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  2. Server/Forum Rules
  4. Garry’s Mod Day-Z:
  6. Bunnyhopping is not allowed on our GmodZ server, however run jumping is.
  7. Don’t use any act commands while in combat, or around combat situations.
  8. Bug abusing is not tolerated, and will result in a ban.
  9. Crouch jumping in combat is not tolerated, and will result in a warn.
  10. Do not scam other players.
  11. Threats to DDoS the server or members of the server results in a permanent ban, no warnings.
  12. Do not minge in safezone (punching people to create an obnoxious noise).
  13. Greyzone camping is not tolerated.
  14. Safezone camping is not tolerated.
  15. Do not spam voice chat.
  16. Do not spam or flame in global chat.
  17. No body-blocking.
  18. Do not door-glitch (repeatedly spamming the “Use” key to stop another player from opening a door to get to you).
  19. Trolling is not accepted under and circumstances, no matter the rank within the server.
  20. Do not interfere with events, you will be !slay’d, and you won’t be refunded your items you lost.
  21. Valid proof is needed if you wish to report a player for breaking a rule. Screenshots and videos are the best two options if you wish to provide proof of something.
  22. No excessive harassment.
  23. Cheating of any type will not be tolerated, and will result in a permanent ban. Cheating includes bunnyhop scripts, aimbot, wall-hacks, and any other third party softwares.
  25. Remember that when a player has reach a total warn count of 10 in a single month, they will be banned from the server for the next month.
  26. NOTE: All warns are cleared after every month passes.
  28. If you see a staff member abusing their powers, please provide sufficient evidence of it, and send it to a higher ranking staff member (Super Admin or higher.), if there’s a problem with a super admin, bring it up to the Manager. Basically, just follow the chain of command, which can be found HERE. (insert hyperlink there)
  30. Here at Obelisk we want to utilize the players opinions on the server, and try to improve in every way possible, so you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about the server and the script, please post a thread in the appropriate forum, which can be found HERE. (insert dank ass hyperlink)
  34. Teamspeak 3:
  35. Basic
  36. No disrespect.
  37. No chat spam
  38. No microphone spamming
  39. No excessive poking and/or messaging others
  40. No vulgar avatars
  41. Do not encourage DDoSing or doxing in any way in the public channels.
  42. No excessive channel hopping to create sound spam and annoy other users.
  43. Under NO conditions will the whisper feature be used in this Teamspeak, not even by the owners or higher ranks. If a staff member wants to announce something, do it in the forums, or the global chat (if you don’t have the permissions, ask someone who does.) Abuse of the global chat will result in your ranks being removed.
  46. Channel Rules
  47. Don’t use any videos or images that aren’t appropriate as your channel avatars or icons. If caught doing this, it will result in removal of the channel for a short-medium period of time.
  49. If a channel admin asks you to leave the channel, you leave it, no exceptions. Not obeying to this will result in a kick or 5 minute ban from the server.
  51. Other Rules
  53. The following topics are not to be talked about publicly in this Teamspeak 3 server:
  54. Racism
  55. Homophobia
  56. Any type of personal threats
  58. The complaint system is a wonderful feature that, if used correctly, can be a valuable asset to our Teamspeak server. If you feel a user has broken any rules, you can simply right click their name, and click “Make a Complaint.” It will be monitored closely for any reports. Abuse of this feature will result in a 1 hour ban, and if you’re staff, you’ll be put on probation within the Teamspeak (Meaning your ranks will be removed for a period of time).
  63. Forum Rules
  64. Don’t shitpost.
  65. Do not intentionally manipulate post count
  66. Do not post NSFW content without an appropriate tag
  67. Do not spam the shoutbox.
  71. Some other rules that aren’t listed above could be enforced by this wonderful thing called “common sense”. This would mean a human with basic logic skills would understand wrong from right. All players are expected to abide by this while partaking in this community, that includes Teamspeak, the forums, and any of our gaming servers.
  73. All of these rules are subject to change at ANY given time, no warning.
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