that could be so. But I fear I do not embody anything the planet would consider preserving... maybe there's hope out there, somewhere, however..."
  389. [15:18:59] <@Kain> Noah: "Actually, I feel rather inadequate in that regard... Ten years I've been trying to help you and Natalie, and you achieve more progress in a sudden few months than all of our time together. I've mentioned this to you before, but I feel as if I was not ready for my role as Librarian."
  390. [15:20:34] * Shawyun_Sariri is now known as T0
  391. [15:22:23] <@Kain> Noah: "And that being so, how would I even deserve your affections?" he looks at you, just completely unsure.
  392. [15:22:29] <Amaryllis> "The muses are fickle, Noah. They have thrown us into a turbulent tale. I am the Inquisitor, and yet I have done more to unknowingly kill those of our number than to discover and assail our foes." Ammy sighs. "You needn't undersell yourself so much. You have done plenty to help both of us, and..." She trails off again, seeming frustrated.
  393. [15:23:35] <@Kain> Noah: "I don't know if it's enough. I've been trying to aid you towards your apotheosis, but..."
  394. [15:23:40] <Amaryllis> "I hate when you speak of yourself as if you were lowly or unworthy. Few can say they have talked down the spirit of Tonberry from committing murder, and if it were not for you I would still be lost in that labyrinth of murderous tales in my mind."
  395. [15:24:44] <Amaryllis> "Sod it." Ammy gets up suddenly, her face turning much redder. She bites her lip, hesitates, steps forward, hesitates again.
  396. [15:25:12] <@Kain> Noah: "...?"
  397. [15:25:28] <Amaryllis> She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes. When she opens them, she shakes her head and steps toward Noah again. "This is all so stupid." She grabs him by the lapels of his coat and kisses him.
  398. [15:25:37] * Carbuncle tries to stand up and peer through the keyhole to see what's going on at this point.
  399. [15:25:47] <@Kain> Cait peers under the door.
  400. [15:25:55] <Carbuncle> Teamwork!
  401. [15:26:49] <@Kain> Noah: "Mmf!" He's dragged over his desk, into your lips. He flails a bit, more from the awkward positioning than the actual being kissed part. He pulls away after a second and blinks in surprise.
  402. [15:27:06] <Amaryllis> (oh she walked around the desk, for clarification)
  403. [15:27:14] <@Kain> Noah: "You know what? This is stupid. I apologize, Amaryllis, I've been a terrible fool."
  404. [15:27:33] <Amaryllis> "As have I."
  405. [15:27:47] <@Kain> He steps forward and embraces you again, kissing you much more confidently.
  406. [15:28:01] * Carbuncle holds out a paw for another paw-five.
  407. [15:29:12] * Amaryllis steps into the embrace and returns the kiss passionately.
  408. [15:31:06] <@Kain> Cait: *bap*
  409. [15:31:10] <@Kain> *paw bap, rather*
  410. [15:32:39] * Carbuncle takes another paw full o' popcorn and gets down, turning the other direction. "3(So they got somewhere, now what?)"
  411. [15:33:19] <@Kain> Noah steps back after a moment, smiling and out of breath. "...whatever our troubles may be, we'll deal with them as they come, hm? Or at least not worry about them immediately. What matters right now is this moment, and these feelings... I love you, Amaryllis, and I do not wish another day to go by where I feel afraid to speak those words again."
  412. [15:33:35] <@Kain> Cait: "(Now we find something else tae tease them about.)"
  413. [15:33:45] <Amaryllis> (cait so mean ;o;)
  414. [15:33:57] <Carbuncle> "3(Sure! Let's go dig through Ammy's stuff.)"
  415. [15:34:05] <@Kain> Cait: "(K.)"
  416. [15:35:13] * Carbuncle considers leaving a congratulatory message but that would mean carving it with a laser into the door or something. Nah. The green cat just pads off.
  417. [15:36:14] * Amaryllis takes a moment to catch her breath as well, though she's grinning and there's a life in her eyes that wasn't there before. "There was once a time when I thought I could do nothing but play out the role given to me, following a story laid out by the world to its fated end and bound by its chains. But I have come to realize that I can be the author of my own tales as well, and I shall not write those without you. I love you, N
  418. [15:36:37] <Amaryllis> *Noah."
  419. [15:36:46] <Amaryllis> (god why is hexchat suddenly not splitting my messages for me? D:)
  420. [15:36:59] <T0> (cause you touched yourself at night)
  421. [15:37:49] <Amaryllis> (zoof pls go back to 2002 I don't think anyone's said that unironically since then)
  422. [15:37:57] <Anise> (burn)
  423. [15:38:50] <T0> (;o;)
  424. [15:39:38] <@Kain> Cait follows Nat out.
  425. [15:41:08] <@Kain> Noah smiles and breathes a sigh of relief. "A lot of my anxiety is just... slipping away now. I would be honored to help you write your story."
  426. [15:41:30] <Amaryllis> "Our story."
  427. [15:45:33] <@Kain> Noah nods. "Our story."
  428. [15:45:40] <Carbuncle> (burst into song and dance pls)
  429. [15:46:08] <@Kain> Noah just seems to be a bit overwhelmed a moment. "This is all a bit much at once, isn't it?"
  430. [15:46:34] <T0> (that is pretty bollywood dance time )
  431. [15:46:56] <Amaryllis> "It is..." Ammy grabs her wrist with her other hand and glances around the study nervously, swaying a bit from side to side.
  432. [15:47:39] <Amaryllis> (my next character in whatever game will be the Bollywood dance star from the Shingeki no Kyojin parody)
  433. [15:47:44] <@Kain> Noah: "Will you be... busy for too much longer?"
  434. [15:47:49] <T0> ( )
  435. [15:49:35] <Amaryllis> "You mean today?" Ammy shakes her head. "I had meant to spend some more time studying and training in the dark sword before I learned you had arrived in town, but...nothing urgent."
  436. [15:52:14] <@Kain> Noah: "If you don't mind... this has just been a lot to go over and I would just like to rest for a bit, and I thought you might care to join me. Just a bit of quiet reading in each other's arms, or idle chatter..."
  437. [15:52:45] <@Kain> He seems a bit nervous asking this.
  438. [15:52:53] <Amaryllis> "I would love that, Noah." Ammy beams.
  439. [15:53:53] <@Kain> He smiles and goes to leave the room, then, heading for his own. He pauses to take a book from a shelf as he goes on the way out.
  440. [15:54:59] * Amaryllis follows, taking the Gran Grimoire out of her bag as she does.
  441. [15:55:32] <Carbuncle> Oh if Ammy's stuff was IN the locked room with them, the plan changed a bit:
  442. [15:55:51] <Carbuncle> Natbuncle redid the Diamond Light and hid out until they left, ready to leap in and raid it for embarrassing shit.
  443. [15:56:23] <Amaryllis> (oh I thought you two were gonna go raid Ammy's room on the ship or something)
  444. [15:56:45] <Amaryllis> (Ammy generally keeps her bag at her side at all times - it'd be irresponsible to do any less with the friggin Crystal in there)
  445. [15:56:46] <Carbuncle> (oh I thought she didn't HAVE anything in there)
  446. [15:56:50] <@Kain> 3d6 Shenanigan Slots
  447. [15:56:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Shenanigan Slots: 14 [3d6=5,6,3]
  448. [15:56:55] <@Kain> 1d6 reroll 5
  449. [15:56:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, reroll 5: 5 [1d6=5]
  450. [15:56:59] <@Kain> 1d6 reroll 3
  451. [15:56:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, reroll 3: 4 [1d6=4]
  452. [15:57:06] <@Kain> 1d6 reroll 6
  453. [15:57:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, reroll 6: 1 [1d6=1]
  454. [15:57:29] <Carbuncle> (Also at some point Nat borrowed the crystal and I don't think it was ever given back, 'cause I mean, there is literally no safer place than 'literally being melded into your body and unreachable until you detransform')
  455. [15:57:45] <Amaryllis> (I've confirmed at least the presence of hidden mushy teenage romance novels, Kain said there might be a locket, dunno what else)
  456. [15:57:54] <Carbuncle> (... ok yeah we did that then)
  457. [15:58:18] <@Kain> Why don't you describe Ammy's room for Nat and Cait, then?
  458. [15:59:16] <T0> (brace for sexy tonberry dungeon)
  459. [15:59:22] <Amaryllis> (/me baps zoof)
  460. [15:59:52] <Carbuncle> (Yeah we've BEEN to the sexy tonberry dungeon already you giant zoof)
  461. [16:01:08] <T0> (we have?)
  462. [16:01:21] <Carbuncle> (Well Nat has)
  463. [16:03:36] <Amaryllis> It's a relatively small, cozy room. A simple bed on a wooden frame with brown covers in the corner. A desk with the surface in the center nearly worn off from writing on the other side, and a shelf of books sitting above it. They're mostly novels, philosophy, or history, what Ammy couldn't bring with her. In another corner is a comfy crimson reading chair with an oil lamp on one side and an odd potted tree next to it, its branches
  464. [16:03:36] <Amaryllis> growing wildly over its side of the room.
  465. [16:04:10] <Amaryllis> If they're raiding the place, the mushy teenage romance novels are hidden in a compartment on the bottom of the tree's pot that just slides out.
  466. [16:05:14] <Carbuncle> Yeah knowing the secret shit or having been here before would be up to Cait, because *amnesia*. The greener of the cats still hops straight on the bed and barely summons the willpower to not spin around 3 times and curl down on it.
  467. [16:06:18] <Carbuncle> That is to say, she spins twice before shaking it off and leaping over to the desk. "3Lessee, I wonder if she keeps any of that poetry around..."
  468. [16:06:26] <Amaryllis> There are probably varied art supplies littered through the drawers here too.
  469. [16:07:47] <@Kain> Cait walks around, a bit bored. "What kind of poetry?" he begins looking under floorboards.
  470. [16:08:41] <Amaryllis> There's a large stuffed Adamantoise plushie under one of them. It's all chibified and kawaii. ...And also full of what seem like tears from being stabbed with a knife.
  471. [16:09:21] <Anise> (;_;)
  472. [16:09:22] <Carbuncle> "3Something about... ooh, I barely remember how it went already. Just that it was really really embarrassing."
  473. [16:09:53] <@Kain> Cait pulls out the stabbed plushie.
  474. [16:09:55] * Carbuncle opens the drawers with her tails, using this as an excuse to practice getting back in the hang of using them for goofy shit like that.
  475. [16:11:06] <@Kain> Cait: "She never even tried tae get this thing repaired." he tosses it at the bed.
  476. [16:11:25] <@Kain> Cait: "Where's tae juicy stuff?" he asks, annoyed.
  477. [16:11:26] <Amaryllis> Under another is a sketchbook, dusty and seemingly untouched for years, filled with drawings of mostly Cait, Ammy, Nat, and Noah, though also a few of people Nat would recognize as temporary traveling companions over the years if she could remember. One of the drawings seems to be Noah with sparkles drawn all around him, but it's mostly scribbled out now.
  478. [16:11:41] <@Kain> Cait: "Aha..."
  479. [16:11:48] <@Kain> Cait pulls this one out and shows Nat.
  480. [16:12:47] * Carbuncle actually keeps quiet about the mindworld, like a good friend! ... If she could actually remember the poetry she MIGHT have read it off, but, well, it was only like one glance. "3Oh wow... this barely looks the same as when she drew me. Wonder who these people are..."
  481. [16:14:50] <Carbuncle> "3Well, there're some mes." Flip flip. "3But I mean -this- me."
  482. [16:15:07] <Amaryllis> There also probably -is- a locket of Noah hidden away somewhere, if Ammy ever somehow got a photo of him. It'd be in a fake book or something, possibly with a sketch of the two of them reading in the same room or doing 12GIL stuff or whatever.
  483. [16:17:55] <Carbuncle> Buncle flips the sketchbook closed. "3Nnn, yeah, this probably won't get anywhere. This is a silly time to be making fun of Ammy anyway- she seemed pretty happy, y'know?"
  484. [16:18:35] <Carbuncle> "3Well I mean, I HOPE they're actually happy but if it's anything like you said they're just gonna be stuttering and tripping over their feelings and stuff."
  485. [16:18:42] <Carbuncle> "3Let's go do something FUN instead!" :D
  486. [16:19:03] <@Kain> Cait: "It's a good-looking you, for sure. Better looking than bein' a young human, anyway" he shrugs, looking at the drawings. "Yeah, alright then~"
  487. [16:20:06] <Carbuncle> "3Huh, really? I think the only reason my human form's young was because 'it's better than being old,' or something..."
  488. [16:21:49] <Carbuncle> "3Well I mean, that's a guess. Nnnnno clue why I REALLY picked it if it wasn't that."
  489. [16:25:14] <@Kain> Cait shrugs. "Ye don't remember mine, o'course, but it's a bit older."
  490. [16:26:11] <Carbuncle> "3Huh..." She thinks a bit, then does a handstand on her front paws and leaps into what little space they have, landing on two legs.
  491. [16:26:14] * Carbuncle is now known as Natalie
  492. [16:27:13] <Natalie> "Ammy did a painting of me looking a little older sometime around when I got this tiara..." She puts one hand at a hip and turns around, pondering. "I think there was something about someone who'd like it?"
  493. [16:27:20] <Natalie> "Thought she was just being silly."
  494. [16:27:42] * Natalie rubs her Ruby. "It was in the same painting as the new form I have now, so..."
  495. [16:27:51] <@Kain> Cait takes his crown off and throws it up, and it explodes into little sparkles as he transforms into...
  496. [16:27:53] <@Kain>
  497. [16:28:28] <Natalie> Doki doki initiating.
  498. [16:28:36] <@Kain> Cait: "I think I'd like it quite a bit."
  499. [16:28:41] <Natalie> "O-Oh..."
  500. [16:28:50] <Natalie> "Yeah you're right," :< "I didn't remember that."
  501. [16:29:13] * Natalie whips the mist bottle out. "Well I have no idea how to turn INTO it, but I can totally show you!"
  502. [16:29:17] <Natalie> "Wanna see?" :D
  503. [16:29:45] <@Kain> Cait: "You have to ask?"
  504. [16:30:10] <Natalie> "Nope!"
  505. [16:30:13] * Natalie VWOOMPs the bottle open.
  506. [16:30:43] <Natalie> 1,1inb4 the castle is suddenly overrun by nightmares and looks like shit out of kingdom hearts with yoko shimomura music blasting when they get there
  507. [16:34:04] <@Kain> Nope! The castle is pretty much just how you left it. Cait is back in his eidolon form as he follows you around.
  508. [16:34:59] * Natalie happily floats down in trance then, giving a short glance back to Mary's castle but then shrugging and running off to her own. This... is probably not the best time to say hi, after all. She'd just look like an irresponsible, slutty older sister for bringing her boyfriend in just to show off.
  509. [16:35:03] <Natalie> I mean christ, who does that?
  510. [16:35:08] <Natalie> Who besides an irresponsible slut of a sibling?
  511. [16:35:13] <Natalie> I'll tell you who:
  512. [16:35:15] <Natalie> A SLUT
  513. [16:35:20] <Natalie> ... Anyway.
  514. [16:35:42] * Natalie resists temptation to watch cartoons and heads for the room Ammy painted her in! If... she can remember that, which is a 'maybe.'
  515. [16:35:49] <Natalie> If anything she might remember which side of the castle it's on.
  516. [16:36:07] <Amaryllis> (oh man can Ammy and Nat have watched memories together too sometime during the day?)
  517. [16:36:50] <Natalie> (Oh yeah she wouldn't have denied that, I was thinking I'd just ask kainy for some point what she saw if memories ever came up)
  518. [16:37:32] <Amaryllis> (Yeah Ammy would want to watch memories with Nat now that her work has paid off and let that be possible)
  519. [16:38:15] <Natalie> (Sure, the way I'll do it is say during the shopping trip and all that Nat was concentrating and watching them, and would occasionally be like "Hey Ammy, you should come see this one" and then vwoop mist. Kainy that okay?)
  520. [16:40:55] <@Kain> (Argh, I hate splitting my attention so much)
  521. [16:41:00] <@Kain> (Soooo much)
  522. [16:41:07] <@Kain> (But sure)
  523. [16:41:09] <Natalie> (I like how relaxed it feels~)
  524. [16:41:55] <@Kain> Cait: "Nice aether realm, lass." he says. "Ye should see mine, sometime. ...Eh, ye got two castles?"
  525. [16:42:09] <@Kain> He follows you in.
  526. [16:42:58] <Natalie> "Oh, you didn't hear about her? Yeah, I kiiiiiiinda got a little sister now." Fortunately Nat's clueless on how these relationships work, whether human or 'dolon, so the idea of jealousy doesn't even come up.
  527. [16:44:45] <Natalie> "Shouldn't uh," okay so by logic anybody would be mad about their privacy being invaded. MAYBE Mary actually isn't. MAYBE. But let's not go there. "Shouldn't bother her now anyway. Let's see~! I thiiiiink it was this way..."
  528. [16:44:52] <Natalie> "Maybe this door? Or this one..."
  529. [16:45:24] <@Kain> Cait: "A sister, huh...?" he follows you, but he has a sly expression on his face.
  530. [16:45:33] <@Kain> You open a few doors at random, before finding the right one.
  531. [16:45:38] <Amaryllis> (Cait is plotting the threesome already)
  532. [16:45:52] <Natalie> (1,1okwiththis.jpg)
  533. [16:45:53] <Amaryllis> (little does he know Mary's into BDSM snakesex)
  534. [16:46:34] * Natalie marches over to where Ammy left the newest painting! Hopefully it isn't vandalized or anything else that's exactly what you'd expect of a JRPG plot!
  535. [16:46:56] <@Kain> Describe the painting, if you would!
  536. [16:49:23] <Natalie> (found it)
  537. [16:49:25] <Natalie> [01:54:51] * Amaryllis turns and starts to paint, a mirrored portrait of an older Nat on one side, looking to be in her early twenties, and on the other.
  538. [16:49:33] <Natalie> (THEREFORE...)
  539. [16:49:46] <Natalie> (... time for another 5 minutes of frozen browser)
  540. [16:49:56] <@Kain> Cait whistles.
  541. [16:50:31] <@Kain> Cait: "What, you think that's not better?" he asks.
  542. [16:50:46] <@Kain> Cait: "I guess it's just a matter of taste..."
  543. [16:51:01] <@Kain> *ye think
  544. [16:51:39] <Natalie> "Well, being small is easy to move around! I guess that's the fun kind of human stuff..." She Rubyrubs. "Not that I think being bigger'd be a BAD thing or anything."
  545. [16:52:15] <Natalie> there we go
  546. [16:52:19] <Natalie> it's totally with less gun
  547. [16:52:48] <Amaryllis> (also less slut)
  548. [16:52:58] <Amaryllis> (Ammy doesn't paint slut)
  549. [16:53:12] <@Kain> "I think ye could manage to move just fine, even like that..." he says, considering.
  550. [16:53:32] <Natalie> "This form..." She swirls (ok maybe, totally would have the anklet too if it was a full-body but I don't think it is) a finger to the cat version, "Just kinda naturally came back to me."
  551. [16:53:37] <Natalie> "But the other one, I have no idea." :<
  552. [16:54:14] <@Kain> Cait shrugs. "It's probably just a matter of wantin' it. If ye don't really care for it, I guess I can understand."
  553. [16:54:33] * Natalie bends down and pats Cait on the head. "What do I look like, someone who ISN'T always carefree? I don't mind either way, I'd try it if someone wanted me to~!"
  554. [16:55:00] <Natalie> "'Specially if it's someone important. And from what Ammy kinda hinted at, well..." Her face flushes red a little.
  555. [16:58:34] <@Kain> Cait grins. "Ye gonna let her decide for ye? No, no, lass, I'll tell ye what I've always told ye. Who ye are has always been in yer hands. Whether that goes for yer memories, or yer feelin's. What do YE think?"
  556. [16:59:00] * Natalie bends down and pokes him in the nose. "... I meant you, silly."
  557. [16:59:43] <@Kain> Cait: "I know ye meant me!"
  558. [16:59:58] <@Kain> Cait shakes a paw. "But are ye gonna let her hints influence ye? That's what I'm askin'."
  559. [17:00:03] <Natalie> "'Sides, I'm me. I'm the Eidolon who helps others- making others happy is what makes me happy! Blah blah blah sappy stuff."
  560. [17:00:33] <@Kain> Cait: "Like I also said before, yer cute now. But I sure wouldn't mind seein' ye all grown up either."
  561. [17:01:13] <Natalie> "I guess you're right though~ I want to make new memories since I don't have my old ones, sooo... a few changes every now and then won't hurt."
  562. [17:01:19] <Natalie> "There's just... um... one problem, maybe."
  563. [17:01:37] <@Kain> He flicks an ear.
  564. [17:03:00] <Natalie> "There's uh..." She has to think a bit on how not to blatantly spill all her sister's secrets while still pointing out that she HAD to bitch about being tiny and cute, standing up. "Well uh... I mean... even being how we are we can't just decide to look different and have it suddenly happen, can we? Isn't there some kinda process to it?"
  565. [17:03:59] <@Kain> Cait: "Is there? I guess I never had tae worry about it."
  566. [17:04:11] <@Kain> Cait just relaxes against the wall, both arms behind his head.
  567. [17:05:30] <Natalie> "Geez." Nat puts both her hands at her hips and gives the portrait a good lookover. Probably thinking things like 'holy crap how could I even stand UP like that without falling over forward?' "Well if it really IS that easy..."
  568. [17:06:02] * Natalie STOMPS the ground, spins around and strikes a pose, pointing a finger to the sky! "Then I'll do it RIGHT NOW! GO!"
  569. [17:06:59] <@Kain> ....
  570. [17:07:04] <@Kain> Nope.
  571. [17:07:09] <Natalie> "..."
  572. [17:07:16] <@Kain> Cait: "Huh, guess it isn't."
  573. [17:07:19] <Natalie> "Okay, maybe there's a chant to it."
  574. [17:07:22] <@Kain> Cait scratches his head.
  575. [17:07:43] * Natalie makes funny hand movements in front of the closest mirror she can find. "Parallel parallel! Become... bigger-me!"
  576. [17:07:53] <Natalie> "..."
  577. [17:08:09] <Natalie> "Huh."
  578. [17:08:38] <@Kain> Cait peers into the mirror, too.
  579. [17:08:47] <@Kain> Cait: "Eh, ye can worry about it later."
  580. [17:08:52] <Natalie> :<
  581. [17:09:19] <@Kain> Cait hops up onto your shoulder. "I still said yer cute like this, didn't I?"
  582. [17:09:35] <Natalie> "Yeah, I guess. This form isn't as IMPORTANT as the other one, anyway."
  583. [17:10:10] * Natalie rubs her forehead.
  584. [17:10:44] <Natalie> "Well, my magic feels like it's getting stronger every day, y'know! I'm sure there's something I just didn't think of yet."
  585. [17:11:15] <Natalie> "But I wonder how she's..." Natty whispers a bit then cuts herself off. "Nnnnnah, nevermind."
  586. [17:11:46] <@Kain> Cait: "Speakin' of which, if ye really think I'm special to ye, then... why don't ye change back and I'll help ye make a few new memories, eh?"
  587. [17:11:48] * Natalie scratches Cait behind the ears and sighs a bit.
  588. [17:11:59] <Natalie> "You bet."
  589. [17:12:07] * Natalie does that WHILE he's on her shoulder.
  590. [17:12:20] <@Kain> </welp>
  591. [17:12:33] <Natalie> (oh god I laughed)
  592. [17:12:46] <T0> (Well that escalated quickly)
  594. [17:13:14] <Natalie> (Nataloose)
  595. [17:13:57] <Natalie> (Also I repeat so Aori can see it in logs: dear god I bet Mary's going to walk in on this)
  596. [17:14:54] <T0> (The best part is the transformation from shoulder to, well)
  597. [17:14:59] <T0> (That was effortless now wasn't it)
  598. [17:17:12] <Amaryllis> Meanwhile, Ammy and Noah are probably just having adorable cuddling time or something.
  599. [17:18:18] <@Kain> Indeed they are.
  600. [17:18:33] <Natalie> (lol aori just asked if they fucked already)
  601. [17:18:37] <Natalie> (I told him yes, they did)
  602. [17:18:57] <@Kain> This is in Noah's room, rather, and he's holding Ammy in her arms while he reads a book.
  603. [17:19:26] <Amaryllis> Are they reading the SAME book? Can it be the Gran Grimoire, or is that ACTUALLY gonna suck us into Ivalice sidequest?
  604. [17:19:26] <T0> (well that sounds uncomfortable)
  605. [17:19:57] <Natalie> (more uncomfortable than barbokay I bet barbs feel great actually carry on)
  606. [17:20:06] <Amaryllis> (aaaaaaaaaaa)
  607. [17:20:35] <@Kain> Okay, sure, they're looking at the grimoire together. :>
  608. [17:23:38] <Amaryllis> "Hm, this really does not -seem- so perilous a tome." Ammy mumbles to herself and snuggles up closer to Noah, leaning her head against his shoulder. "Perhaps it is only dangerous to Tantarians."
  609. [17:28:38] <@Kain> Noah runs his hand up and down Ammy's arm, leaning the side of his head on top of hers. "What was the story with this one, again?"
  610. [17:30:44] <Amaryllis> "My companions and I happened upon it in Lenore's father's basement. I had forgotten to put it back, and by the time I realized, the place had sealed itself up again. It is supposedly dangerous, which I do not fully doubt, given the other contents of the basement."
  611. [17:30:51] <Amaryllis> "It is curious nonetheless though, is it not?"
  612. [17:35:46] <@Kain> Noah: "If you were warned by a Tantarian I would take it rather seriously." he looks over your shoulder at the pages. "But the illustrations are fascinating, even if I don't recognize all of the text."
  613. [17:39:03] <Amaryllis> "I suppose Valerian would know best about magical tomes..." Ammy mumbles. "What do you make of them? And the rest of the book?"
  614. [17:41:26] <@Kain> Noah: "I'd like a chance to pour through it, sometime..." he leans over, curious. "Anything in it struck your curiosity?"
  615. [17:42:41] <Amaryllis> "It seemed so apparently benign compared to the other artifacts within the basement. Therefore it must have some secret. That is how it works, is it not?"
  616. [17:45:34] <Amaryllis> "Have I shown you yet my notes from Mt. Gulug? I think you would find what I've learned about their Eidolons fascinating!" Ammy reaches down to her bag and grabs her journal, then snuggles back into Noah's arms, looking up at his face with a smile.
  617. [17:52:27] <@Kain> Noah: "Hm? Let's see them." he says with interest.
  618. [17:53:02] <@Kain> He smiles back, genuinely taking an interest in what you have. You haven't seen him this relaxed in quite some time, you think.
  619. [17:54:09] * Amaryllis opens up to her notes. There are scribbles and bullet points underneath sketches of each of the Eidolon shrines, a section on the darkside variants and the Tonberries' creation of the dark sword, and assorted bits on their traditions, especially the meaning of the knife and the lantern.
  620. [17:55:41] * Amaryllis is also very relaxed, her expression less stressed and even the bags under her eyes seeming to have disappeared. She smiles contently, similar to her expression on Spring Day, as she adjusts herself in Noah's embrace and lets him read.
  621. [18:01:13] <@Kain> Noah: "Amazing... all of this was in Gulug?"
  622. [18:03:58] * Amaryllis nods. "So much, hidden underneath that mountain for so long. It really is quite extraordinary. And look, now we know exactly why I found such affinity with the dark sword in particular." Ammy slides her hand down Noah's arm, stopping a moment over his hand, before pointing at the notes on Tonberries creating the Dark Sword Arts.
  623. [18:15:39] <Amaryllis> "And if this is the heritage I must live up to, then I shall have to redouble my efforts and learning. I was hoping you could help me again, as you always have these past ten years, in mastering these arts."
  624. [18:19:27] <Amaryllis> (:<)
  625. [18:20:32] <Natalie> (get outta here blax)
  626. [18:20:37] <Natalie> (ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh)
  627. [18:20:53] <T0> (ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh)
  628. [18:23:53] <@Kain> (Sorry)
  629. [18:24:39] <@Kain> Noiah: "You know I would help in any way I could. What did you have in mind?"
  630. [18:24:46] <@Kain> He looks more closely at the notes.
  631. [18:24:48] <@Kain> *Noah
  632. [18:28:27] <@Kain> Noah: "I mean, I'm sure to be able to help with any of the mental preparation required..."
  633. [18:28:35] * Amaryllis moves her hand over to the darkside variants. "I feel as if I should create one such variant as these for myself. A lack of distinction between myself and Kalissa may be holding me back. And to do so..." She reaches down and grabs the book from Blade's room.
  634. [18:29:00] <@Kain> Noah looks horrified as you begin to flip through Blade's book.
  635. [18:29:31] <Amaryllis> "There is an artifact that also corresponds to a training technique here, supposedly a pinnacle of the dark sword arts. Undying Rage, it is called. Hm?" Ammy looks up at Noah's face. "What is the matter?"
  636. [18:30:06] <@Kain> Noah: "Some of these exercises look... rather intense."
  637. [18:32:13] <Amaryllis> "I will not deny that. Even the basics were incredibly difficult for me." Ammy admits with some embarrassment. "Um, in any case. I do not really think an 'undying rage' is what I wish to achieve, but the sort of mental clarify this training is supposed to allow for...perhaps I could use that to reach a point of mental balance, a point at which I can start developing my own Darkside technique."
  638. [18:32:37] <Amaryllis> *clarity
  639. [18:32:51] <T0> (Everyone's Fudge.)
  640. [18:33:25] <Amaryllis> (nah that's what to make when everyone's having bloobloo relationship drama)
  641. [18:33:40] <Natalie> (why DIDN'T you make it during that)
  642. [18:33:50] <Amaryllis> (hindsight, 20/20, etc)
  643. [18:39:47] <@Kain> Noah: "If I can help you with that..." he puts his hand on yours. "Then I certainly will."
  644. [18:40:59] <Amaryllis> "Thank you. I think..." Ammy looks through the explanation again, "I shall need a healer first and foremost, really. I would have asked Nat, but you know how worried she gets when I wield the dark sword. She would hate this."
  645. [18:41:15] <Natalie> (it's sad because it's true ;-;)
  646. [18:41:51] <Amaryllis> (:D)
  647. [18:43:25] <@Kain> Noah: "And I do specialize in healing, that's true..."
  648. [18:43:39] <@Kain> Noah: "Alright, then. Just let me know when you want to try this."
  649. [18:44:40] <Amaryllis> "There is still some time yet until I must prepare dinner. Shall we try now?"
  650. [18:44:56] <T0> (What about sexual healing.)
  651. [18:45:47] <Natalie> (>implying they'll ever do it)
  652. [18:45:50] <@Kain> He nods, and reluctantly starts to get up.
  653. [18:46:08] <Amaryllis> "And..Noah, if there is anything you wish for me to help you learn, do not be afraid to ask." Ammy frowns. "What shall I do if our enemies seek you out while we are apart and you have not kept up with combat training? It is true, your position does not center upon fighting, but we live in dangerous times."
  654. [18:46:12] <Natalie> (though hey I just realized I could cast regen while we-)
  655. [18:46:44] * Amaryllis stands up as well, keeping her arm wrapped around Noah's though. She smiles again.
  656. [18:48:01] <@Kain> He kisses you again, on the lips. "I suppose I -should- train harder. If we can cover that during your own lessons, all the better, right? I've just... never been very good at offensive magic I suppose."
  657. [18:49:21] * Amaryllis smiles wider after the kiss. "I am -sure- you can master it with effort. We shall find something that works for you too."
  658. [18:51:03] <@Kain> He nods. "...thank you, Amaryllis."
  659. [18:52:24] * Amaryllis starts to lead the two of them to a more open space on the ship for this. Some sort of bigger room, suitable for training?
  660. [18:52:39] <@Kain> The deck, possibly.
  661. [18:53:04] <Natalie> (yeah you'd want to "train" on his "deck")
  662. [18:53:14] <Natalie> (TN: I actually mean "dick")
  663. [18:54:15] <Amaryllis> Works! "Give a moment, Noah. As I said, I do want to distinguish myself from Kalissa, so I have decided to abandon the more traditional look of Tonberries' robes." She shuffles off to a room to change and comes out wearing something similar to this:
  664. [18:54:38] <Amaryllis> "What do you think?" She turns around slowly in a circle.
  665. [18:55:51] <T0> (cast stahp)
  666. [18:56:01] <Amaryllis> (I knew you'd react)
  667. [18:56:27] <Amaryllis> (<3)
  668. [18:56:49] <@Kain> Noah studies the outfit with curiosity. "It's very... conflicting. Mature, but cute, in its own way."
  669. [18:57:13] <@Kain> He reaches over to examine the scarf thing.
  670. [18:58:56] <Amaryllis> "Cute?" Ammy almost stumbles. "That is not what I expected you to say, but I shall take it." She smiles softly. "Balance and natural flow were what I wished to emphasize."
  671. [18:59:31] <@Kain> He laughs a bit. "I've often had to hold my tongue before."
  672. [19:02:12] <Amaryllis> "I see, I see." Ammy laughs a little too. "Right, now then...." She takes a deep breath and her expression seriouses up. She calls up her knife in one hand and her lantern in the other. The former is the same as before, but the latter now has an inky black frame, quite resembling the golden lantern on the cards she made earlier.
  673. [19:02:45] <Amaryllis> What exactly did Blade's book call for here?
  674. [19:03:09] <@Kain> The undying rage training? An overuse of Darkside.
  675. [19:04:35] <@Kain> Noah gets ready to cast some healz
  676. [19:05:08] * Amaryllis shoves a pudding into Noah's hands, pouring some brandy over it and lighitng it aflame with a thought. "Eat this first. Don't ask. me."
  677. [19:05:50] * Amaryllis watches to make sure Noah does so first.
  678. [19:08:25] * Amaryllis then steps out into an emptier section of the deck and glances around, focusing on all the shadows around her. Her own, Noah's, those cast by the airship, the faint shadows cast by clouds above. Concentrating, she begins to will them to move, and at the same time, she channels shadow energy through it. It shoots down her legs and into the deck, zipping into the shadows and bringing them to life with roaring black flames and
  679. [19:08:32] <Amaryllis> (that probably cut off didn't it? god dammit)
  680. [19:09:13] <Amaryllis> * roaring black flames and jagged pitch-black blades and spikes.
  681. [19:09:23] <Amaryllis> Shadeblade, Darkside, etc
  682. [19:09:31] <@Kain> Nomnomnom
  683. [19:11:09] <@Kain> Noah is blasted by the ripping shadows, and in the meantime begins to channel healing power into you.
  684. [19:11:33] <@Kain> You feel old scars flare up and pulse with pain as you overuse your ability, but Noah keeps you healthy enough. The scars don't spread, at least.
  685. [19:12:56] * Amaryllis groans but continues to channel the energy, searching with her mind for some sense of balance in the experience.
  686. [19:15:03] <T0> (this is the oddest way to copulate ever)
  687. [19:15:36] <Amaryllis> (/me baps zoof)
  688. [19:16:28] <@Kain> Balance? What balance? This is overwhelming darkness. The balance would be clarity of mind, the opposite of what you're trying to achieve here.
  689. [19:19:24] <@Kain> You're... not entirely sure this technique is entirely conducive to what you're trying to achieve, now that you're experiencing it.
  690. [19:19:26] <Amaryllis> Then Ammy tries to search for a spark of -something- she can use to better understand Darkside and develop something new from this. All the time, she makes sure to pump generous amounts of shadow energy into the shadeblade she calls up. It's the only way to keep the shadow-proof food on Noah useful for protection, and she doesn't want to slip up there.
  691. [19:19:49] <@Kain> You reach out...
  692. [19:20:16] <@Kain> roll Awareness.
  693. [19:20:57] <Amaryllis> (did my opus use earlier for the lock count as using destiny? If not, can I spend my phantom destiny to call up an awareness boost first?)
  694. [19:21:13] <@Kain> Go for it
  695. [19:22:17] * Amaryllis murmurs and calls up a floating black and white ribbon, folding it into a circle and letting it rotate in the air, focusing upon it and using it to help her concentration on the task.
  696. [19:22:24] <Amaryllis> 2d6+7 awareness
  697. [19:22:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, awareness: 10 [2d6=1,2]
  698. [19:22:31] <Amaryllis> (oh come on)
  699. [19:22:41] <@Kain> that's only 2d6
  700. [19:23:19] <Amaryllis> (I used it for the +4 bonus, with my awareness at +3 normally. I guess I could use chocoreroll, but that doesn't really make much sense here?)
  701. [19:23:36] <@Kain> oh, Opus?
  702. [19:23:38] <@Kain> hm
  703. [19:23:53] <@Kain> You concentrate, looking deep within...
  704. [19:24:03] <Amaryllis> (maybe chocochick can cheer me on from the side for the sentient reroll? :B)
  705. [19:24:13] <@Kain> Go for it
  706. [19:24:17] <Amaryllis> 2d6+9
  707. [19:24:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+9: 12 [2d6=2,1]
  708. [19:24:26] <Amaryllis> (very funny dicemaid :<)
  709. [19:26:24] <@Kain> and you find... no ease of mind. You do look deeper, and darker into yourself, though, and feel.. the presence of Tonberry. Concentrate the energy into your feet. you hear your/her voice whisper in your mind. From there extends our shadow.
  710. [19:27:55] * Amaryllis does so, wincing and trembling a bit as she increases the flow of shadow energy down her legs, letting it pool and coalesce at her feet.
  711. [19:28:20] <@Kain> Your shadow seems to become more responsive, moving and stretching fluidly at your will.
  712. [19:28:59] <@Kain> Noah: "Amaryllis...?"
  713. [19:30:59] <Amaryllis> "Yes?" Ammy responds quickly but keeps most of her focus on what she's doing. She starts to mold the form of the shadows, trying to create a sort of binding presence within them, a way to exert her will through them. (man I have no idea, now that I'm doing this, how to go about fluffing the Ninjutsu stuff 8D)
  714. [19:32:05] <@Kain> Noah: "Mm, you just seemed to be spacing out a moment. Sorry."
  715. [19:35:01] <Amaryllis> "Sorry, I'm fine, I think." Ammy winces again as she increases the flow of energy once more.
  716. [19:36:15] * Amaryllis listens and strains to hear the inner voice through all this.
  717. [19:38:50] <@Kain> You're mentally prodded again. Strike at the enemy's very soul, through their shadow.
  718. [19:40:33] <@Kain> The knife may cut away many things, not just flesh. Enthusiasm, passion, energy.
  719. [19:40:50] <Amaryllis> There's nothing around for that - well, nothing she'd want to do that to anyway. But she tries to imagine that process, taking one of the shadows of a passing cloud as a target and concentrating on it. The jagged blades and flames of her attack race toward it in a fluid motion and overwhelm it, melting into it.
  720. [19:41:35] * Amaryllis nods. Mentally, she visualizes a series of threads, marked in such a way. Passion. Movement. Emotion. And her shadowy blade cuts through them each in turn.
  721. [19:42:59] <@Kain> Click. Something seems to solidify in your mind...
  722. [19:43:18] <@Kain> You... think you may be on to something.
  723. [19:44:55] * Amaryllis sends one last surge of energy through her body and into the attack, hoping to get a better grasp of her epiphany in one final gesture. Then she falls to her knees with a groan, and the shadow all around dissipates in an instant.
  724. [19:44:56] <@Kain> You feel... an odd sense of inner harmony.
  725. [19:45:24] <@Kain> Attacking the clouds still?
  726. [19:45:34] <Amaryllis> Yeah.
  727. [19:46:26] <@Kain> The cloud seems to puncture... and begins to condense from clouds into a shower of rain that comes down all at once.
  728. [19:46:41] <@Kain> Noah: "Amaryllis! Are you.. alright? Curaga!"
  729. [19:47:47] * Amaryllis doesn't respond for a moment, taking in the sense of harmoney and trying to comprehend it as she watches the result on the cloud. "...Yes, I think I found...something."
  730. [19:48:47] <Amaryllis> "I think I am fine, but my legs are killing me." She grimaces. "I have never channeled shadow energy in quite that way before."
  731. [19:49:03] <@Kain> Noah: "Then perhaps you should rest for now."
  732. [19:49:29] <@Kain> Noah: "I could have a closer look, if you like?"
  733. [19:49:37] * Amaryllis nods, and reaches out a hand toward Noah from where she's kneeling.
  734. [19:49:49] <Amaryllis> "Inside, first."
  735. [19:50:01] <@Kain> He takes your hand and helps you up.
  736. [19:50:27] <@Kain> And then leads you back in by the hand, concern on his face.
  737. [19:50:36] * Amaryllis gets to her feet shakily, leaning forward onto Noah immediately with a sheepish smile, to support herself.
  738. [19:50:53] <@Kain> He puts an arm around you, smiling back.
  739. [19:51:56] <@Kain> He takes you back in, and gives you a nice leg massage or something~
  740. [19:51:59] <@Kain> and...
  741. [19:52:04] <@Kain> that'll be session I suppose.
  742. [19:52:09] <Amaryllis> ~
  743. [19:52:14] <@Kain> </>
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